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10-04-2002, 01:33 AM
Hey guys... I want to make a 3D model of Max, but I need the scratches, or whatever, with mesures and dimensions of the character...

Does someone know where to get this? Or where to good reference material?


10-04-2002, 06:33 PM
Try looking for pictures of him. That's a good start. They are all over the internet if you look around :)

10-05-2002, 01:13 AM
I am doing that... But it would be really ass-kicking if I had the frontal drawing, side drawing, back drawing and perspective drawing of Max. That would make my job a LOT easier... hehe!

Thanks for the advice!

10-05-2002, 01:34 AM
Putting it bluntly, the backside of max is nearly identical to his front side but without any details. His side view is one side of his face. Use your imagination and turn Max's head a bit in this pic:


Just look at the pictures and figure out your own proportions. Remember that Max is symetrical and you'll do fine.

You know, if you make a good model of his body in the same proportions you see in the pictures and paint in a frontal view, you've got a completed model.

10-07-2002, 02:33 PM
Thanks a lot for your help! I'll try to do that...

10-16-2002, 07:14 PM
If you're REALLY determined and have a copy of Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight, there's a secret room in one of the levels with max hiding in it. Quite a good 3d model of him, too.

10-17-2002, 11:15 PM
...and the only way to kill him is to push him in the river

10-20-2002, 02:29 PM
That's not very nice!

The 3D model idea sounds really cool, though. I would also like a Sam/Max skin for a game like Quake III or Jedi Knight II. That would rock! :)

10-20-2002, 03:06 PM

10-30-2002, 06:30 PM
Originally posted by Gabez
That's not very nice!

The 3D model idea sounds really cool, though. I would also like a Sam/Max skin for a game like Quake III or Jedi Knight II. That would rock! :)

hi gabez

11-07-2002, 11:45 AM
Hello guys, I'm really greatfull for your help. The model is coming to life, and when I finish it, I'll let you see it and give your opinions.


11-19-2002, 04:01 PM
Hello guys! I already have a 3D model of Max head!

Take a look (cut and paste the address to your browser's address bar, otherwise it wont work).


When I finish the model I'll let you know.


11-19-2002, 06:24 PM
that's actually not too bad, though his ears could be pinked up a bit.

11-19-2002, 08:35 PM
Yow. That's damn good. But yeah, I think that adding some pink in the ears would be a good idea.

11-19-2002, 11:44 PM
Its so beautiful! I love you.

11-20-2002, 11:54 AM
Err... Thank you. Your love is very inspiring.

I'll make the pink in his ears... Actually, I was already working in it.

12-06-2002, 11:00 AM
nice work!

12-07-2002, 02:03 PM
OK so it is alittle late to post anything here because the last post was put up a month or 2 ago but WHO CARES!!! Anyway dude that is ****in' (i do my own censoring thank you) cool, one comment, maybe this is just me or maybe the angle is weird but... I think it would look kooler if his ears went out alittle more, ya get me... here let me try and show you what i mean in a text-o-gram... here goes:

now: | |

what i was thinking: \ /
or maybe not...ok i'll shut up now...

The Dogfuchow
01-20-2003, 06:18 PM
I agree, and maybe flap them a little bit more. It would make him look much more lifelike. Anyhow, it kicks the ****.