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11-18-2002, 04:19 PM
This si a game. Just like chinese whispers except with pcitures :D

Right what you gotta do is make a drawing with ms paint quickly and then the next person redraws it differently. By then it mgiht get different because of your bad drawing skills. :D

You gotta pm them a picture of your new drawing. Once they recieve it you should have put a lin kto this thread once you've done that they will hopefully goto the thread and redraw it and send it to someone else.

If the person oyu sent it to doesn't reply within 3 hours then send it to someone esle.

State what number you are like when i psot this oen and send it i will be one, next eprson will be to blah blah blah. go upto 7 then upload your drawing and say what you think it is. So it mgiht turn out i said elephant but he thinks it's a dog.

Once we get to 7 then we start over and the last person uplados a new drawing.

PS: send it to someone who is online :)

I sent mine to Obi Wan 13

If you don't have any webspace to uplaod your pictures i made one for the swamp here.
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Upload all the pcitures you want there and sned them and to not ruin the surprise please don't look at all the pcitures :(