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10-07-2002, 06:05 PM
okay, there's been a vash request... I saw that one coming. but considering the fact that a little anime called "Tenchi" has rip-off lightsabers in it already, wouldn't that be a little easier?

Personally I think wielding the tenchi blade would be rather interesting. come to think of it though, only one of the swords has a hilt; the blades have a slight pattern to them as well, such as an orb before the actual blade starts. also, acting as a hilt is another small splinter of energy, much like a double blade would act in the game-- albeit smaller. just check this reference pic of Ryoko's sword.


this shows the costumes with the chars, for some reference in case anyone gets the bright idea for modeling Ryoko or Tenchi (blue and red seems awfully familiar, nay?) and some extra blade stuff.


this is for kicks. :p


a screenie of the texture and shape of the hilt


kagato's sword i could not locate a decent pic of, and his first blade happens to be the nicest out of all of em.
his second was the first black lightsaber blade i've seen, and actually has a hilt. no decent pic, but i'm looking. I'll put an edit in when i find em. X(

also, for ryoko models, there have been some made already for q3. just go to planetquake to get em, in case they may be relevant.

Kagato's sword!

Kagato's OTHER sword! :/ the one w/ the red glow. (yeah, he changes just a little between series)