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10-24-2002, 10:53 AM
Who would win??? I think this is a pretty Even match. Considering Luke was able to 0wn Vader with minimal training.

I think Luke would win. What do you think?

10-24-2002, 01:07 PM
Who would win??? I think this is a pretty Even match. Considering Luke was able to 0wn Vader with minimal training.
...Own Vader...?

No. Vader wanted Luke turned to the Dark Side, we never, in the original trillogy, saw Vader actually trying to kill Luke in a lightsaber duel. Vader was always going easy on Luke. And when Luke had Vader on the defensive, Luke had gone all Dark Side Psychotic--he was using Rage, man.

Darth Maul would not go easy on Luke. Darth Maul has been training constantly with a lightsaber for more than twenty years. Darth Maul uses a double bladed lightsaber.

Bye, bye, Luke :wave:


10-24-2002, 03:12 PM
Yep, even though i am not a fan of Darth Maul, i think that Maul would win it pretty easy... Luke is not a real Jedi in RotJ. At least, he would't survive long in a real duel against a sith.

10-24-2002, 04:05 PM
Let me see here...

Lord Darth Maul, greatest swordsman and hate-fuelled Dark Lord of the Sith trained under the grand master of the dark side, Darth Sidious, armed with a double-bladed lightsaber and the full extent of the dark side of the Force.

Luke Skywalker, pathetic weakling who is not even fully fledged as a Jedi until he defeats Darth Vader, trained by a ghost of an old man and a tiny backwards-talking imp, armed with single-bladed lightsaber and minimal Force powers.



Darth Kaan
10-24-2002, 07:14 PM
Dunno, Luke could pull one of those Obi won super flip while force pulling a saber to him wild swings and cut Maul in half....

Seriousely, one vs one Maul would own him.

10-24-2002, 08:09 PM
Again clouded is your mind from the Dark. Vader kind of let Luke win, yes. But Luke was just mad at Vader during the final clash. He just wanted to wack him. So he did.

Luke Skywalker: Trained one on one by two of the greatest Jedi Masters ever. One of them being the one and only Yoda! He was trained mainly how to use the Force, not wield a saber. Mastering the Force itself and resisting the Dark is more important. After ep6 Luke becomes a true Master of the Force and is virtually unstoppable. No Dark Jedi can beat him. Not Cbaoth, not Desann, no one.

In ep6 when Anakin throws Sidious into the core, hes no cowardly wimp! How do you think he so easily pick up Sidious and held him there. The Light in Anakin hurt Sidious and made him unable to move. Did you see the pain on Sidious face? He was screaming! All he could do was spray lightning eventually hurting Anakin badly. But Ani held in there and finished the job. THAT my friends is the true power of the Force, the Light.

So in short Sidious said,"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":crybaby: Ya some tough guy he turned out to be.:rolleyes:

But still to give all you Dark fans credit, the Sith and the Dark Jedi are not pushovers at all. Yoda said after all, "Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor, or suffer your fathers fate you will.":yoda:

10-24-2002, 11:50 PM
After ep6 Luke becomes a true Master of the Force and is virtually unstoppable. No Dark Jedi can beat him. Not Cbaoth, not Desann, no one.
1. this is a movie debate, keep the EU out of it.

But... if you really want to dredge up the EU, I'm up to the challenge. C'baoth kicked Luke's butt. Luke would've been slaughtered by Luuke (who thought that double-vowels was a good way to denote clones?) had Mara Jade not saved him (Did the Emperor accidentally extend the "u" sound when he issued his last command to Mara? Did he accidentally say: "you will kill LUUUUUUUUUUUKE SKYWALKER"? Because obviously the double vowels sound different, and the name's are obviously spelled differently, so Mara never followed the Emperor's Last Command. Zahn thought he found a loophole, silly author). Also, Mara Jade was the one who killed C'baoth. Drove her lightsaber right through his chest. C'baoth blew up.

Luke did not defeat Desaan. Watch the cutscene again. Luke and Desaan fight, they both fall and Desaan brings a couple tons of metal down on Luke's head and runs for the Doomgiver. If Luke had defeated Desaan, who would Kyle've fought at the end of Jedi Outcast?

And I'll throw out another name... Exar Kun. Exar Kun mentally thrashed Luke and only by the combined efforts of his students, was Exar Kun defeated. Again, Luke is pathetic. And the Emperor Reborn... Luke and Leia and Leia's unbown twins had to combine all of their Force powers to defeat Palpatine (or is that Paalpatine? Or Palpaatine? Or Palpatiine? Or Palpatinee?).

Luke is a truly pathetic Jedi in the EU. I think Lucas intended him to be much more than what these hacks have made him into. But regardless...

