View Full Version : DF2E Recruting

11-17-2002, 08:51 AM
Hi the DF2 team have the current positions available at the moment that need to be filled ASAP

5+ x Modellers

Are needed to work on various creatures npc enemies and object if you have 3DMAX its a plus.

5+ x Texture and Graphics Artists

Where are looking for people who have knowledge of shaders and who have experience of converting and skinning and Photoshop.

3 x Coders

We need people with C++ (MS Visual C++) skills at medium to expert level sorry no first times or newbies (sorry people orders of the lead coder)

3 x Roq movie makers

We need people with experience of making Roq movies and who can create them from scratch.

Please send proof of previous work and examples as in the past I have had my time wasted by people. There are other positions available


NwO Reaper1576
DF2E Project leader