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10-03-2002, 12:22 AM
Two planets...Ahetand and Gradera have been at war for 50 years. Ahetand is a jungle world,home to ewoks and the wookies.Gradera is a desert world,home to the Ajahus,a sith group.

This story shall be put on Tyrion,a young man who,with the help of his friends, saves Ahetand from the ravages of the sith.

Anyone want to join in?

10-04-2002, 07:35 PM
Originally posted by Tyrion
Two planets...Ahetand and Gradera have been at war for 50 years. Ahetand is a jungle world,home to ewoks and a base for the academy.Gradera is a desert world,home to the Ajahus,a sith group.

This story shall be put on Tyrion,a young man who,with the help of his friends, saves Ahetand from the ravages of the sith.

Anyone want to join in?

I'll join.

I will be ZBomber, the Sith Lord.

10-04-2002, 08:06 PM
I will come into play later. :D

Obi dodged the enturage of Lazer whizzing past his fighter in a very jedi-like fashion. He turned his head to look at the fighter chasing him. On the left wind, he could make out a small Diamond-shaped symbol, with a sword going through the center. Obi did a quick wheel and was immidiatly behind his persuer. With the press of a button, Blue lasers came out of their cannons, blasting the fighter to pieces. Within moments, Obi was ready to jump to Hyperspace. While the nav co-ordinates downloaded to the computer, another wave of fighters arrived. Obi was avoiding the lasers with great ability, until one managed to slip by and nipped his right wing. Smoke began rising from his ship, and the fuel level indicator was lowering. Ahead, he seen two planets. One, a golden brownish color, the other, a lush green. Surely, the tropical place is where he wanted to go, but he could not make it. The other ships blasted Obi-wan13's ship down to the surface of the desert planet, where he crashed landed.

That is the last time I decide to go exploring through unknown space, obi thought.

Well, those fighters, whoever they are, know where I have landed, and are most likely to follow, so I had better leave quickly.

Obi13 grabbed his lightsaber and attatched it to his belt. With a leap, he was out of his air craft, and with canteen in hand, he began to walk through the long desert to find some kind of civilization.

Darth Knight
10-05-2002, 11:06 AM
ok this is me...i am with a strike force sent by the republic to go check out illegal slavery on Gradera, there is 12 of us, i am the leader..

ok we are in our ship named Yoda 3, after the jedi master, we have an 2 x wings with us on the way to make sure we get in no trouble...

suddenely out of no where the x wing on the left exploded, then we saw an odd looking ship, then the x wing on the right blew up, the Yoda3 then was trying to go to hyperspace but then got hit with a torpedo on the side, we started to go down and we crash landed on the nearest planet, Ahetand....

we came down near a battle bewtween wookies and some sort of sith...it looked to be a wookie village and the sith were destryoing it, there were dead wookies all around, then 2 sith started to come towards our ship, luckily the laser turrets still worked on the ship, we got people startioned in the turrets and when the sith were close we start to shoot at them...

the rest of us ran out of the back and were trying to kill the sith but it seemed impossible, they defleted everything we shoot at them, the laser turrets could not even hit them the sith wer to fast, then they suddenly started to run away after they heard some type of horn, everyone was alive but 2 people got hurt but only minor injurys..

we got back on the ship and tryed contacting someone....

10-05-2002, 12:02 PM
After long hours of walking, obi sat on a nearby rock, and sipped his canteen. There was sand all around, and nothing in sight that looked to be even a small hope of civilization. He heard his com signal give a small beep, indicating someone was trying to make contact. Wearily, obi flipped the small lever and a voice,muffled, came out of the speaker. The static was terrible, but obi made out a few words.

"Crashed....our of no where..................lost.......stranded.....evi l........black magic......"

black magic?

Obi wan could only assume that some sort of evil was there, possibly even force linked, but if it were force linked, surely obi-wan would have felt it's presence.

Obi-wan tried to send a signal back.

"This is obi-wan13, repeat please." Obi said.

The voice did not repeat; it was lost, like a whisper in the dark. Obi put away his com link after a few moments and returned to his journey.

