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10-08-2002, 01:26 PM

The local docking bay is rather busy tonight, the hunting season has come to a close and everyone is returning to their homes. Famillys who are excited to have their loved ones back, boss's who are ready to reap in the rewards, and scoundrels who are going about their usual buisness who stop for the event.

The transport lands, and down the platform come people from who have traveled the galaxy, but are back to small home town to stay untill the next season. All types from scoundrels, to smugglers, to mercenarys, to the noble Jedi, and to the most evil of bounty hunters.

Tonight is a night when everyone goes to Sithcloak's. The catina is packed tonight as they all come to tell their storys of adventure and about their good deeds, and bad deeds, alike.

But something is very different from the end of the common season. Something is different all right and only Sithcloak, the catina owner himself, and a few other knowledgable ones have a wiff of it.

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10-15-2002, 02:00 PM

Wulf keep your eye's open when we enter this bar.
Its a nice place but it also full with lowest circel of living beyings who will do almost everything for some credit's.
So keep sencing for anything out of the ordanery.

We should be looking for some kind of informant.
But i have a desturbing feeling about that hologram speech we recieved they other day.
I dont know what it is yet but i sence evil.
So keep looking we might also need to hire some one if we need to travel.

Wulf are you hearing what i'm saying...
Ohh and do keep your saber out of any visual contact so where you clothing properly i dont want to start a fight...yet

Wulf Kenobi
10-15-2002, 09:07 PM
Yes, Master. Look, over there at that cabacc table. Those people with the dark robes on seem suspicious. Master, I'm going to check it out.

OOC: I will wait for you to say "No" or something else before i continue, if the RPG master allows it, sorry i forgot your name

10-16-2002, 03:00 AM

Hold on my Padawan learner sense te living force.
And get your self a drink before checking things out.
You will by to much out of the ordinary.
And keep your self out of trouble...
I will look for the informant.
When I found him, you come right over okay.
I donít want to by alone when things go messy


Wulf Kenobi
10-16-2002, 05:07 PM
Yes, Master. I will go and sit at the bar, while sensing what the sabacc (OOC: however it's spelled) players are thinking. When i pick up something suspicious, I'll contact you via the comlink.

<Heads over to the bar to buy a drink, and to find out what those sabacc players are up to>

10-16-2002, 05:13 PM
Well done my apprentice.
Find out as much as you can talk with the lokals.
Wast some money with Sabacc to get info out of them.
But use your dipomatic skills padawan no force powers.

We need to keep low profile.
I will walk around to find us ower informant.
And get owerselfs a pilot who can get us to were we want to go at a desent price.

Ohh and do watch feries Goaliba hey's that dark figur in the corner he's a Bounty Hunter/Mercanarie.

10-16-2002, 07:09 PM
OOC: Your both doing well, have you done RPG's before?

Wulf approachs the bar, keeping a low profile. As he comes in closer someone bumps into him by accident. Or was it by accident? Wulf feels something missing from his belt ...

Quatrix scans the crowd, searching for the informat. Something stirs in a dark corner, but he is unable to sence anything. Before he can investigate further a droid approachs him.

"How may I help you sir?" The droid bleeps out in a female electronic voice ...


Wulf Kenobi
10-16-2002, 09:11 PM
Once I reached the bar, out of sight from the stranger, I checked out my belt. Surprisingly, it wasn't my lightsaber that he had taken, it was instead my comlink. I take a glance at my Master, but cannot find him. Despite my Master's orders, I attempt to locate him using the Force. But I am unable to sense him!
I start feeling a bit anxious. I started getting ready for a battle that I felt (not sensed, because, somehow, I cannot sense anything through the Force) was going to happen.

OOC: I felt it would add a twist to have my comlink taken, and not my lightsaber, and to not be able to sense my master.

10-17-2002, 01:33 AM
Sitting quitely in the corner........a little known smuggler named Taos scanned through the crowds in the cantina. He sat back wearing dark brown, hood on, taking a puff from his pipe, sitting next to his companion, a jawa named Threet.

"Hey Threet, go and get us another round of Jawa Juice" says Taos, "one more before we go to the Altar sector!"

*While waiting, Taos is thinking about checking out the Sabaac tables*

10-17-2002, 01:27 PM
(Why are my force blocked because of Ysalamiri in the bar or is it, something yet to by revealed.)
* means he speaks to him self*

Yes you can bring my a bottle of Juri Juice?
*very weird that figure in the corner even stranger that I donít seems to sense anything here in this bar.
Its like the force isn't with me or its...block some how*

Oh and miss can you also bring me some snack's
That would be all.

