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10-03-2002, 12:30 AM
Hopefully this will be stickied...

This is where you can post your character's for future reference.
I'll post mine-

Tyrion Strife

A young man,not knowing who he truely is. He was self raised. He doesnt have connections to the force,but he has access to some strange spiritual magic,called Mana. With mana,he can have a better fighting style than someone using the force. He can also summon creatures of fantasies, and can create bursts of elemental powers. He still has alot to learn though,as he is only 13.


Mana Blade(A.K.A. Mana Sword)- Made of mithril and combined with mana,this weapon can tear through flesh like butter. Not rivaling lightsabers though,but it is truely a fearsom weapon.

Large shield pack

Stahm- A ancient armor,forged by the Massani. It can deflect solid attacks fairly easily,and blaster shots are reflected off of it.




Jump= force jump 2
summon chocobo

Picture of Tyrion Strife



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oops..he does look kinda big for a 13 year old..:D

10-03-2002, 04:53 PM
GreenPanther- A strange fellow, not much is known about this one. He seems to look like a blue jawa..... and enjoys unknown substances smelt from a mile away....No one knows what they are or look like but he seems to act weird near them.

A blue lightsaber and a handy dandy ewok

Special Abilities-
Dumbfound enemies
summon ewok

A blue jawa robe....
:) My longest post ever...

10-03-2002, 05:04 PM
obi-wan13 -

Birthdate unknown, but very old. With the age, came wisdom. Founder of the academy. Powers are Directly force-linked (like a very powerful jedi master).


Light Blue Lightsaber

special abilities-

Can do just about anything the force can let someone do.

Clothing(your gonna love this one)-

Old Grey cloth, very baggy.

10-03-2002, 06:24 PM

A shady character made out of steel and very strong
About 17 years old, was brought up in the jungle as it was of unknown origin which he came from, some say he came from space some say he was born form the land.


The Spoon
Whip (indina jones style)
Backup slit knife
A Duck


The spoon- heals, forsees the future, sheilds, Takes over minds, can cause total universe destruction, paralyzes everything in 100,000,000 miles radius. I'm sure you all know the rest. :)
10 metres of rope
A duck

Special Abilities:
over sensitive Instincts and senses
Mastered the spoon

10-03-2002, 07:48 PM

Please limit those powers...
Takes over minds, can cause total universe destruction, paralyzes everything in 100,000,000 miles radius.

10-03-2002, 08:31 PM
Scar, that may be a godmode character, but he isn't actually godmoding with it ;)


A mysterious figure shrouded in a cloak and encased in brilliant red armor, broken only by bright emerald eyes. He, she, or it speaks in a modulated voice to disguise his/her true identity. Everything else about Redwing is unknown...

10-03-2002, 08:35 PM
fine enough for me...

10-03-2002, 08:41 PM
((You don't need to ask him to limit his powers unless in an actual RPG ;)
Some RPGs I've seen are based on pure godmode. Rather funny, actually))

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*cough*omiensent chaos*cough*

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Um..you guys are getting off topic.May you please delete your posts or something? Thank you.


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Name: Mahrrok

A male Ithorian theif, and a good one too. Very stealthy even though he is not exactly small. Has a tatooed face, which is uncommon for Ithorians, which shows he is a renegade and has been exiled from Ithor. Not much is known about him or his banishment, as no one even thinks about getting near him. He hangs out in dirty low-level areas on the planets he visits for misc. jobs. He has been hired by many beings, including Jabba the Hutt.


Hold-out blaster (2)


Stealthy-able to walk around dim areas unnoticed
Good thief
Knows a lot of botany from his life on Ithor before banishment

Don't have a picture yet

10-03-2002, 10:10 PM
Matt Windu(no relation)

Bothan Spy/Slicer


abilities: stealth, lock-picking, intelligence, able to call in limited reinforcements, disguise, deception, 'leet haxor skillz', advanced arms training, some piloting skills, etc :)

Rebel allied.

10-03-2002, 10:18 PM
GonkH8er ('Gonk')

Ex-bounty Hunter

Owner of the rusty old ship, the 'Owknet'

Carries 5 diamond bladed daggers
Highly modified blaster
Belt of thermal grenades
Arsenal of weapons inside ship.

Completely force illiterate :)
Deadly accurate
Ill tempered

Willing to blow anything up.

Hates power droids a passion, yet is commonly called "Gonk", ironically enough

10-03-2002, 10:28 PM
Name: Minion

Race: Wookie

Story: As an infant, Minion was stolen from his family and town by slavers before he could be given a name. When the slavers chose to sell him at auction, a passing Dark Jedi Adept recognized his force potential and snatched him up. Delivered to an uncharted planet in the wildlands, a dark Jedi master raised Minion in the ways of the Dark Side. Augmented by both the force and cybernetic implants and trained in the use of both the lightsabre and most manners of weapons, Minion served as his masters personal bodyguard before he grew weary of a life of servitude. He cut down his master, destroyed his palace, and set out among the stars on a stolen Skipray Blastboat.

Size: 7'2

Weight: 450 lbs

Black Fur

- Heavy Blaster Rifle, modified
- Disruptor pistol hidden under fur.
- Modified Lightsabre. In accord of his size, the sabre hilt itself is larger and the blade wider and longer than normal.
-Thermal Detonators
- A droid brain hangs at hip and translates his speech into a deep, metallic voice.
Misc. Info:
Minion has several cybernetic augmentations. They are as follows...
- His entire left arm, lost in a "lesson" taught to him at an early age, has been replaced by a mechanical prosthetic. This arm is approximatley twice as strong as the right arm, and has a mirrorized palm, allowing Minion to deflect blast bolts with his bare hand. His right hand has the same plate in the palm. This has saved Minion from many a surprise attack, when a lightsabre was not in reach.

- His right eye has been replaced with a mechanical eye, with a direct input into his brain. This allows Minion to see in virtually the entire light spectrum, as well as into fractal space (a dark force augmentation). The eye glows a soft red.

- Due to various chemical experiments at an early age, Minion has strength many times that of a normal wookie. This, combined with Dark Side and cybernetic augmentation, make Minion a titan when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He made a name for himself in the Outer Rim as a gladiator battling wild rancors with just a vibroaxe.

Average force powers: Grip, push/pull, jump (cannot jump as high as some, due to his enormous weight). Level 1 lightning.

10-03-2002, 11:18 PM
Name:Tray Dav LO(Code name:TheWhiteRaider)
Age:16(Or so he claims)
Strong points: His blade, speed, and his accurasy.
Weakness: Only time will tell

A strange man. Young and fast with a blade. Many shadows lie around this man..... What hides in his past.... Why does he wonder around. He strikes fast, but not very hard. With his speed he is a affective sniper. His right eye is equiped with a red machine of some sort. He will not tell what this object does. He makes enemys fast and will not tolerate ignorance. He anwsers in riddles ofter.

Darth Groovy
10-04-2002, 05:24 AM

Name: Darth Groovy

Race: Zabrak

Occupation: Arts and music instructor at LucasForums Jedi Academy


Darth Groovy was the outcast of a botched expirement performed by scientists contracted by the evil Darth Sideous, to create a clone army of Sith Warriors from the tissues donated by his former apprentice, Darth Maul. He has no memory of his birth or where he came from. Groovy's pod crash landed on forest planet of Oriden, homeplace of the LucasForums Jedi Academy. Darth Groovy, wandered into the Academy and was attacked by Obi-Wan 13 who had mistaken him for the legendary Darth Maul. To his surprise Groovy tossed his saber and surrendered to Obi-Wan who nearly beheaded him. Obi-Wan13 developed a new found respect for the mysterious zabrak and allowed him to join the Academy. Groovy slowly ascended the ranks through many battles with the evil Sith Academy(see Academy Wars), and currently remains a teacher of arts and music at the Academy. Although Groovy never takes it seriously, and has no memory of any prior training, his skills with the ancient double bladed lightsaber are matched only by whitedragon who is the current saber trainer at LFJA. Darth Groovy is also very agile, acrobatic and skilled in universal martial arts.
Unlike Darth Maul, Groovy is more outspoken, whitty, full of dry humor and popular with most of the younger students. Darth Groovy has a sincere interest in the liberal arts which over some time has become somewhat of a joke among teachers. Although Darth Groovy dresses in the traditional black robes of the Sith and posseses many Sith powers, Groovy has sworn his life to the protection and future of the LucasForums Jedi Academy.

This double bladed saber is sometimes used as a single saber with only one end ignited, giving the illusion of a menacing long hilt, which often strikes fear into his enemies.

Smoke Spheres
These spheres he carries in a pouch within his tunic. As discovered by many galactic magicians, when these spheres are hurled to the ground and broken, certian gases escape which when mixed with oxygen creates the illusion of smoke or ghosts. These often come in handy in his no escape situations. A vapor of distracting smoke can often give him just enough time to get away quickly.

10-05-2002, 09:56 AM
Isn't a godmode character- it's the spoon which i have, you must have totally missed out on the spoon for some reason :confused: :confused:
and anyway most people seem to figure out a way of knocking the spoon out of my hand :rolleyes:

Dath Maximus
10-05-2002, 11:17 AM
Name: Dath Maximus

Race: Unknown

Story: Little is known about this man. He has lead a life of exile.

Weapons: A single lightsaber

Powers: Has trained in the ways of the force for many decades, has ability to weild some dark powers.

Darth Knight
10-05-2002, 11:47 AM
Name: Stryder

Race: Human

Some say if he would have been trained early he could have been a jedi, has one of the quickest reflexes of any non-jedi. Is currently builing a proto-type gun, when he finishes it will be one of the most powerfulest in the universe.

Weapons: Only uses the gun he makes him self, he can not trust for his weapons to be any less then perfect. Currently uses a weapon he has not named yet(i just can't think of anme right now), it resembles a moden time assult rifle but with much more accuracy and power. He has developed hsi own type of lasers, he calls them photon-lasers. They are much more powerful and have more pierce effect.

Armor: Heavy armor that can with stand many direct laser hits. It is all black but can be put in to "camo-mode" to blend in with surroundings. He is currentey trying to develop an armor that will with stand the most powerful weapon, a lightsaber, but it seems impossible.

Skills: Is very intelligent and can build many things. Has good battling stratiges and tactics. With his sqaud of elite soldiers and their high-tech weapons and armors, even the sith do not take them for granted.

Past: Was once an assasin, killed people just for the fun. It finally got to him and he stopped. He then joined the academy to try to reddem him self. He has noew used his great intelligence and skills to good use for the Academy.

(if you think of a good name i could call my weapon thingy, just pm or what ever, i would greatly appreciate it)

edit: if you want i can like compile all of these or soemthing, if you want me to tell me if so i can start now and not when there is like 500 of them

10-05-2002, 12:15 PM
Originally posted by Agen_Terminator
Isn't a godmode character- it's the spoon which i have, you must have totally missed out on the spoon for some reason :confused: :confused:
and anyway most people seem to figure out a way of knocking the spoon out of my hand :rolleyes:

All my plans require to be within 100,000,000 miles of you to work:p

10-05-2002, 02:09 PM
Name: ASk

Race: outcast Wookie

Story: Even though he has a dark past that nobody knows of, he became known when he brute-forced his way into the ranks of the Dark Sided sith. While having no ability with the actual force, his supreme handling of the rare Brute Force powers make him a worthy opponent

Weapons: Brute Force and more Brute Force

Skills: m4d k0d3r - ability to confuse the opponent to death by his "1337" k0d1ng skills.
Brute Force - able to break through any protection, when given sufficient time to do so (complex protections can take a few weeks to break through)
Hug - Don't you all like when a Wookie hugs you? Don't you like to listen to your own bones crushing?
There is no Spoon: A recently mastered and very potent skill. When used, all spoons in the nearest (about 2-3 lightyears) vicinity are destroyed. (Please file all complaints for destroyed objects at the Wookies Ltd. star postage address)

10-05-2002, 06:19 PM
NAME: Nevar

AGE: 14

RACE: Human

SEX: Often (*snort*) Male

OTHER CRAP: Has basic understanding of the force...more specifically, the dark side. Is an Apprentice looking for Master or Sith Lord to be trained by. Now does this sound like a classified ad or what?

10-05-2002, 06:39 PM
Name: Irvine Cracken sry too meny odd-balled characters i just had to add him ^_^
(this is the one after c7, but just a copy of IRvine, cus othen then his bio, his true identify wont be revealed cus this one wont link with the others AND it will not affect any other threads, so the one i'm attempting to start wont have any thing to do this one, nor vise versa.
i only added him cus this ones just more cooler and theres still jedi in this time (so irvine can interact wiht other jedi :p))

Bio: http://lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=74380 just read my early posts in that thread ^_^

Duel Blue LightSabers, which was forged my his Father and prefect doublicates only but of what color crystal is used.
Skill with weapon: scary with one, insane with both, worthy enough with any lightsaber duel

Force abilities: due to Irvine self training himself and sharing hi abilities with others whom self trained, Irvine has different abilties then what is triditionaly trained
Force Strength: level 3: Irvine's key techinque
^ Irvine has created all three levels of this ability, what this does is enhance the phsyical strength of the one who uses it
Force speed: Level 2
^ enhances the rate with the mind and body move and think
Force phych: level 2
^ telepathic abilities: includes force throw, push, grab and grip
3 form: level 1
^ Irvine learned this through a another person who self trained. This ability transforms the person into three forms: a form thats a complete opposite (where the person natually stands on either is he good or bad, is mirrored (meaning if he's good he's bad, but only depending how good or bad he is), a form which is a completely Light version (completely good uses the triditional light powers all the way), and its counter part one thats completely dark (just the opposite of the light version). Each form having 1/3 of the total power that of the original had
^ due to the low level Irvine can only do it for a short time, but Irvine never uses it
Holy Judgement:
^ co-created with the rest of the self-teached, this ability uses up 80% of the caster's life energy and force powers for the time being (so one shot is all you have, before you pass out), the energy goes into created a ball of energy, and stops the one being casted at (cant move). what happeneds is that the caster calls upon the dead jedi to pass judgement on the casted. If he's worthy, he lives unharmed, if is not worthy, he dies instantly. Irvine never had the need to do this...
Standing on dark/light allience:
Light Dark

btw: this just a character bank where nothng happens, and people's bio's are added, if im correct ^_^

10-05-2002, 06:40 PM
Originally posted by Nevar
NAME: Nevar

AGE: 14

RACE: Human

SEX: Often (*snort*) Male

OTHER CRAP: Has basic understanding of the force...more specifically, the dark side. Is an Apprentice looking for Master or Sith Lord to be trained by. Now does this sound like a classified ad or what?

beh, Romulans....


10-06-2002, 01:37 AM
I still like starfleet better, but I just needed the Avatar URL for ezboard. I'll change it later. I'm too lazy right now.....WHO WANTS TO BE MY MASTER??????? *realizes he's getting off topic*

Darth Knight
10-06-2002, 08:06 AM
i'd be your master but i am not a jedi

Darth Groovy
10-06-2002, 08:54 AM
Ok guys, you can use PMs, also we need to cool it with the one sentance posts.....lets try a bit harder shall we? Thanks. :)

10-06-2002, 01:16 PM
Name: Jokemaster

Affilation: Neutral

Occupation: Smuggler,Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Former Soldier

Age:ages between 14-70 in rpgs

Weapons: blaster,a really cool sword, anything with a trigger, moltov cucktails and thermal detonators

Skills: Marksmanship,Piloting,Spying (SP?)

contacts: Talon Karrde, Mara Jade,Lando Calrissian,Obi-Wan 13(last one is an acquantance

Resides near Jedi Academy, is force sensitive but doesnt know it.

10-06-2002, 01:18 PM
Originally posted by Darth Groovy
Ok guys, you can use PMs, also we need to cool it with the one sentance posts.....lets try a bit harder shall we? Thanks. :)

Heh Groovy your trying to become a mod,eh?

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Originally posted by Tyrion

Heh Groovy your trying to become a mod,eh?

he is a mod, you dolt. :p

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Okay I'll shut up now and go look for Mr.Darth Knight somewhere in an RP forum...May the Force be with y'all!!

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You better. :D

*Cracks whip*

hahaha! :)

Reb Starblazer
10-06-2002, 11:43 PM
Name : Trebor Starblazer.

Aliases : Reb Starblazer, Treb Starblazer, Raine Sunscorcher, Darth Malice.

Species : Half Human, half Zabrak.

Age : Exact age is unknown, even to himself. Best estimate is roughly 20 standard years of age. Due to the circumstances of his life, he often acts much older and wiser than he is.

Weapons : Has a Double-Bladed Lightsabre, with one green blade and one blue blade. It's actually two Lightsabres that are able to be connected together, or disconnect and used separately. Has a third "backup" Lightsabre, with an orange-red blade. Now has come into posession of an ancient weapon, an extendable pole made of Mandalorian Iron, meaning that it cannot be cut by Lightsabres and is able to deflect blaster bolts.

Appearance : 1.7 meters(5 feet, 8 inches) tall, medium build. Forest green eyes, brownish-blond hair, with chin length bangs, but the rest is slightly shorter. Skin tone is a little lighter than an olive one, with five horns on his forehead in a triangular arrangement(Look at Eeth Koth's forehead for an example). Hair is generally in front of his face, to conceal his horns, but is sometimes worn in a pony-tail. Generally dresses in a dark kimono style garb, with a dark cloak. Also, unlike others of the Zabrak species, Reb has no facial tatoos.

Born to a Human father and a Zabrak mother, he is an outcast of both species. He is, as he describes himself "A freak. A freak of nature. A chemical, physical, and genetic impossibilty, yet... here I am..." He believes that due to his unstable genetic structure his midi-chlorien's are defective, only allowing him to connect with the Dark side of the Force. His parents realized he was Force Sensitive, but this was a time when when being so meant you were marked for death, and they saw that he wasn't trained. However, when Reb was still a child, their ship was attacked, and crashed. He was unfortunately, the only survivor. He quickly learned to fend for himself, and how to hunt. While hunting one day, he discovered an ancient Sith temple, and upon entering, found a holo-cron. It activated when he came near it due to his Force sensitivity. And thus, his training began, and Darth Malice was born.

Years afterwords, he was "rescued" from the planet by a Catharian Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Talon, who took him as his apprentice. Time passed, and while on a mission for his master, he was sent to assassinate a world leader. He infiltrated the leaders home, and was about to kill her, when the woman's young daughter entered the room. Something awoke in Reb and he could not bring himself to kill them. He spared the woman's life and told her to take her family and leave. Darth Malice then encountered Kylaa Sentura, a female Twi'lek, trained at Obi-wan13's Jedi Academy, sent to protect the leader. He defeated her in Lightsabre combat, but could not bring himself to destroy her, as he was enchanted by her beauty. He had never met a Jedi before, only heard stories of them from the Holocron and his master. Not knowing exactly what to do with her, he took her captive and began his return to his master. On the journey Kylaa tried to reason with Reb after he told her that he didn't kill the senator. She said that proved that there was still hope for him, but he blocked out what she was saying the best she could. When they returned to Talon's ship, Talon ordered Reb to be arrested and "Re-educated" and Kylaa to be executed. Reb and Kylaa escaped, and journeyed to Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy, where Reb agreed to aid them.

Eventually, Darth Talon's forces were defeated, and Talon died by Reb's hand. But because of his past, Reb was bitter, and grew to hate all that was evil and all who served it, including himself. He went to Obi-wan for help, to learn to control his abilities, but found no peace at the Academy. He stopped using the Force completely, afraid of what might happen should he give himself to it again. Eventually, the "Academy Wars" began, and Reb once again found himself having to use the Dark side to protect his newfound family. After the first battle of the war, he joined the Sith ranks, hoping to destroy them from within. A year later, his chance came. When the Sith attacked the Jedi at the planet Thedonias. Reb Starblazer sabotaged the Super Star Destroyer "FleshRender" in an attempt to kill all of the Sith, including himself. His attempt failed, and the Sith escaped alive, but it proved to be a turning point in the war, at the cost of Reb's life. Reb Starblazer is considered killed in action at this point in time.

Reb is a Sith in name only, as he longs to be a Jedi if it was possible, although it's unknown if Reb could actually give up the power of the Dark side if he was ever faced with that choice. Reb chose to side with the Jedi because he truly believes in their cause and wishes to see the end of conflict in the Galaxy. Due to his dark side nature and tendancies however, he is not afraid to use more aggresive and forceful means than the Jedi in order to ensure peace and justice come about, often putting him at odds with some of the Jedi. Though his actions and methods are often questioned, his loyalty is not.