In ep6 when Anakin throws Sidious into the core, hes no cowardly wimp! How do you think he so easily pick up Sidious and held him there. The Light in Anakin hurt Sidious and made him unable to move. Did you see the pain on Sidious face?
Dude, Palpatine's lightning was backfiring! He was electricuting himself!


10-25-2002, 06:03 AM
Ah... some defence at last! Yet, from the person I least expected it from. Well well... this is a surprising change of heart, Jedi_Monk: you are defending the dark side of the Force!


Darth Kaan
10-25-2002, 08:33 AM
Originally posted by Holo-Sidious
Ah... some defence at last! Yet, from the person I least expected it from. Well well... this is a surprising change of heart, Jedi_Monk: you are defending the dark side of the Force!


Sounds to me like he is presenting a logical debate, not defending. :D

10-25-2002, 10:50 PM
Perhaps I didnt explain very well. I didnt say Luke defeated Cbaoth or Desann. I said they didnt defeat him. I know Mara killed Luuke and Cbaoth. She took em by surprise when they were overconfident. Remember Luke was not a master at that time. He was still a Knight. Cbaoth was a master. Easy concept. Remember me saying the same thing about Dooku vs Ani and Obi? Master vs Knight...gee I wonder who would win.:rolleyes:

In JK2 when Luke fights Desann, Desann does not defeat Luke. Not even close. Desann escapes. He had been throught the Valley of the Jedi so he was a lot more powerful, but he didnt put a scratch on Luke. Notice how Luke shook his head calmly like he was disapointed in Desann after the quik duel?

All that aside, I agree that some of EU makes Luke look wimpy. But we all know thats not true. George created Luke and Luke rules. Thats that. When I brought in EU I was trying to find examples out of the movies since people think hes a wimp. But that was a bad idea.

If Palpatine electricuted himself did you ever think why? Why would he do that if instead he could pull away and shock Anakin head on? He had lost control because of the power of the Light. He could not move. He lost. The Dark side lost. Luke defeated Vader Dark Lord of the Sith and beat the Dark telling him to kill his father. Anakin defeated Vader, Anakin defeated Sidious, even while being shocked to death.

Im not perfect in my knowledge but I was right about most of this stuff. Please try not to put words in my mouth I really get hurt by that. I know what you Dark side fans are saying. Just pay attention to what I type. Im not dissing you. Im not dissing anyone here. Lets have good clean debates. Not getting at eachothers throats. I dont wanna have to keep leaving threads cause people jump on me when they think Im so blind. Im not. Lets just all settle on what we know is fact. Nothing more. Ill do the same.

10-26-2002, 01:08 AM
I can't believe I'm going to do this but.........I agree with Holo-Sid and the others.

Darth Maul would wipe the damn floor with Luke, he wouldn't know what to do with a sith lord like Maul........


"oooohh Leia, help me!!" -Luke

10-26-2002, 05:12 AM
Hey its war dude. Theres no telling for sure. Sometimes the badguys win sometimes the goodguys win. They both got an equal chance of that killing blow in at the right place at the right time. And it aint really the others fault. Its just war. **** happens.

Im goin to bed.

ET Warrior
10-26-2002, 12:16 PM
Luke would have zero chance against Darth Maul. We'll look at lukes abilities. Trained by Obiwan to block blaster bolts, but never fight in saber combat. He was trained for approximately the amount of time it takes to travel to alderaan. (Not really sure how long that is...but didn't seem very long atall)

Then he is trained by Yoda who's basic goal was to give him strength in the force. When he left yoda he couldn't even lift his X-wing out of the swamp. STILL a crappy Jedi.
Then he goes and fights Vader. Yes, Vader, the one who cannot survive without a full mechanical body suit. Who doesn't have all his real appendages. First confrontation, vader beats luke senseless then cuts off his hand. Poor poor luke. Then in the emperors throne room we hear vader trying to goad luke into joining the dard side because he doesn't want to kill him. Well, luke went over to the darkside......and vader was surprised and off guard as luke was raining merciless hell upon him. And then the emperor kicked luke's ass.

Luke is a very good jedi for the limited training he had. But Darth Maul had a LOT of training and would eat luke alive.

10-26-2002, 12:44 PM
Saber to saber yes. Luke is a brand new Jedi in ep6. Maul would have been a Sith much longer. Maul would win a saber fight agaisnt Luke during the time of ep6. Brand new Jedi vs long time skilled Sith. Easy prediction. After ep6 we know Luke has to get better. If EU never happened we still know he would become a great master and rebuld the Jedi Order. Thats his purpose. Then he would be unstoppable by Maul or any Dark Jedi. I rest my case.

