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The Chosen one
10-07-2002, 09:44 PM
Dear anyone

I am new to this website but i do understand what you do here and i was wondering if this website also answer's questions pretaining Sartwars: Jedi Knight ll Jedi Outcast. If you do answer question's pretanting to Jk ll then mine is how do you make your levels, skins,lightsaber, etc. And i have a very important questions pretaining to Starwars Glactic Battlegrounds is how do you make your own AI personality's for the scenario editor. Also not to brag but for my exprience with the GAME Starwars Glactic battle grounds trigers i know how to opperate all the triggers in all way's which i figured out on my own. Like i sayed I don't want to brag here folks but i am extremely good with the trigers.