EDIT: Here's my half assed rendition of Reb :DSmall (http://www.wsmcafe.com/new_users/0/2/02031847oza/image5page2.jpg)
Large (http://www.wsmcafe.com/new_users/0/2/02031847oza/image1page3.jpg)

10-07-2002, 12:11 AM
Rebster...killed...? :(

Darth Groovy
10-07-2002, 12:40 AM
Tyrion he said he's "considered KIA at this point in time". :D

10-07-2002, 01:56 PM
Info: My Character Starts Off As A 8 Year Old Boy Then Ages To About 28

Name: Neo

Neo, Is The Child Of A Dark Magician Names Giltia. Born On The Planet Corellia, His Father Died In A War The Mother Of Neo Took Him To The Planet Of Lothlorien, Sadly His Mother Died By A Renegade Jedi. Since That Day Neo Has Been Working On His Mystic Powers He Inherited From His Father To Avenge His Parents Death.

Child Equipment:
- Dagger
- Stun Batton
- Pendant Of Life
- Mystic Amulet

Adult Equpment:
- Sword Of Light
- E-17 Rifle
- Pendent Of Eternity
- Mystic Amule

Guardian Omega
10-08-2002, 01:02 AM
In the event I am bored...................

Yago Goml, nicknamed Lightning Man by his reflexes, The Guardian for his best professsion.

Born with a natural strength of correct split second predictions, aiming skill, and his family's blade art, he was always overconfident and sure to get his job done. An excellent pilot, but a tendancy to go :"above the law" , he was kicked out of the New Republic Army for insubordination shortly after mastering his family's blade art. He severed all ties with his family after this, and now is a mercenary, best suited for body-guarding. One of his clients, an old Jedi-Master from the unknown regions, said he was to be force sensitive, but I disregarded as bull-hoppy sithspit.
Age: 26, wants to profit from both sides. Works cheap, 10 creds an hour, not counting hours off his job, be it assassination and such. Impatient, wants to get the job done quickly. Enjoys a challenge

Illegally modified Tenloss Rifle complied with a lightsaber on it's end. Nicknamed the Tenloss Blade.
Packs high powered explosives in a force-powered backpack given by the Jedi Master.

Armor: Simple light armor, light armor designed to block small shots.

Special Abilities:
Lightning fast reactions.
Ability to predict opponents in split-seconds.

I'm bored too often.:p

10-08-2002, 06:53 PM
born on the planet of naboo, with human parents nalya and kiro. at young age young pad found out he wasnt like the other kids. in stead of playing with wooden sticks or other toys he read books and practised in the art of meditating. when he was in his twenties he left his home to go to the city where he was noticed by a jedi. he became well trained and soon pad found out he was a master at swordfighting. also a bow, which isnt a normal jedi tool, became 1 of his well known fighting tools.

on a quest at coruscant he saved the life off a female senator. he got to know her and did something a jedi shouldnt do, he fell in love with her. so he kept the feelings to him to make sure the council didnt found out. but at 1 time she confessed her true feelings towards him and they were mutual.
pad left the council and married her. they now live in piece in a nice, cosy place on the planet of naboo.

a blue lightsaber
his brain (sometimes good to get him out off certain situations)
a bow

saber combat
shooting with a bow
anything force related
talking himself out off messy situations

although he lives in piece he practises his skills at a daily base.

10-08-2002, 08:05 PM
Heres mine:

Darth Maelstrom
Real Name-
Gorgan Floss

Red bladed lightsaber with blades on hilt
Silverish-white double-bladed lightsaber
Blaster Rifle
A few hidden in armor

Mandalorian super-commando armor w/o jet pack or helmet
ForceStone embedded in armor
Pitch-black cloak

Dark Rage
Mind Trick

Master with lightsabers
Sith Lord

10-14-2002, 07:33 PM
Name: Tidus Darklighter

Age (of character): 24

Occupation: LFJA Assistant Principal (Jedi Master)

Weapon: Orange lightsaber

Species: Human

Apprentice: Phantom Helix

Force: (all passive good side)

Mind Trick


Long black/brown hair, pure, attractive looking face (hey, it's my character lol), tall stature (5"11'), brown and beige coloured jedi garnments, tall black boots and a long brown hooded cloak.


Lived as a farmboy on one of the Academy's planet's neighbouring moons. Through an unfortunate smuggling deal, Darklighter's father was tricked and targeted for assassination. His mother and father were murdered by a bounty hunter, but through sheer will of the force Obi-wan13 managed to prevent Darklighter's own death. He was therefore taken into the Jedi Academy, and trained under the careful guidance of the Academy Principal for many a year. Here began his rivalry with Divine Spirit, a padawan who would ultimately form his own alleigance against the forces of good.
Darklighter's one love, Taliara, was murdered by the man who sent the bounty hunter to kill his parents. Through pure rage he tracked down the killer and fought and defeated him, before rejoining the Academy. He played a significant part in the Academy Wars, and fought valiantly against the forces of Divine Spirit. Admiral to the famous Death/Ice Squadron, he lead the fleet into battle, and rescued his friends from the clutches of evil.
A strong-minded, valiant, caring and trustworthy soul, Darklighter prides himself in helping others, even though his personal feelings are often a subject of distraction.

10-14-2002, 11:22 PM
Name: Strider Flamehart
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 24 (Character age)
Height: 6'3"
Species: Human, seemingly part Demon, currently unknown

Weapon: Dark Blue Lightsaber, a rather large sword, and dual .45 calibur pistols.

Languages Understood/Writable: Trade Huttese, Jedi symbols, Aurek-besh/Aurabesh, Wookie, and many others.

Abilities: Impeccable Force abilities; Both Jedi and Sith powers, mastery of blindfolded and unarmed combat, incredible melee weapon skills, and supernatural demon-like power.

Bio: Was originally a very skilled Jedi Padawan that lived sometime before the time of the Old Republic. On one mission with his master, he discovered almost supernatural demon-like strength, something he tried to keep hidden from the masters at the Order. Eventually however, he left the Jedi under the conditions that he committed a severe crime to the Jedi Order. Strider was exiled. Later, he he turned and became a Sith. After serving them for a time, he left the Sith, slaying many who were at the temple he had stayed in. Some time after this, he found his way to the Sith Hunters, who accepted him. He supposedly disappeared, and was presumed dead. He fled to the Unknown Regions of Space, where none but Revan and one his disciples had been before, and returned to tell about it. He returned after a time, his supernatural abilities and curse keeping him at his same age. He found out many had thought him to be dead, and tried to re-establish connections with those who knew him.

Strider Flamehart (http://media.adventchildren.net/screens/official/official110.jpg)

[Edit: Character has been edited - 10/15/05.]

10-15-2002, 03:21 AM
Name: Auron Topshot
Profession: Sith Warrior and Professional Mercenary

Age: At this time, we are unsure about his accurate age.
Species: Human

Preferred weapon(s): An enhanced lightsaber (found .here (http://uaol0.tripod.com/index.html) And a .55 Sniper Rifle with 12 rounds of blaster shells.

Languages known: Aqualish, Huttese, Human English, and Wookie.

Items: Stealth clothing, And an IMG Code Breaker device, able to break almost any code except bank codes.


Born on the planet of Tatooine, he was sold to Ka'pa the Hutt as a slave. Topshot had tried many times to escape from his court, but was captured by the bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Ka'pa had threatened Topshot that if he had tried one last time to escape, he'd kill his friend ZBomber.

At that time, Topshot and ZBomber had not known they had the power of the Force.

One night, at the time the many moons of Yavin were full, they had escaped Ka'pa's wrath after he was killed by the two.

Now Topshot had a different goal than ZBomber. That goal was to obliterate the entire Hutt race.

The next few years, he had bought all the latest in advanced technology, all kinds of metals known to the galaxy, and had started constructing his awesome long blade.

The days after he'd created his weapon of choice, he traveled to the Ruins of the Jedi Temple, set up camp, and began training in the manipulative arts of chaos and teleportation.

Now these days, not even jedi, sith, mercenary, or Dark Jedi could match his speed and strength, even with the Force

10-16-2002, 07:17 AM
Tomar Dicol

Member of the Twin Sun Xj-Wing squadron of the Galactic Alliance.
Born with Force sensitive powers.
Currently seeking training from Jedi Knight Jacen Solo.


Emerald Green Lightsaber (with resemblence to Anakin's first lightsaber). D4-11 Blaster. Bacta Pack.


Force jump 3
Force absorb
Force Lightning (not a darkside power, a more controlled version.)
Force Speed
Force Vision (see future, sense others)

Darth Talliusc
10-20-2002, 01:10 AM
Real name: Unknown
Aliases: Darth Talliusc, Night Slayer.

Race: Part Chiss, part Human and part Sith *the sith species, though he is also a sith master in the force sense*

Important notes: orphaned at the early age of 2 when his parents were killed defending a chiss outpost he was raised by a chiss by the name of Mras'kil'ned more commonly known among those close to him as "raskil". Taught in the ways of the dark side of the force by the sith lord jaeden and later by Divine Spirit. Talliusc brought Reb Starblazer to the darkside of the force under Divine spirit and played many significant roles throughout the academy wars. He fought on both sides as his honour dictated and was last seen entering hyperspace bound for the unknown regions after leaving the jedi academy on thedonias. His ties with Divine Spirit nearly severed he is his own warrior, His only allegiances are to his fallen friend Reb Starblazer, the Chiss confederacy and himself.

Equipment: Specialized dualbladed saber comprised of two curve bladed lightsabers attatched at the butt end of the hilts set in opposite directions, a weapon described as "as dangerous to an untrained wielder as a fleet of star destroyers". personal starfighter equipped with hypercomm, jamming system, 8 missile cartridges with reloads of same size in back compartments, hyperdrive engine, 5 laser cannons and 3 ion cannons.

Talliusc has been by no means mentally stable since the death of his friend Reb and is considered an unknown quantity. he has killed jedi and sith alike and may switch allegiances more before there is peace in the galaxy. it is likely that he may take up his own war with the jedi or the sith remnant.

Appearance: 6ft tall, 160 lbs, his entire body is white due to his mixed heritage except for two blood tears that crawl from his eyes down to his chin. he is of a rather small build, toned yet not muscular. he relies heavily on distractions, agility and mental attacks.

few jedi have been able to stand against him, but among them are the noted saberist Whitedragon and the fallen Reb starblazer.

10-20-2002, 11:29 AM
Name: Qui-Zan Kenobi

Profession:Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi's Son ;)

Equipment:Dual Phase Lightsaber (Blue/Green)With no change in Size.

Transport:Modifyed Jedi Starfighter with R5 droid named Dart.

Abilities:Alter Mind
And all other normal Jedi Abilites

Background:Mother:unknown Jedi
Father:Obi-Wan Kenobi
Current age:34

Lost Welshman
10-22-2002, 02:16 PM
ok here ya go:
The Lost Welshman
Recently turned 15 he wonders if people will ever read this post will anyone reply to his future posts, the childish ways of The Lost Welshman are lost in the great archives of April 2002. Now he has returned to bring justice to his name, to fight for good (or evil) and also to listen to music on his new 5.1 surround speaker system. Oh yeah and to hope for a reply, i bet no1s even read this far oh well.

10-22-2002, 08:41 PM
That's a nice character biography! There, now someone's read it! :)

10-27-2002, 05:53 AM

AGE: 11

RACE: Gen Mo'Kai

EQUIPMENT:Green saber, Flak cannon (nicked of UT 2k3 tournament was in prison for 3 days), shield pack, disruptor rifle.

ABILTIES: Mind read, Lightning, grip, jump, push, pull.

This Gen Mo'kai was born on earth though not a human was he. His mother and father were. Some how a piece of Gen mo'Kai DNA Was in his fathers Blood. Thus he was a Gen mo'kai not one trace of human DNA. He was then a outcast hunting for food and surviving on rats and berries. When Selig another Geno Mo'kai but a user of the darkforce adopted him and told him the ways of the dark force and taught him the dark side. IT has been 3 mounths since selig found Motig and already he is a master at the dark side of the force. Now he has killed his mother and father and taken his fathers saber, he is now using it to overcome the light side and defeet his grandfather KYLE KATARN!

He is now in a clan [LFJA] and goes by the name of Sithsniper, he is only called motig when in a tournament, And will kill anyone who makes fun of him.

oh and good thread

10-30-2002, 12:42 PM
Kugow : A young Jedi of 23 years of the same species as Yoda. He was abandoned on the far reaches of the galaxy to fend for himself and his basic force abilities came naturally to him. He found his heritage in a Sith temple on the unknown planet and discovered a lightsaber. He was stuck on the planet wondering about the stars above about how he could reach them. He imagined that there was no way he could reach them and that only he existed in the galaxy until now...

Darth Slayne
11-03-2002, 08:32 AM
Classified NRI Data Entry: Slayne, Darth.

Name: Darth Slayne.
Race: Human.
Age: Unknown.
Planet of birth: Unknown.
Last known contact: Thedonias.

Appearance: All accounted descriptions of Darth Slayne state that he is of thin build and pale of complexion. He is known to be 1.88 meters in height, with long blond hair. Perhaps the most distinguishable feature about him is the unnatural yellow-red coloration of his eyes.

History: Darth Slayne was thought to have been killed during the climactic battle between the Jedi and the Sith on the plains of Russan over 2000 years ago. However, reported sightings of this elusive Sith Lord have turned up on several occasions over the past two millennia, including one complete autopsy report which had mysteriously been lost soon after it was entered into Old Republic Data bases. Recent events on the planet Thedonias have uncovered new evidence to indicate that Darth Slayne may yet still be alive and in the service of the Emperor and his Sith academy. If the reports from the late Reb Starblazer are to be believed, Slayne may in fact be a rare type of clone capable of transferring his soul into an empty replica of himself in the event of death. Though this has yet to be proven, NRI experts in the field are confident that such a feat is impossible and should be considered a mere myth. Observations from Obi-Wan13 indicate that Darth Slayne is a man torn by utter hatred and grief, and may be irrevocably lost to any hope of redemption.

Notes: Darth Slayne is suspected to be working for the Emperor in the field of intelligence and counterintelligence. He may also have been behind several high profile assassinations in the last 2000 years. It is also believed that he may have played a leading role in the recent death of Reb Starblazer.

Known Equipment: Darth Slayne’s apparent weapons of choice are a pair of red light sabers. Little is known as to the function of his sophisticated wrist computer however, it is to be assumed that it may be a highly advanced form of espionage equipment.

Known Transport: All that is known about Slayne’s personal ship, Stygian Wraith, is that it appears to be equipped with some form of scrambling device that renders it almost undetectable by electronic means. Visual detection is also difficult due to the black hull plating. Known armament at this time appears to be comprised of several rapid fire blaster cannon and tracking mine launchers located at the stern of the vessel. Extreme caution is advised when encountering this ship.

11-04-2002, 10:00 AM
latest sighting of Sithsniper has been on tatooine he was last sawn by a the husband of shimi anakin skywalkers mother. The husband witch name is unknown at present says: We saw him as Shimi me wife was picking mushrooms, he stopped next to the field and with great speed picked up shimi and was gone. We tryed to shoot out the speeder but we were to slow he was gone by the time we had fired the first shot.

Expert jedis are guarding the hotspots of tatooine and will try to track down Motig also known as Sithsniper.

11-04-2002, 07:50 PM

N/A. (Secrit Jedi)

Purpol Light Saber.


11-04-2002, 08:23 PM
Ivel Rellim-
Weapons: Disrupter Rifle, Vibro-Blade, E-11 Blaster Rifle
Items: Electrobinoculars, Jetpack, Luap
Age: 35
Type: Human
Biography: His parents were assasined by an a-driod when he was 10, he had to raise himself. He took a liking to Dash Rendar, but he accidentely stowed away on a ship and found himself on Yavin. He found his way to a Jedi Temple and is now a Jedi Knight was his Jawa padawan Luap.

Father Torque
11-11-2002, 03:13 PM
Father Torque

One of the eldest and most respected member of the Massasi.Father Torque hopes to gain the honor of once becoming the head elder of the Jedi Council. At the age of 4,510 he is still the most powerful massasi.


V-12 Harley Davison motorcycle: This incredible machine is for the transportation of Father Torque. It also has two side cars semi auto machineguns and and turdo charge nitro tanks(to make it go faster

A-Tron Fully Asembled Land Cruiser

Occular Hover speeder


Ivory blade: Used in close combat, kills rodians with one stab to the heart.

Massasi Mana Shield: Hand crafted by the ancient Massasi, This one of a kind mana shield restores blaster fire into its energy base which gives father torque full force recovery

Scriptonian Blade: This blade infact turns dark red when enemies ar coming and it is so sharp it can slice through any barbaric armory

Force Powers

All light side force powers 3/5 at 2 2/5 at 3

Father Torque
11-11-2002, 04:09 PM
I hope this gets stickied with some glue and tape

What is your charecters race and what are the attributes of that race(type of charecter)


Father Torques race is the prohaps the strongest and most fierce races in the galaxie. They take on human form but have Yemenic atrributes. They are fierce warriors and live on the planet 623 ARDAGAST the waste disposal planet. They use the vast materials dumped to build great temples and shrines to worship there god. They are resourceful and helpful. And the Massasi are great mechanics and have some of the largest and fastest war cruisers in the universe.

So if any of yuor charecters has a different race come on and share your race with the rest of the galixie:D :D

11-11-2002, 10:52 PM
Or, you can just put your race&description in the Character thread. :)

11-16-2002, 11:48 PM
Babuda is a large barbaric-looking guy. Actually, he's a werewolf. This means he has 3 forms which will be described below.

Appearance : Brutish, handsome, Bulky armour but not all-over his body (shoulder pads, the like), Young. Think of Conan of the future.

Background : Intergalactic saurkraut delivery guy. Travels about the place in a private ship looking slightly familiar to a uni-cycle. Otherwise travels on a high-powered uni-cycle on planets.

Skills : Has the ability to summon objects as well as minor avatars.
Natural regeneration over time.
Force push - 2.
Force pull - 2.
Force lightning - 2

Forms :
Human - Just normal really.
Wolf - Faster, more vicious, smaller, slightly stronger.
Crinos(Battle) - Very much stronger, very much bigger, monstrous actually, and not very nice.

Equipment :
Warp blade - pretty much a light saber but instead of light, it uses magical properties.
Uni-cycle - motor powered.
We'll see what else.

:joy: :evil6:

11-20-2002, 03:04 PM
this is a cool thread:thumbsup:

11-20-2002, 04:48 PM
legameboy , shorten your signature, please.

11-24-2002, 10:35 PM
Name: Arkum

Weapons: blue lightsaber, a blaster, blue doublebladed saber

Accessories: A handy R2 unit

Vehicles: Naboo N1, Speederbike

Powers: Force push/pull, healing factor, speed, skelteon lined with adamantium. Good with mechanics. Agile.

Appearance: short black hair. tan skin. strong and muscular, but not excessively so, enough to kick major a$$. about 6' 2". Robed as a jedi would be. brown eyes.

11-30-2002, 12:07 AM
Heh, I'm finally back.

Name: Reu Vigs (Ree-oo Vigz)

Age: 23

Race: Human

Homeworld: Coruscant ( Is of Mandalorian Decent)

Profession: Bounty Hunter

Equipment: 2 MerrSonn HB-75 Blasters (handed down from his father) SoroSuub "First Strike" ship, Krayt's Fury.

Bio: Born on Coruscant. He started to Hunt at 18, his goal is to uphold his family's honor. The Vigs were famous hunters, and Reu wants to continue the tradition. Force Sensitive, he taught himself several abilities. Has a conscience, but can go into a rage. Allied with the New Republic.

Darth Scythe
12-12-2002, 07:03 AM
Name: Deacon Scythe

Aliases: Darth Scythe

Age: Nineteen.

Secies: Zabrak

Affilation: The Dark Side.

Sex: Male

Weapon: Duel Purple Bladed LightSaber, which was forged by himslef. The hilt of the lightsaber is fully black very sleek in the look and feel, with two yellow activation studs.

Equipment: Five star pointed thermal detonators, once thrown the star will release a barrage of energy and heat once it has hit an object. Personal forearm shield generator, located on left wrist extending to forearm when turned on a oval enegry shield emmits able to block pulse blasts, small bombs and deflect lightsaber blades.

Abilities: Very Stealthy able to watch and slip into area's unnoticed. Acute senses are comparable to those of certain animals, Can track a person(s) by smell alone. His hyper-keen senses include, smell, vision, hearing. This is due to his connection with the force. Great Instincts and Agility aslo apply.

Extent of education: Sith Apprentice, still studing the Dark Side.

