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Father Torque
10-08-2002, 07:20 PM
hey jk2 players i am in clan named the MK"Mortals Kombat" we are a small clan but we keep in touch alot easier.We need a skinner or modeler in the clan.Right now are leader ins in Scotland and we are a bit discombobulated at the time with a memeber with a screwed comp(good thing he is my bros friend he is going to the members house to fix the prob.So if you want to join you will be 1st 2nd 3rd on.. etc a list. the current list of members are[list]
MIK Sub-Zero(CTF speacialist-co creator)
MIK Abbadonos (the leader)
MIK Ermac(Saber trainer-creator)
and MIK Scorpion(Head recruiter)we have a website our clan motto now is Choose your destiny said by raiden in one of the movies,All the members of MK have msn messenger or AOL and we have email "thats how we keep in touch,We usually play in Deuls,Free for Al, Team Free for All,and Capture the Flag. We have many allies and participate in many tournaments,we usually dont have scheduled practices "because every body needs to go to work or school so we arent pushy on that stuff we like to play at night or and alot on weekends. Also one of our clans friend has a server we could play on if we ask him he will probably say yes so if you have more questiones about the Mortals In Kombat email me at McKalister27@hotmail.com and our website is www.clanmortalkombat.netfirms.com Also we are allies to many clans including the Crimson masters Sons of Yoda GungHo clan and many others-(also any one who can make a map you are able to join tooo):D :D :D-MK Sub-Zero

10-08-2002, 08:12 PM
I hope it works for ya, but for now, I am sending you on over to the Request forum ;)

*sets Mod-Phaser to "move" *

10-08-2002, 08:18 PM
It's going under construction and it's gonna have a totally new name.......well, I think you get the idea.........

No one has to take apprentices. They can train themselves, or in case they need help, they can train with other clan members. I think it's a better idea, in my opinion, than having one of the Masters taking a trainee (person-in-training). Instead they can just use the Ladder maps and becoming somewhat of a tactical assault genius, or train with friends and becoming equally stronger.

And yeah, we're also doing the same thing, looking for skinners, modellers, or mappers. Pretty sweet ideas, huh?