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11-15-2002, 01:48 AM
In the movies and books of Star Wars they always say that the light side is more powerful than the dark. My question is why? I know the dark side starts to "eat you up" after a while because of all the negative karma but so? Palpatine developed cloning and for a long time got around that little problem.

When Darth Maul fought Qui and Obi it took one of the best saberists and his padawan to kill the padawan of the dark side. Remarkabely Obi killed him (still trying to figure that one out). Then when Vader came about he killed thousands and thousands of jedi. 1 man vs thousands? That would suggest that the dark side is greater than the light side wouldn't it?

When Dooku fought Yoda it was a draw. They were both masters of the force even though Dooku was considered the apprentice to Palpatine. What would have happened if Palpatine ever faced Yoda? Would Yoda have died?

Even when Palpatine "died" at the end of the series it wasn't Luke the all time good guy who beat him. It was his dark evil apprentice Vader who had a glimmer of love and kindness. Evil defeated evil.

Palpatine even created a shrowd against all the jedi so their perceptions would be lessened and Yoda could barely fortell the future. Dark stronger than light.

Thoughts? Ideas? How is the light side stronger? I honestly don't know so thanks in advance.


11-15-2002, 01:52 AM
it depends how strong in the force someone is. remember, anakin's midichlorian count was greater than yoda's....and it also depends on how well they are attuned to the force. :D

11-15-2002, 02:38 AM
Well remember that the whole point that Luke was there was to turn Vader to the light side wich he actually did, he didnt come there to kill the Emperor as a main purpose. And about Vader vs. Thousands of Jedis Im sure that Palpatine betrayed the Jedis and kinda sent them out on a mission, where the Separists where. Then he would have maybe come with his Clone Army and attacked the Jedis. Thats what I think. And about Obi Qui vs Maul, I would say that Maul is the best Saberist of all the Jedis and Siths and he did separate them all the time and basiccly tried to get into the room with the pit. This is what I think.

11-15-2002, 04:23 AM
I think, when asked point blank, is the dark side stronger, yoda replied "easier, more seductive" but he never really says yes or no...

Reb Starblazer
11-15-2002, 06:44 AM
To me, yes the Dark Side is stronger, stronger in it's grip, in it's control on you. The Dark Side is using the Force aggressively, using it to kill and maim. The Dark Side makes you God... would you give that up?(Thank you "Red Dragon":D). The Light side however, is all about control, using the Force for good, and for defense of yourself and others. Myself, I think there's a very fine line between the so called Light and Dark sides, mostly because to me the Force is the force, there's no actual "sides" to it as if it was a physical thing, it's all in how you use it.

Originally posted by BigTeddyPaul
Evil defeated evil.

This, is the Light Side's saving grace. Evil defeats evil. Evil is all that is selfish, greedy, and corrupt. Evil will not share, even with other evil. That is the Dark Side's failure. Palpatine was ready to have Luke kill his own father, or vice versa, mostly for his pleasure. He didn't want to share power with 2 people, I higly doubt he even wanted to share it with one. The strength of the light side, is not in the individual. The strength of the Light Side lies within the individual's desire to help the whole, because of that one person's willingness to help, to protect others, and the others desire to help others, and so on. A battle is not won by one person alone. The Dark side is the lesser used of the two, the same way that not everyone on this world resorts to crime. The Light Side is the majority, because most people are good, and do not wish to become evil. Because the Dark side is selfish, it's numbers are limited, while the Light Side grows. But the Dark side is not stronger, nor is the Light, they are both one and the same, the inside of a sphere, not opposite sides of the same coin. Something can not be stronger than itself :D

11-15-2002, 06:49 AM
I must say I think your totally right Reb :D

11-15-2002, 07:07 AM
If you have time..and feel like reading an awesome book get New Jedi Order "Traitor". Traitor explains darkside and lightside, and basically you watch Jacen Solo learn to master a new way of the force that considered the darkside and lightside hallucinations.
"Light side and Darkside, good and evil, are those the only choices?" Heh..good ole Vergere.

11-15-2002, 07:32 AM
From what we are shown in the movies, the Light side of the Force is being a passive user of the Force, the Dark Side an aggressive user of it.

The Light side seems to be looking out for the long term, that there is no goal, ends or events that the Jedi's are waiting to occur. The Dark side is always to usurp who is in power, that there is a goal in mind, and they want certain events to occur. I think with this is why we seem to believe or see the Dark side as stronger. The Sith have a goal, trying to change the status quo, whereas the Jedi want the universe to remain the same....