Hours later, he came to a tall rock, and he stood beside it.

"This will be my camp for this evening." Obi-wan said.

Obi slept for a good long while, but a small noise woke him. He stood to his feet, and stared into the darkness of night.

"Who is there?" obi shouted.

no answer.

"Come out!" Obi shouted, with only the russle of a bush. Cautiously, Obi walked to the bush. There, a big dog like creature jumped out. Obi ignited his lightsaber.

The big animal stared at him. There was no movement or noise for a long while, untill the animal broke the silance.

"You are one of them! Those hidious creatures! You took my home, you did! All of you deserve to die!" The animal shouted.

Obi sort of stood there for a moment, and de-activated his lightsaber and put it away.

"There seems to be a misunderstanding, kind creature, for I am not evil." obi spoke.

"You lie now! all of you evil folk have the same weapon!" the animal shouted, as he raised a paw and pointed to the lightsaber hilt.

"This is my lightsaber, it is my weapon, yes, but I am not evil because I have one in my possession." obi said.

"Your folk, long ago, you stole our Lush forests! Turned them into desert, you did! Our homes, shelter, food supply, all gone! Because of the people like you! I seen them myself! They carry the same weapons as you, wear the same type of clothing! Evil! All of you! Evil!" The animal shouted at obi.

This put obi into thought.

The dark side is here? obi thought. That must have been to who the animal was referring. Obi then took the time to explain the differance between the light and dark side.

"So...you Jedi......and the..."sith"....are enemies?" The animal asked.

"That is correct. It is a great disturbance to uncover that the sith are here. That I shall unravel. What I need from you are some answers, if you can provide them." obi said.

"I may yet, Mr.Kenobi."

"I need to know, do the sith you see wear a symbol, or insignia of any kind?" Obi asked

"No, they do not, but them sith have soldiers, and they wear patches of Diamond on their sleeves. It stands for the evil Diamond military of Ajahus, the evil power of Gradera. They took our freedom! For years, we have been fighting for our independance. After some heard our cry on Ahetand, they sent who they could. Poor people of Ahetand were easily defeated, but it gave our underground movement time to escape and re-assemble. I am a one of the leaders of our movement; we call ourselves the "Seeg-tahl" Our language for "Restorers." We have a meeting tomorrow evening, I would love for you to attend." the animal went on to explain the past, as he took obi to his underground shelter, and there they rested.

Darth Knight
10-05-2002, 12:57 PM
The strike force stayed in the ship to think of a plan, but all we could think of was to do see if any one was out there. We finnally decided that 2 people would stay and man the turrets in the ship and 1 person would stary with the ship to try to fix it and get soem communication with some one.

There were nine of us, we were all armed are ready to go(we are all wearing the armor i refferr to in my character thing, we kind of look like the swat team..kinda...). We decide to go to the village first to see if there are any survivors. The bodys had already started to decay in the hot sun that beat down through the tall trees so the stech was horrid. We went through spread out and with out a sound. When we got to the town square they had the king or elected rpresentive dude or mayor or what ever you wnat to call him, cut up into shreads by lightsabers. He still had all his gold in his pocket, and there was not much from what they could see missing from the town. So we rulled out that they were killing this town for pluder or loot, becasue they did not take any thing. Then Yoda 3 contacted us, they got a message from a man who claims to be "Obi-wan13". When Stryder heard this message, he and all his troops went running back to the ship.

Stryder had fought in a war with obi a looong time ago(not academy wars, a different one), Stryder thought this jedi master had died long ago.

Stryder played the message.....this....obi...wan.....Gradera....sith. ...

10-05-2002, 01:12 PM
The meeting room was fairly small, and only a few creatures were there. One of them, A wookie, another a Creature like the one Obi had met, another a human female, and another, well, hidious looking creature, about 8 feet tall, resembled much like a demon.

Though he looked evil, the creature was one of the kind hearted members of the group.

"The evil men are moving quickly, spreading their infectious crudeness across our land. Our spies have figured out a place of attack. A supply line that runs along what used to be the east river. The supply tanks are wel defended, so we must be cautious.I will let them now breif you." The monster said, as he sat down.