Qautrix walks to a position where there are some old informants and friends but where he can also keep a eye on that dark figure.

*Maybe it can bring me something if I give some of my palls something to drink maybe they are more approacebel for information*

10-17-2002, 02:53 PM
OOC: Well actually the idea that you can't sence anything wasn't the intent, but if you want it that way then sure, but from now on don't twist my words, just ask yes or no.

Quatrix after tipping the waitress with a few republic credits, turns about heading towards one of the darker corners. Informats all about, but few of them to be trusted ...

Wulf after checking his belt, now confused is interuppted in his thoughts by a loud booming voice.

"You want a drink?"

Wulf is ready to answer but out of the corner of his eye he can see a female like droid approaching the bar, with republic credits in her robotic hands. Wulf sees the difference as others pay with the local currency ...

Toas after watching his companion walk away towards the bar decides to get up. He heads off towards the sabbac tables. He can see a game nearby with a few aliens, all deeply entransed in the game at hand ...


Wulf Kenobi
10-17-2002, 04:25 PM

I take a closer look, trying to prevent it from being obvious, when the stranger asks again, in that deep, strangely fimiliar voice, "You wana a drink or not?" I then ask him "Why is everyone else here paying with the currency from Lok?" "Uhh," the man backs up, then I realise it is Hort Ferrier (? I hope you'll let me make him, plz??), the best slicer in the galaxy. I had met him once before, in a prison cell. I was locked away because I had been accused of treason against the Republic, when in fact I did it for them, not to them. My cellmate was Hort Ferrier, he told me many stories about what he did, why he sliced everything he did, "Simply for business, Young Lad!" Yes, young lad, I was only 14 at the time. I was third best Padawan in the whole temple, but let's not go there. One day, he told me how he wanted to escape. He said, "I was able to cantact my guys back at the ship when they left me alone for about 3 hours in a bare room. That's when I thought it best to cal them, I sent them my slicer codes to get me out. They did it in 2:59 hours. They started to say stuff like, 'We couldnt get you put all the way down, but we did reduce it several years.' So I asked'em, 'How many years?' And they said, 'You have 3 years left. But we have found a way to get you out earlier, here's the plan, you get to your cell and wait for 4 months, at the point someone will come t-' And thats when it died, my comlink. Then like 5 guys stepped into the room and one reached his hand out, grabbed my hand holding my comlink, and squesed, man did it hurt, my comlink broke and crumpled with my fist! And I waited 4 months, and on the third day after the fourth month you came." That's when he stood up and said, "So, my plan is to get you to tell me how to get out, then I kill you and run for it." I drew my lightsaber, hidden using the force when I was taken in, and cut open the cage, "There's your way out, but if you want to get out of here alive you'd do best not to kill me, if if you could." So we head out and when we were out, we went our seperate ways.
Back to real-time
"Young lad, I don't know about you, but we gotta get you outa here," he said, a little to quitely. "Why do we have to go." "Because I gotta repay my debt to you, and your a nice kid." I got it then. There was going to be somethign happening here in a short time. "I have to find my Jedi Master first." "Then let's go find him."

OOC: Sorry about the warp through time thingy, but I had to give a little backround info there

10-18-2002, 03:08 AM
Hi there Bitcia do you want something to drink from my?
Its a Juri Juice you'll like it trust me.

Yeah sure why not Qautrix, By the way what brings you to this bar.

Ohh well i am looking for some guy.
He knows something.

Ahh but there are many here that know something.

Well my best guess is that its that dark figure in corner.

No......You cant mean that.. Heís a....

What is it?
Come on tell me who is.

Then the force seems to come around all the sudden.
* This feels not good dark powers everywhere what is going one here.
Wulf...sense my i need you here... wulf...
[Pickís up come link...]
Wulf are you there come on my padawan.
[ Then he hear's a voice laughing in his comlink and its not Wulf's voice]
Who is this who are you
[Then he only gets static and interference trough his comelink]

Bitchia my friend i need to go..
See you around old lead.
*Qaurtix scans the crowed to see his padawan and to see whatís going to happen*

Wulf Kenobi
10-18-2002, 10:15 AM

Two seconds after we started walking, I felt, no felt everything come back to me. I had the Force again. And it didn't feel too well. I was picking up dark energies being drawn upon everywhere. I resist using my Force powers, for if there are actually Dark Jedi here, they will certainly notice. Instead I make a Force-shield around my thoughts so that they cannot read my mind. And I also make one around my heart, risky though it is. "Here, hold on to this," I said to Hort, tossing him my lightsaber. "Why?" "Because I can't be seen with it, don't ask anymore questions right now." "Yeah, sure kid."
We continued wondering around until I cought (however it's spelled) a glimpse of my Master. "This way," I said. "Okay, I'll follow," he replied reluctantley.