ET Warrior
10-26-2002, 07:48 PM
I think Luke would not have become unbeatable after ROTJ. How will he learn? Who will teach him? He doesn't have 800 years to learn how to use the force well.....i'm guessing maybe 80 more. Darth Maul had direction and guidance his entire life. Maul wins, superior skills and knowhow. (And a wicked saber to go with it)

10-27-2002, 11:20 AM
Even if Luke somehow managed to slice Darth Maul's weapon in half (which would never happen in a million millenia), Maul would still destroy the Jedi with ease. Luke Skywalker is perhaps the worst swordfighter in the entire Star Wars saga, and Darth Maul is indeed the best (alongside Count Dooku, but both have entirely different fighting styles and cannot really be compared fairly).


Sarlacc Food
10-27-2002, 12:11 PM
whoa"!!!! what a stupt question...! Maul would could kill him witout his lightsaber... ( by force )

ET Warrior
10-27-2002, 01:57 PM
Originally posted by Sarlacc Food
whoa"!!!! what a stupt question...! Maul would could kill him witout his lightsaber... ( by force )

That one i kind of doubt.......Darth Maul didn't seem to be that powerful with his force attacks.....he pushed obi wan and threw a broken droid body at some door controls. Other than that he was just a fighter.....Luke would beat Darth Maul if Luke was armed and Maul wasn't.....but if they both were.......seeya Luke

10-27-2002, 02:43 PM
Originally posted by Sarlacc Food
whoa"!!!! what a stupt question...! Maul would could kill him witout his lightsaber... ( by force )

In this case I don't think Maul would have a chance......like Et said, his force powerers were not good at all and little Luke could have shown him the power of the force.

I do think that Maul was born with a saber in hands and most likely it would be a difficult thing to get hit away from him.

10-27-2002, 07:15 PM
i think maul would beat luke in a saber duel, i mean lets face it luke has the elegance of a blind elephant trying to hit a fly with a cat and what force powers did we see him use, force jump, force pull and, well i think that's about it.

10-27-2002, 07:26 PM
George Lucas didn't have the means to portray as good fighting in the old movies.

The way I see it, Luke was very powerful, more powerful then Darth Maul. Maul probably was trained better, though. So a 1on1, Maul might win.

That's just my opinion, I may be wrong. But I dislike when everyone pretends to KNOW what is right. It's all speculation on a movie. If GL decided to make Episode 6 in 2005, I'm sure Luke Skywalker would be a much better fighter...He'd probably have a 2 sided lightsaber, as well.

See what I mean? It's not an exact science.

10-27-2002, 08:21 PM

Enjoy your time around here!! Tell your friends about it too! :D

Some ppl will have gifts for you, just be careful about what gifts you take from who...:giggle1: (you may understand what that means one day, for now don't worry).

Also, if you are interested, come and check out the swamp....it's @ jkII.net......or you could just click on the link in my sig....have fun!! :p

10-28-2002, 09:47 AM
i also believe that in a 1on1 duel maul would win from luke. although luke was well trained i think maul was better trained in the ways of using a saber and thats whats important in a 1on1. so again: maul wins.

10-28-2002, 08:09 PM
Ok, there's going to be a tad of EU-ishnes, I'm just going to say that outright so please don't flame me.

Anyway, Luke hardly had any training. We all know that if Vader honestly wanted to kill him, he would have. Though I suspect that (and this is where it turns somewhat EU) the will of the force was involved in his defeating Vader.

We all know good and well that Maul would have OWNED HIM! He took on a jedi master and an extreemly strong padawan at once, and he almost won anyway! Will of the force or not, if maul was in the mood to just get it over with and wasn't going to play around, it would be over in a matter of minutes, if that.

You would probably have even more respect for maul than you already have if you have read the book "Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter." Awsome book, go check it out at your local library. It does an excellent job of setting up The Phantom Menace. Worth the read.

10-28-2002, 09:12 PM
lol, I've been here awhile. note the "may 2002" part... Just havn't posted ;)

Anyways, I don't know much about Darth Maul, except what I saw in the movie. And Episode I (i'm sure this has been said many times) sucked.

Of course, GL attmempted to spice it up with an acrobat like DM, but It didn't help much. I thought it was quite bad...

On the contrary, Episodes 4-6 are quite good. This will bias my opinions alot, of course. But I just like Luke alot more then all the characters in Episode 1-2...

That's just my opinion though, and your entitled to your own.

10-28-2002, 09:21 PM
Right, I did notice that after I had made my post......just too lazy to go back and edit it I was! :thumbsup:

Anyways, you should post more......I like the avatar! ;)

10-28-2002, 09:27 PM
I will attempt to do so. :)

10-28-2002, 10:36 PM
Its kind of crazy how people have gotten so obsessed with nit picking every detail in the movies and turing it into something else. What do you think George would say about all this bickering? "Oh the Dark is better, youre a n00b, shut up Luke sucks what a *****, Anakin cheated, what a loser, Dooku is better than any Jedi, stfu Dark lover, Luke cant fight worth ****, I know EVERYTHING!!"..........:disaprove

It seems fans have twisted SW into a confusing world wide controversy over Dark vs Light. Like a freaking video game! SW is NOT JK2. Dont treat it like it is.<---Thats an analogy people.

