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10-27-2002, 10:27 PM
you have 3 wishes, use them wisely,

anyone says "wish for more wishes" or any like that then i will....urm, well i'll... er.. post a nasty smilie!


mine are
1. lots and lots and lots of money
2. land a large roll in Ep III
3. that i could play every musical instrument perfectly

Boba Rhett
10-27-2002, 10:31 PM
1. Super Powers

2. Endless supply of money

3. All the things everyone else in this thread wishes for, that are good. :D

10-27-2002, 10:32 PM
Wish for more Wishes!! - Jk! :lol:

Wish 1: Be a Jedi (lightsaber included) and beable to use the force)
Wish 2: I owned Slave 1 trough 5
Wish 3: Unlimited supply of cash!

Yah yah, i have no life, bite my avater! Jk again!

10-27-2002, 10:34 PM
1. Money
2.Be talented at everything
3.Can not get killed but could die from age. And only age, no internal diseses.

Those are mine, but they aren't really official.:)

10-27-2002, 10:35 PM
1. Happiness.
2. Another genie/Wish provider.
3. Unlimited LF time.

10-27-2002, 10:35 PM
1. To have absolute knowledge of everything - past present and future.

2. To be able to do anything I wanted like a professional (ex. play the piano like a pro, sing like a pro, draw, etc).

3. Immortal and unable to be hurt/get sick

10-27-2002, 10:37 PM
ok i want to swap

3. that i could play every musical instrument perfectly

with being a jedi (what was i thinking??!!)

and JandoFett1842

:jarjar: the nastiest smilie i could find

but as you were only joking i will post this one :D as well

10-27-2002, 10:42 PM
1. Good health
2. A good, long, meaningful life
3. A good, long, meaningful life for my children.

10-27-2002, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by JEDI_Anakin_S
1. To have absolute knowledge of everything - past present and future.

i think that would drive you insane

10-27-2002, 10:51 PM
common guys, money, thats only material things. lets be creative here.

1. a night with natalie portman
2. mind trick to pursuade natalie
3. win the role of anakin so i can make out with natalie and mess up the kissing scene on purpose so i can keep kissing her.

nah just playin'

1. ability to fly
2. ability to control people's mind
3. ability to communicate with animals (that would be kool)

Jah Warrior
10-27-2002, 10:59 PM
1:- I'd wish for my own plot of land with house in the middle of nowhere.

2:- I wish that io could meet my grandad that died when my mum was young.

3:- I'd wish that my hamster had a lifespan of 70 yrs and could talk too.

10-28-2002, 12:04 AM
1. superior intellect to solve major problems/situations
2. to be a professional golfer
3. I guess I'd like more money to live life freely with less stress

10-28-2002, 12:30 AM
1 - Wish that all human kind attained the wisdom to understand the destruction we cause with the pain they cause with selfish action, to the degree that they must turn away from such actions and embrace a higher state of being.

2 - Wish all Human kind discovered a new system of Government that allowed for all to live well and follow their interests instead of working to pay bills

3 - Superior Athletic ability, cannot be injured.

(I figure with peace on earth and no work, I should be able to play a sport!)

Sarlacc Food
10-28-2002, 04:46 AM
mine are...

1. umm eh..i was the smartest dude ever... (NO SChOOL)
2. i was the richest ddue ever...
3. i would be a jedi..

eh..... :D

mima kake
10-28-2002, 06:15 AM
1. every body telling the truth
2. world peace
3. People start thinking about wishing for others instead of their selfs:D

10-28-2002, 07:50 AM
1) World peace...
2) Infinate money
3) Live for ever, couldnt feel pain

Clemme w/Stick
10-28-2002, 08:00 AM
Heres my 3 wishes:

1: Be a Jedi, with Lightsabers and Force Powers :D

2: World peace, maybe with Jedis as the keepers of Peace.... :D

3: Endless supply of money...YAY!! MONEY!! :D

Enjoy those for a while!!


10-28-2002, 08:47 AM
My turn:

1. More money than I could spend in three lives
2. A machine which makes time-travelling possible
3. The ability to fly

10-28-2002, 08:59 AM
Originally posted by mima kake
2. world peace

miss netherlands!:p

1. i want to be a jedi (so that i can help OTHER people)
2. have a real lightsaber (dunjo how to help others with it:D )
3. can fly by myself (i can catch jumping people!)


mima kake
10-28-2002, 10:54 AM
Yeah master I know it's a cliché

But most of the cliché 's are thru:D

BTW Mister netherlands would I prever to be Oh master:D

Darth Groovy
10-28-2002, 11:16 AM
1. Drew Barrymore as my bride.
2. 2 kids
3. A good paying long term job in the IT field.

Sarlacc Food
10-28-2002, 11:28 AM

Drew barrymore is tom greens wife... u wouldnt kill him.. right??
he is so damn funnY!!!!

10-28-2002, 11:33 AM
1. To be a famous actor.
2. To have a lot of money.
3. To have Spiderman's powers;)he's just so damn cool lol

10-28-2002, 12:32 PM
1. to fly without wings (this is a must, ive always wanted this one)
2. to be somewhat rich, but not superrich
3. to have every super powers, and when new ones are developed, to gain those too

10-28-2002, 01:57 PM
There's a few things i'd like to try out.

1. To remove the concept of time from peoples minds and see if we can still be sentient.

2. I'd like to change my senses into something different ie a sense of smell as sensitive as a dogs, the ability to see all types of light. What if we could see sound instead of hearing it.. stuff like that.

3. A lightsaber. :)

Skate Boy
10-28-2002, 02:27 PM
1. Not to have Lots of money but to always reach in you wallet and pull out however much you need.

2.To be a Jedi Master.:saberb:

3. Super Powers from every superhero.:D

10-28-2002, 03:02 PM
1. Ample money to keep me in nice cars etc.

2. a certain person to live with me (unnamed ... unknown)

3. i like jahs idea of house n land .... id like mine sumwhere coldish ... like siberia :)

10-28-2002, 03:07 PM
1. Jedi Powers
2. Infinite wealth (to purchase my own country)
3. Time Travel capabilities