The spies came up with their reports, and breifed the small army on the plan of attack. To his surprise, the creatures accepted obi into their group, and allowed him to attend their meetings.

After the breifing, obi went to his room the Seeg-tahl gave him and went to sleep.

Darth Knight
10-05-2002, 01:50 PM
We could not contact obi so we figured he may have went to sleep. We also needed to rest. We had two people on watch at all time.

I was awoken for my turn for watch.

I got into a turret and sat down. I looked into the scope, which lets you see a very far way.

I saw a small family on ewoks running down a hill as fast as they could. Then minutes later there glow of a saber coming over the hill. It was a sith, i hit the red alert button to wake everyone up.

Everyone woke with a starrtle and got ready for an attack.

"QUIET, AND GET READY", I yelled. The men were ready in less then a minute. Everyone was in postion to attack, I was waiting for the sith to get close, but he was walking at a very slow pace. All of the sudden there was a loud explosion on the top of the hill he came down from. Then a band of wookies came over the hill. The wookies were all equipped with "wookie bowcasters" and anger from the entire town being murdered. The sith just stood there, waiting for the wookies to come to him. Suddenly he cut three of the wookies heads off. The wookies ran back but did not retreat, the sith started taking them out one by one.

I knew the wookies would all dies, i then screamed,"GO GO GO, TAKE OUT THAT SITH"

We all ran up there but i left my best sniper back, to snipe the sith and watch out for any other ones coming. We all started to shoot in the general direction of the sith, this startle him. One of the wookies then hit him in his knee, his rage then kicked in. but it was not enough. There were too many blasts coming from the wookies so he started to run towards us. He was dodging and deflecting all the lasers, but we keep our ground. Then he lifted his saber and went for one of the people, then the sniper blasted the saber out of his hand. In fact it blasted his whole hand off. Then the soldier knocked him out.

The wookies we still filled with rage, they wanted the sith's body to kill and display for all to see. But we wanted to interrogate him first. The head wookie then said,"...then so be it"(we can understand them becasue we have translating things in our ears so we can understand everything).He then pulled his bowcaster and shot it and hit me in the chest. I fell backwards, and i thought i was dead, but i forgot about my specil armor. I picked up my gun and began to shoot, not trying to kill the wookies, jsut to get them to go away. We retread safily to our ship and we still had the sith in our custody.

We then fired a couple of missles in the direction of the out raged wookies and thy fleed in terror. But we knew they would be back.

WE got back on the ship and put him in the imprisonment room. This had him against a wall, with titanium reinforced bracers around the wrist feet and stomach. There was a laser field that surrounded him in that. The "prison" hall way had two of these type of lock ups for high security prisoners. There were then 4 prisons that were for less dangeroud prisoners or animals. The hall way could be locked down and dropped from the ship in mid space in case of a break out of dangerous people, like a sith.

The sith finally revived and was outraged to find him self locked up. He then tried to use his force powers but then saw one one of the sith's worse enemey's. It was a large diamond that made force no work or soemthing. We we began the itterogation with him. He was not very cooperative, just like we expected. But he did inform us of where he is from, what the sith were doing there and all of this.

10-06-2002, 04:23 PM
OOC: I'm taking role of the sith dude - if thats all right


Nevar squirmed in his bindings, and scowled at the diamond that bound his mind from using the force. 'How could I be so blind?' he thought. Now that his captors had left, he began surveying the room, looking for a weakness, or a means of escape. The pain from the stump that was his hand stung sharply, but he tried to ignore it. He once again looked at the diamond and concentrated...if he could only knock it down... His head began to throb as he strained every ounce of mental strength to call the power of the dark side, but to no avail. He howled in frustration. He could do more but wait for his captors to return. Perhaps then he could look for a window of oppourtunity...

Darth Knight
10-06-2002, 05:37 PM
As i walk towards the prison hall way of our ship i hear screams of anger and hate. I type in the code to the hall way and wlak in and walk to the sith's holding area.

