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11-04-2002, 05:47 PM

I was wondering that, how do you do that nice side leap, that those reborns do? You know? And one other thing: Where can i download green light saber? That's my favourite color, after red... Thanks.

04-06-2003, 10:25 PM
Hi Aran_Linvail,

Ok first off you dont have to download any sabers, I assume you know how to open the conole ( for entering cheats) if not well this how to do it : hold Shift and ~ keys first off type

bind z devmapall this will allow all cheats next type

bind x (or any unused key on your keyboard ) like this

bind x sabercolor green press Enter, close consol

shift and ~ key again rock on now you have a green saber ;)

so every time you play just hit z to enable cheats and x and voila your saber is green :D

as for me I’m a lefty so I have all my force powers on my num pad and I have bound this because it sux to have to type it ever time you play Yes, No?

bind z devmapall
bind x god
bind c give all
bind v setforceall 5 (cool mind trick stuff full force power +)
bind b g_SaberRealistcCombat 5 ( realistic saber so be careful of allies
{ case sensitive })

i hope this helps

svösh ;)