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11-15-2002, 03:53 PM
HELLO! It's me! I had some pretty good RPGs back at the summer? Remember? No? ... WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!

Anyways, the plot's like this.

Bounty Hunting: The Encounter

"Goka, take that thing out of your nose!" A man yelled.
"But daddy!" The little boy cried.
"Don't you answer back to daddy! R2D2," He turned around and looked at the little :r2d2:, "Please pickup the leftovers".
"Zipo boop bip bump" The robot peeped at the man, while he entered the house. "Shziwoooo!"

The man has entered the patio, entering a spacious, wooden built house. "Yep, those are my life..." The man mummbelled when grabbed a closed :saberg:, "Threpeo!"
"Have you been calling for me, sir?" A :c3po: popped from a door in the wall (NO!).
"Yes, will you please bring me Goka's training equipment? I think now will be a good time too---"

The man stopped talking, when he heared a loud sound from the patio, kind of a space ship landing.
"Damnit! Threpeo, get my transmitter! ASAP!" The man shouted.
He ran outside, opening his lightsaber. It was a small space craft, the inter skeleton would look very much alike to a racing pod, only bigger (kinda like :naboo: that). From the front side of the craft a :fett: jumped down, looking around. He quickly ran to the little kid, Goka, and grabbed him by the waist. The :fett: was kind of hiding behind Goka, so the man wasn't able throw his saber. The man moved his hand quickly, trying to use a Jedi Mind Trick, but the :fett:'s helmet protected him. The craft lowered itself, and the :fett: jumped into the driver's seat, always keeping Goka between him and the man. The last thing the man saw from his son was his screaming face.

The man ran back into the house, quickly grabbed the transmitter from the android, and shouted "Kenobis!" at his last breath.
A little girl's face showed up as a hologram. "This is the Kenobis, how may I help you?"
"Loga! Loga sweety, is daddy there?" The man regained his breath and speaked to her.
"In a minute!" The girl turned around and said, when her voice is getting weaker and weaker, "DADDY! It's Jeb, I think it's import..."
A man's face quickly appeared at the screen, like he hurried up.
"Jebbo, nice hearing from, it's been aw--"
"NO TIME! They took Goka!" Jeb shouted, trying to talk over the other man's shouting. "Bounty Hunter! Waring an old Fett outfit! just jumped off his craft and took Goka! There's no time! NO TIME!! Transmit this to the Jedi Council at Datooine!! Tell them to crew up their best men from the Academy! You know what's in that boy, don't you?"
"Yes, Jeb, I do... I'm sure this is first priority to the Council."
"I gotta go! there's no time, Gab!"
"Go where?"
"To the Jedi Council! I'll need the access to the libary."
"I'll meet you there. Everything will be alright, Jeb."
Jeb thought 'Easy for you to say, you didn't took responsability for the whole universe!', but he didn't say it loud.
"Thanks Gab. I'll see you soon."
Wasn't that interesting? You're playing the sharpest students in the drawer of the Academy. You've been chosen to return this boy safe, and teach that bounty haunter a few things about justice, honor and pain.

Signup Form
Nickname: Your name, only easier to say (hey, it's Star Wars!)
Age: 16-19
Force Speciality: Can you fight with two lightsabers, do a mind trick even through that Fett helmet, drive a racing pod better than Anakin Skywalker or [insert another force power here]?
History / BG / Legacy*:

*Legacy: As you might've noticed, this whole story is years after the star wars books and/or movies, but still characters from it still play a role in it. Explain in which legacy your character belong.

I'll play one too:

Nickname: Notty
Age: 17
Species: Human
Appearence: VERY tall (about 1.95M), VERY tan, muscular, not a fast runner, but very quick and light on the battlefield. Hair is blonde/brown, eyes are brown. Scars: One at the end of his left eyebrow, just a plain --- that sort of continues his eyebrow.
Force Speciality: Very talented with the blaster:
As his granfather tought him before he went to the Jedi Academy. His Jedi reflexes also played a huge part in his love and talent of driving spaceships, especially the Naboo N1 StarFighter:
And for some particular reason, he doesn't like the Millennium Falcon too much, and gave his grandfather alot of dissapoinment.
History / BG / Legacy*: The grandson of Han and Leia Solo. Since he is an orphan, he was adopted by loving Grandparents Leia and Han, and learned alot from them. Some even say he got they're DNA...but that was never proven. From his grandmother, Leia, he learned about the Force and the mysteries of the universe, and about the greatest Jedi of all times (for Leia), which is his grand-uncle, Luke.
From his Granfather, on the other hand, he didn't heard anything about the Force, except for "Luke is a great dude".
In exchange for that info, Han tought him the art of space-crusing and blasting. For Han's surprise, Notty wasn't merely empressed of the Millennium Falcon, but like the Naboo N1 Fighter instead.

That's it.

11-22-2002, 05:50 PM
You posted the exact same thing on starwars stories and forums.

I gave a form. But um... I can't get on the site. It's like full or somthin.

11-23-2002, 02:35 AM
lol, I know I posted the same thing there, I even said so (at THAT post) because most of the members there are past/present/future LucasForums members.