10-18-2002, 03:51 PM
OOC: I hope we are doing the right things right now.
Let us know when we are getting out of line because we can edit everything if needid. Because right now it seems i'm not making it towards that informant

There is my Padawan.
I need to get out of this place at once it seems to by a trap.
Wulf get over here why are getting out of here.
Things arent they way there seem to by.
Are you sensing the things i do or did you try to hide your feelings again with the force again.
Ohh and who is that man with you and what is he doing with your most important peace of equipment?

Wulf Kenobi
10-18-2002, 04:15 PM
OOC: not to offend you or anything, but you need to work on your grammer


I find my Master and he said (ditto what you said, lol).
Sorry about hiding my feelings, I felt dark entities in this room and I don't want them to know I'm here. You should do it too.
This is Hort Ferrier, an old friend. We go way back, just when you adopted me as a Padawan. Remember when I got thrown in jail?
Anyways he is carrying my lightsaber because I didn't want the, if any, Dark Jedis to sense me carrying it. If they sense a non-Force-Sensitive carrying it then they will assume he stole it or killed a Jedi for it (rare as it is, Jedi can still die from a one-on-one fight).
After taking my lightsaber back I...

1----If Quatrix agrees to come with me------
start heading toward the door. We were almost there when someone who seemed eager to get to a sabaac table bumped into us.
"Who are you?" I asked. "Taos"

2-------If he doesn't want to come with me-------
start heading back to the ship with Hort. We get in and set everything to standby. I picked up one of the spare comlinks in a hidden compartment and call my Master. "Master, I have have the ship on standby, ready for you to jump aboard then fly off if needed." "GO PADAWAN! YOU ARE IN DANGER HERE!" he yelled into the comlink. I jumped back, startled. Then I decided I should go after him. As if he knew what I was thinking (maybe he did, I had, after all, taken off my force-shields around my heart and thoughts), he said, "I have already been captured, GO!" Knowing it was for the best, for the good of the Republic, I, no, I didn't leave, I instead bolted out of the ship, drawing as much force power as possible, ready for the fight ahead... :lsduel: :lsduel: :lsduel:

10-21-2002, 07:38 PM
OOC: Uh, could you stop warping the story, if an rpg is run by the player it gets out of hand pretty quick. I'm going to rewind a bit.

Wolf feels something come back to him, he can feel the force again, but he sences something dark. He hands his lightsaber over to his friend for safe keeping and starts searching for his master. The catina is awfully crowded tonight, but he can definitly sence something coming from the brighter part of the bar ...

Quatrix picks up his comlink to see how his padawan is doing, but instead he gets an evil laugh coming from the comlink and a threat.

"Don't try leave this bar, because you won't leave alive" The voice echo's with laughter then the voice on the other side of the conversation goes silent and is replaced with static.

Quatrix is tempted to say that he has a bad feeling about this, but uses his better judgement ...


10-28-2002, 02:16 PM
Join me my padawan.
I just heard a strange voice over your comlink.
It seems "HE" dousn't want me to leave this bar.
I need you to stay with me and cover me.
And you mister Ferrier, Could you cover some of they other corners that we can not cover.
You have a blaster on you dont you?

Ohh and it seems i have someone that wants me to come over and have a talk.
He looks like the carrecter in ower hologram.
Keep me cover anyways i dont trust this place one bit.

Ohh and Wulf keep the force on a low profile..

Thew Rydur
10-28-2002, 09:53 PM
OOC: I don't really know what equipment I have right now so I'll keep it general.


A rather tall, well built Zabrak strides into the cantina. His skin is a dark orangish-brown, and is striped with his clan's thick black tatoos. One of his horns is chipped off at the point and another jets out sideways, giving him a slightly awkward appearance. His clothing and weapons are covered by a tan robe. He looks around that cantina studying all of the patrons. A few seem to catch his interest but he heads over to the bar.

"Give me the strongest thing you got."

Wulf Kenobi
12-13-2002, 09:20 PM
I, Wulf Kenobi, unofficialy declare the catina blown up and everyone dies. Because no one is posting here anymore. :(

(If you decide you don't want it blown up, then fine but consider me gone. No offense it's just there's alot of other things going on right now ((Good games to get :) )), and not alot of RPing is going on any more. Maybe later in January next year when things wind down a bit I might come back to regularly RP again. Not that I wont come back from time to time, but I wont be posting regularly for a while. cya latar)