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10-18-2002, 01:53 PM
I love Star Wars fan fiction... I've written over thirty short stories and four novella-length fan fictions in the last five years (they can all be found at jwg.cjb.net BTW). So every SW fan has a story they'd like to see, maybe they just can't put it into words... just wondering if anyone else has written fan fic (and if you have, is it posted anywhere? What was your inspiration); or what stories people have that they just haven't been able to get down yet.


10-18-2002, 02:09 PM
i haven't really written fan-fic, becouse i don't really wright much, but when i was 11, i made a star wars like story, wich is full of grammar errors, when i look at it now:D

10-18-2002, 02:34 PM
i always hae ideas for star wars stories, but i never get around to actually writing any. here are two ideas that i have in my head at the moment,

the first one would explore dooku's past, when qui-gonn was his padawan and it would tell of events that made him negative towards the republic and how to came to dapple in the dark-side.

the second would explore obi-wan's family as in the apprentice books says that he had a brother, what happen to him? did he have any force-senative children? of course he did, and my story would lead Luke to them.

Reb Starblazer
10-18-2002, 02:51 PM
Well, my character in the Academy Wars, "Reb Starblazer" was highly based on a character I created for a work of fan fiction that I have never finished. I'm not sure it'd be very good, and I'm kinda, well, "scared" to post it.

He's half-human, half-zabrak, a genetic freak, and he despises himself because of it. He always tries to pass for a human, covering the five horns on his forehead with his hair, as he has no horns on the top of his head. He's a Sith Apprentice, but only in name. He's really more like a "Dark" Jedi Knight. He's got a good heart, it's just in the wrong place, if you catch my drift. Because of his strange lineage, he also has a genetic defect, one that causes him to only have a connection to the Dark Side, but none at all to the Light. He's treated more like a slave than an apprentice, but he obeys his master as he knows what would happen if he didn't. He's sent on an asassination mission for his Master, to kill a person who has been coming dangerously close to his dealings, and who he wants eliminated. Unbeknownst to Reb, the Jedi have been alerted to this threat, and two are sent to protect him. Reb makes his way through their home, to the master bedroom, where he draws his vibroknife to kill his target.

However, Reb sees something moving under the covers, and draws them back to see two small children, sleeping soundly, between their parents. He raises his hand to strike, but let's it drop slowly to his side. He cannot, despite all his training, kill him, and his family. Reb wakes him, and tells him that he was sent to kill him, and he should take his family and leave, go somewhere that he cannot find them. As he's exiting the home, he is discovered by one of the two Jedi, the master. They engage in a LightSabre duel, but Reb decides that he doesn't have time for it, and Force jumps up to a higher level of the house, and runs for his ship. Almost to his ship, something, or rather someone, jumps onto his back. He throws them off, onto the ground, igniting his Lightsabre preparing to strike. But lying before him, is the second Jedi, a Padawan, a blue female Twi'Lek and the most beautiful he has ever seen. For the second time that night, Reb's heart defeats his mind. He extinguishes his LightSabre, and continues running to his ship, while the Twi'Lek sits on the floor, watching as he runs off. Reb leaves the planet and jumps to hyperspace, heading for his master's command ship. Halfway through the flight, Reb discovers a stowaway, the same female Twi'Lek. When they reach the command ship, she is taken captive, and Reb faces his master's wrath for failing him. Reb's master also reveals that he is the one who warned the Jedi. He knew they would send someone, and he wanted Reb to finally test his skills in battle with the Jedi, for he will soon need them. He reveals his plan, of searching for two ancient artifacts of power, and using them to destroy the Jedi, and conquer the galaxy(yea, same old story. I kinda poke fun at it in the story though:D) They are two amulets, the amulet of body, and the amulet of mind, each increases the wearers respective power( body increases strength, speed, etc. you get the drift). If someone were to possess both, they would become incredibly powerful, which is why they were separated and hidden, as there was no known way to destroy them.

Anyway, to make a long story somewhat shorter, Reb rescues the Twi'lek from the prison of the ship, and they steal a shuttle, to take them to the Jedi Academy. Reb's master, let's them go, as by using the Imperial homing beacon standard on all ships, he can track them to the secret location of the Jedi Academy. The academy's location is a secret now, after the Yuuzhan Vong(sp?) invasion, so that they would be safe. Yet another reason I haven't finished it. I don't follow the NJO, but I know it's still going. Once it's finished I can find spoilers and plots on the net, so I can see how it ends, and who lives and who dies. I don't want to include someone in my story who's already dead right :D There's also a lot more that happens, the events I posted here is just the first half of the first part, of a three part story. But that's all I'll write for now, as I think I've already put down way too much as it is...


See, told ya:D

10-18-2002, 05:25 PM
Reb, that sounds really interesting... I don't know about the whole genetically unable to use the light side thing (I see the Dark Side as more a corruption of the Living Force, not as something completely separate), but hey... ;) I think you should post part of it, I'd definately be interested in seeing how you expanded on that summary!

