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11-12-2002, 01:01 AM
Have any of you seen the Ring?

No, not that one, the original Japanese version, or any of its sequels or prequels
You could say the remake as well. I recently just got into comparing all of these movies that consist of: The Ring, The Ring(American remake), The Ring (Korean Remake), The Ring 2, RASEN: Ring spiral, and Ring 0.

I have not seen the Korean remake, The Ring 2 or Ring 0. But all of the other ones i have and boy are they interesting. According to the original, I liked the American remake just a bit better. The remake was scarier, but the original Samarah(or Sadako) was by far the freakiest.

But my favorite of all of them is RASEN Ring: Spiral. That put a scientific twist on things and was really creative, well acted, and well directed. But it remained a little untrue to the original story, but I don't mind that, it was really cool.

Tell me more of what you know of these movies, and you;re opinion if you've seen any of them