Personality: Dedicated, Loyal, Focused and Singleminded. At times has been refurted to as a psychotic murder

Physical Description: Humanoid, patterns of three vestigial horns across forehead.Stands at 6'1", medium build, Eyes are yellow on black. Whites of a normal common eye, his are bright yellow and his Iris are black. Dark brownish hair reaching down to shoulders, Mostly worn in a tight pulled back pony-tail style. Skin tone is a lightly tan olive. Generally dresses in a full black kimono style garb, with a black hooded cloak, the inner linning of the cloak is a bright yellow color. Also, like others of the Zabrak species, He has facial tatooing, A single long sharp tribal marking down the entire left side of his face, reaching from the tip of the brow to the chin.

Born the first and only son of two Force users, He was raised with love, His mother Curare' and his father Dua'sun bolth after having their son chose to get simpler lifes as farmers and mechanics on the planet Myrkr, located in the borders of the Old Republic also steadfastly avoided by the likes of Jedi and Sith. Deacon himself seemed also like his mother and father to be Force-sensitive at a very young age. But sure enough his mother and father where able to show deacon to control theses feelings and to hide them deep within himself. For the reasons that they felt deacon didnt need to know the ways of the Force, and the planet Myrkr witch they had made there home planet had natural predators that roam the forests and exhibit a predisposition to attack anything force-senstive.

Growing up Deacon became able to control his feelings towards the Force never spending time to think about it just tucking it deep away. At the age of nineteen deacon put togher his own ship from destroyed parts of other ships and set out on his own. apon leaving his home his father gave to him his own personal lightsaber the weapon of the Jedi, Deacon took it as a way to stay close to his father neven intending to use it or learn how. His mother or father never told deacon about the powers of the force light or dark, hoping he would stay clear of the force altoghter. but the force's call can be loud and powerful. On the side he became a exceptionnal pilot and got work as a smuggler for the huts to make money. Till one day he came across a strange feeling a figure appered in an all black cloak, Deacon felt the feelings tucked deep inside himself screeming to comeout in one burst, The figure spoke in a deep tone telling deacon that holding in all the feelings of the force called him to teach deacon the ways of the Force. The figure turned out to be a great and powerful sith lord looking for a young and powerful student he saw great power within deacon. Through the power of mindbending the Sith Lord warped deacons mind filling it with the wisdom of the darkside and in a burst of fear and hate all the feelings within bursted out giving deacon a great sence of the darkside, grasping his fathers once jedi used saber he began a mindless rampage from planet to planet building on his skill, forging the double bladed saber and growing even more with his skill, The same Sith Lord that warped him still teaches him the ways of the darkside to this very day.

12-15-2002, 02:41 PM
Name: Lady Galadriel
Species: Human
Age: 22
Appearance: 5' 11" tall, slender build, light blue eyes, fair complected, long blonde hair usually worn in a ponytail.
Weapons: Blastech pistol, throwing knives
Force abliltities: None
Special skills: Very intelligent, with particular skill in the areas of sabotage and assassination. Took part in competitive gymnastics from a young age.

Bio: Born on Lorien, a small planet on the outer rim, Galadriel was never exceptionally close to her family. Her father Amleth was a freighter pilot who spent most of his time either working, drinking, sleeping, cheating on his wife or some unsavoury combination of the four. When Galadriel was 5, her mother left after a row fuelled by Corellian whisky and frayed tempers, leaving Amleth to bring up Galadriel alone. Needless to say, he didn't do an exceptionally good job and his daughter's future looked bleak until she was selected to attend an elite private school following a series of outstanding performances in routine exams. Away from the negative influence of her delinquent father, Galadriel flourished and was selected for the highly competitive leadership development programme.

However, despite her success, Galadriel was not satisfied. She disagreed with the policies of the current planetary government and formed an underground resistance group. She later led an attack that resulted in the assassination of the governor and the whole government being overthrown. Insane with power, Galadriel took the governor's place and assumed the title of Lady Governess, with a leadership style that would make Emperor Palpatine proud.

12-16-2002, 08:28 PM
Name: Jeck Daggins (The Carbon Sleeper)
Species: Human
Age: 32
Appearance: 5'11"; Brown Eyes, Brown curly hair, medium build, grey coveralls, and in need of a shave.
Weapons: One old, used Blastech DL-33.
Force Sensitive: No.
Skills: decent freighter pilot; nothing fancy.
BIO: Was a freelance freighter pilot (always legal) who lived on his ship with his wife and two year old son. One day, on a standard run, his ship was attacked by pirates. In a panic, he ran to hide and fell in a portable carbon freeze chamber he was hauling and everything went black.
Jeck's ship was found by a luxery liner, and he was thawed from the freeze to find that his ship had been completely stripped and was dead in space. His beautiful wife and child had also been murdered by the pirates.
Jeck now lives one day at a time, taking any job he can, for anything, not caring if it's legal or deadly. He's lost all will to care, and has but one desire: To find the pirates that ruined his life. Of course, it's a huge galaxy, and one pirate ship can seem very small.....

Lost Welshman
12-19-2002, 06:11 PM
The Lost Welshman

No body knows from what planet The Lost Welshman comes from, not even himself. His father was a proud Jedi Master, who trained The Lost Welshman, known then as Alex. Alex became a strong willed Jedi, with expert saber skills. He constructed a black saber, it was his favorite colour. At the age of 15, Alex's father was attacked by bounty hunters, who failed miserably. Then A Dark Jedi steped out of the shadows and ignited both of his sabers. With one blur Alex's father was dead. Alex pushed out his hand and the Dark Jedi was thrown into a wall, dropping a saber.
Alex picked up the saber and sliced the jedi across his neck. After hours of meditation ALex only wanted revenge, he set out to a Sith Temple, a training academy.
More years passed, now The Lost Welshman is a very powerful Sith, he carries two sabers, a red and a black. No other members of the academy could match his saber skills, except one. The opponents name was forgotten in time, he knocked the saber out of The Welshmans hand but was soon destroyed from a yellow blast then disintegrated him, from the lost welshman.
Jedi and Sith alike now treat him as insignificant due to his angelic, pale face, with his scruffy dark brown hair. He looks most intimidating when in his black cloak, and in the shadows. Some say he can be turned to the light side. Some say there is no hope when he wants you dead.

12-28-2002, 12:38 PM
Name: Montross

Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Assassin

Weapons / Posessions: E-33 Blaster, Rocket Launcher,
Pulse Cannon, Dual Westar 34s

Race: Human

History: Former Mandalorian Warrior, has since been kicked from the team for causing the death of his leader, Jaster Mereel.

01-03-2003, 07:49 AM
Name - Jon Adamson
Call Sign - nova_wolf or Nova Lead
Race - Human
Born - Corellia
Age - 32
Occupation - Lead pilot for 12 strong Custom B-Wing unit Nova Squadron
Rank - Commander

"Born on Corellia into a family of interceptor pilots for the Rebel Alliance, and now New Republic, I broke the mould when I joined to fly the notoriously edgy B-Wing. Because of my adeptness at the controls of this vessel, it was asked that i be checked for Force traits. I was indeed Force sensitive.
I am not a full Knight, and never do I intend to be. I haved trained, and have proven to be Jedi of active skills. Force agility, saber skills, sense and Force TK are my forte. Healing and mind skills are poor with me.
I also show exceptional technical expertise, much like Anakin Solo. This I used when I designed my custom B-Wing White Witch, my canine droid Flash and my lightsabre.
Still with Republic Fighter Command, I have risen to the rank of Commander, and unlike others, stuck there. I saw how pleased Antilles was with his promotion, so stayed put!
Now I am commanding officer of a 12 strong unit of 12 custom designed and built B-Wings - faster, sleeker, deadlier - better able to truely handle any situation, as the B-Wing was intended."

Tends to be thought of as the 'Solo of Fighter Command', his demeanour around others seen as brash and often impatient, with a wicked sense of humour and unusual love of tinkering with his ship. only with nova_wolf, it tends to work first time!

6'1" tall,
Blue eyes,
Short, thick brown hair,
Toned athletic build (due to jedi excercises) - Looks right proportions - not skinny at all,
Usually unshaven,
Found either wearing a B-wing pilot's flightsuit or black smugglers outfit w/ cream shirt.

Dual Bladed Saber that splits purposfully in to two single sabers. Blades are ion blast blue due to my interest in B-Wings.
Custom B-Wing - White Witch which has built in astromech called Salem who is capable of full speech as well as standard astromech tasks.
Custom Blaster - DH-LL w/ scope. Standard smugglers pistol with improved power and far greater accuracy.

Jan - Force Sensitive (Healer) who flys the MC10 Manta Ray Gunship Dragon,
Member of the Smugglers Alliance.

01-06-2003, 08:34 PM
Name- ckcsaber
Race- Human
Birthplace- Unknown
Age- Early 20's
Occupation- Gambler
Rank- None
Force abilitiles-NONE

BTW- My avatar IS my character

History- ckcsaber is a very mysterious person. His birthplace is unknown even to him. He was brought up in a orphanage in the heart of a bright jewel AKA Ord Mantell. Leaving the orphanage around the age of 11, he became a gambler, from bar to bar, scrounging for credits. On one occasion, he joined a game of dice, a primitive game not played much in the galaxy. After winning the game he kept the dice, which have brought him luck ever since. After gaining enogh credits with his lucky dice, ckcsaber bought passage off Ord Mantell and made his way to Correllia. Now 17 ckcsaber was an experianced Gambler, and had uncanny luck when gambling. He won his trademark Hat, a thing of legends, from gambling. Once he had enough credits to buy a ship, he bought himself a modified Z95 headhunter and set off to make the galaxy his oyster. Once, he made his way across the galaxy to Yavin 4. Guarded by Jedi, ckcsaber was reluctant to land ship, but he yearned to see the fabeled planet, so ckcsaber landed in the middle of a dense jungle apart from the the Jedi temples. Wanting to explore ckcsaber set off down a cave he spotted, where he found a statue clutching an odd spear with a vibroblade tip. The shaft was made out of a very peculiar metal, one ckcsaber had never seen before. And on the haft were very strange markings all the way down to the bottom of the haft. Mesmerized, ckcsaber yanked the spear out and ran all the way back to his headhunter and blasted off.

Appearance( Look at avatar)

Black eyes
Black Hair
Green Coat


Corstasis Ore Vibro Spear
Lucky dice
Brown hat
Small handheld blaster (rarely used)
Modified z-95 Headhunter

01-07-2003, 05:43 PM
Name: Klai Finn
Species: Katraasi (same as Abron Mar from MotS)
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Ord Katraasi
Age: 25-30
Weapons: A pair of DL-44s strapped to his waist (like Jango Fett)
Vehicle: A stolen X-Wing modified to double its speed

Born on the world of Ord Katrassi during the close of the Clone Wars, Klai was the brother of Abron Mar, future Lt. for head king pin on the planet, Takara. Just like Abron, Klai raised through the ranks to the top positions in Takara's court; until Abron set him up for attempting to smuggle spice to their rival on the same world, Ka'Pa the Hutt.

Klai escaped with his life, taking out several sectors' guards as well as Takara's entire pen of endangered Nexu's. News traveled across the galaxy for his capture, but many people saw him quite skillful and paid for his help as a mercenary for hire. He worked in the mid-Rim for the Empire/ Imperial Remnant for ten years, until Abron sent Imperial Moff Siranius, Imperial Remnant leader of Ord Katrassi, 1,000,000 credits for the capture of Klai.

Klai was set up to work with Boba Fett on an assignment, but was wary of the situation from the start. Fett double crossed him and the two had a fire fight in a cross section of Nar Shaddaa. Klai barely escaped with his life. Fett had fulfilled his contract however, which was to ambush Klai while on the assignment. Klai fled before the Imperials could arrive for his capture to the New Republic World of Altyr 5 to join the NR as a merc.
But first he has a score to settle with both his brother and Imperial Governor, Moff Siranius.

*** After a daring mission to Ord Katrassi with fellow part members: ckcsaber, Drey, Obi-Bond Kenobi, Craid and Havoc, Klai was able to kill Mar and Takara. Ka'Pa's men dealt with the Imperial governor.

Klai is now a freelance mercenary requiring little to no pay.

01-12-2003, 08:19 PM
Here's my character bio:

Name: Bastalek
Home World: Coruscant
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195lbs
Eye Color: Deep green
Hair Color: Short, light brown
Skin Color: White
General Physique: Not huge, but in good shape
Attire: Bastalek tends to wear a pair of dark navy blue pants, a Hawaiian shirt over a white T-shirt, and a waist coat with holsters and grenade bandoleers sewn on the inside of it.
Force: Force is for wussies
Profession: Grifter/Hobo
Faction: None, Bastalek despises most forms of general organization and is firmly considered by himself to be an anarchist.

Weapons and Other Possessions
Pistols: Two 434 “Death Hammer” pistols, and Two T-6 “Thunders”
Grenades & Explosives: 6-flash grenades, 6-E.M.P. grenades, 6-Fragmentation grenades (Note: These are all thermal detonators, the name after the number describes the function)
Melee Weapons: Two mono-molecular, 18 inch gruchai knives (OOC: Imagine a long, single edged curved blade) originally used by Bastalek’s father. Each are crafted from mandalorian iron and display several engravings along the sides of both blades. Bastalek also carries the light sabers from each of the jedi he has killed (3 single bladed, and 1 double bladed).
Note: All weapons are either attached inside Bastalek’s coat or holstered to his back.
Miscellaneous Possessions: Red Swoop (referred to as “The Lucky Dog), deck of cards
Credits: 200

Personality: Bastalek usually comes off to those who see him as cocky, sarcastic, and clueless, all of which are part of the image Bastalek has set for himself in public. Under normal circumstances Bastalek is witty, cocky, and light hearted no matter how severe the situation. Although Bastalek lacks formal education most find that he has a surprisingly extensive vocabulary as well as being mechanically inclined.
Skills: Bastalek allegedly has the fastest hands in six sectors, and as a result is highly adept at anything involving his dukes. Gambling, pick pocketing, and melee combat are all fortes that Bastalek employs in his day to day life (Gambling more then anything). While it should come as second nature to him, shooting is a skill that has eluded even the slightest of Bastalek’s ability (He claims to have shaky hands from shuffling cards too fast). Although the number of pistols Bastalek carries would convey that he is a pistolier, Bastalek’s general strategy with them is to “Dump as much ammo as I can in the general direction of my target, throw a grenade or two, BAM! Job done.” Albeit Bastalek’s amount of weaponry would suggest that he is not much more then an extra gun in a fight, it has become apparent through most of Bastalek’s encounters with jedi that it is cleaver and lucky last ditch attempts that make him a formidable opponent in any engagement.

Bastalek hails from Coruscant, and was raised on his fathers gambling and cheating. After his father (Went by the name of Hakkon) dug himself so deep in debt and killed himself, Bastalek left Coruscant for fear of his fathers debts catching up with him. Once he had taken his leave from Coruscant Bastalek turned to the merchant world of Corellia, where he resided for two years as a mechanics apprentice.
Soon after he turned eighteen Bastalek tried his luck at a more unsavory profession, and joined up with a crew of smugglers and began working for a crime syndicate on Corellia. During what appeared to have been a standard smuggling operation it was found out that the their cargo had originally belonged to a rival company of pirates that is currently known as The Red Python. As a result The Red Python sent a jedi to retrieve the cargo, and thought it necessary to do away with the crew as well. At the end of the desperate fight the jedi laid dead, along with all the crew, save Bastalek.
Over the coarse of five years Bastalek tried to escape and elude his violent past, but has never been able to shake off the mercenaries and bounty hunters of The Red Python. Since his first encounter with The Red Python Bastalek has killed three more, and keeps their light sabers (NOTE: Bastalek’s reason for having light sabers is purely ornate, and they wont be used in any manner of fighting) holstered on the inside of his waist coat as proof to others of his fighting prowess. Recently, Bastalek took down the main headquarters of The Red Python on Coruscant and Corellia, as a result a heavy price has been placed on his head by both the Imperials and The Red Python.
Through his eight years of traveling Bastalek has picked up several “Tricks of the trade” along with his original abilities to deceive he has become no less then an expert at grifting and hustling. Bastalek still refuses to give out his last name, even to his closest friends, as he fears someone may identify him. That and his father always told him it’s unfriendly to be called by your last name, and so chooses to be known on a first name basis with anyone he should happen to meet.

01-18-2003, 11:23 AM
(Almost everyone I see is a force sensitive, oh well, Jedi are da shiz :P)

01-18-2003, 09:38 PM
name: longo 2 guns also many other names

age 16

race clantaani

Force yes

powers: lightning, pull, push, saber throw, force destruction, heal, levitation, force freeze, death stare, teleportation, telekineises (mind reading and vision sight), force projection, invisibility, blinding

weapons: 2 blaster pistols, light saber ( color dark blue), blaster rifle, thermal charges, wrist dart launcher, ion gun

occupation: jedi master, leader of a gang full of jedi knights

ship: yt-2002 corellian transport "Gettysburg"

ship weapons: 4 laser, 2 turret, 2 ion cannon, and 4 missle tubes

hyperdrive: yes

bio: hailing from clantaani 2, longo's name wan't origional and his origional name is a mystery. at the age of 5 longo was sold into slaveryfor 5 years he was a slave to the dugs, then one day when the galatic republic ended slavery, longo was rescued by a group of jedi, but before the jedi came longo grabbed 2 blasters and shot down 2 of his masters. then the jedi came and rescued him.

The jedi that rescued him recognized his force talents, and soon longo was a padawan learner. Longo was a quick learner and learned all of his force powers. Soon the jedi council sent him on missions. then one day the jedi council presented him something neat. the council asked longo if he wanted to have a gang of jedi, a base near ur home planet, ur own ship, with the base a squadron of fighters and a couple star ships. longo was excited and he accepted the offer.

end of bio

station base: Family Base (from x wing allaince)

fighters: authority IRDs

star ships: 2 corvettes

transports: shuttles and troop transports

Gang name: the moxie boys

attire: black pants red vest, sometimes a black cloak sandales for footwear.

partner: my jedi friends and my droid MK-22

01-19-2003, 06:28 PM
Name: Vicious
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Eye color: black
Hair color: white
Species: human
Weapon: light saber
Occupation: assassin

Vicious is a violent, cold-hearted man who prefers to work in solitude. He is a shadow assassin. Wielding a light saber, he mercilessly carries out the will of the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate although his loyalty is questionable. He possesses a dark past which he chooses not to talk about. No one lived to tell of his real identity and he was only known only as "the strongest". After spending a few years being an assassin, he had grown to be one of the most feared assassins and his name was spoken with great fear.

MOTTO: "Trust and you will be betrayed. If you are careless, you will die. Kill or be killed. The strong live, the weak must die."

Luminaro Unduli
01-20-2003, 08:47 AM
Name: Luminaro Unduli
Age: 24
Homeworld: Mirial
race: Mirialan
Side: Dark
Luminaro Unduli is the younger brother of the Jedi Luminara Unduli, both extremely force sensitive Luminaro's sister Luminara was always better at everything they did. Whether it be with the saber, force powers or any other exercise, Luminara would always be better! Frustrated with always being overshadowed by his sister Luminaro left the Jedi order to prove to himself that he was the best warrior in the family. Luminaros path led him down the darkside of the force where over time his powers grew immensly. Now if he were to run across his older sister he would surely destroy her. He is now a master of the deadly lightsaber (red of course) and his force powers are second to none! This being is truly a sight to behold, dressed in the traditonal black sith attire (robe, tunic and boots) and with his olive skin, dark blue eyes and dark blue diamond tatoos on his bald head and from his bottom lip down to his chin, He is truly a frightening sight! He is now set to seek out his sister and destroy her!