Sivy, some of that stuff's been explored in the EU, like Dooku's role in Jango Fett: Open Season. And I think that Obi-Wan's brother was intended to be uncle Owen... but that explanation obviously doesn't work anymore ;)

Right now I'm working on three stories. Last World 2: Corruption, The Ancients and Depth of the Shadow.

Last World is a Star Wars dystopia that takes place 250 years after RotJ. It's in the same timeline as most of my other stories (an alternate timeline where NJO never happened). It's a post-apocalyptic galaxy; the ancient Sith (like Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd and Naga Sadow, not Darth Bane, Darth Sidious, etc...) appeared in the universe after their souls were released from a Holocron anchor and possessed new bodies. It's 200 years after that and the Neo Sith Imperium now encompasses roughly a quarter of the galaxy and is still pressing hard. The Republic is under martial law, a martial law that is enforced by the Jedi Order who spy on everyone in the galaxy with Seers (who spend their entire lives in meditation with the Force, and are sustained by IVs).

The impetus of the story is the Rule of Two, the destroying of the Master by the Apprentice to carry on the Sith Tradition. Darth Vice, the Apprentice, fell in love with his Master and was unable to kill her--he instead banished her to Republic space. Darth Vice has since assumed the title of Sith Master and taken on an Apprentice, Darth Ravenous. The banished Sith Witch takes on the guise of an activist and lures to her a new Apprentice, as well. So now there are four Sith Lords and a battle for power has begun. Here's links to Lastworld: Innocence (http://www.swunlimited.net/jwg/chapter/last.php) and Last World: Corruption (http://www.swunlimited.net/jwg/chapter/corruption.php).

Depth of the Shadow (http://www.swunlimited.net/jwg/chapter/totcia3dots.php) is the third story of a trilogy I've been writing since 97. It's the story of how the Ancient Sith arose and began the battle that is still continuing in my Last World stories. Again, the story revolves around the Rule of Two. Seven Sith Lords were released from the Sith Holocron, six taking orders from Scelus who "was begotten of the universe" in the earliest days of Force-use. He is "a manifestation of all of the fear and anger and hatred in the universe." Scelus was destroyed through the providence of the Force in the second part of the trilogy, Council of the Sith (http://www.swunlimited.net/jwg/chapter/council.php), severing the one tie that bound the other six. Now they're working in the shadows of the Republic, struggling to find Apprentices of their own and creating forces to back them in their battle against the other Sith Lords, and their conquest of Republic space.

I'm thinking of posting The Ancients here, so I won't give a link (though it's on the JWG page, too, if you really want to see it), and I won't give away the plot. Just let me say that the point I'm exploring in this story is the nature of the Force. Like I said before, I see the Dark Side as merely an extension of the evil within every human, just given power through the abuse of the Force. If you've read Wheel of Time, then the Dark Side is like the evil of Shadar Logoth; an "evil apart from the Shadow". I'm exploring the shadow itself, the devil of the Star Wars universe, the antithesis of the Force.


10-19-2002, 01:20 AM
I'm currently feeling out a writing project that dwells in the Star Wars universe, but in the near future, and how gifted people evolved into what we now know as jedi.

10-19-2002, 07:40 AM
Well, it's funny you should mention it Jedi_Monk...

As Reb stated, the Academy Wars was started by a large group of us a few months back. Most people in the LFJA (LucasFoums Jedi Academy) joined in with the story...in the end, we had two chapters, each approximately 50 pages worth of stories. It was really really great, and we all found out everyone had a talent for writing:)

The stories can be found in the RP section, the links to the chapters can be found below:)

A Long Time Ago... - Prequel Story (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=71579)

Dark Academy Rising - Episode 1 (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=70488)

The New Order - Episode 2 (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=71160)

Here's a little biographical information about my character, Tidus Darklighter...

Lived as a farmboy on one of the Academy's planet's neighbouring moons. Through an unfortunate smuggling deal, Darklighter's father was tricked and targeted for assassination. His mother and father were murdered by a bounty hunter, but through sheer will of the force Obi-wan13 managed to prevent Darklighter's own death. He was therefore taken into the Jedi Academy, and trained under the careful guidance of the Academy Principal for many a year. Here began his rivalry with Divine Spirit, a padawan who would ultimately form his own alleigance against the forces of good.
Darklighter's one love, Taliara, was murdered by the man who sent the bounty hunter to kill his parents. Through pure rage he tracked down the killer and fought and defeated him, before rejoining the Academy. He played a significant part in the Academy Wars, and fought valiantly against the forces of Divine Spirit. Admiral to the famous Death/Ice Squadron, he lead the fleet into battle, and rescued his friends from the clutches of evil.
A strong-minded, valiant, caring and trustworthy soul, Darklighter prides himself in helping others, even though his personal feelings are often a subject of distraction.