Take SW for what it is, a movie. What happens in the movie is fact and its right there in front of you. George is not hiding stupid little meanings in there from you. That makes no sense. Take the movies for what they are. What you see and hear is what happens. What it says it means is what it means, nothing more. What George says goes.

The OT was made from 77 to 83. Nick Gillard was not the stunt coordinator. The saber fights were not as fast and intense or "elegant" as in the PT. Also George said in the OT you saw amature farm boys, old men, and half machine men wielding sabers. You didnt see the Jedi in their prime. Those were the dark times.

"Hard to see the Dark side is."-Yoda

"Fear is the path of the Dark side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."-Yoda

"I think it is time we informed the Senate that our ability to use the Force has diminished."-Mace Windu

"The Dark side of the Force has clouded their vision"-Count Dooku
(This happened Im sure because Palpatine over the course of many decades very slowly influenced the Jedis Force intuition with the Dark until the Jedi started to notice that their vision was very clouded.)

But..."Much to learn you still have."-Yoda

"Vader was seduced by the Dark side of the Force."-Obi-Wan Kenobi

"There is a new enemy. Luke Skywalker. He could destroy us."-Emperor Palpatine

"A Jedi uses the Force for Knowledge and defense, never for attack."-Yoda

"Is the Dark side stronger?" "No, no."-Luke Skywalker and Yoda

"Once you start down the Dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor or suffer you fathers fate you will."-Yoda

"You dont know the power of the Dark side. I must obey my master."-Darth Vader

"Your hate has made you powerful. Now fulfill your destiny and take your fathers place at my side."-Emperor Palpatine

"Never. Ill never turn to the Dark side. You failed your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."

Now, we have never yet seen nor heard anything that says either side of the Force is more powerful than the other. So they could be equally powerful, just in different ways maybe. As I said before, its like war. Good vs Evil. You win some you lose some. What matters most is who wins the war. And the Light won. In the end the Jedi beat the Sith.

Are you all really fans of evil or just the coolness of the baddies of SW? Or have you gotton confused and think, "Evil will always triumph because good is dumb."-Dark Helmet:D

10-28-2002, 10:59 PM
Lol on that Dark Helmut comment! What a great movie! :D

I've also never seen anyone line up quotes like that before either!. But seriously, there is no need to get all worked up man, we all have our opinions on certain things and cussing and holloring is doing anyone any good at all......

10-28-2002, 11:28 PM
I wasnt cussing and holloring and certainly not dissing you. My post wasnt an opinion. It was factual. Did something make you think I was dissing people?:confused:

10-28-2002, 11:43 PM
I know it wasn't at me.....I also know that you weren't targeting anyone in particular. It was a general statement and I realize that.......I've just never seen those comments you are refering to, that's all.

Count Dooku 2
10-30-2002, 05:49 AM
On Darth Maul's Force powers:
Darth Maul could also jump really high. On the deleted lightsaber duel scene (on the DVD, at the end of the Deleted Scene documentry), Maul flips upwards to another level of the power station, which is really high.

On Luke Skywalker:
Remember Yoda's comment here:

"Then I am a Jedi!"
"No! One thing remains... Vader!"

Luke was not a Jedi until he defeated Vader by lopping off his hand, so it depends which Luke duelles with Maul: the Jedi, or the non-Jedi? Either way, Maul would own Luke: he had years and years of training, Luke had a couple of days in a swamp.

ET Warrior
10-30-2002, 10:25 PM
ACtually, in response to jedinyt, most movies ARE intended to be infered into. You aren't supposed to just look at exactly what is shown and take that and nothing else from the movie. Star wars is, at it's base level, a struggle of good versus evil. So it's quite natural to choose which side you think deserves to win, based on factors that you have seen and analyzed.

If we just took what we saw for what it was and didn't question or analyze, there would be no point in having a star wars discussion forum. :cool:

11-01-2002, 04:26 AM
Analyze logicaly. Not down through the artery (sp?). If you do you end up with a big bloody mess. Since I cant speek to you all personally some of you may not fully understand my posts. It type not spoken words. So if I leave a tiny detail out then dont conclude I disaprove of the detail. Its a given to think into the movie. If you didnt then you wouldnt understand the whole story. Casually put facts together and create theories if you will, but keep them theories! You all know what Im talking about I dont know why I have to keep reexplaining all this. Look Ive got nothing more to prove. Lets drop the worn down digging tools and talk about stuff like star fighters on the recent thread I put up. Or go make a new fresh subject. ;)