Nevar screams,"Where is my lightsaber? GIVE IT TO ME NOW!" as his eys grow in anger.

"We have already destroyed it and put it through the EMP", I say camly.

Nevar's face turns red with hate as he trys to break free of his holding area.

STOP, it is no use, you wil not get through, if you cooperate we will spare you life i say to Nevar but he seems to try to break free until he dies.

I walk back out to the bridge and tell the lutennit commander to ready the machine we simply call "prober". It is a small bettle type robot that enters te body and can read the thoughts of the brain. It has never been tester on a human, just a cow, but it has worked everytime.

The lutennit refusses saying that it will kill Nevar. I then order him to do it. He turns around and walks to the proder room.

The prober has a transmitter on it that relays everything back to a main computer.

I then press the button to suck all oxygen out of Nevar's cell and put a specialy altered gas that puts him to sleep. Nevar held his breath for minutes but finally gave in and had to breath the gas.

We drop the prober in the room, we control it to the mouth. Once it gets inside the mouth it goes on auto pilot to where it is supposed to go.

The small robot fially made it to the brain and starts to try to read it. If it messed up, it would permenetly damage the brain and Nevar's brain would be the equivelent to a 7 year old.

On the monitor, small phrases and words pop up. Fianlly it says"coordinates of sith base on Ahetand is 26 north, 68 west".....suddenly Nevars heart stops...

10-06-2002, 09:52 PM
Suddenly Nevar's eyes shot open. His captors had carelessly left the barrier open when they entered, clearly not expecting him to awaken. But he felt strange...he breathed but he started to feel numb. Still, with the energy left in him, he lept to his feet and knocked the leiutenant to the ground. His window of opportunity was open. He ran through the door, barely missing the dive stryder took to stop him.

He had no problem finding the door exiting to the planet. He shot out, using mind tricks on the ones in his way. His numbness left his body as the force revitalized him. But they knew the co-ordinates now. He had practically felt the information get plucked from his mind. And his lightsaber! His prized saber was stolen and is now a pile of dust. He would build another one when he got back. He would return...but right now he had to warn the other Sith...

OOC: Man, we could turn this into a book and sell it and make $2398620398620936!!!...okay maybe not.

Darth Knight
10-06-2002, 10:23 PM
Stryder ordered his men to stay, they knew where the sith camp was that is all they needed. What they needed to concentrate on now is fixing the ship. He ordered all of his men to start repairing the ship, he knew they had 2 days at the most before the with would strike revenge. What Nevar did not know is that Stryder purposely left the barrier open, so while the sith came to destroy the ship Stryder and his men would fly the ship around and strike the sith encampment from the other side.

But they still had the obstacle of fixing the ship. There was not much external damage. Fianlly they were almost done but the hyper-drive was highly damaged. Another piece of information was that there was a wookie city about 30 miles away from their ship.

Stryder knew that this was their only chance, he armed himself and jumped on a speeder. They knew they did not have that long before the sith were coming.

10-07-2002, 12:05 AM
The journey back to the sith landing ship -The Talon- seemed much more longer then it was on the way to newcomers ship. But he still managed his way over. "Master, it appears our plan may not go as smoothly as planned...we have intruders on the planet" Said Nevar, still flinching from the pain in his hand...or what WAS his hand. "Yesss...I sensed a distrubance...Go to the medical ward, see what the medic can do for your hand...where is your lightsaber?" asked the dark shadowy figure. Nevar scowled. "They took it and destroyed it master...I will begin constructing a new one...". The sith master simply waved his hand in response, dismissing Nevar. He stood at the edge of small base camp they had established, and looked into the dusk sky.

Darth Knight
10-14-2002, 08:48 PM
Darth Knight comes zooming back trough the woods, with the exact parts they needed to fix the ship.

The crew have been seeing on the radar a sith army coming to attack. They were some ways off but they were moving fast.

The repairers had the hyperdrive installed back in the ship quickly and the ship was fully operational. They started the ship and were about to leave, but the Stryder dropped a large box out of the cargo part of the ship. They then blasted off and suddenly a large, replica holigram popped up. It looked exactly like the ship, there was even a sentry mine that would shoot and nearcoming enemys.