01-22-2003, 12:43 AM
First post!:D

Name: Kevalin "Kev" Halcyon
*Yes, probable vaguely distant relation of Neja Halcyon, and thus, Corran Horn*
Bio: Born and raised on the library world of Obroa-skai, he is very knowleadgeable. Both his parents were killed in Grand Admiral Thrawn's raid in 9 ABY. At the age of twelve, he was picked up by Kam Solusar and taken to the Jedi Academy. He trained there for several years, and gained near mastery of the force. In 19 ABY, he rejected the Jedi as a bunch of sentimental pacifists. He left and became a bounty hunter. When the Yuuzahn Vong invaded, he joined Kyp's Dozen for a short time. While on a cruise, he picked up some space junk floating near a nebula. As he was sorting through the wreckage, he came across an old assassin droid. He powered it up and was surprised to be face-to-face with IG-72, a prototype for the IG-88 line. *see "Tales of the Bounty Hunters" by Kevin J. Anderson for details* He has dabbled in the dark side, and something of sith powers. For him, light and dark are the same, as long as he gets his credits.
The Suit:
A suit of body armor with many pieces in many places. All armor plating is chameleon-like in that it can change color. Underneath, Kev wears a skintight black bodysuit. Here's a breakdown of parts (even if I don't mention a body part doesn't mean that there isn't armor there; it just doesn't do anything special):
Helmet... Visor with scope, embedded macrobinoculars, link to the holonet, and a description of whoever Kev is looking at. On the side of the helmet, there is a camera with a direct video uplink to his ship. On top, variable setting floodlight.
Right lower arm... Part of the armor plating can slide away to reveal a control panel and screen. The screen shows a view of the view from the front of the ship, and the controls can be used to pilot the ship from a remote distance.
Left lower arm... A video comlink.
Belt... Many storage pouches, double holsters, credit voucher.
Back... Jetpack/Missle laucher, similar to Fett's.
Fingertips... Extendable cortosis ore claws.
Boots... Thick soles for smuggling; small objects can be hidden inside.
Right wrist... concealed blade on bottom, poison dart launcher on top.
Left wrist... Flamethrower on top, again, similar to Fett's.
Blue/white saber
Dual Blastech DL-44s
Two YVH droids, 3-25-B and 7-39-L
Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle (In ship)
Stolen Stokhli Spray Stick (In ship)
Merr-Sonn CR-24 Flame Rifle (In ship)
25 Thermal Detonators (In hip pouch)
Stun cuffs (In hip pouch)
Universal Energy Cage (In ship)
Electronic Lock Breaker
Sith Holocron
*This is getting lengthy...*
Ship (s):
One large subcapital ship... too complex to describe, but roughly 500 meters.
in docking bay (yes, it has a docking bay...) advanced combat cloud car

*Getting sleepy...*
Sex: Male
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Red
Pictures: Later...
Has the oppurtunity to Godmod, but I won't use it to Godmod... promise.



Darth NeoVenom
01-22-2003, 01:16 PM
Name : Zoden Xero
Alias: Darth NeoVenom
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Sith

Appearance: 5'11, average weight, light brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin.

Attire: Very similar to what Darth Maul wears and a black Sith robe.

Weapons: Red Double-Bladed Lightsaber and a Red Single-Bladed Lightsaber

Bio: When Zoden was a young boy, he was brought forth to be trained in a Jedi Academy on Yavin. As he grew older, he became a master in using the force. When Zoden became a Jedi Master, he was sent on a mission to investigate strange activity on a planet called Roventa. When he arrived there, he was joined with some rebels and a elite group of people called the "Firebirds". During his journey on Roventa, he found out that the Trade Federation existed on this planet and the the Firebirds were along side with the Trade Federation. The leader of the Firebirds has acknowledged that Zoden and the rebels are starting to "...know too much..." and ordered his crew to kill Zoden and the rebels when they reached the ships. Before reaching the ships, Zoden killed all the members of the Firebirds. He thought to himself after the slaughter he did that he had all this power and needed no one to help him. The rebels were shocked at the action in which Zoden has taken and took out their guns. Before they even had a chance pull the trigger at Zoden, Zoden killed all the rebels and left the planet in search to have more power. Now Zoden Xero is a Sith that goes by the name Darth NeoVenom. He paints black markings underneath both his eyes showing his dedication to the Dark Side. He is capable of using force abilities from both the Light and Dark Side of the force since he is a fallen Jedi master.

Darth Zaius
01-26-2003, 12:28 AM
Name : Nithailack Saiun (later to become Darth Zaius)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Homeworld: naboo
Job: former bounty hunter,former jedi padawan, sith apprentice

Appearance: 6`3, slight muscular build, penetraiting blue eyes long black hair, huge scar coming from the tip of his right eyebrow down to his cheek, Dark and gaunted features

Attire: Clad in black or dark clothing (nuff` said)

force abilities: force push, mind trick, force pull, force lightning, force drain, force grip, force speed, force jump

Weapons: light saber (like darth tyranus`s), and a jetpack that comes with twin laser pistols

Bio (very short summary): -was born and abandoned in naboo

- was raised by twileks, untill they found out that nithailack had force powers and was sent to luke skywalkers jedi academy

- started to become arrogant and independant untill he got kicked out of the academy (at age 14) due to a love interest and having a plot to kill his own master

-once kicked out nithailack became a bounty hunter untill he was persuaded by a man to join the darkside (at age 15), and gladly accepted

- killed his previous master with his new master later that year but became scarred from the battle (see appearance)

- currently training in dagobah, endor`s moon (hehehe die ewoks die), and naboo

Darth NeoVenom
01-26-2003, 12:31 PM
Name: Zan-Cool Corizen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Homeworld: Coruscant
Affiliation: Jedi

Appearance: 5'10, medium weight, black hair, blue eyes, light skin

Attire: Very similar to the attire that Obi-Wan Kenobi has in Star Wars: Episode 1, but instead of being tan, it's blue-greenish and a dark blue Jedi robe.

Weapons: A blue Single-Bladed Lightsaber and a yellow Single-Bladed Lightsaber craft by his father.

Bio: Born and raised on Coruscant, Zan-Cool was send to the Jedi Academy located on Yavin 4 by his parents, who are both Jedi. There, he learned how to control and use the force. Now, Zan-Cool Corizen is a Jedi Knight and is in hope of some day to become a Jedi master. He has force abilities of the Light Side of the force. The force ability in which he is extremely good in is Force Speed.

01-30-2003, 07:17 PM
Originally posted by Katarn07
Here is a pic of Katarn07: Picture

I like the pic, Katarn07. Very cool image. Very......

01-30-2003, 07:44 PM
Originally posted by topshot
I like the pic, Katarn07. Very cool image. Very......

*shrugs* It's from the last cutscene from the original JK, if you follow the dark side path. I wanted him to look like he does in JK, because he is not as old as the real Kyle. And also, that Kyle looks really mad...

Darth NeoVenom
01-30-2003, 09:31 PM
Name: Zofire Fett
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Affiliation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: 5'7, slim, light brown hair with blonde streaks, green eyes, light skin

Attire: Black and Silver Mandalorian battle armor with a black cape(armor is modified to fit a women)

Weapons: dual-blaster pistols (specially designed), wrist blades, modified DE-11 blaster rifle, modified Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor rifle, thermal detonators, and many hidden weapons.

Bio: Raised by foster parents on Ziltenia, Zofire Fett spends most of her days working as a mechanic and weapon repairist. She also spend numerous hours designing, modifying, and training with blasters and other weapons. One day, while she was heading towards a shop with her best friend Zionia to get some parts for her foster dad's shop, they saw a group of rodians on the run from an army of the New Republic. While these rodians were running, they shot at anyone who was in their way. Unfortunately, Zionia, Zofire's friend, was shot by the gang of the outlawed rodians, nearly killing her. Zofire's was thankful that her friend was still alive, but swore revenge for what the criminals had done to Zionia. The day after the incident, Zofire was cleaning up her foster dad's shop and stumbled across a silver chest engraved with a symbol. This symbol was the same symbol she had on her necklace. Her foster dad said that the case was found next to her when she was a baby. When Zofire opened the case, it contained a Mandalorian battle armor. She modified the suit so that it could be worn by a woman. A year later, Zofire Fett took the job as a Bounty Hunter. Day after day, Zofire hunted down and killed many criminals for vengence. She wanders the galaxy with her robot companion R2R9 in search of more criminals to kill and also in search of answers for her many unanswered questions.

Thrackan Solo
02-01-2003, 11:24 AM
Name: Skaul Wahklour
Homeworld: Coruscant
Weight: 180 lbs
Bio: Tall, Has one spike on the front back and sides of head. He wears a long black robe(but is NOT jedi!!) and has black leather gloves. He carries a Golan Flechette GC-1 and Two DL- 44's.

Affiliates: Loner
Traveling Method:Ship
Ship:YT-2400 Modified with Quad Laser Turrets controllable from cockpit. Two Ion Cannons and Proton Torpedoe bays on both wings.
Ships Name: Maul Tear
BAckground: Born on Ithorian Herd Ship he was dropped off in the bowels of Coruscant to fend for himself. He had to fight and steal his way out of Coruscant to Tatooine were he worked smuggling glitterstem for Jabba but left when he bought the Maul Tear named after the infamous sith Zabrak Darth MAul.

daring dueler
02-04-2003, 05:09 PM
name-Klorang S'tasar
age -29
homeworld-grew up on nar shadda
weapons-custom pistol(projectile),dart gun,vibro blade knife,bassic imperial rifle,disrupter reapeating rifle.
affiliation-assasin,bounty hunter,smuggler,beggar
armor,ship-swoop bike,dengar like metal plating

bio-dirty fighting bounty hunter/assasin will do any job for money and will always get it done rite. the rest is unknown eccecpt for he grew up on nar shadda where he witnesses many crimes.

02-09-2003, 06:05 PM
Gahh. Deleted my post by accident of Katarn07 while adding links to his ships... So if you read this already, scroll to the bottom for his ship pics and what he looks like if you do not own the original JK.

Name: Katarn07 "Gunny"
Species: Human Clone
Age: 25-30
Weapons: Yellow Saber, Modified E-11 Blaster Rifle
Vehicle: modified YT-1800 Celphi Freigter Savrip Striker, modified YT-2000 Corellien Freigter Sable Dove
Special Abilities: He can use any weapon from fallen enemies, limited Force powers

A failed attempt of Galak Fyar. One of the first Reborn to be produced was a clone of the Jedi that would eventually put an end to the project, Kyle Katarn. One of the 10 Katarn clones, Katarn07 and his comrades soon began asking questions of their existance. The cloning was not a success. The 10 Katarns rebelled against their creators and laid waste to the factory. Only three of them survived. Katarn03, Katarn07, and Katarn09.

Fyar didn't stop the project, and instead decided to take prisoners from Kessel and try to infuse powers into them. This is the plan that would work years later.

Meanwhile, the three Katarns found work on the planet Nar Shaddaa. Katarn07 was quick to adapt to any situation he was presented. His fellow comrades, however, were dying. Their creation wasn't properly supervised. After their deaths, Katarn07 left planet with the credits they had gathered as freelancers.

He got medical treatments, but they were unneccesary. His creation was properly executed. He became a mercenary for hire, just like his host. He took the name Kyle Katarn and scored big instantly, often times using his appearance to fool his employers he was the real Katarn.

After he got injured in a massive explosion rom a Weequay called Guro, he was forced to get a prostetic arm. He lost most of his money on the purchase and was now seen to be an imposter. Katarn decided to reveal himself as not being the real Katarn, but his past work earned him almost as much respect.

Katarn now seeks employment whenever possible in his ships, the Savrip Striker and Sable Dove. Money is not important to him. His only goal is to put an end to tyrany in the galaxy. He also is just learning that like his host, he is Force-sensitive...

Here is a pic of Katarn07 (disregard the woman Sariss...):Picture (http://www.echostation.com/echo2/2-kyle.gif)

Here is a pic of what the Sable Dove looks like for those without XWA: Picture (http://www.xwingalliance.net/images/Otana.jpg)

Here is a pic of Savrip Striker: Picture (http://home.attbi.com/~pahnke6/wsb/media/150725/site1028.jpg)

02-09-2003, 08:19 PM
Name: Wra'fo
Species: Rodian
Age: 27
Weapons: DL-11 Blaster Rifle
Vehicle : Public Transportation, hitches rides with fellow NRI agents Klai Finn and Katarn07
Special Abilities: Can hack into computer systems with ease, can fly any ship with ease, not handy with weapons

Near the end of the Rebellion, Wra'fo joined the ranks among the many agents working for them. He left, however, after the Empire was overthrown and he became a Bounty Hunter.

He befriended a clone of Kyle Katarn near the peak of his career, Katarn07; but after that, his sister was killed by terroists. His work has slipped since then and he can usually be found drinking off his failures in bars and restaraunts around the New Republic district on Coruscant. He lives off of the income of his brother who is a sabacc dealer at a club on Coruscant called Bantha Oasis.

The alcoholic is trying to sober up to rejoin his former employer, Mon Mothma, in the ranks of the NRI. Katarn07 is doing his best to help him out when he can.

03-08-2003, 11:22 PM
My chericter(or whatever)

NAME: Zehro Topshot

Reletives: Aroun Topshot, his long lost brother

Powers: KI - something like the force but much more powerful thatn the force

Languages Known: all

Weapons: a self made upgraded lightsaber called the beam saber and 2 small beam guns + over 100 HUGE guns

Profile: sent away at birth on account of a miss calculation Zehro raises himself noticing He can use very powerful attacks. Zehro then travels learning many languages and becoming very fast and stong. When meeting a tribe in a village he is taught by the friendly Zirions to invent and upgrade almost perfect weapons. He learns many fighting styles and perfects saber, hand to hand, and gun combat. He now continues to search for Aroun Topshot.

03-12-2003, 06:32 PM
Name: TK-99

Home Planet: Earth

Info: A rookie stormtrooper that is still learning and has joined the empire from a very young age

Weapons: Rifle Gun

03-24-2003, 07:57 PM

03-24-2003, 07:59 PM
Name:Mobius Berreta.
Home Planet:Tatooine.
Relatives:Desiderato Berreta=Brother
Matrix Berreta=Father.
BackRound:The destruction of the old republic,many jedi fell to the infamous Darth Vader.Many,also fled such as Matrix Berreta,A renegade Jedi under Plo koon's devision,his wife Katrina Berreta,soon to die but leave another life.5 years have passed as the rebellion started to form and The young life onced carried in his mother's whome had been born.He was very skillfull,Dark and had a strong arrogance about him.After witnessing his father die to Lord Vader,Mobius took up the life as a thug/thief.
Over his years he trained with the lightsaber perfecting his stance,controll and capability,untill he was able to learn the force.
All is not what it seemed,Mobius learnt the force but betrayed his friends to teach and outcast by the name of Stenro Anvs,His best friend and apprentice in darktimes.
Eventually Stenro Destroyed Mobius,Leaving his brother,whom knew about Mobius,but not known by him,in a depressional state,and a life of hunt.
Mobius was ressurected and recruited the clan known as WaR....but was destroyed not too long ago,in 2 ambushes.
Mobius Goes by the name of O/l WaR Makaveli now,and hardley ever mentions his past.

03-26-2003, 03:41 PM
Name: Zack
weapons: green lightsaber
personality: half bounty hunter half jedi
ablities: mind control,lightsaber throw

history: started as a jedi in the academy teached by Yoda as all the children.When Zack was 18 he tought that bounty hunting brings good money in and he had the skills as a jedi so why not.Now doing half part jedi and half bounty but never went back to academy cause he was expelled of the bounty hunting.

04-05-2003, 12:14 AM
Not much is known about Zex cardinal of course,
But what is known is that he is the sworn enemy of Kerea Berreta,and an assasin at that trate.
He was ordered to kill Kerea but failed and so he spends his life hunting him down.

Captain Wilson
04-12-2003, 06:08 PM
Name: Kaildor (Cyborg Name: Planet killer)
Age: 20
Occoupation: Bounty Hunter
Race: Human Cyborg (this detail is known to only a few)
Weapons:Slienced Sniper rifel with Pyro, knockout, hallgunic and armour piecing bullets, 2 custum blasters with added blades on gun barrel, Mines, Titanum sword.
Apperance: Long black hair, Piercing blue eyes and a sarcstic grin
Clothes: Black tank top, black trousers and black trench coat
Hieght: 6'5
Home world: (believed to be) Prothos

Little is know of kalidors early years exept in the highset secruity dat bank in the empire. Only 14 people in the empire have accsess to the files concering him. What is know of his early life is that he was a sadistic killer having no corcen for anyone, responsble for massicare such as the destruction of 4 major cities of the planet of Rentos. After this incendent Kalidor disspered from space. Many believed him to be locked up or dead. Far from it. Kalidor had indeed been caputered by a man named Inventus on Orders from the empire. He was taken away to a secert reserch world and 'Welded' and used as an assassin with codes stoping him turning on his new masters. Eventualy through luck and chance Kaildor manged to accesess his codes and over ride them. After killing everone that had done this to him kaildor went to serch for the man who had turned him sparing no-one and killing all who oppeses him. Due to his Cybernetic enhancement Kaildor can go weeks without food, Jump up to 20 ft, lift up to 4 tonnes, process danger instanly and ignore wounds that would kill a normal man. Unfortantlysome of his command codes remain and he must bow to its will if someone has the necessary codes. And it is rummered the empire has sent some one after him...

Professor Snape
04-18-2003, 02:45 PM
Zero Kast

Zero was a 14 year old boy who had lived at the Jedi Temple his entire life. He was very shy around anyone he didn't know but got into his share of rule-breaking. He was tall and slender, blue eyes, and brown hair with frosted tips. He also was a great listener and remembered everything his master teaches him.

Weapon- Blue Lightsaber

Outfit- traditional brown Jedi robes with special pocket to hold anything Zero needs.

Special Abilities- Force push, Force pull, Jedi Mindtrick

Captain LeChuck
04-25-2003, 08:04 PM
Name: Thrindel Setta

Age: Exact date of birth unkown.

Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Appearance: None really knows. Many rumours and legends are around Thrindel Setta. Some say he is Boba Fett's brother. Others say that he actually was a Mandalorian. Or is of Mandalorian heritage. None knows for sure.

Weapon: BlasTech EE-3 Rifle and a BlasTech DL-44 sidearm.

Ship: "Vengeance", A vastly modified a well armed ship the same class as Lando Calrissian's ship, the Lady Luck.


Outift: A black and red Mandalorian armour, equppied with a jetpack grappling hook and a flamethrower.

Homeworld: Believed to be Mandalore.



The man known a Veren Setta was born on Mandalore during the Mandalorian wars. His father was killed in battle and his home destroyed when he was but an infant. His mother managed to escape with him.
She fled to the Mandalorian Commander known as Jaster Mereel. He granted them permission to stay with them.

Years passed and Veren Setta grew. When one day, the enemies of Mandalore attacked the Mandalorians and his entire family was killed. Enraged about the death of his mother Veren Setta forged a mandalorian armour and joined the Mandalore Mercenary Army.

When the Mandalorians lost the war, Veren Setta fled to the distant planet of Alderaan where he met a girl. Her name was Galina Saren. The two married and had a child, Thrindel.

Thrindel and his parents lived happily on Alderaan for 10 years. When one day a man came to their farm. He was dressed in robes and wanted to know if Veren Setta was in. Veren walked out to see who was asking for him. Thrindel was now on his way home from a friend. As he walked around the corner of the house he could see the robed man holding Veren in the air, choking him, while his mother lay crying on the ground. The robed man ignted a lightsaber red as blood and struck down both of his parents and then left.

Being raised the Mandalorian way, he knew that his duty in life was to pick up the Mandalorian Armour his father left behind.
Rumour has it that now, 10 years after his parents death, he still looks for the robed man, but that is not certain...

04-29-2003, 10:50 AM
Name: Joe Raskar

Race: Human

Story: When he was 15, his family was killed. One year later, he found a message from his dad, telling him of his Jedi heratige. Now Joe goes around the galaxy righting wrongs.

Size: 5' 9"

Weight: 146 pounds

-E-11 Blaster Rifle
-Modified Bryar Pistol
-Yellow Lightsaber
-Personal Shield
-Belt Clip of Thermal Detonators
-His Left arm up to the elbow has been cut off and replaced.
-Many Force abilities

Rebel allied

Captain Wilson
04-30-2003, 06:53 PM
my 2nd guy :D

Name: 'Inventus'
Age: 34
Occoupation: Scienticst\dark jedi
Race: Human
Weapons:Light sabar and varrious drugs and posions
Apperance: short man with black hair strecked with white strands
Clothes:White lab coat, White Trousers, black trench coat
Hieght: 5'3
Home world: Unnown
Bio: A twisted sciencetist, once a member of the jedi counsol, but fled after his 'experments' were found. He was Obbsesed with creating the perfect jedi killer after his discrace and took many mercanry jobs both as a doctor and many as a warrior. Finally he found a way to combine the force and machine. Many of his experments were on captured humans and all failed to start with. Then he was hired by the empire. They funded his work and gave him the 'paintents' nerrcery to perfect his tecnique. His twisted genius gave birth to the cyborgs kaildor and star. Unfortnatly they were to good and broke out, there hummanity still alive. Star was quickly captuered and reprogramed to bring kaildor in. Inventus can sometimes be found with sith or imperial troops.

05-01-2003, 07:51 PM
I personally think it'd be hard to control two chars but thats just me :P

Btw, if we updated our char, do we repost the new info, or just edit it and tell everyone? Just wonderin :)

Kevin Katarn
05-05-2003, 11:00 PM
Name: Nova Centari

As a youth he was a freighter hopper out of Nar Shadda. Eventually he ended up ona freighter brining supplies to yavin 4. Once there Luke sensed him and brought him in. He spent the next 5 years there until he was 19. At that point he got ina heated argument with Luke after using the Force to attack another student who was bullying him. His argument was that he had never meant to hurt him only to get the larger kid to leave him alone. Afterwards he climbed into his newly rebulit z-95 Headhunter, the Crazy Ace, with only his lighsaber, his blaster and a set of fake mandalorian armor he had constructed. He has since wandered the galaxy in search of adventure.

