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11-04-2002, 06:39 PM
I finally figured out how to get my mp3 into the game (thanks for the help on that one). Now I have it working, I have to turn my speakers way up to hear it. I heard that if you re-record the mp3 at a higher volume, it will fix the problem, well, does anyone know how to do that one? Thanks! :newbie:

11-06-2002, 05:50 PM
First, I'd like to say that your problem is pretty common. I have had to redo a number of skins I've downloaded to compensate for this problem.

Recording an MP3 is the same as recording on a stereo cassette recorder.

You may need to re-record your MP3's but if the sound level wasn't too low when you originally recorded them, you might still be able to just edit them.

To work with sound files (in this case MP3's) you'll need a sound editor. I recommend Cool Edit, but you can use the little sound recorder that comes with Windows and it should work just fine.

The key is to get the volume of the sound wave as -or close to as- loud as you can WITHOUT distorting the sound. Basically, if you can't hear it -it's too low. If it sounds like some guy screaming through a CB radio -it's too high.

You can edit your recording in Windows Sound Recorder under the 'Effects' menu. Here's an editing tip: It's works better to raise the volume level of your recording than to lower it. If your sound level was too high when you recorded it and it distorted, you cannot remove the distortion by editing -you'll have to redo it.

Here's a couple more tips: bassy sounds don't come through in games as well as sounds with more treble. In fact I usually EQ my sounds to have more high-end because you can hear them better during game play.
Another tip: Keep your MP3's as short as you can (while still having them sound the way you want). Doing this conserves memory. Same rule goes for the recording quality of your MP3. Keep the recording quality as LOW as you can and still have it sound good. Don't make a 'stereo' recording, when a 'mono' recording will do. Doing this makes the difference between having a sound that takes up only 50kb, versus one that hogs up 3MB.
Now of that pertains to your original question, but if you keep it in mind it, it will help you make better sounds for the game.

If all else fails, give me your Email address and I'll let you email me your MP3's and I'll fix 'em up for ya. :D

Good luck, and happy recording!

11-06-2002, 09:02 PM
*gives him some money* and make this post a sticky too!