As the ship blasted off, they turned on cloack mode which made the invisible to all radar. The sith could also not sense them becasue of the large sroen in the ship that deadened all force powers. Soon they were eith in range of the sith encampment.

They got with in good range and started to launch missles.((i have to go i will contine you in a while))

10-15-2002, 01:09 AM

A huge explosion tears through the edge of the sith camp. The less diciplined ones run in panic and confusion. The strong ones stand firm, looking at the sky where more deadly missiles head their way.

Nevar had just exited the medical ward, and tried to control his fear. He ran to his Master, searching for words to speak to him but couldn't find any. The Master calmy looked at the sky...and the swarm of oncoming missles. After looking at them, he made a slight gesture with his hand, as all the missles exploded prematurely. As explosion teared through the evening sky, Nevar stared in awe at his master's seemingly effortless power.


"Sir...all the missles have detonated prematurely!" said the lieutenant minding the weapons. "What?" exclaimed Darth Knight surprised. "It happened only 0.5 km from the camp! All at the same time!" said the leiutenant. It didn't seem apparent to the weapons officer, but darth knight knew...there was a dark jedi down there - and no ordinary one- This one meant business

10-15-2002, 02:05 AM
....A new Sith warrior had come. He was known as Topshot, and he had seen the events happening in his dreams, before they even happened. He had come from far away to fight this battle. Armed only with a lightsaber, this man had faced many tough challenges. But this one was by far the toughest he was about to face.

He stopped, hopped off his swoop bike, and stared into the ever endless night.

Thinking about the days when he had been a jedi , he said to himself, "I know you're out there, Darth Knight, planning your next military strategy. I will stop you from escaping into space alive......somehow........"

He then had found the sith camp with in an hour's time. He had found the last few of the survivors from the camp.

A strange, familiar figure had been constructing a new and even more powerful lightsaber than the one Topshot used.

This strange figure was Nevar, an old friend whom he had met at the Dark Academy, back when they were both younger.

"Why do you waste such time on building a new lightsaber, when you can use the force as your weapon?" Topshot had questioned him.

10-15-2002, 08:11 PM
"Because the force is just as deadly when as with a lightsaber then by itself. It IS possible to wield a lightsaber and the power of the force you know" Nevar looked up from his nearly finished saber and grinned slightly. "What brings you here old freind?"

10-15-2002, 08:21 PM
"I've come to aid you in battle, my fellow sith. Who is your master at the moment? I would like to see him........"

10-16-2002, 01:11 AM
Nevar pointed to a dark figure at the edge of the encampment. "He seems to meditate over there. Go ahead, you wont bother him..." said Nevar as he put the finishing touches on his saber. He then ignited it and slowly waved it around. He grinned and put it in his holster with his new cybernetic hand. He felt ready to fight again, with anger and revenge making the dark side surge through him.

10-16-2002, 04:29 PM
Topshot walks over to Nevar's master.

"Master, I carry important news from Naboo. It seems that there has been a communication interference between the Sith colonies. It's due to Darth Knight's Strike Force escaping from Gradera. I know this. What should we do to fix this situation?"

10-16-2002, 07:39 PM
The dark figure didn't make any movement as he replied. "Do not come to me...I have made a...misjudgment in the sith chamber...I am no longer as high authority as I once was". Topshot thought he heard a scowl from him and left the master in his thoughts.

10-17-2002, 03:18 PM
Having had a mild scowl, Topshot returns to Nevar.

He asks Nevar,"Your master, has there been disagreements in the past between others and himself?"

10-17-2002, 07:52 PM
He is not longer of the sith chamber...what happened is confidential, but he's not a sith lord anymore.

Darth Knight
10-17-2002, 11:33 PM
The ship starts to slow down and goes close to the ground, 6 people fully armed jump out of the back. One is eqquiped with a rocket launcher, and they have thrown smoke grenades everywhere. When the sith concentrate they can still see, but with many of them the anger and the smoke has made them confused.

