View Full Version : Q radiant/JK radiant Textures compatibility throughout tutorial

11-14-2002, 01:21 PM
Hi all

I am learning JKradiant throughout tutorial across the web but they are almost none for jkradiant and all for quake, so even 80% similar they are some trouble concerning textures which follows (must precise i don't have q3 radiant) :

1-Textures in jk are classed by planets/areas (bespin, yavin), it looks like in q3 its classed by kind (sfx, liquids, fogs,etc), so its sometimes hard to find a particular effect /texture (ex : the fog of yavin which i don't find yet !!)

2-as i said before where are FOGS? (volumetric and so on as said in rich diesal 's tutorial)

3-where is the ORIGIN texture which enables the func_rotating to operates (as said in bubba's tutorial)? i didn't find it yet either

4-does it exists a LIST of all textures? (shadered and so) for it would be easier to search after the one you want