View Full Version : BIG PROBLEM!!!!ahh!!!

10-03-2002, 12:37 AM
ok down the boards a little i posted some screens of a map im allmost done with....but now about 3 in the morning something went a miss...i went and test played it and came back and got this error...

EOF inside quoted token
GetLastError: The system cannot find the path specified.

An unrecoverable error has occured.
Would you like to edit the preferences before closing?

This is bad, reall bad b/c i can open anyother map except for this most important one!! please help!!!

10-03-2002, 01:02 AM
Radiant should autmatically save a backup of your map. However if you've opened and worked on other maps since the last time you've used the current map in question the backups for that particular map may already be lost. Anyway, check see if there is an autosavesp.bak or autosavemp.bak. Load one of those up and see what you got.

10-03-2002, 01:37 AM
no that still dosnt work, it says that something is corupted withing the .map...but i do have the .bsp that DOES work (or in the game) could i get a bsp decompialer and devert it back to a .map?

10-03-2002, 05:56 PM
as far as I know, there is no such thing as a decompiler for JK2rad .bsps. Is there a slightly earlier version of your .map that you can go back to? If not, and if you don't have any backups then you may have lost your map. :( If you don't do this already, (what I do) is everytime I make a significant change to my map, I resave it as i.e. name1, name2, etc. That way, you always have a map to go back to if one messes up. I hope this helps