Abilities: Extremelty talented with physical force powers (push, pull,jump,speed) and saber combat.

Weapons: His blaster pistol (much like hans) and his teal lightsaber.

Ship: Heavily modified z-95 headhunter, The Crazy Ace

Kevin Katarn
05-12-2003, 09:11 PM
2nd character
Dikon Gytonal
Race Gran
A retired smuggler who runs a used startship lot on Nar Shadda. His prices are good, his quality and workmanship are amazing, and his friendship is priceless. He is stubbornly loyal to friends and single mindeldy hateful to enemies.

05-27-2003, 02:54 PM
Name: Caitlin Bryce
Age: 19 (has been mistaken for a 17 year old)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair color: Dark Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Custom Blaster Pistol (customized by self)
Self Built Lightsaber
Blade: Purple

Story: When she was 17, Caitlin's parents lost hope in the Republic. There had been a taxation of trade routes and Mr. and Mrs. Bryce felt sorry for the Trade Federation and decided to help in any way possible. The Trade Federation took advantage of this and used their technology to 'alter' the Bryce family. Caitlin was the only one to survive the 'alterations' and came out with a harsh anger toward the Trade Federation. She vowed to help the Republic in any way possible.
During the next two years, Caitlin had very little to do. She tinkered with her blaster pistol and ended up making it more powerful. When the energy pack had been mostly used up, the blaster would stop firing. Caitlin would then remove the energy pack and it would become a throwable explosive. Also during this time, she found out how to build a lightsaber (it is unknown how she found out and she isn't telling anybody).
Near the end of the two year period, Caitlin came to be in charge of a small transportation company. If well payed, they would fly anything from sentient beings and their droids to miscellaneous cargo. Supreme Chancellor Valorum heard of the small operation and came to see it. He was impressed by the service and allowed them to keep up at what they were doing.
Two days before she turned 19, Caitlin recieved a transmission from the Supreme Chancellor saying that he was sending two Jedi to her. She was to take them where they wanted to go. She agreed. Three days after she turned 19, Caitlin met Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi. At last she saw herself being moved into the picture against the Trade Federation. Little did she know what the adventure would truly get her into...

05-31-2003, 11:11 PM
Name: Kilmor Katarn
Age [At death]: 23 Approximately 26
Height [At death]: 5' 7"
Weight [At death]: 146 pounds
Weapons: One silver bladed lightsaber, sometimes a second one that's lavender, light side of the Force, on some occasions a heavy blaster pistol - Now in possession of Darth Tepe
Transportation: A small, sleek, one-person starfighter that can go at extremely high speeds and avoid radar detection - No longer in use

Bio: Since 5 years old, Kilmor trained at Luke's Jedi Academy (He was a nephew, though he didn't know it, of Morgan Katarn). At the age of 15, he had a disagreement with another student and left the academy. He craved power, and became Xanin's padawan. Xanin was a Dark Jedi that was in league with Jerec. After 3 years of Dark Side training, he was present when Morgan Katarn was killed by Jerec, but when Jerec and Xanin were killed by Kyle Katarn, Luke redeemed Kilmor and resumed his training at the academy. Kilmor is now a Jedi Knight in the Jedi Council, and he often works as an undercover spy for the New Republic.

DEAD - Slain by Darth Tepe

06-01-2003, 06:49 AM
Name: Namin Katarn
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hair color: Sandy tan
Height: 5' 3"
Weapons: One double bladed red lightsaber, Dark Side of the Force

Bio: The other lost nephew of Morgan Katarn, Namin did not take the same path as Kilmor or Kyle. He was a rebellious student in the Jedi Academy, and often used the Dark Side of the Force, much to Luke's disamy. During the night, he snuck out and into a stolen starfighter and flew to an unknown planet. Now, he is back, more powerful than ever....

06-05-2003, 04:12 PM
Name: Sage Wraith
Age: 14
1. Lightsaber- Violet
2. Secondary Lightsaber- Yellow
3. Small Blaster Pistol- Stun
Star Ship:
The Bounty Saber is a highly modified B-Wing star fight complete with a turbolasers, proton torpedos, and high-powered energy sheilds. Also, the Bounty Saber is equiped with large beam weapons the rezemble giant lightsabers..These weapons and be sprung from the tip of any of the ships wings. These weapons are Sage's favoritie and are the ones he uses most.

History: (I gtg..I'll fill this out later..)

06-10-2003, 08:08 PM
Name: Erica West
Age: 14
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Distinguishing mark: a 1 inch scar on her right cheek
2 Lightsabers
Blade 1: Purple
Blade 2: Green
2 swords
Force sensitive: yes

Story: When Erica was 8 years old, her parents taught her how to use a sword. She was so taken by swordplay, that she constructed two swords of her own. By the age of 10, she could easily beat her parents at the same time when they were sparring.
On her 11th birthday, a man came to their house and, for no apparent reason, killed Erica's parents. Enraged by this, she drew her swords and fought him. He laughed, ignighted a lightsaber and dodged her swords. He finally managed to slash her cheek. Then he left, dropping his lightsaber as he exited the house.
She was filled with anger, but it slowly subsided and she began studying the lightsaber he had dropped. She examined carefully how it worked and how it was built. Then, she built two of her own, only using them when she couldn't find his.
She finally ran into him again after she turned 13. She fought him again and nearly killed him, but just as she was going to deliver the killing blow, he kicked her knee, breaking it. In a fit of anger, she smashed his lightsaber. He growled at her and went away.
After three months, Erica's knee was fully healed and she began practicing with her swords and lightsabers again in a small abandoned courtyard near the Jedi Temple. The Jedi observed her for a while and then took her in, realizing that she was Force sensitive. They recommended that she be trained by Jedi Master Caitlin Bryce. (Now you know what is in Caitlin's future.) Erica is very loyal to Caitlin and the two of them are rarely seen apart from each other.

06-30-2003, 01:32 AM
Name: Gerganadof Tutatook
Age: 51
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 247 pounds
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
Distinguishing mark: A circle scar in the palm of his right hand.
Weapons: DC11 Blastech Pocket Projectile Pistol, staff with vibro-edge on the bottom
Additional Things: Datapad, Slicer Special ID Card, tan/white outfit

Story: Not much is known about this average man. He is simply a wanderer, going from planet to planet picking up knowledge as he pleases. One thing is for certian, he is loyal to the Rebellion and is an excelent slicer. He is known for "bumping" into sticky situations and helping the good side.

07-04-2003, 01:35 PM
Nickname: Vicious
Real name: Unknown
Age: 28
Location: Nar Shadda
Race: Human
Gender: Male

He was born in the crime-filled, mob ruled city of Nar Shadda. His parents were drunkards so Vicious turned to the streets where he got invoved with gangs. As he grew older, his skills increased. He worked as a smuggler, pirate and hitman .Once time he was sent out on a mission to kill a Dark jedi. Vicious followed him into an alley but the Sith new all along that he was chased after, when Vicious fired at him the Dark Jedi quickly raised his saber and deflected the bolt into Vicious' shoulder causing minor injuries because he had some armor there. Then the Sith took Vicious into a choke hold but then he realized that Vicious was force sensitive and he could be trained into a mighty warrior. So the dark jedi offered to train Vicious even tought he wasn't even a Master. Vicious agreed and for some years the Jedi tought Vicious the ways of the force. But he got tired of a life of an apprentice and wanted to travel the Galaxy and do some other things. So one day when the Sith wasn't anticipating it Vicious killed him with his katana (which he learned to use by combat implants in his head). Shen the Jedi was killed Vicious took his valuables and lightsaber and fleed on his master's X-Wing fighter .
He wen't back to Nar Shadda to get two of his closest friends and they three formed a powerful Bounty Hunting group.

Vicious' weapons : A one-bladed red lightsaber stolen from his former master .He soon got a second one from a jedi he killed .

A pistol hand-made out of an E-11 Imperial Blaster Rifle .

One of Vicicous' bounty hunting comrades :
Spike http://www.paintpixel.com/spike.jpg

07-29-2003, 06:46 PM
Umm, yeah. This is my first post, so I assume we kind of make up whatever we want about the character, other than "I am God and can kill you all." Stop me if I'm wrong. BTW, this will likely be a long-ish read.

Name: MacLennan
Age:Unknown, probably 26 or so.
Description:5'8", 175lbs. Brown hair, brown eyes. (Creator's note: this dude looks like the Jedi Trainer character from JKII multiplayer)
Weapons/Items: A hand-me-down lightsaber with a blue blade. Blastech DL-5 pistol. Imperial Army knife (folding knife with small saw, knife blade,scissors, screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, and corkscrew).
Past Occupations: Imperial soldier, Imperial intelligence and linguistics specialist, relations specialist with Gala-Mark Corporation.

I don't really know where I came from. Probably some dingy craphole in the Outer Rim. I don't know who my parents are, or if they're still alive. I grew up in the slums of Coronet, the capital city of Corellia. I had the uncanny ability to pick pockets and never alert the victim that I was there. I made enough to get by, but it was pretty meager. When I was about 16 I lied about my age (an easy task since no records on me existed) and enlisted in the Imperial Army. It was probably the best choice for me at the time. I was fed, clothed, and educated. I received combat training second to none, and during the training I realized another level of awareness. I know I sound like one of those "natural" people the holovids make fun of, but it's true. I could sense things before they happened, and I was the most physically fit in my unit. I had a knack for languages, and they sent me to Coruscant to the Imperial Linguistics Institute. I learned a half-dozen languages in the two years I was there. After that I served with the Imperial Security Bureau, travelling all over the galaxy on missions ranging from sting operations to intelligence gathering and stakeout to hostage rescues. It was pretty weird stuff. I loved my job, for the most part. But I'd seen some pretty messed up stuff go down. I saw officers torture and kill people for no reason. I saw them cheat the system while at the same time punishing subordinates who did the same thing. I also ran into a couple of Jedi, which creeped me out, even though it intrigued me. I got tired of it, so I transferred to a regular infantry unit. That was a cake assignment if I'd ever had one. It was just training mission after training mission.

So I left the Army after 6 years. I'd signed on for an extra two years so I could make Sergeant. I found myself with money I'd carefully saved up over 6 years, and a galaxy that welcomed those who wanted to make something of themselves. So I bought a nice place in one of Coruscant's suburbs and settled in. I got a job as a relations specialist with an import/export company, and made a nice living for myself. I lived in Coruscant for two years or so, but grew discontent with the Type-A personality of that place. I moved back to Coronet, but the whole war thing between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance made it impossible to find a job. I went into private investigation for a while, resisting offers from the Alliance to join up with them. The Empire pretty much left me alone, but I got the occasional "Wanna come back?" call from the desperate recruiter. I figure (as I hope they do too) that I've paid my debt to the Empire and I don't owe them a thing.

So here I am, out of work, doing odd jobs for people (you know...track down this guy, whack that guy, whatever). It's enough to get by, but I'm going to have to figure out something soon.

Strangely enough, one night I was walking home from the pub, and I took a shortcut through the park. Three big burly dudes were beating on this old man. He was on the ground, clutching a wooden box. Blood was running down his bald head and stained his beard. As soon as he saw me, the three dudes turned on me. It was no thing to deal with them. They were stupid, and I was an ex-Imperial soldier. No contest. So when they were dead, the old man ran up to me. He handed me this box, and said "This was given to me, but I'm not worthy of it...maybe you are." And with that he disappeared. I got home and opened the box to find this silver-coloured lightsaber in it. And it works too. I cut a chunk out of my bathtub like it was cheese.

So now I'm not sure what to do. Certain people have told me that I have Force sensitivity, but I'm not sure. I mean, if I do, what am I supposed to do with that? That'd mean that I'm a real-live superhero. I could go to the Alliance, and I'm sure they could help me out. But then I've cast my die, and there wouldn't be any turning back. I can't just sit here forever...

Okay, so that's that. Pretty long, but that's okay. I'll draw up a picture of this dude and post it soon. My National Guard unit goes to Italy for 9 months in two weeks (I'll have internet over there), but hopefully I'll be able to still hang out.

08-01-2003, 10:31 PM
Name: Zach Denero

Saber Color: Green

Light/Dark: Light

Favorite Force Power: Mind Trick

Blaster Weapon: Blaster Pistol

Padawan/Knight/Master: Knight

A Jedi Knight who learned the ways of the Force by his Master Cardous. Zach, a Master of the Lightsaber stance Vateege has taught one other it, his padawan Lance. Zach now lives on Erdros IV and travels back and forth to the Jedi Acadamy on Dattoine. Untill he got his Padawan, every since he has been traning him on Danntoine in his new home on the outtscerts of the Acadamy.

You like?:p

08-15-2003, 08:05 PM
Name: Unknown (people know him as Darth RiX)

Age: 24

His family was attacked, he saw it all at the age of 13. His parents were killed, while he hid under a table and watched his Mum and Dad die. Since there deaths he has become an angered person searching for the people that killed his parents, he learned the powers of The Force and has become a Beginner Jedi Assasin on search for the evil people that killed his parents.


Equipment: Red Lightsaber, Sniper Rifle, Short Dagger

Job/Team: none at the moment but waiting, will do any Assinations requested

Force Powers: The Typical push, pull, grip, lightining, jump

Pic: no1 has actually seen his real face because he wears a Black Mask (pic soon)

P.S: you may notice that i was a bit of a n0b and clicked make new post instead of reply :p sorry, my bad just ignore it

08-15-2003, 08:12 PM
Name: Unknown (people know him as Darth RiX)

Age: 24

His family was attacked, he saw it all at the age of 13. His parents were killed, while he hid under a table and watched his Mum and Dad die. Since there deaths he has become an angered person searching for the people that killed his parents, he learned the powers of The Force and has become a Beginner Jedi Assasin on search for the evil people that killed his parents.


Equipment: Red Lightsaber, Sniper Rifle, Short Dagger

Job/Team: none at the moment but waiting, will do any Assinations requested

Force Powers: The Typical push, pull, grip, lightining, jump

Pic: no1 has actually seen his real face because he wears a Black Mask (pic soon)

P.S: you may notice that i was a bit of a n0b and pushed make your thread by accident :p take no notice of it ;)

09-22-2003, 03:01 PM
Name: Arc Tee
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Affiliation: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary

Appearance: 5', muscular, short dark brown hair, brown eyes, light skin

Attire: Red armour similar to Stormtroopers but no helemt. Yellow shoulderpads.

Weapons: Rapid fire laser blasters (x2), grenade launcher, Katana type sword and many others

Ship: The Second Hunter

Bio: Arc Tee is a Bounty Hunter/Merc who is often emploid by the Rebellion/New Republic but offers his services to all.

Black Knight of Keno
10-01-2003, 02:21 PM
Name: Kuute-Eitur
Race: Human, male
Items: Two blasters(pistol), Lightsaber(Yellow), Rope, Bag, food,
Force powers: Jump, run, pull, push, persuasion, lightsaber throw, heal
Age: 21
Vechicles: Corellian YT-1300, A-wing and a hoverbike in Coruscants Jedi-temple
Nickname: Tepe
Homeplanet: Naboo

History: When he was 12 years old he ran away from home and over years he was lost to Coruscant. He met Jedi master who teached him until he died.
Now he is in a look for padawan. He also goes to many planets with his A-wing starfighter named Nemo.
Kuute-Eitur has an calling name that he uses mostly of the time(Tepe).
Kuute-Eitur(or Tepe) buyed a Corellian YT-1300 freighter about a year ago for renting it and transporting hwoever/whatever. He even transported five shadowtroopers to the Yavin system and rented it for Han solo because Falcon was in repair (btw, nobody recognized the difference!! :D ).

Xizor's killer
10-03-2003, 01:56 PM
Name: Minas Tirith ( :D )

Race: Kel Dor (M)

Story: Minas grew up as a standard Kel Dor child before his 'magic' destroyed a mine ripping apart all of the men. Minas was banished where he ran into a jedi apprentice his force powers ripped the apprentice to pieces where Minas stole his lightstaff and learned how to use it perfectly. With his force skills and his sabre skills he is a force to be reckoned with.

Size: 6'4

Weight: 265 lbs

A robe like Luke's tunic only purple

Orange Sabre one side purple the other, DEMP2, a grappling hook, Stouker Concussion rifle and a imperial repeater.

A bounty Hunter/merc (anything for a bit of money)

Superb force powers: All dark force powers from JK I Lv 4

Black Knight of Keno
10-05-2003, 06:28 PM
Name: Te'ku Tyron
Age: 30
Force powers: All light side abilities in JK1 and Run, Jump, Throw, Pull
Guns: Green lightsaber, A blaster rifle
Vechicles: Jedi transport, Speeder
Homeplanet: Earth

History: Moved to Coruscant with his parents when he was 10.
After he moved to Coruscant he started in Jedi Academy and when he was about 27 he got his first Padawan. Most of the Rebel soldiers say that Te'ku could beat Luke Skywalker if Luke would be still alive

10-06-2003, 02:04 AM
For now I'm going to use this character in all star wars RPs.

Name: Selene
Age: unknown
Race: unknown
Sex: female
Weapons: a silver sword
Rank: a hunter with her own agenda

Bio: She is one of the few remaining survivors of an ancient world long destroyed. And the only publicly active member of her race. She has high morals on life, and gives her service only for cause. She is an attractive female, one so that all eyes gaze upon her when she enters a room. And she is as deadly as she is beautiful. Her speed and agility are lightning fast, and her reflexes rival the greates jedi, but she is not force sensative.

10-07-2003, 05:47 PM
Name: Shade Retylinga
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Weapons: Whatever he comes across
Ship: The Lost Star A modifed Imperial Shuttle

Shade grew up on Tatooine, till one day when he and his family was atacked by Tusken Raiders.
Shade was the only survivor and managed to get to Mos Eisley, where he joined the Empire.
While during traning, Shade discovered his talent in the force and he was made a Dark Jedi. Shade fought alongside the Empire for 2 years, until he was faced with a Jedi Master who after had defeated him managed to turn Shade away from the dark side.
Shade was weak, and humiliated and destroyed his lightsaber and fled from the Jedi Master.
He started life as a bounty hunter and has since then travelled from system to system, taking on small and big jobs, trying to find his place in the galaxy...

More info:
Shade has been in mortal danger many times, but have never used the force. His hatred for the force and the Sith Lord that trained him is strong enough to keep his force from losing its "touch" but he is to scared to used it, due to the risk of him falling to the dark side again.
Theories about the Jedi Master who rescued him are many, but it seems like it was eiter Kyle Katarn or Luke Skywalker who defeated Shade.
Shade himself refuses to talk about the whole deal. He has promised to unreveal everything about himself the moment he kills the Sith Lord that trained him.

Succesful missions:
The Plans of Death (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=114460)
The New Empire Arises (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=114033)

10-08-2003, 04:18 PM
Name: Arekusu The Exile
Race: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Homeworld: Unknown
Affiliation: Assassin/Mercenary

Appearance: long black and red hair tied back into a thin wavey band. Several tattoos hard his face and body. A single bang rests in from of his face. Long pointed ears, red eyes, and dark skin.

Attire: Sepia bands cover the lower portion of his face, neck, and forearms. Wears a grey sleeveless jacket with a tall collar with loose fitting pants. Black slippers cover his feet.

Weapons: Titanium Kryptos Katana


Captain Wilson
10-08-2003, 04:55 PM
Name: Darth Rahl/ Kaildor Bloodmoon
Race: Humman
Age: 175
Homeworld: ???
Occupation: Sith lord
Hobbies and intressts: Violance, murder and so on.
kaildor past is shrouded mostly in fog. The only two people who now any great deal are kaildor himself and his former master and friend, Virath. Nither will talk openly or willingly about it. Kaildpor dissappered even from virath knowladge. He resurrfaced and manged to trap virath and his new apprentice, mark, but was deined his vengence for reasons unknown. He again disappered only to apperer again, a fully fledged sith lord. He has began to raise an army to bring the collective universe under his command

10-09-2003, 07:04 PM
Name: Nat'me
Race: Twi-Lek
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Weapons: Throwing knives, E-11 Blaster
Ship: Morning Glory

Nat'me has not told many people about her life, but its clear that she was part of Shade Retylingas crew for about one year.
At one point, Nat'me was insulted by Shade and she left and started a life of her own on her own ship, "Morning Glory"

(((((Note: If someone wants to "borrow" Nat'me, go ahead! Im sticking with Shade.. LOL))))

10-11-2003, 01:03 PM
Name: J'Kar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 30-40
Weapons: Dual red Sabers

J'Kar is a powerful Sith who has killed many jedis. He lurks on Star Destroyers with his army of dark jedis,ready to strike when he feels like it.
He hates the Jedi Academy, and awaits a chance to atack it at any time...

