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11-17-2002, 05:34 AM
Ok i'm to the point on this one where I have some shots I can show. Well of The Souls is a I.J. level based on Raiders. Some shots are lighted the others aren't. Duel/FFA/TeamFFA. Here ya go. Break time from that ahem "OTHER" project. lol





the plane is still in the works, props don't hafta be perfect since they spin. You touch u die. Get it? Not totally satisfied with heads on statues. The whole thing is going to be surround by out croppings. If anyone has a solution to how I can make a runway at low speed costs I'm open to ideas. i guess I could extend the brushes a ways and make a drop off?

...I'm gettin there
Nice to see someone made an indy model. very nice. very very nice

Let the flames begin(my new quote on every post in a min)...

11-17-2002, 01:48 PM
its very well, not near finished its a great map dont get me wrong! im an indy fan too but it has no detail right now! u need to make some snakes and the statues in the well just look like big cubes! its a good start but u need detail! and btw Major Clod just finished his Indiana Jones Model and is available at www.jediknightii.net ! keep up the good work!