View Full Version : HQ map for clan Needed!

Sephiroth CR
10-21-2002, 08:47 PM
Ok. I am here to request an Headquarters map for my clan (Clan Raptor). I posted a thread a while ago for an HQ map and I am here to expand on that. First I would like it to have dueling rooms ( around 4 and I would like for each one to be different. Example: 1 would be just a normal dueling room while another may be a platform with acid below), a meeting room ( a higher place for the announcer to stand on with stadium seating around that), a medical facility with healing items of all sort, a detention facility ( about 6 holding cells), a courtyard ( should be large with weapons lying around), a some offices ( about 4), some living quarters ( about 6 rooms each looking nicely), a court ( the person being prosecuted is put on a trap door with glass walls sliding up around so he can't escape. I f he is innocent he is let go, but if guilty, long way down!:D ), a lounge and bar, a library, an area out back, and a large outside area for FFA to take place, and finally an outside Security Tower where u can see through Security Cameras around the building and lock the entrance to the building ( to keep unwanted people out).

Remember, this i a FFA map so make it large with a lot of places to fight. Also, you may design the building anyway u like.

Plese post if you want to contribute any ideas or if u want to make the map!

I would really appreciate it if someone made this map for my clan!

Sephiroth CR
10-22-2002, 07:44 PM
Just so you know if anyone feels like doing it, I will give much more detail and blueprints.

Also, who ever decides to make this map will fully credited.
Also I might even be able to help out a bit, since I know a TINY, tiny being the key word here, about makin maps.:D