More info: J'Kar has only one goal: To eridicate all jedis. All other killings is for him unnecessary.

Note:More info on Shade, look up.....:D

Black Knight of Keno
10-11-2003, 02:27 PM
Name: Darth Fire / Gel Dorath
Occupation: Sith lord
Guns: Red lightsaber
Race: Human, male
Homeplanet: Naboo
Force powers: Everything in JK1 besides the Jedi powers
Ship: The Imperial star destroyer named Firebolt

Bio: Gel was first a lonely thief but when he was hiding in a freighter he travelled to Coruscant. He had a little learning in the Jedi temple and then he fell to the dark side. Now he is one of the most respected Imperial generals and Sith lords. Gel has trained five apprentices and they all have died in a batlle against the Jedi's. Gel is a not welcome persone in many systems and planets. He is very welcome to the corrupted, peaceful planet Naboo.

10-11-2003, 05:00 PM
Yelin Buran
Human Male
Age: 21
Hail colour: Dark red, almost brown.
Eye color: Dark red
Profession: "fresh" Jedi Knight (just got released from his teacher)
Weapons: Yellow lightsaber
Outfit: warries depending on the type of his mission
Force powers: well... most lightside ones, altought he's not that strong yet.

Bio: He comes from a long line of Jedis in his family and so it wasn't a suprise that he was force sensitive. He was reluctant to becoming a Jedi, this made it hard for his parents to teach him and it took a long time before he got to the Jedi Academy.

10-11-2003, 10:50 PM
Apologetic Goeus
Human Male
Age: 25
Hail colour: Very Dark Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Profession: Jedi Master
Weapons: Two Green sabers
Outfit: Ranges from Leather trench coat to standard Jedi uniform
Force powers: Good light side force.
Skills:Mostly tech mechanic modifies ships weapons you name it.
Ship:Super modified X-wing "Light in the darkness"
Bio: The first Jedi of the family. He was discovered force sensitive and was trained under master Luke Skywalker. He's mostly a loner who travels on his own wandering the Galixy but assists When he can. He is mysterious and little more info is avalible.

10-12-2003, 10:17 AM
Name: Darth Grala (real name: uknown)
Human male
Age: Uknown
Hair colour: Grey
Eye colour: Dark red
Profession: Sith Lord
Weapon: Custom Lighsaber (red)
Outfit: Black jacket, black cloak.
Force powers: Dark side ones.
Skills: Evil overlord A+

Bio: Not much is known about the man known as Darth Grala, only that he is evil.

Eggman Dr
10-12-2003, 10:53 PM
God Of Evil

Race: unknown

age: 76 (ageing has stopped)

his reason for existance is unknown, he is reborn everytime he is killed, his rage is unstoppable, he has devoured 1.000 of peoples souls.


he has every weapon at his disposal


devouring peoples souls
able to summon the dead at his command
create a raging inferno

10-16-2003, 10:08 PM
Ev'rem Decivro
Human Male
Age: 30
Hail colour: red
Eye color: orgsh yellow
Profession: Sith
Weapons: Dual blade red saber
Outfit: All black mostly robed
Force powers: dark side force.
Skills:Amature mechanic
Bio: He was trained By the powerful Apologetic Goeus but was turned to the dark side for his obsesion with power. His one goal now is to beat Apologetic and take back his pride.

(((More info coming up))))

10-28-2003, 12:16 PM
Name: Mr. Game and Watch
Alias: Mr. G
Age: Currently Unknown
Species: Currently Unknown
Homeworld: Flat Zone
Weapons:Green Dual Sabers, The Force
Apperance: Look at the avatar :D
Bio: has an extremely high number of midi-chlorians and is able to use them, yet is not a jedi. He is completly flat, as is his home planet, he, as everything in Flat Zone is made up mostly of liquid cristilline and can not hold form outside of the planet without aid of a L.C.C.S Liquid Cristilline Containment System seen as a white "outline" around the body.
Faction: Good Guy
Favorite Force Power: Mind Trick ;)

I will update as I... uhh... think more stuff up :p

10-30-2003, 01:12 AM
name:Corsair Shevath
race/sex:human male
occupation:Jedi Knight
Weapon:Single Navy Blue Saber
ship:Modified T-65J X-wing
Force affiliation:light
favorite force power:Force Heal
current location:CLASSIFIED

Bio:After training with luke on Yavin 4 for some years Corsair went off on his own missons

Mr Flibble
11-22-2003, 09:53 PM
Kenji Teradoc

29 years old



Uses Force
Likes to dabble in Dark Side, but his powers do more damage to him than his foe...

He grew up on Corosaunt with his parents. His father gave him an A-Wing when he was 15, and helped him modify it. Kenji went to university when he was 17 but dropped out a year later.
He arrived home to find out his father had died of a heart attack earlier that evening. He went to the coroner , who concurred, but Kenji burst into the morgue and pulled out a cadaver marked 'John Teradoc', only to find multiple stab wounds, which appeared to have been fused closed.In tears, he held the coroner up by the lapels of his suit and cried " Why did you lie to my mother?!"
The man replied " I...Told her... what happened..If you heard ..different...its..not my..fault." Kenji ran home.
He found out his mother had lied to him about how his father died. Overcome by a feeling of trechary and deceit, he strikes his mother down a fit of rage...

Has an IQ of 113.

Does not mind doing mercenary work.

11-24-2003, 11:48 PM
Name: Duncan Boozer
Hair:Jet Black
Eye color:Brown
Profession:Jedi Knight
Weapon:Blue Lightsabre
Outfit:Standard Jedi Garb
Apperance: Scar through right eye missing left arm replaced with robotic
Bio: His whole family was murdered by a sith lord. He was taken in by a rogue jedi whom he studied under for many years. He has become very strong with the light side of the force. He has now set out to avenge his families deaths.

01-31-2004, 01:01 PM
Name: Jacen Prime
Age: 23
Weapons: Dual sabers, one yellow/gold, one orange, that can merge into a double bladed saber; Tenloss DXR-6 Disruptor Rifle; Mandalorian Heavy Pistol
Clothes: Armored Vest, T-shirt, Jeans.
Transport: Modified YT-2000 transport Spacer's Pride
Forcepowers: Jump, Push, Pull, Sight, Speed, Saber Throw, Lightning, Grip, Mind Trick.

Jacen is a recent graduate from Obiwan13's Jedi Academy. He hangs around often, and when not there, goes around space helping people in his modified transport. He keeps his past to himself. He is truly a knight, even though he uses some dark powers.

rick ulo 11103
02-04-2004, 10:50 PM
name: thresh cordana
speicies: rodian
sex: male
age: 27
home world: ???
bio: thresh cordana was found as a baby in a shipwreck by a jedi on tantooine. he stayed in an academy untill he was 8 and told why he was their not understanding completly he undertook the training. when he was 14 he was sent on his first mission he completed it easily and went on more missions. at 16 he was a skilled jedi, but he did not like what he was doing and ran away on a mission stealing a ship he later called the starfire. he went to corusaunt and helped aa gun mechanic where he learned many things and madified his own DL-44 and E-11. he left the shop when he was 24 and became a bounty hunter. hes jedi training helped him alot and soon he was a well known bountyhunter. in one of his bountys he found a hightech R2 unit and took it with him he named it R2-D6. when he was 26 he decided to travel the galaxie.

weapons: modified E-11, modified dual DL-44 and dual light sabers (one blue one green).

ship: the starfire

droids: R2-D6

rick ulo 11103
02-25-2004, 09:28 PM
name: Yulan Hun
age: 18
race: human
gender: male
hilt: redeemer
redeemer info:
it is easy for one to grip the hilt of the redeemer in the middle but towards the ends it gets really wide. its metal is shiny and it has one side, the other is used for storage of small items. it produces a rather wide blade, and the blade can also become very short (as short as the hilt)
(its very big)

lightsaber style: double, all others
lightsaber color: one blue one very dark purple, an intimidating sight
birthplace: corusaunt
force abilitys:
core powers: 1
heal: 1
swift allows yulan to speed up during lightsaber battles, giving him an incredible advantage. at his level his speed is limited but still very dangerous
bio: yulan was brought to an acadamy at the age of .three and when his training began it was noted that he had dificulties using the force but was very skilled with a lightsaber. at the age of 14 he had been asked to become the aprentice of Rick Ulo a jedi master. they have been together for seven years now and are the best of friends.

04-01-2004, 08:28 AM
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04-02-2004, 07:54 AM
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Jaden Korr

Species: Human
Sex: Male
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Light Brown
Weapons: Blaster, Red X-Saber
Affiliation: New Empire, Jedi Academy, The Sith
Description: Jaden, a young human Jedi who became one of the greatest Sith Lords ever.

Origin: Jaden Korr was born to Julekh and Gyina Korr on the planet of Das'khurr. The planet was suitable, but lacked population. At the age of 9, Jaden's family decided to move to Coruscant. On the passenger ship, Jaden fumbled around and ended up travelling to the nearest planet, Onderon. On Onderon, Jaden found the spirit of Freedon Nadd, one of the greatest Siths and trainer of Exar Kun.
Freedon taught him how to use a lightsaber and a bit of force as well. However, he knew he couldn't keep on teaching a mortal as a spirit. He therefore released the cloak hiding Jaden form the galaxy and let his family find him, finally, at the age of 11. Jaden then grew uninterrupted by a Sith until he was 16, when he left Coruscant and came back to Onderon, under Freedon's command. There, he received his future orders. He was to be the greatest Sith Lord ever. Nadd instructed him to join the Jedi Academy and learn the ways of the force until Freedon says so. As a souvenir, Nadd handed him a lightsaber. Jaden never made the lightsaber. Exar Kun had.

Jedi Academy: Jaden was a promising student. He learnt quickly and was an expert in weilding his lightsaber. Even though his master, Kyle Katarn wasn't with him most of the time, Jaden would always emerge victorious from mission. His friend, Rosh Penin, however, constantly needed Kyle's supervision and often lost without it. He was hungry for power.
Jaden's first great challenge was at Hoth as a group of force-stealers known as the Disciples Of Ragnos were stealing force. There, Jaden slaughtered lots of stormtroopers and dueled Alora, who became his converter later. Rosh was sent to Byss, but never returned.
It was then found out that the cult was trying to ressurect the Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos with the force power. The force power was stored in a sceptre, used by some mysterious female. Jaden's next big mission went to Vjun where he with Kyle's assistance, went through the acid rain and got through Bast Castle. There, he found Rosh, who had converted to the dark side. Jaden dueled and defeated Rosh. However, he was sturck by Tavion, leader of the cult.
During an arguement between Tavion and Kyle, Jaden lit his sabre and destroyed the ceiling. Rosh and Tavion got away, and Jaden was promoted to Jedi Knight and weilded an orange saberstaff. Soon, Luke planned to attack Korriban, where the cultists had gathered to ressurect the Sith Lord. Jaden and Kyle first travelled to Taspir 3, where they had received a distress signal from Rosh.
There, Jaden got to Rosh and thinking that Rosh betrayed him and led him into a trap, he killed Rosh. Alora was pleased and tried to get Jaden, but Jaden revolted and killed Alora as well. Then we went to Korriban to get the sceptre which "belonged to him"

At Korriban, Jaden killed dozens of Jedi and Sith and even killed Tavion, stealing the sceptre. Kyle then confronted Jaden who beat Kyle easily. Kyle was disappointed at losing both students. What happened next? Read my fanfic to find out.
(check my sig)

04-04-2004, 03:17 AM
Name: Eric Hawk
Race: human
H: 6ft 3
W: 230 lbs
weapon of choice: twin blade saber, kickboxing mix

force ability, push, pull, jump, speed, lightning ((on rare occasions only)) heal, Knight sense, choke

description, student of the Jedi academy, orphaned at a young age and found by a jedi revealed to be force user the jedi are my family now

ship: Crimson runner: assault class fighter,

04-26-2004, 04:25 AM
name: Nejhel Hepsoj (Sullustan male)

occupation: Does jobs for the Rebels and small time smugglers.

Nejhel Hepsoj grew up on Sullust, he had a stable family who put good morals into him. At the age of 20 he began to work in the SoroSuub ship yards, he tired of the daily routine and wised to join the rebels in their fight with the Empire. After a while a opportunity presented its self when a smuggler skulked into his docking station. He and a few friends stole the Corellian gun ship that had docked for repairs, a Victory class Star Destroyer jumped in system just ahead of them, they were able to escape with out to much damage to their new ship, they also succeeded in destroying half a TIE squadron on their way out.

weapons: Blas Tech DL-44, Handy pocket sized Vibro blade, holdout blaster with sleeve gun holster

06-15-2004, 07:57 PM
Cercueil de LeDjable

a formor Royal Guard and stong in the force. He employs a strong dark side aura, but his detication to duty and honor compele him, though sometimes grudgingly, to work on the side of the Jedi.

he has no love for the Jedi, but his disdain for the Sith or dark Jedi holds more of a hatred in his heart than it does for the Light side Jedi. In turn, he is weak in some of the abilities of Light Side Jedi, but master of the Dark Side.

again, he holds no allegiance to either side of the struggle and has killed numorous Jedi as well as Sith/Dark Jedi.

He employs a formor Impiral Shuttle modified, of course, to fit his own needs. Its painted black with bits of starfield drawn across the hull for a makeshift cloak. he uses his force abilities to jam radars though it doesn work all the time and hes been forced to fight off a number of reminant ships as well as New Republic authorities.

he wears a number of Impiral armors in his quests and missions including modified Stormtrooper, SnowTrooper, SwampTrooper, HazardTrooper, Heavy trooper and other various uniforms from the Imperial Navy. All of which are either Crimson colored or in Jet black. His preferred uniform, however, is his Royal Guard attire. mainly because its what he always remembers wearing and the site of it can ivoke fear in those he is asked to "deal" with.

His weapons include a SaberStaff with pure white blades; a rarety that cost him his right arm in his pursuit of the crystals needed to construct it. that arm is now replaced with a cybernetic, but he refrained from having living tissue placed over it s a reminder of what he has given up and to remind him of his mission. (mission to be disclosed later).

he rarely employs blasters or other such weapons, but he will use what he needs to complete his missions.

he lothes the being referred to as a mercenary or an assassin, but he knows that is what he is and he tries to accept it. He is what he is--The Devils Coffin.

06-16-2004, 02:36 AM
Daniel Fyr waited outside the castle doors as he pondered his past. His youth was occupied by history and self defense. Once he had begun his career as a diplomat he was a successful force in New Republic and was soon found to be extremely force sensitive. Daniel was admitted into the Jedi Academy and was trained in the use of the force. His natural strengths in the protective and healing powers of the force began to grow he became adept in protecting himself against physical and force damage. Before he had finished training Daniel was sent on a mission as second in command on a New Republic starship, he found that the cruel captain was selling information, the ship, and the passengers onboard to factions opposing the New Republic. After leading a mutiny and being convicted of treason Daniel fled to the outer rim with fellow mutineers for three years and started his own private militia. Working as smugglers and mercenaries for only “honorable” causes the small group held out until the New Republic dropped the charges on account his superior’s treason. Daniel disillusioned with the New Republic and the Jedi Academy and went to a much smaller academy on an obscure world. At that academy he had finished his training and began training others. After that place was destroyed he returned to his private militia becoming military tool of the New Republic. Now a good standing representative of a republic with an army under command he still runs some of his ethical but still illegal operations, but the New Republic looks the other way.

Age: 28
Race: Human
Appearance: Medium length brown hair, blue eyes, broadly built.
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Occupation: Smuggler, Assassin, Diplomat, Ambassador

Force Abilities:
Force Protection
Force Absorb
Force Drain
Force Heal
All neutral and telekinetic force abilities (push, pull, jump, saber throw and persuade)

To DL-44 pistols
Thermal Detonators
Throwing Knives

Saber: Has a crystal changing band on top that changes the crystal hence changing the frequency, color, and length. The color is usually blue.

Style: one bladed one handed
Clothes: Usually wears a khaki shirt, black pants, and a black flowing robe.

06-19-2004, 12:55 PM

Lightsaber: Dark Blue Lighsaber
Age: 17
Description: White baggy Robes, on top of normal jedi clothing.
Force Powers: The Typical Push, Pull, Speed, Jump and Throw (Speed and Jump is stronger for Piston, or much higher) Added powers, Grip, Mind Trick, Lightning.
Battle: Advantage is sneaking around infiltraiting area by himself.
Bio: Hasnt been in major wars since he is young but he knows alot about the force, he is a quick learner as he is almost done with his training. Loves sneaking around places for fun or for a mission. Doesnt remember family very much. Lives at the Academy with most other people.

06-28-2004, 12:36 PM
Name: Steven
age: 25
ligth saber: two sabers. both red
force:heal, thunder, push, pull, jump, speed, choke + earthquake
and throw
bio:he was a sith but when he saw his master destroyed a helpless village he got so angry he took his saber and killed this master and took his saber. now he's a mercinary
ship:dark flacon

Name: Jackel
weapons:normall jawa gun and a few grenades
equipment: fixing pack.
job:body guard and poilt
bio:when steven saved jackel from a rancor, jackel became steven body guard and piolt

07-13-2004, 01:49 PM
Oh boy... i've got so many characters that if i'd post them all in detail it'd take forever. Let's see... there was a trandoshan jedi-hunter with cortosis claws, there was a smart-mouthed treacherous coward, there was a trained-from-birth world-strange assassin, there was a corrupt twi-lek politician with a cyborg eye, an Imperial admiral with some force training, and i could go on and on... i'll copy 'n paste 'em here.
Name: None of your business
Alias: Doomgiver
Age: 19
Weapons: silenced DC-17m Blaster rifle (The one used in Republic commando) With the sniper-rifle piece.
Other items: Flashlight, blowtorch, gasmask (Just in case)
Skills: None in particular.
Species: Mouse droid.
Weapons: side-mounted blaster rifles, mine layer, gas tube.
vehicle: Small jet's mounted underneath, allowing him to jump half a meter high.
Bio:MSE-6 was taken from the factory even before he was activated, where he was turned into a weapon. He was used as an assassination droid, with success. But, on a mission on tatooine, he was caught by jawa's. Now, he still lies in a sandcrawler, forgotten, with a restraining bolt stuck inside him. This keeps him from using his weapons.
Name: Servant.
'race':An exact copy of HK-47, Darth reavn's personal assassin and protocol droid.
Weapons: Wrist-mounted flamethrower, blaster rifle. (unless you start in the sandcrawler.)
Equipment:armor plating, energy shield.
Bio: When the droid salesman on tatooine was tinkering in HK-47, he kept a lot of notes on how the droid was biult and programmed. He later sold the droid to an adventurer, but he kept the notes and built himself an almost exact replica. However, it's programming wasn't stable, and the replica, named 'servant', killed his master and escape into the dune sea. There, he was found by jawa's, who saw it was a special droid and conserved it. He has been in the jawa clan for almost four millenia now.
Name: Gorsk (Darth Rexus)
Age: 75
Home Planet: Nar Shaddaa.
Job:Bounty Hunter (hopes to follow in vaders footsteps though)
Vehicle: Modified z-95 'headhunter', the dragon's claw
weapon: dual Blastech pistols (hopes to find lightsaber),claws.

A life on the streets of Nar Shaddaa make one tough. This was also the case with Gorsk. He was orphaned at a youngage and forced to live on the streets. This very strong and aggressive Trandoshan is feared for a reason: he is the third best bounty hunter in the galaxy. You'll never find him far from the winning party's side, but he has a sense of loyalty and honor though. he never breaks a promise. At the age of eighteen he killed five people in a bar fight, and then all the coppers who tried to arrest him. This drew attention of one of the local crime lords, who contacted him and made him a bounty hunter. since then, he took on a lot of odd jobs for his new boss, until he was killed by a jedi.
Gorsk fled away and vowed revenge on all jedi, fow now he was nothing again. when he learned only a jedi could kill a jedi, he began a holy crusade trough the galaxy, searching for a lightsaber, and ultimatly, to become a sith and kill all jedi.

Likes: Money, Winning, Seeing someone suffer, alcohol.
Hates:Jedi, Wookiees (all trandoshans hate wookiees), dry climates.
Name: ???, AKA shade.
Species: Human.
Age: Between 20 and 25
profession: Assassin employed by Black Sun.
Homeworld: Unknown, although he considers Coruscant as his home planet.
equipment: Sniper Rifle with silencer, Blastech pistol, some vials of poison, a vibroknife, an implant that let's him see in the dark and a black cloak.
Ship: The Shadow's eye, A freighter modified by Black sun mechanics with secret compartments to hide his weapons (and perhaps bodies) and some extra lasercannons.