The person with the rocket launcher is going towards the largest building. The rest are protecting him, untill he is in rage. Suddenly, the wookies came from the other side, the only person that knew about this was Darth Knight. He had got more then a hyperdrive when he went to the wookie village.

The sith were confused, BOOO-OOOMM, the rocket had had hit the tall head quarters of the base. Fire went every where and many people were on fire. The wookies had set fire to everything, there was flames everywhere. The ship started blasting all sith and building they could. It was a fierce battle and the sith were losing, they had to retreat.

They surviors, which was not many, got on to cargo ships and headed towards heir home planet, they let them go.

There were a few sith that were remaning in the camp still fighting restlessly. The strike force backed up and go back on the ship, the wookies surrounded the sith and killed them.

Darth Knight saw three black figures in the distance running away, they dissapered over a hill. They were eager to follow these people, but Darth Knight wanted to wait to see where they would go. What nevar did not know is that a tracker was in his brain.

10-18-2002, 11:15 AM
Nevar, Topshot, and the Dark Master ran over the hill, away from the chaos. Nevar had a puzzled look and wondered why they were running. He looked at topshots identical expression on his face. He also felt a lack of control...that was it. They're master ahead was tricking their minds. "Why are we running master?" asked Nevar. "I am not abandoning this mission...not if I want to have my seat back in the chamber. This can not be accomplished if we are dead or retreating in a ship" "But why bring us?" asked Topshot. "You were the closest to me that had significant power in the force, I will need you."

Topshot and Nevar looked at each other solemly and continued on.

10-19-2002, 12:46 PM
Topshot, Nevar, and the Dark Master had been running for hours and minutes, days and weeks, to find sanctuary or a secret retreat before Darth Knight could hatch a plan. As long as they were alive, they could survive long enough for Topshot to tell them of a story........a legend including the two planets........

Topshot:"There's one last thing I forgot to explain when I
arrived. A prophecy including four men and what is to
happen with the two planets when one of the men
dies. It could be the key to the situation we're in."

Darth Knight
10-19-2002, 04:30 PM
Darth Knight and his crew were only searched for them for a couple of hours, then went back to the sith base.

The wookies had mutilated all the sith, but the wookies also lost many in the battle also. The wookies then started to clean the camp up, they wanted to rebuild it and use it as a wookie city.

There were so many wookies, the cleaning and rebuilding did not take very long. Even the e-woks came to help. They were all tired of the sith and wanted to drive them off the planet for good.

The wookies started to put turrets up around the city and large walls. During this time Darth Knight finally got contact with the Republic. He told them the entire story of what happened. They sent a group of jedi and a large group of fighters with them.

Darth Knight was happy, but was suspicious if any one else had intercepted the message.

Weeks pass...the wookies have built the former sith encampment in to a wookie city. They have built a very good defense. There is laser walls surrounding the city(like the red things that split apart the battle with darth maul-gui gon and obi wan). They had turrets set up around the city and the entire city on call 24/7.

10-19-2002, 08:14 PM
And yet, the story progresses.......

Topshot is going to explain what will happen to both worlds when one of the remaining 3 brave and strong sith warriors is defeated in battle against the rogue leader, Darth Knight.........

"This may be of important information, but there's a prophecy about the two planets."

Nevar had asked,"What is this prophecy you speak about, Topshot?"

Topshot continued to explain,"It is said that when one of us dies by the hand of Darth Knight and his band of wookies, the planets will collide and take shape into a new world. A world inhabited by both the sith, the jedi, and the wookies."

"The one to die by Darth Knight's hand will be you, Nevar."

Nevar had been puzzled by this information, and had bellowed, grasping Topshot's neck, "Wtf?!?!?! Why me?!?!?!?"

"Like I said, the one who dies will begin the colliding of the planets. Only after the planets' merger, will you come back to life, stronger than ever, by some misconception of fate."

10-19-2002, 09:29 PM
"You listen! My hand was far enough! I am NOT going to die simply to fulfill some 'prophesy'!" Nevar kicked a glowlamp in frustration and scowled. "'Prophesies' are for jedi and old fools!"

