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Darth Eggplant
11-01-2002, 06:35 AM
I never did hear from you about what you thought of my stargate, number 2 page I made, but then again, I remember you hate my artwork:eek: oh well most hate the way I post anyhow, Metallus this is a good time for you to post after me and trash my post and Thrik you can edit my post with your with your high vaunted priveledged Mod powers, now there is Black and White for you 8 a game with two covers one black and one white the good god's (or rather mods ie 8 of 12, Tall Guy xGrimx) and then the dark gods (Metallus and Thrik)

11-01-2002, 07:41 PM
No, although that isn't such a bad idea. I might try and get a video together for the next Nightlight Production. I don't know how Stanley and Lawrence would react to a camera in the studio though. :S

And Darthy, I did send you a reply. The Stargate looks much different from what I've imagined it as, the VIP pass looks pretty cool, and Number Two looks really really freaky. Didn't say that I didn't like your art, just that it was a very different interpretation. Although the pygmy headhunter made me laugh a fair bit. :)

And lay off on Metallus. This website wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. There wouldn't be Nightlight Productions, there wouldn't be goodies available to download.

As for the cover design, no, no cover like you described. On the front is a picture of the four main characters and the Stargate. On the back is the foyer of the DOD. On the inside is a large stylised picture of Isla Calavera, as well as the track listings and the bonus feature list.

Making icons are a real pain in the neck, but I finally got the bonus features stuff to autoplay when you put the CD in.

11-02-2002, 01:01 AM
I think you've got me messed up with someone else, Darth. I haven't edited any of your posts that I can remember. Whatever the case, I don't appreciate the attitude. Is something bothering you about the site/forums? Please tell me what you are upset about, because I'm in the dark about it.

11-02-2002, 01:08 AM
That's it. Both of you. In the corner now.

Darth Eggplant
11-02-2002, 01:18 AM
well if you want to know, you did not edit one of my posts, but Thrik did. and as for you, well without actually keeping a track record, your posts after mine always start off with a critque of what how or why I post. mainly in a sarcastic way. and as for me being a member??? I really don't know about that, I men newbie deadworms have PM priviledges, and yet I don't and throughout the forum many members have mentioned hey, I tried to PM you and I have responded, my PM does not work, and yet still to this date, no PM for me, so of all the forum I am sort of the weed in the sidewalk. as for 8 of 12 coming to your rescue, I do not hold it against him, you approached him to become a member of the GFN, and yet I asked, wanted to know, begged you for assistance when I started making my site, and no help and no response. geocities was not GFN compatible so what is, nothing, and know after a while Calaverablanca just like the DOD's travellers guide is out there totally indie and not part of the GFN at all. never have you sadi boo about my site, not nice work, I like it, I hate it nothing. and my site use to (note use to) have links to the GFN on more than the majority of the pages, and still nothing from you, and now even still you can url dead (no pun intended sites) which are part of the GFN. oh they no longer show up on the forums main hosted site page, but they are still there, and they are abandoned. filled with links and promises of downloads that do not exist any longer, and yet I am working on a site which has tons of GF material and is growing and expanding all the time, and I am not part of the GFN. yet any time now some new deadworm will join up and begin a fan site and you will most likely indoctrinate it into the cannon.

well whether you like my site or me or not is not the issue. You have never made any move towards making me a true part of the GF forum community.

I told Gendo privately that I was thinking of coming back, he said well he enjoys my company as such and so do some others, as I enjoy their company.

anyways you wanted to know there it is.

11-02-2002, 02:50 AM
All Right. Well, you PMed me once about Calaverablanca months ago, so I'll try to straighten this situation out for you. My policy about hosting sites is that I usually don't reply unless I'm willing to host the site. If you want to press me for an opinion, I will say that the site's idea is original, but the page navigation didn't sit well with me and the layout needed work. Also, I'm worried that there's little to no room for updates.

Anyway, you need to re-examine a lot of what you said in that post. I'm sure you're frustrated about my lack of reply, but I think some of your anger is unwarrented.

First of all, I doubt that I am to blame with your difficulty with the Lucasforums PM system. You're only bringing it to light now, and even now you're not being very specific about your problem. What you should have done would to post your problem in the Help/Feedback Center on Lucasforums with specifics, rather than trying to using it to mount an attack on me.

Secondly, who are the "deadworms" of which you speak? I can only assume from your post that they are those who you consider to be new to the community, or have gotten hosting on the GFN too soon, in your opinion. I'll use Nightlight Productions as an example, since it is the most recently hosted site. You should not assume that the webmaster is a "dead worm". 8 of 12 has been around the GF community for years. He has worked on Grim Fandango Central and the main Network site before getting hosting on the network, as well as writing several pieces of fan fiction. And what can I say? His radio drama idea knocked me off my feet!

The old, dead hosted sites that you mentioned are going to be dropped when the GFN changes domain names, which is why they are removed from the list. Don't be jealous of these derelicts just because they're hosted for now.

Bleh, I'm bored of this whole discussion. I'll make this quick. Don't resort to pettiness, it's not convincing or cute. Don't try to demand that I host your site, or try to make me feel guilty because of my opinions or LFN hosting policy. Don't tell me what I have or haven't done to "make you part of the GFN community". You simply do not know the half of what I've done.

If you need to say something further, post it in feedback or e-mail me (metallus@lfnetwork.com).

11-02-2002, 09:20 AM
Okay. Sorry about this, but I'm going to have to open this thread for a moment.

Thanks so much for dragging this into my forum, Darth. Appreciate it, guy.

Nightlight was originally hosted on sevspace.com, where my other websites are. It was up there for about a month. Heck, it wasn't even Nightlight then, it was called Tierra de los Muertos. So it was around, but it didn't become what it is until GFN offered to host it.

So I didn't come from nowhere. I spent two years trying to get Tierra off the ground and recorded. I've been around in the GFN since before it was the GFN!

You can't expect to shoot for the stars and hit them on the first go. Every website has to start somewhere. My oldest website, The Galactic Handbook, was one of the sorriest things I've ever seen five years ago. And it started out on geocities as well.

Okay. Is that over with? Good? Good. You two continue this in e-mails. Keep my forum out of it. Ta muchly.