Bio: Shade was born aboard a starship. When he was two weeks old, the ship was attacked above Coruscant by the Empire for being suspected of smuggling and dealing with rebels. He and his parents escaped in in an escape pod, but when the pod crashed in a Coruscant flat, only Shade survived. He was found by one of the more important members of Black Sun, who took care of him and trained him as his personal assassin from the age of 5. He knows little of the outside world and his first language is Huttese. Furthermore, he only knows basic.

Likes: To serve Black Sun, to kill.
Dislikes: Any threat to Black Sun.
Name: Bor Gibbo.
Nickname: redeye, because of his cybernetic eye.
Race: Twi'lek, male.
Home Planet: Coruscant.
weapons: A Two-end vibroblade he trains with, and a sporting blaster.
Bio: Bor was born in a rich family, and therefore he received high education and many chances. He became a politician. A corrupt one, that is. He has been covering for Black Sun for years, and he also donated them much money. His private mercenary army also helped Black sun on a great many deals. It didn't take long untill he was one of the more powerful members of Black Sun. However, he dissappeared a while ago. Some say he knew too much and was therefore killed by Black Sun assassins. Others say he only gave up his job to take a more active role in the criminal organisation.

Likes: Luxury, money.
Dislikes: Nothing in particular.

Strengths: Has access to lot's of money, and has a private army of mercenary's, including Shade, his self-trained assassin.
Weaknessess: Although he trained himself in many forms of combat, he has never fought anyone and therefore lacks experience.
Name: Gander Kan.
Race: Mandalorian.
Weaponry: Standard imperial E-11 Blastech rifle, thermal detonators.
Vehicle: None, always moveds towards the battlefield in a troop transport.
Bio: Born during the clone wars, he was quickly discovered as a jedi talent by the jedi council. But he was only three years in training before the Empire rose. All jedi were being traced and killed, so Gander fled coruscant. He swore off the force (Like Kyle Katarn did) And thought it would be best to join the Imperial academy. After five years of being an Imperial TIE pilot, he was promoted to officer, but he thought he would be of more use in the field and didn't take it. Now, he is a normal stormtrooper, but thanks to his jedi training, he benefits from fast reflexes an a sharp eye, and thanks to his time as a pilot, he can fly most vehicles.
Strengths: Good with vehicles, former jedi.
Weaknesses:Thinks first, shoots later. (yes, that's a weakness.)
Name: Maggi Knorr
Species: Mandalorian.
Affiliation: Empire.
Rank: General.
Flag ship: The Doombringer, just a normal star destroyer aboard the Emperor's Fury.
Personal Ship: A modified TIE defender with extra cargo space, just like Korbassks. It's called the Grim Reaper.

Bio: One of the first to join the Empire, Maggi has been in Imperial service for almost seven years. First as a bounty hunter, but he quickly became an officer, and both because of his skill, and because Vader found many people's 'lack of faith desturbing', he is now one of the most accomplished generals in the Imperial Navy. He is a brilliant tactical mastermind and a good fighter. His only flaw is that he mostly serves the Empire TOO well... and some more stuff.
Name: Korbassk
age: 55 (it may seem old, but trandoshans can get WAY older)
job: Slaver in service of the empire.
weapons: Also a concussion rifle(a trandoshan weapon it is), a blaster rifle, claws, force push, force pull, force grip(only a little bit.)
ship:A modified TIE defender wich he called the emperor's hand

Korbassk was born during the clone wars. Because many trandoshans where killed by clone troopers during the war, he was one of the first to help the empire destroy the republic. He is now one of the emperors most trusted helpers and therefore even got some force training. he is willing to do the emperors bidding. He has the command over his own squad of five stormies, wich go with him on each mission but usually end up guarding the ship.(hey, they're just stormies.)

likes: serving the emperor, killing rebels and wookiees (preferably both), and using the force.

dislikes: wookiees and rebels.
Name: Dann Wermo.
A rookie in the job, his first assignment is to capture Yeab Ginn alive and well. He works alone because none of the pro's want him on their team. He's a coward in the face of battle and therefore mostly tries to pick off his enemies with a sniper rifle or kill them with 'sneaky' ways, like poison. Therefore, capturing someone alive is a great challenge to him.
And the new Dann:
Name: Dann Wermo.
Alias: Stupid.
Race: Human.
Age: 27
Alignment: Bounty hunter, working for the Empire.
Vehicle: Stolen X34 landspeeder (Think Luke's landspeeder from ANH)
Weapon: E-11 Blaster rifle he borrowed and never gave back.
Bio: After the hunt for Yaeb Ginn, Dann continued working for the Empire. He's a treacherous coward, and isn't much of a fighter, But he can talk his way out of most nasty situations. You can always find him ont he winning side, and he isn't afraid to steal something if it would help him track down his bounty. Infact, he has to, since he's always broke. He hopes to become as great as Boba Fett himself, but currently, he's far from it. Tracking down the artifact is his second assignment.
Name: Jokoteeka
Race: Jawa.
Vehicle: Sandcrawler, Eopie.
Weapon: Droid arm with blaster, Jawa Ion blaster.
Bio: Jokoteeka is the chief of a very aggressive Jawa-clan. apart from scavenging, his clan also attacks small settlements and raids them. During one of these raids, Jokoteeka lost his left arm. it was replaced with a droid arm that ahd many functions. He coudl use it to hack into consoles, and it is armed with a powerful mounted blaster. Later, he also lost his right eye and some fingers in a battle against Tusken raiders. All in all, this Jawa has seen his share of battle, and it is rumored that he can sometimes be found in one of the cantina's on Tatooine, looking for a job, whenever there are no wars to fight...

07-31-2004, 03:53 PM
:lsduel: :duel:

Age: 11.9999999999.5

Force Jump 3
All force powers 3:drop2: :blast5: :gun7: :Prplgh:
i love my job

08-18-2004, 11:44 AM
name: Zack Nord
age: 34
species: human
gender: male
appearance: picture (http://mywebpage.netscape.com/jalatabakaba/calogauntlet.jpg)
job: bounty hunter
equipment: 2 blasters with scopes equipped, few flash and frag grenades.

background: Calo Nord's brother, both were trained as skills fighters and both became bounty hunters tough Calo chose any bounty job, wether it's from the bad guys or the good guys. But Zack only hunted down the ones, who worked for the Sith.

09-10-2004, 02:30 AM

Age 34

old corellian gunship
R4 unit
Standard E-11 blaster
A vibro axe
very old gungan shield

krayt dragon skin boots
black pair of pants
black muscle shirt

no force powers except for force throw

Salem was born on smugglers run
his mother and father were killed by a trandoshan thug
nothing else is known.

09-19-2004, 04:40 PM

Force: Force Jump 4, Grip 5, healing 2, Lighting 3, Reflexs 7, speed 8.


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Equipment: Orange Lightsaber, Black Jedi robes.

Back Ground Info: Is a young Jedi Under the training of Master Arkantos Marak. Kaster's parents were killed by 2 Jedi with strrange ancient bronze armor. Kaster escaped. With his father's lightsaber, Kaster swore revange. After running threw the endless deserts of Tatioone (where he lived) he feel knocked out. Kaster was taken by a slave seller by the name of Jedash. A person in Jedi robes bought Kaster because he saw that Kaster had a lightsaber and sensed great force in him. The Jedi took Kaster to an Old Jedi Temple and teachs Kaster the ways of the Jedi.

Apperance: 5'6, Brown eye, dark green eyes, Black Jedi suit.

Ship:Shares a ship know as the 'Ebon Hawk' (It is similar to the Falcon but it looks cooler and isn't as fast)

10-02-2004, 02:13 PM
Name: Marcus LeCoy

Raised in a small poor village, and all he has been used for was work. He hasn't got good social skills, but he is pretty strong. One day, he left his village, and joined the Rebel Alliance, for his village was under Imperial Law. Now he is called for many battles, and he is proud to be in them.

Age: 23

Weapons: E-11 Blaster Rifle, Vibroblade, Twin Blaster Pistols.

Equipment: A-Wing, Medpacs(6), Repair Kit

Special abilities: None

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Foot Soldier

11-03-2004, 02:25 PM
Name: Jedash
Age: 26(Or so they think...)
Weapons: SIngle Orange Lightsaber
Class: Jedi Knight
Appearnace: Wears Clone Armor, with Black Cape, no one knows what Jedahs really looks like.
Bio: Was trained under Plo Koon in the Old Republic, Jedash fought in the Clone Wars, by using the force Jedash was able to stop aging at 26. Jedash was outstanding in the Clone Wars with his sabers. Now that eh ahs been trianed ever sense. Jedash is a god like saberist.

11-03-2004, 02:26 PM
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Godzilla Master
11-05-2004, 12:02 PM
Name: Xeno
AGE: 28
Gender: Male
Weapon: Double Bladed Lightsaber
Class: Jedi Knight
Appearence: Black Battle Armor with a black cape, and a black ninja mask.

BIO: After ROJ Xeno settled down and got married to a woman named Suda after 2 years of marriage. Then Sith came back after there long disapperance and a Sith master named Zerot and a squad of soilders murdered his wife and took Xeno into slavery. After one year the Jedi destroyed the Sith minery where Xeno was. After that the Jedi saved Xeno and Xeno vowed his life to the Jedi.

11-05-2004, 01:18 PM
Name: Arca
Gender: Male
Weapon: Modified Longer version of E-11, FLame thrower, missle on jetpack.
Class: Mandalrion Bounty Hunter
Appearence:http://www.mandalorianwarriors.com/images/mwgallery1( The one with teh black cape and silver armor.)

BIO: Was trained by a Mandalrion named Jaster, Arca was skilled with his a blaster and phyiscal fight(Fist fighting, Matrial Arts etc..). Arca is now a Bounty Hunter and takes on the most dangerous missions in the galaxy. He is well none through out the galaxy.

11-22-2004, 09:52 AM
Name: Matrin LeCelli
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Vehicle: E-77 Fighter TIE Bomber
Vehicle Weapons- Atomic Bomb, 4 Guided Missiles
Handheld Weapons- E-11 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn Rocket Launcher
Occupation- Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track
Class in Occupation: Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations, Level 18 of 20
Appearance: Blue Armour with special White and Red Jetpack, White

Other Info: LeCelli in his early years lived in Le Havre in France, before becoming interested in Space Travel and flying to Hoth. There, he met Marcus LeCoy, who introduced him to many other imperials. Since 4 years ago, he has been becoming a very sucessful and wealthy man. Being the Federal Beureucat of Imperial Foreign Office Negotiations is a hard job, however, as Jedi are needing to be killed or diverted by his soldiers. It is Matrins choice to decide about war, and the next level in his career is MoD, Minister of Defence.

Does anyone want me to write out the Imperial\Stormtrooper Fighter Track? It'd be my pleasure.


King Piccolo
12-07-2004, 05:36 PM
Real Name: Vash Mammon
Nickname: Vash
Occupation: Former Anthropologists, turned assassin
Age: 250
Species: Shi'ido
(According to the Offical SW Species Guide: Shi'ido's are shapeshifters. They can take on the shape and generally the physically attributes of most creatures. They have limitations. Their shifts aren't always completely accurate, so they also use psychic influence to make a creature ignore the mistakes. Their transformations don't encompse some attributes of a species. For example, changing into a wookiee would give the Shi'ido their strength, and fur, but not their sense of smell or hearing. Shi'ido have limitations, they can transform into creatures as large as a Hutt or as small as 2 feet tall. Vash's attributes will go from his human form, which he'll be in most of the time. Shi'ido's in natural form are as tall as a human, hairless with one supersized fist/arm, and one normal sized arm. They have elongated snouts, and small eyes. Life span is 500 years, the longer they live the better their transformations.)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170
Hair: Blonde/Spiked
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Homeworld: Lao-man aka Sh'shuun
Clothing: Red overcoat, white shirt, brown pants, brown shoes, orange sunglasses, storm trooper armor underneath clothing, no helmet, speeder bike
Weapons: Two heavy blaster pistols with red laser sights with holsters, long knife hidden under coat, ascension gun attachments to pistols, blaster rifle, several motorized spinning blades, vibro axe
NFU with limited pyschic ability
Ship/droids: TIE Avenger called the Slashrat

Renegade Angel
04-20-2005, 08:26 PM
Im using the Final Fantasy format for my character...


Name- Gus

Apperance- http://ew2.lysator.liu.se/pic/art/j/u/justinb/reaper.jpg (with cloak)
http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fanq/e/d/edwinhuang2/jhonny.jpg.html (without cloak)
Also has two hidden, large bat-like wings

Class- Black Mage

Fiagra: Shoots 2 bursts of Fire at enemy
Blizzarga: Shoots an Ice Beam at enemy
Thundarga- 10 Lightning Bolts hit the enemy
Magic Orb- All of the above spells combine to turn his scythe into a huge sword. (Lasts for 5 min.) http://www.blizzard-art.com/img/cai/Gaert%20Sword.jpg (not the guy, the sword)

Large Scythe:This ancient item can take lives and can control one's mind. Not always succsesful.

Height- 5' 11''

Weight-100 pounds

Eyes- Dark Green

Hair-Blonde, Spiked



Bio- A young boy, who is the guardian of the Light. Sadly, an evil man named Sephiroth erased his true memories and dragged him to the dark. He is a mysterious shady character...

05-11-2005, 08:58 PM
- Race: Human
Age: 38
Profession: Jedi Trainer

Formerly Darth Necron, was turned back to the lightside of the force by a child. He was going to kill him but was reminded of himself when he was the child's age, he then saw the great atrocities he has commited. This frightened him inside so much he is now a Jedi Master, able to use the Dark Side without fear of turning. This is because he knows the ins and outs of the dark side and now longer fears it, he understands it. After this he changed his name from Necron to Blaze. This is because when people heard is name they would flee in terror. He is no a Jedi Trainer at Luke's Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. He is a master of force enflame, a unique power that gives him the ability to control fire.


Weapon: Lightsaber, Blue
Armor: Black Jedi Robes, no cloak.
Left Arm: Personal medical computer, also a healing device.
Right Arm: A GPS-like device for directions as well as a comlink.
Belt: Strength and Mind Enhancer and Stimulator. Protects Chryon from mind affecting force powers as well as enhances his strength and perception.

Force Powers

Force Enflame
Force Lightning
Force Choke
Force Fear
Force Push and Pull
Jedi Mind Trick
Force Speed
Force Foresight: Visions of the future, similar to Yoda's ability.
Force Serenity: Gives him a state of calm that enables him to fight with regenerated vigor.

05-24-2005, 11:59 AM

Name - Kenkon Shen
Age - 30
Race - Human
Class - Force User


Height - 5'11"
Weight - 190 lbs
Hairstyle - Thin midlength tied back dreds, light beard.
Skin pigment - Brown
Markings/scars - Tribal tattoos on back


Outfit – dark grey Jedi robes
Weapons – Orange Lightsaber
Accessories/tools – short blade, throwing knives, grappling hook.


Character History - Kenkou was born to an average human family, with average human proffesions. His father's dream was always to become a Jedi, but he had too many responsibilities to do such a thing, and so he vowed to himself, he'd give his son the chance, and as soon as Kenkou was old enough he joined the temple. At the age of twenty a travelling accident lead him to meet a Whills named Suddha. This small green elder nursed the Jedi to health using natural remedies. During discussion, the topic of the force came up. Suddha explained that neither jedi nor sith are good or evil, that they are both stubborn ways, the only way to truly master the force is to detatch ones self from these ways and study both of them evenly, maintaining balance, a middle way.

Kenkou stayed with Suddha for three years as he trained in the ways that the Whills lulled him with. And when he emerged from the planet, he was neither sith nor jedi. When the council learned of his survival, Jedi tried to bring him back to the temple, but he explained that he was no longer tied to the ways of the jedi. Under the impression that he had been absorbed by the dark side, he was exiled, and is hunted. He makes his money as a bounty hunter, using blade, and only drawing a sabre when confronted by a jedi or sith. His life is dedicated to the realization of this middle way.


Element – Water, Wind
Further Description - Quiet and contemplative, he is the true observer, always watching his surroundings and taking things as they are rather then forcing them to change.

Lord Kaisen
07-21-2005, 01:33 PM
Name: Crogan Mitchury
Age: About 40 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Twi'lek
Home: Coruscant

Outfit: Some official wealthy stuff

E11 Blaster Rifle
His ability to intimidate

A handsome twi'lek. He has no strength nor wisdom. He has a big mouth, but he is truly a weak person. This sort if figures are very intimidated by the sight of a lightsaber...

Renegade Angel
07-21-2005, 02:27 PM
Name: Gus Kenobi
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Jedi
Age: Unknown
Rank: Jedi Knight
Personal Ship: The Dragon Fang. (A FireSpray)
Equipment: Green Dual Bladed Lightsaber, and a Jedi Knight robe
Name: Serena Kenobi
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Affiliation: Sith
Age: Unknown
Rank: Dark Jedi Knight
Personal Ship: The Dark Knight. (A TIE Fighter)
Equipment: 2 Red sabers, similar to Count Dooku's, Hooded Dark Jedi Robe

Sebastian Vlay
07-22-2005, 09:23 AM
Darn Force-using punks. I hate 'em!
Okay, this is my profile. I have a squad of five security battle droids, and one commander droid. I control all six of them.

The Profile

Commander Unit 1612-2723

Baktoid Automata Battle Droid

Home world:
Underground Facility, Geonosis

Standard programming and daily ugrades and mods

Two million different languages



90 lbs




Unit 1612-2723 is a decades-old battle droid from the grand Clone War. He and his squad still travel the galaxy today, after all them years. As commander, he has to make tough decisions for his party, and provide daily upgrades and modifications to their systems. They all live as rogue droids in the galaxy, often being hired for work.
They may not seem like much, but they are certainly no ordninary battle droids. They have several powerful built-in scanners and jammers, com-links, lasers, and vibro-daggers. Over the years they have learned to disobey orders, as well as be totally obedient to 1612-2723.


1612-2723 and his counter-parts all look highly similar, featuring harsh upgrades to their once-standard bodies.


E-5 blaster rifle, built-in lasers and a vibro dagger, other weapons aboard their ship.

TIE shuttle, which holds all six members of the squad as well as room for two other hostages/prisoners. Commander Unit 1612-2723 flies the ship, the other droids stay in the second part of the shuttle. It has been refitted with one ion cannon, two laser cannons, and a great hyperdrive.


The squad - http://www.cswu.cz/shiptech/ground/battledr/battledr.jpg

The TIE shuttle - http://www.hyperjump.net/thomasparis/swshipstats/starfighter-tieshuttle.jpg

:bdroid2: :bdroid1: :bdroid2: :bdroid1: :bdroid2: :bdroid1: :bdroid2: :bdroid1:

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09-05-2005, 12:04 PM
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09-05-2005, 12:04 PM
RIP Charecter Data Bank.

Somehow I missed this before, but - no spamming, please.

~ Redwing

Jedi Master 30
09-21-2005, 02:20 PM
A kid at the age of 8 (his name you decide)found by the jedi to be force sensitive. they take him to Yarvin 4 to start his training you actually do the training like trails and how well you to the trails like how well you do your force powers how well you fight with a lightsaber is how many points you get to progresses your skills. You can fight different masters and learn their fighting style and have many fighting styles learn all kinds of force powers from your masters train when ever you want. and when it gets to the time to start your mission you build a lightsaber. you can go were ever you want on yarvin and do whatever you want and report to your training sessions when you want to contiune your game kinda like Fable. You become an apprentice and your master starts taking you on missions and again progress your skills on how well you do. you should have to tons of mission and the whole time you are doing these mission the republic is a war. the better you get the better master you get until final Luke is your Master he will test you and then put you through trails so you become a Jedi Master once a Master you join the concil and start planning mission to stop the enemy you are givein a padawan and you actually train him and when you think you are ready to fight a final battle you go to the concil and make battle plans then you and your padawan go to fight the final battle. In this game you can go anywhere you want to Corasant and get upgrades for your lightsabrer make duel lengths, get different robes when ever. the fighting in the game needs to be like the fighting in the episode 3 game it so cool and you need to be able to choose your side.

Weapons a blaster and lightsaber what ever style hilt you want chose your color
Clothes: you pick you have chocies you can have the old robes like Anakin whore in the movies pick the color of your robes and just where normal clothes have armor

Archangel WT
10-22-2005, 07:03 AM
Name: Tai White
Species: Human, Caucasian (White)
Age: 16 (Now, then will grow up!) =)
Sex: Male
Look: Long curly dark-red hair, sporty, 6 feet (180 cm) tall, green eyes, vertical scar on the left eye. Ivory skin
Class: Jedi Consular (Mage)
Weapons: Two Dual (Exar Kun style) Silver-Blade Lightsabers, sometimes uses them both, but is equally adept to use only one
Abilities: All standart Light Side Force Powers. Focuses on Speed Tricks. Ability to control fire (incinerating and extinguishing) through Force
Personality: Likes to talk alot, do not likes to be like others and hates Obi-Wan Kenobi =)
Biography: Born in Naboo system, at early age was brought to Academy Yavin 4. During the Jedi training also practiced as musician (on strings)

11-01-2005, 09:36 PM
So... This is a thread where you post all of your made up characters?

