View Full Version : post your ideas for SW style song paradys

11-11-2002, 03:42 AM
myself, I find both wierd al and this guy: www.theforce.net/songbook insanely great, but any farce of a song is ok in my book:D

this is the thread to post your ideas about songs you would like(both the source song, and the modified concept) and if people think its good, we will try and write the whole redone song.

now that I have written this, I just drew a blank on any ideas.

this sucks.

tomorow when I can think without needing pen and paper, I will post my idea.;)

11-11-2002, 04:42 AM
In An X-Wing (In The Navy - Village People)

In An X-Wing, You can blow up a Death Star
In An X-Wing, You can go far
In An X-Wing, You can kill a Sith
In An X-Wing, you can become a myth

It's Just Like, It's Just Like, It's Just Like Beggars Canyon...

As for most of the song, you can make small changes to make it fit the SW universe.

You Can't Stop The Empire (You Can't Stop The Music - Village People)

You Can't Stop The Empire, Nobody can stop the Empire
To blow up a Death Star, now, that is hard...
As much as you try in vain, it ain't that easy to do