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10-07-2002, 10:37 PM
While running some suppplyes to several space colloneys the ship Shadow Viper is intercepted by Yuuzhan Vong Coralskippers. With most of the power diverted to the engine JandoFett and his meeger crew of Jedi and Mercenarys are forced to use an escape pod to reach safety. The escape pod is lancued just as the Shadow Viper becomes just another amount of atoms and molucles in the Dark Matter of space. One of the coral skips spots the escape pod, fireing on it they hit onece, causing it to miss it autopiloting hyperspace cordante. Once hit on hte new corce the crew realizes they are headed for what would have been Corescant, had it not Ben for the Vong, now it is Yuuzhan'tar. Crashing into what was orginaly a office building the crew gets out and stand in aw of the vast changes on the world and wonders: How the Heck are we going to get out of here alive?

10-08-2002, 12:25 AM
Vague Summary: The crew goes into hiding and goes through a bunch of adventures, and some get killed in the process, and finally 1) they wait it out in the deepest levels of the planet or 2) they steal and sabotage a Vong frigate and make a daring escape


colloneys = colonies
meeger = meager
Mercenarys = Mercenaries
lancued = launched
molucles = molecules
fireing = firing
onece = once
cordante = coordinate
hte = the (sry for being picky :D )
corce = course(?)
Corescant = Coruscant
Ben = been
orginaly = originally
aw = awe

Again as I said No offense don't take it personally I'm just trying to help you.

Darth Groovy
10-08-2002, 12:46 AM
Ok so he made some spelling errors. Try to contribute to his story, lets not just rip on each other's stuff. This is not the Swamp.

10-22-2002, 01:59 AM
Ah sorry bout that I guess I should have contributed something more, again I was only trying to help, so here goes:

JandoFett looked into the horizon where the sun was beginning to set. His crew, cold, hungry, and lost, sat in a corner waiting for their leader's orders. They scanned the landscape and realized the once magnificent sky-scraping towers of Coruscant were all but reduced to rubble and dust. Enormous, beetle-like creatures roamed the debris, eating and digesting it and turning it into a yellow, slimy, acidic-smelling substance. Jando turned and noticed his navigator walking toward him. "This is all the equipment that was salvagable and usable," she murmured in a low, almost shameful voice. "Sorry." "10 thermal detonators, 13 antique E-11 blasters, 2 longblasters, and 1 malfunctioning YVH-1 droid," Jando replied as he counted their possessions. "Hmm, we're well prepared for anything the Vong can throw at us," he added sarcastically. Suddenly, the sound of marching bare feet echoed in the distance. "Get down and draw your weapons," Jando hurrily whispered as he dropped to his abdomen and remained silent as crouching red-crested cougar. The weapons were passed around the 15 surviving members of the Shadow Viper. "We got company."

Will Jando and his 14 crew-members survive their first encounter with the Vong? Find out next time...