01-10-2006, 08:04 PM
Name: Darth Extas
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Imperial Royal Gaurd, Emperor of the Phantom Empire
Weapon(s): Dual LightSabers(Color: Shadow/Black Hole/Dark Grey[Only a yellow Lightsaber can cut through it], Cuts through all but blue & yellow lightsabers), Modified Force Pike(added a Ion & Blaster Rifle or known as a range function)
ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force Fireball(Ancient Sith Power), Force Darkness(Has ability to control the environment on any planet[can make a fissure/sandstorm/Lightening Strike/Ash Storm/Earthquake, though limited amount of power can be spent]), Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw, Force Shadow Mold(Just allows to create his Crystals for his Lightsaber(s) can rarly be used).


Armour: Modified Imperial Royal Guard(Black Helmet & Black Cape), Black Gloves.
Eyes: Sith Fury/Maul(Always)
Race: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Age: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: Unknown(Records Lost after the Destruction of Death Star II)
Helmet Modifications: Night Vision, Twin hidden Laser mini-guns(Above the Ears), Painted Black.

Note: Defies the Sith Code because he is a Sith Lord with an Apprentice.

Apprentice: Darth Exras
Weapons(s): Twin Bladed Lightsaber/Darth Maul(1 Red & 1 Shadow), Pair of Force Pikes.
Force Powers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening/Spike(Sends a chain of Force Lightening on the ground that will go within a 5 yard Radius, Forms a spike like form of Force Lightening), Force Influence, Force Grip
Race: Y. Vong
Age: 98

Eyes: Dark Blue with Red Pupils
Armour: N/A or Just a Black Sith Cloak, Black Gloves
Height: Average Y. Vong
Weight: Average Y. Vong

01-28-2006, 06:15 PM
Name: Darth Tadain
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Imperial officer
Weapon(s): 1 red lightsaber, and 1 red shortsaber
ForcePowers: Standard Sith/Jedi Powers, Force Lightening, Force Influence(Jedi Mind Trick/Sith Seduction), Force destruction, Force Grip, Force Levitate/Throw
Armour: Black Jedi-style robes, Black leather gloves and boots
Eyes: Black
Race: Nautolan
Age: 21
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170

Note: Nautolan is Kit Fisto (The Green guy with all the tentacles on his head) incase anyone didnt know

04-23-2006, 07:03 PM
Name :Inok Atilk
Race:Human (White)
Occupation:Gun for Hire
Height: 5'8
Weight:200 lbs
Bulid:Very stalky
Family: His Mother Alink Atilk(Deceased) ,His Father Lango Atilk
Personality:Dosen't say much and is not on good terms with his father
Weapons:A Blaster pistol,A Custom Vibro Dagger and Blaster Rifle
History: Inok grew up in a small house in Mos Esliey where him,His mother and Father lived,He Had a happy life until he turned Nine,Thats when his mother was shot by bandits trying to take her speeder from her,After that Inok has had a hard life,His father being a raging fool who blames all of his problems on Inok,So one day when Inok was Twenty he ran away from his father and to Bestine to start a new life.

05-04-2006, 12:03 PM
Name: Vode An
Race: Human (Caucasian)
Occupation: Sith Lord
Former Occupation(s): Bounty Hunter
Weapon(s): Red staff lightsaber, vibro-dagger, forcepike, DC-17 Blaster Rifle
Force Powers: All core & sith powers, plus jedi healing and mind trick
Armor: Black & red Mandalorian armor, custom gloves & boots
Eyes: Blood red
Age: 26
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 190

07-16-2006, 04:42 PM
Name: Kin Solar
Age: 34
Occupation: Jedi Knight
Gender: Male
Hair color: Light Brown
Height: 5' 5"
Weapons: One orange lightsaber

Bio: Kin was trained in the way of the Jedi since his early childhood, like Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is loyal to the Jedi cause and would never dream of breaking the Jedi Code that he so closely follows. His lightsaber belonged to his Master, whose name is unknown. Kin took the weapon off his Master's corpse during a battle against Dark Force users at the age of 19. He is allowed to take on an Apprentice, but has chosen not to, his Master's death branded in his mind.

(I'm putting him up here because he'll be my new main character to replace Kilmor Katarn.)

02-21-2007, 11:28 AM
Name: Valin Shyld
Age: 26
Homeworld: Karthakk
Alignment: Clouded
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 6'1
Weapon: Single Blue Lightsaber
Attire: Brown Jedi Robe, along with Black Clothing underneath.
Force Powers: Standard Jedi Powers, Dominate Mind, Battle Meditation, Force Grip, Burst of Speed, and Force Levitate.

Personality: Rather distant from the Order, and has a bit of an attitude toward the Jedi. Has flirted with the Dark Side before but, has always been able to return to the light relativley unnoticed.

Bio: Valin was found on the planet of Karthakk when he was five years old by a Sith Soldier patrolling the area, after the attack and attempted take over of the system. Valin was found along the beach, knocked out from a heavy blaster shot to the skull and near the brink of death. From what Valin has been told by the Jedi, he was taken from the sith at night with no cost of casulties. Valin accepted this at the time, but now thinks of this to be a bit convienent. Valin has a scar going down past his eye all the way to halfway down his chest, being cut with a Vibrosword in the attack on his homeworld. Valin is now with the Jedi Order, but is confused to how the Jedi are handeling the new order.

06-16-2007, 06:32 PM
Name: Sala Therandial (pronounced Sargh-la There-and-E-yal)
Species: Twi-Lek
Age: 32
Sex: Female
Look:Tall and curvy(but not fat), Dark blue skin, wears a long black waistcoat over a short green, figure hugging t-shirt, long light brown shorts and knee length black boots.
Class: Smuggler
Weapons: Trusty small blaster and repeater gun conceled inside her waistcoat.
Personality: Keeps herself to herself most of the time, and trusts only a select few people.

07-12-2007, 02:18 PM
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07-16-2007, 04:09 PM
class: padawan
name:joe lon solo
clothes:Padwan outfit
age: 15
hobbies:tech :wan:

02-15-2008, 11:45 PM
Class: Imperial StormTrooper


Black stormtrooper armor with Navy BLue shoulder pauldron and MG34

BirthPlanet: Tatoine

Species : Zabrak

Politiocal Affliction: Empire, 10th Nova Divison

Bio: Tx-42 A.K.A. Zeth Matthias was born on tatoine, from a very young age he wished to join the Empire. At the age of 17 he enlisted the Imperial Academy to become an Imperial NovaTrooper. He went through the most rigouris training in his life. After he graduated from the academy he was deployed to mos eisly and spent most of his days standing gaurd in the cantinas making sure no one caused trouble.

02-16-2008, 01:29 AM
Name: D.J Prime
Age 25
Species: Selkath
Affiltration: New Republic, Jedi Order
Alliance: New Jedi Order
Rank: Jedi Knight
Ship: The Highway Star
Weapons: Green single hilt lightsaber, Dual blaster pistols (Known to *gunsling* his pistols frequently)
Picture: Typical Kotor Selkath model. Except he wears a dark grey Trench coat over top his jumpsuit.

Bio: D.J is short for a longer name that he no longer remembers. From what he remembers of his past life he left Manaan to see the rest of the galaxy. However he made it as far as Bespin when he was employed as a freelance mercenary. DJ was trained in the use of blaster pistols and became a highly efficient killer. Until a rival mercenary attempted to assassinate him. At that point D.J used a highly untapped use of the force and managed to kill him without noticing he was there. At that point he was discovered as a force sensitive and began training to be a jedi. He slowly became a Jedi knight and kept blaster pistols as a trademark. While he was a Mercenary he managed to get a highly experimental mechanical vocabulator installed in his throat which allowed him to speak galactic basic.

04-22-2008, 12:39 AM
Name: Garrett Alude’ (Al-Ood-Ay)
Age: 16
Height: 6’2
Hair Type: medium long, spiked
Hair color: black
Body Type: skinny, semi-muscular
Physical Features: scar down right eye, robotic right hand, tattoo on neck
Lightsaber Color: blue

Bio: Garrett was born on The Intrepid, a star cruiser that’s purpose was for nursing the wounded soldiers of war back to health, so even at a very young age Garrett was introduced to death and suffering.

When he was 13 there was an attack on the ship, the enemy had learned what the cruiser was being used for so they boarded it and started to kill everyone onboard.

That was the day that Garrett learned of his gift, he was able to defend against them by pushing them backwards, hitting them with bolts of lightning, pulling their weapons out of their hands and choking them.

Garrett didn’t know it but there was a sith amongst the raiders, he fought Garrett, putting a scar on his eye and finally he had knocked Garrett unconscious and he took him back to his master, Darth Scord.

Garrett was trained in the ways of the sith under Darth Scord until he was 15. A group of Jedi came and killed all of the sith, including Darth Scord but one of the Jedi was on the ship with Garrett and recognized him, so they took Garrett back to the Jedi temple with them.

Garrett was one of the more gifted students but he had a very dark edge to his fighting style and they would have to constantly remind him not to use the dark force powers. Garrett was assigned to Master Chris Jameson.

One day Garrett and Chris were assigned to investigate a report of sith activity near the planet Avys 2, when they landed on the swamp planet they found that there was the sith lord, Darth Sylvanios.

The two Jedi engaged Darth Sylvanios, in the middle of the fight Garrett was thrown back and while Chris was caught off guard, Sylvanios stabbed him. In a burst of anger and rage Garrett charged at Sylvanios and they fought for 10 minutes before Sylvanios cut off his hand, but in the end Garrett killed Sylvanios and escaped the planet.

04-22-2008, 04:52 PM
Name: Lynx Aleone
Age: 15
hair type: hip length jet black straight
body type: medium muscular
Height: 5'5
pyhsical features: white tattoos across shoulders running down arms, scars running down spine, scars on legs, scars on arms


Bio: Born on Tatooine and sold to slave trade Lynx was a slave for many years until at age 6 was bought by a bounty hunter, originally she was to serve as a servant manage his equipment and such but during a job her master saw she was quick with a blaster and barely missed a shot, her master thought he found a skilled slave but Lynx was just learning her powers.

At age 10, only four years with the bounty hunter her master was killed on the job leaving Lynx trapped on a world. She was later picked up by a jedi by the name of Tirone, she trained under him for the next few years until she woke up to find him missing from there apartments.

Deklik Mukak
05-27-2008, 08:52 PM
Deklik Mukak
Age: 27
Height: 4'7"
Bio: An odd Dug with the ability to use the force, Deklik Mukak is truly a disgusting creature. All of his life has been devoted to greed and treasure, looking in the worst, most disgusting places for it. Deklik Mukak has gained many skills in his travels, including being able to use a lightsaber and the force, and his tecniques are...unorthidox. Even though he loves to find it, Deklik Mukak is a terrible judge of value and will carry away junk more often than the treasure.

Abilities: Force Abilities like force grab, force push, pull, and run. Is a mixture of good in bad, since he is self tought. He also has force choke, force float.
Fighting with a lightsaber (really cool, unorthidox because he can switch between hands and feet), stealth and stealing (but no identification skills lol), unarmed combat, Podracing, Dug dash, and blaster dogfighting.

Double sided purple lightsaber
Blaster pistol

Disgusting rags

08-16-2008, 01:12 AM
Draegen Anaesazi
Age: 16
Race/Gender: Human/male
Homeworld: Tasche
Ht./Wt.: 5'9''/165 lbs.
Hair/ Eye color: Black/ pale blue
Physical Features: Draegen abandoning the traditional jedi robes wears a dark blue-black robe, underneath a dark grey wool fitted undertunic made of water resistant material for freedom of movement. Draegen is extremely toned for his age. His pale skin and dark strong features give him a hawlike appearance. Draegen also bears a scar on his right cheek going from the base of his chin up to mid cheek. His ears are pierced in several places a traditional Taschian practice.

Bio: Born on the arctic planet moon of Tasche on the southern edge of the Chommell Sector. Draegen's father Kaeyth was a hardworking mason his mother Brina a seamstress. He had an older brother Vayan (16) and a younger sister Milla (4) His early child was simple as he learned the hardworking sturdy lifestyle of his people in there unyielding cold climate. Draegen was a happy child but all that changed suddenly. At the age of 8 the small moon was attacked by a Cull raiding party, the infamous galactic slave guild headed twilek cimelord Jabba Urzen 'Sorn. The slavers attack came with no warning they slaughtered, raped, and destroyed everything in sight. The simple yet hard Taschians were not prepared for such a attack and their primitive weapons could not stand up against the high tech weapons of Sorn's raiders. Draegen's father raced to save his family he killed the raiders in his home as they tried to rape his wife. He gathered his family and made a race for one of the few transports on the planet Kaeyth's friend Peryyn's hangar. They raced through the streets as explosions and cries of death rang out around them. Arriving they find Peryyn's homestead desolate with signs of struggle. Kaeyth quickly lead them to the small hangar as they raced to board the small vessel a raider party came upon them. Kaeyth and Vayan charged the slavers in desperation but were gunned down. Draegen seeing his father and older brother killed jumps on one of the raiders biting his ear off but is thrown to the ground knocked unconscious before he blacks out he sees his mother and sister taken away his mother crying out for her son's life. For the next 5 years Draegen grew up in the galactic slave trade eventually finding his place in the service of Sorn's dug slave master. Verxnus on the space station Suguna IV. Draegen during these brutal years of slavery became a loner and silent. One day 3 years ago again Draegen's world exploded around him when the slave station itself was attacked by a New Republic force. When the republic soldiers breached Verxnus's court Draegen rushed to safety. But Verxnus set off a last ditch effort to avoid capture sacrificing his life he set off at thermal detonator.The explosion would have killed all the 3 republic soldiers and Draegen himself if it were not for the force field Draegen generated involuntarily saving them all. As the explosion settled Draegen collapsed unconsciously. He woke 2 days later to find himself in sanctuary on the Republic base on the peaceful planet of Naboo. A visitor came to his room the Svivreni Jedi Master Nikoth Tak. A week later Draegen found himself in the jedi temple on the secluded natural world of Besse Lon, here he began his 3 year jedi tutelage at the small jedi school headed by Master Tak himself. Draegen still a loner finds himself in controversy for the jedi council finds his age and his wild power a danger while Master Madii sees the potential in the young jedi... here his story begins

03-10-2009, 03:27 PM
Name: Araeana Draijion (pronounced: Air-ay-on-ah Dray-gee-on)
Age: 21
Race: Twi-Lek
Alignment: Light
Occupation: Smuggler
Gender: Female
Skin colour: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Modified blaster pistol, short vibro-blade
Attire: Utilitarian clothing.
Force Powers: None have manifested yet.
Personality: Naiive. Resents the Jedi, but still walks the path of the light side.
Bio: Araeana was sold to Huttese slavers at the age of seven. She faced a life of servitude to the most grotesque slum lords of the galaxy. But, when she was ten, a small group of Jedi raided the slavers' compound and rescued her. The Jedi, having discovered Araeana's high midichlorian count, took her to Coruscant to study the force. However, in the five years she spent at the academy, she exhibited no sign of force abilities. She was dismissed. Feeling like a failure, she hopped a cruiser to Tatooine where she was employed by Fabba the hutt as a smuggler. She looks for adventure at every turn, hoping to win the approval and acceptance of the Jedi council.

Saito Chikara
03-10-2009, 03:51 PM
Name: Chikara Saito
Age: 22
Race: Human
Alignment: Dark
Class: Sith Assassin
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weapon: Red Single-Hilt Saber, Illegally Modified Blaster
Usually wears: Black robe, Force amplifying Mask, Left Mechanical arm.
Force Powers: Lightning and Crush
Personality: Cold, Dark, Mysterious. Is in a constant struggle with Araeana over which is stronger, Light or Darkness.
Bio: To come soon.


03-11-2009, 10:03 PM
Name: Carlotta Rhodin
Homeplanet: Telos
Age: 17
Saber style: single orange blade,
Species: Human
Backround Info: Started exhibiting force powers at the age of 13. In a bout of typical teenage rebellion, Carlotta ran away from home when she over-heard her high-ranking Republic military parents talking about handing her over to the Jedi Order for training. She lived on the streets for three years, terrorizing the local urchins with her dark abilities. When she was 16, she hopped a freighter to Korriban, and entered the Sith Academy.

03-11-2009, 10:19 PM
Name: Darth Kalel (Keirn Forsa)
Race: Human
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Class: Sith Lord
Weapon: two single-bladed lightsabers
Force Powers: Has mastered most dark force powers. His speciality is mind manipulation.

06-16-2011, 08:27 PM
Jedi Knight Bak Larn

Trained under Kyle Katarn and became a Jedi Knight in under 5 standard months. Very quick to adapt to situations and a decent pilot. Has learned to fight in Double-Lightsaber combat style, but prefers to let on that he only has one Lightsaber in order to surprise his opponents!

Blue-Crystal Lightsaber (Mainhand)
Cyan-Crystal Lightsaber (offhand)
Brown Jedi Cloak (w/hood)
Jedi Robes

A-Wing codenamed "Voidstar"

Major Abilities:
Force Heal - Can heal most wounds on himself or an ally up to deep gashes that have missed vital organs.

Force Shield - Can fend off blaster bolts, blaster rifle bolts and slow the impact speed of incoming melee attacks by a small margin (shield radius of up to 3 Meters). Can also fend off Lightsaber strikes, allowing for minor damage (ie: light burns on skin's surface). The larger the radius and the longer it's used, the more Bak Larn get's fatigued.

Force Explosion - By drawing upon the Force, Bak can create a field around himself that absorbs incoming kinetic energy and build up a small "Force Bubble" around himself. After channeling this ability for a few seconds, he can release the torrent of pent up Force power in a powerful burst, sending things flying in all directions that aren't bolted down. Cannot be used consecutively without becoming extremely exhausted (max 3 times in 15 minutes. After max is reached, rest is needed).

Force Barrier - Bak has learned to use the Force Shield ability in other ways, creating a literal wall of power before him (3 Meters tall, 5 Meters wide). This barrier can easily fend off blaster fire, blaster rifle fire, shrapnel and even a single Ion Cannon shot. The longer Larn holds this wall up, the more fatigued he'll become.

Minor Abilities:
Force Choke - Bak can hold someone in the air and constrict their trachea. Concentration is needed to hold one individual up.

Force Foresight - The gift of foresight is not for all. At best, Larn can foresee small glimpses of light or darkness. Interpreting them is up to him and deciding what to do if he encounters a situation that seems ominous is up to his intuition.

Force Lightning - Bak tried dabbling in a little bit of Dark Side Force abilities. The result was a short, yet moderatly poweful, burst of lightning. He can only do it with one hand, but it delivers a powerful enough shock to knock weak men unconcious and it sends his foes flying backwards a few paces.

Universal Abilities
Force Jump - Larn is adept with all of his universal abilities. Jumping comes naturally, allowing for some neat aerial acrobatics!

Force Throw - Throwing his saber, Bak can reach foes up to 8 or 9 Meters away with a single throw!

Force Speed - Like any Jedi, being fast often keeps you out of danger. Larn has mastered Speed.

Force Meditation - Meditation is a required skill to master for all Jedi, allowing them to perceive events, keep calm under stressful situations and even restore their strength depending on the level of mastery. Bak is rather adept at Meditation.

Force Push/Pull - Using the Force to throw, pull or push objects is a simple task, yet Larn makes it look terrifying and amazing all at the same time. His largest thrown object was a derelict YT-1300, and it destroyed a wall of the ruins of an old temple a couple of hundred yards away. No small feat. His Push mastery caved in a wall, in the form of a double-handed Force Push. The largest object Larn could pull was that same derelict YT-1300.

Force Augmentation - Using the Force to augment one's strength and agility is a pretty well-known ability among Jedi. One time in a hand-to-hand sparring match, Larn punched his opponent so hard that he flew across the ring and fell unconcious. He tried to hold back, honest!

Force Deflect - Being able to deflect blaster bolts or defend yourself from a lightsaber stab with your bare hands is a nifty trick. At best, Larn is able to hold a lightsaber at bay for a few moments, but it has saved his life once or twice.

Mind Trick - A simple task for any Jedi. Works on the weak-willed, and sometimes on those who aren't aware enough of what's going on.