View Full Version : Sound Usage : SP vs. MP

10-09-2002, 03:37 PM
I've come across something that is new to me. Granted, I'm not the most experianced mapper out here, but...

In the few mapping tuts I've seen, they talk about using the "soundset" key and an appropriate value for func_doors and _plats. However, I've noticed that the sound in-game (I map MP) never alters or changes from a default set of sounds.

I have heard that the soundset command doesnt work with MP. So, my first question is : Is this true, and if so, is there another MP-compatable shortcut for sound, or will I have to enter each sound for a given door or platform individually?

Next, I have another sound question :) (I'm full of 'em today).

I have a door set up to open by way of a trigger. Easy enough. In the tuts, in order to get a sound to play when I "use" the trigger, they indicate using the key "noise" and, again, ,an appropriate value. I set it up this way, but get no sound played in-game. Is this another Non-MP thing, or did I understand the procedure wrong?

That's it for now - answers soon please? :)