Reb Starblazer
10-19-2002, 02:01 PM
Ah Jedi Monk, perhaps we're not so different you and I:D

One of the main points of my story was to also somewhat explore the nature of the Force, but also, to explore human nature as well. Let me see if I can convey this properly. To me, the "Dark Side" of the Force is not an actual side, but rather, using the more aggressive tendancies of your own psyche and using the Force more aggressively. Here's my best attempt at an example : If you were to use the Jedi mind trick on someone to make them jump off a cliff, could that not be considered the "Dark Side"? Or, even better, could using Sith Lightning to resuscitate someone dying of heart failure, be considered the "Light Side"? To me, the Dark side and the Light side, are not two opposite sides of the same coin. The Force is more like a sphere, with everything encompassed inside of it, the so-called "Dark Side" and "Light Side" are one and the same, but it's all in how you use it. I've actually heard that an idea very similar to mine, is being developed in the EU now. Pretty nifty if you ask me. As for Reb's use of the Dark side, I think I should have said that he believes it's because of his genetics, it's the only explanation he can come up with. He can only use the Force when he's angry, or can only use it aggressively. I believe that's a better way of putting it.

Also, I want to explore human nature in the same way. Reb, uses the Dark Side, because he has to. Yet, he's not "evil", more like misguided, as much as I hate to use that saying. So, is it the Dark Side that makes one evil, or is it the fact that because someone is evil they'd rather use the Dark Side than the Light. What is it that makes Reb different than his master? They both use the Dark Side, yet Reb doesn't wish to rule the galaxy, or destroy anyone, he just wants to understand himself better, and learn to control his abilities. Well, he's actually quite evil in the beginning of the story, but he changes over time because of Kylaa(the Blue Twi'Lek), and his newfound, but somewhat unwanted, feelings for her. The one thing in the universe more powerful than the Force, is love, and that's what causes Reb to change. I guess I've always been a big softie and a hopeless romantic at heart:D

EDIT: I'm with Darkie and Groovy. You really should join us, your abilities could be put to good use. And hey, a Jedi Monk would fit in perfectly in a Jedi Academy no?:)

Darth Groovy
10-20-2002, 06:44 AM
Jedi_Monk it would be an honor if you could drop in at the RP forums and participate. I have enjoyed many of your posts, you are a truly talented writer, and the Academy Wars need those kind of writers to bring life back to these threads that at one time were a huge success. PM me or email me: darthgroovy@yahoo.com if you need any additional info. Also Reb knows more about what's going on than I do! :D

10-20-2002, 09:31 AM
Well, I guess I'll give you a little snippet of what the Academy Wars involved (from my writing point of view). This extract is approximately 20 chapters into Episode 1, and sees my character faced against a Dark Sith Lord. Enjoy:)


"It was foolish of you to come here, Darklighter" as he turned around slowly, the figure was in full view, standing at the entrance through which he had come. "You are only delaying your iminent death." It was Shadow Angel, Darth Dominance, Divine Spirit's sith lord companion. He was tall, his thick, long cloak pitch dark, his hood covering his face.

"You cannot win" he said in a low, foreboding voice that shattered the silence.

"We will see" came Darklighter's response. "You may have power, but you lack the spirit of a Jedi. You cannot foresee your victory while we are still alive, Shadow" his voice now deep, he was circling around shadow, his hand inches away from his saber hilt.

"You speak as if there is still hope left for your kind" he replied menacingly. "We will see if you are right, Admiral" he began to close in on Darklighter, they were both walking to confront each other. "You know you will not win this battle. The darkside is the only way out. Join us Tidus. You know it is the only option."

"The only option if you are weak enough to give in!" he shouted, as the tension mounted Shadow's face was grim and smirk less.

"Fool!!" he quickly drew his lightsaber. In a split second he leapt into the air towards Darklighter, his brandished red saber gleaming with malice. Darklighter was too quick. Before the saber could strike him, his orange-white saber was drawn to block the attack. They locked, Shadow's teeth gritted together, Darklighter's eyes glaring beneath his low brow. Shadow flung himself backwards to land on the ground a few metres away.

He ran at Tidus again, swiping to his left. He parried the attack, and ducked to avoid the next swipe across his head. Darklighter spun, circling in the air just in time to avoid Shadow's deadly upercut. He landed, and they faced each other again. Full of anger, Shadow ran at him, his blade high above his head, ready to strike. This he did not foresee. As he brought hi ssaber down as he ran, Darklighter dodged to the side. Everything moved in slow motion. Shadow ran passed and missed, and Darklighter brought his saber down upon his back.

With a cry he fell. "Curse you, and your Academy!" he yelped. The shuttle was just in time. It cruised overhead, guns ready, firing at Darklighter. he dodged them and dived behind the bunker out of view. Shadow crawled to his feet, and the shuttle ramp lowered.

"We will meet again!" He cried, as he climbed aboard the caft, injured and limping. Darklighter knew this was only the beginning. He would have to face him again, but not yet. Holstering his saber, he climbed aboard the speeder bike, and raced back to his comrades.


edit - you should really consider joining the Academy Jedi_Monk, it would be cool to have someone with your writing talent there (not belittling anyone...everyone was great in the AW:))...just OM obi-wan13 (the Principal) and he will see if you can join:)

10-20-2002, 09:46 AM
I wrote a, what I think it anyway, a very good EPIII fanfic. It can be foundhere (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=57258).

It's pretty long, and I doubt you'll want to read ALL of it.