The dark master stared at the sky several feet away, ignoring all this.

10-22-2002, 09:18 PM
Topshot:"All right then, let the fate be Darth Knight's! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

10-23-2002, 12:38 PM
Nevar looked back with a different expression on his face. "Now thats more like it!"

10-23-2002, 05:40 PM
"I say we go back to the base and destroy the weaklings that have overrun it! Meanwhile, I'll shoot down Darth Knight's crew with a blaster cannon! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"

10-23-2002, 07:26 PM
*ignites lightsaber* What are we waiting for? Nevar ran out with topshot, leaving the master dude person thingy behind in his own thoughts.

10-23-2002, 07:33 PM
Using the force, Topshot and Nevar trekked across the desert with amazing speeds. Nearing the wookie village, Topshot killed off the insects in his wake.

"We shall see who wins this war now, Darth Knight!"

Sure, Darth Knight had mutilated nearly all the sith, but he missed 3 escapees. Topshot, Nevar, and their Master......

Now it was time for payback.........big time...........

10-24-2002, 01:16 AM
Using mind tricks and the force to implode the mechanics of the newly erected turrets, the two sith bound over the reinforcement walls and start to slaughter wookies with their lightsabers and force powers.

11-02-2002, 12:55 AM
Topshot goes after Darth Knight while Nevar is slaying wookies.

Topshot:"You have destroyed my home! Now, it is you who must

*gets into the seat of the blastercannon, aims at all the jedi, and starts blasting them away like ducks in barrel with their heads cut off*

Topshot:"That was just weak jedi trash. Now it's time for the real catch of tuna!"

*Aims for all of Darth Knight's starfighter crew members, killing every one of them*

11-02-2002, 10:16 AM
OOC: I wanna be an ewok :D lol

On his daily scavenger hunts for food and materials, the little ewok named Eldo heard blasts and gunshots coming from the north of his home.
Eldo was startled, he grabbed a few sticks he forgotten and ran back to his home. He stopped starply, remembering the others that teased him about being too scared.
Eldo wasn't scared. He decided to go see where all the noise was coming from.
He hid behind some bushes to see 2 dark figures waving glowy red magical sticks around, slaughtering all the wookiees.
Eldo wondered what kind of magic was this, this was magic he had never seen before.
Eldo wanted to bring the magical weapon back to show his tribe, they would all be jealous of him.
He hobbled along and picked up one of the weapons and scurred back into the bush and hid up a tree.
Watching the war below...

11-02-2002, 11:12 AM
Topshot:"Hey, that's mine!" *Rips Eldo's arm off, and is waiting to see what color he'll bleed*

Darth Knight
11-03-2002, 04:30 PM
Darth Knight sees all of his crew die and knows he can do nothing to save them now. The only thing he can do now is kill the sith.

Darth Knight runs in to a nearby house a fast as he possibly could. He then goes in to an underground base that was dug by the wookies. The wookies have started to seal off all entrences to the underground base. It then gets very quiet.

Then there is a large explosion throwing a few wookies in to the air. A sith then walks in. The wookies start blasting him, and then there is another explosion. Another sith walks in. The sith are killing wookies all over the place. Soon there is not many wookies left. Darth Knight and a group of wookies are backed in to a corner. The wookies all start to fire, ever laser blast is reflected back at them, killing them.

Darth Knight is now the only one left. Suddenly the gun is ripped from his hands and one of the sith cuts it in half with his lightsaber.

Nevar then starts to taunt darth knight. Nevar pushes darth knight back with the force against a wall.

Darth Knight then sees all of the lightsabers from the siths the wookies had killed earlier. Darth Knight reaches out for them, but they are much to far. Suddenly the lightsaber starts to move a tiny bit. Just as Nevar was going to put the lightsaber right through Darth Knight,the lightsaber came speeding towards his hand and darth knight blocks nevars hit.

Nevar jumps back being very suprised. Darth Knight then stands up. Nevar being very angry by this poin lunges towards Darth Knight who nimbly dodges nevar. Darth Knight knows he can not beat Nevar in a duel, so he has to think of something quick.

