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Slade Renegade
10-01-2002, 12:56 PM
First the Model Reqest. I'd like to Reqest Tekkaman Blade from TekkamanBlade II. I also would like to see his Lance, Twin Blade Sword, done for when hes used.



Now there are two versions of him. The version i would like is the one where his armor looks shaper and deadlyer. The other one is the 1st one and it looks like its rounded off more. Those urls have pics of both becuase its hard to find pics of certen angles. I'd realy apreshate all your work and hope one of you talented modelers take up this task.

Now for the Skins. One is a two parter of sorts for the Night Elf skin. What i mean by a two parter is that the skin will act as twins and the only diffrence will be diffrent coloerd cloths. Heres the pictures. I'd like them with out the eye patch.


I know there skimpy but.....yeah..... Its not as bad as others i'v seen. :p Obviusly the diffrent colors are there to see. If The link "dosn't" work remeber its geocities and do what ever you do to get it to work. What i do is take off the .jpg and then it seems to work.

The other skin will need a male skin.... i'm not sure what male model you shoudl use.... one that has a jaket on a guess. You pick.


Theres a good pic of his face and his jaket.


Thats the only full body of him i can find for now. If needed i might be able to get more images.....

Agein its geocities so whatever you do to get those urls to work do it. Hope any of you will help me out. Thanks For the help Guys :D

BTW: My Mail is Slade_Renegade@SWU.dk. Give me a ring if your even remotely intrested please. It dosn't have to be done in the next week or anything like that. work on it when your bord with your other work or something. I beg of you please do this model for me! :(

Slade Renegade
10-03-2002, 12:31 PM
well if not the model then how about just the skins?