If you can't post the form out here, post it at the forums&stories.

11-25-2002, 05:33 PM
well I will copy it and past it hear as well when I can get on the site. It say's bandwidth limit exeeded. kinda sucks.

But I don't have much to do so I'll try and remember what I wrote and edit it later.

Sine up Form

Name: Alex Snowden

Nickname: N/A

Age: 19

Species: human

Apearence: Red hair(originally Orange) fairly short, 6'0'', Whears red silk tunic and red pants(not silk) with blue cape and black boots( kinda uniform), medium build, Blue eyes

Personality: Honorable, respectful,patient, and Just, Treats people fairly, gets angry when other people are treated badly or unfair but doesn't show it, Self controlled and not easily insulted, ignores insults and threats, good at solving problems and compramising, dosn't talk very much but isn't shy, is carful not to underestamates oponents and learns quickly

Force Specialties: Can talk with animals, High Tele-Kenesis

Wepon skills(I'll add this as an add to force specialties sorta) : owns Mandalorian armour( his father was killed for dawning the armour) but has never worn it, uses powerful wepons, blasters - rocket launchers - tasers - flame throwers - grenades of all kinds - retractable blade devices - vibro axes - and of course a light saber(yellow)

History/bg/leagacy: Born on Courosant, Trained as a Jedi at a young age, left the academy a year ago, just before he was about to take the trials, when he found out his father had been killed, Has been tracking his fathers murderer ever since. Boba Fett is his fathers murder( assuming this doesn't take place to far in the futur, like when boba is 40 or somthin)

okay I edited it all good now.

That good enough for ya?

11-26-2002, 01:38 PM
Hey, hold those force powers! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:!!! The point is that it's force SPECIALITY, which means you can only have 1, 2, or maybe 3. plz edit that.

11-26-2002, 06:08 PM
Opps, kinda got carried away there. I was thinking Force abuilities not just specialties.

Has anyone started on stories and forums or is it as slow as hear?

I still cant get on, damn bandwidth limit!

11-27-2002, 06:59 AM
I know! but I think te host are ugrading it's servers... at least that's what Reaper told me... he also told they'll be up in few hours... lol

11-27-2002, 08:03 PM
((You gave up on all your others after only a couple days. Is this gonna be the same?

If not, you could PM Wraith 8 and ask him to sticky it ^_^))

11-28-2002, 12:12 PM
Redwing, there's something I need to tell you... It's very important...


I'm in no mood for your ego erruptions!

12-02-2002, 05:54 PM
on with the story, nuff spaming :rolleyes:


Alex Snowden shot through space in his late fathers ship. The ship had room in the cocpit for only one and barely more in the main body. Designed for speed the ship blasted faster than any ship Alex had heard of, cept mabee the SLAVE 1, Which Alex had never acctually seen.

Alex gazed at the starstreaks zipping past the ship as it flew through intersteller space. His eyes stared without blinking through the steel/fiberglass viewport costom designed by Kout drive yards at the request of his father.

Alex let his thoughts drift to his recent past. He was a Jedi, though probably expelled from the order due to his abandoning his mentor in a sealed compartment, where he would remain for some time, leaving the acadamy, and braking sevral laws while leaving Corosant without air confirmation, but right now he was somthing else, of which he wasn't quite sure.

Alex's thoughts returned to the present and he chucheled to himself. The light on the monitor blinked and Alex lowered the acceleration leaver. The streaks turned to spots as he returned to realspace. Through the viewport Alex gazed at Dantoine, it's green and blue colors swirled through the steel aloid plexiglass.

A reliable information source and some useful tools would be provided by the freind Alex had on Dantoine. A wonderfull man he was and soon Alex would be enjoing himself. Alex smiled as he recalled the good times they had had. After a long flight from Courosant Alex was looking forward to a shower and good company, being cramed in this ship had deprived him of the social interation he enjoid, soon, he told himself, and then, revenge!

12-11-2002, 12:45 AM
Originally posted by SWGC
Redwing, there's something I need to tell you... It's very important...


I'm in no mood for your ego erruptions!

((sorry to innterupt the......umm.....oh yea.....rpg...:rolleyes: but you are all the same. Oh wow, I'm an all powerfull jedi.....I have 2 sabers and I am all powerfull. And I fly a N-1!! No! I wanna be luke skywalker!!NO! my ship is faster than the slave 1!!! and darth vader gave me his TIE advanced XI!!! I'm sooo cool!!! I don't want a remotly original character anyways!!.))
ehh...now back to the....'story'

12-18-2002, 09:48 PM
I said it was faster than any ship other than the slave one.
but I'm not focusing on the wrong part of the story, I know what you mean, but I don't find it accurate, who's making himself all powerfull?

mabee you should mind your own buissness prodigy!

Alex slowed the ship on it's decent neer the small hut about a mile form any civilized area. He touched down and undid the straps holding him in his seat. He descended the stars and walked the four meter distance of the coridor to the exit hatch at the end. He pressed the red button and the hatch hissed open. Alex dropped down the three foot drop to the ground below. Making sure his lightsaber was secure at his waste, he hustled on to the shack ahead, and to his old friend and information source.