Darth Knight then throws the lightsaber at Nevar and throwing a smoke grenade at the same time to the ground near Nevar. Nevar easily blocks the thrown saber even through the dense smoke. Nevar then tries to use the force to locate darth knight, but since darth knight has discovered his powers, he can cloak him self from nevar's force.

Darth Knight stealfully sneaks out of the base. Nevar who is very angry runs out of the base looking for darth knight. He hears the sound of roaring engines and sees darth knight's ship leave. Knowing even if he found another ship he could not catch darth knight, deactivates his lightsaber and holsters it. Topshot then comes running around the corner saying that he has just killed the last of the wookies, he then sees darth knight's ship which is now high in the sky. Topshot then holsters his lightsaber and walks towards nevar.Suddenly, both of their lightsabers are pulled out of the holsters and in to darth knights hand who had remotly controlled his ship. Darth knight throws them on top of a high building. Then a small e wok come running around the corner with a large jewel in his hand. Nevar relizes then this is no ordinary jewel, it is the same one that was in the ship, the jewel that cancelled all force powers.

Darth Knight then swings his gun from around his shoulder and points it at Topshot. Darth Knight then launches a large net around Topshot, which is made of pure steel. Darth Knight then shoots Nevar in both legs. Darth Knight walks closer and closer to him. Darth Knight gets to nevar and shoots him with a tranquilizer, Nevar knowing he can do nothing, gives in to the tranqilizer and passes out.

Nevar then opens his eyes and is back in the Darth Knights prison.

Darth Knight walks in.

"So Nevar I see you are awake. I just wanted to tell you that i am taking you and your buddy to the Republic and let the Jedi deal with you. Now we know where a sith planet is, we will be back to wipe the sith out of Ahetand and Gradera for good."


Ok this story is finished, we can make a sequal if you want. I am going to compile this and put it on my web site.

11-03-2002, 04:59 PM
Captured by Darth Knight and held in his prison, the sith Nevar and his companion Topshot are taunted by Darth Knight. Until Topshot performs an amazing feat of strength........


Topshot:"No nets or cages can hold me, being since I possess incredible strength not honed by the force."

Topshot rips his and Nevar's lightsabers out of Darth Knight's grasps. Topshot then tosses Nevar his lightsaber.

Nevar and Topshot ignite their blades.

Topshot:"Y'know, Darth Knight, you're really full of yourself. We aren't going to the Republic, and we're not going to be sentenced by the Jedi. Wanna know why? Because you're out-numbered, out-gunned, and out-sabered in every way possible. We've killed all your guards, and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Nevar:"Prepare to die!"

A 2-on-1 duel. Nevar and Topshot vs. Darth Knight. Topshot flips forward and attacks downward. Darth Knight easily evades the attack, but becomes subdued by the grip of Nevar.

For some unknown reason, a terrible mist was beginning to overtake the planet at the same time this was happening.

By some powerful force, Topshot, Nevar, and Darth Knight instantly fell to the ground, sleeping. But they could enter each other's minds through thought processing.

Nevar:"What happened? Where the heck are we?"

Topshot, grimacing:"I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about

Nevar:"Lets just kill Darth Knight and get the **** outta here!"

Topshot:"Yeah, that's good. It's a great idea. Let's barbeque him and eat his flesh!"

Nevar and Topshot strike down Darth Knight. Darth Knight falls to the ground, but looks unharmed. He gets back up and says:"That was weird. Why didn't I die?"

Nevar and Topshot are both puzzled by this outcome. They wander around every inch of this dark realm. A realm where nothing is what it seems.........the Parallel Dimension Zone. (My spin-off of The Twilight Zone)

11-13-2002, 08:11 PM
OOC: Sorry it took me so long to post, I was off doing stuff

IC: Nevar decided to end this futile effort, and sat down, meditating, and using the force the try and see through to whats happening

11-23-2002, 04:10 PM
IC: Topshot, while running through an endless void, encounters
Nevar's parallel, "good-guy" version of himself.