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11-18-2002, 04:25 PM
Her'e's an idea I have for a new Star Wars story. This would be the fourth book in my Neo Sith series. I want to stretch back into the earliest days of spacetravel in the Star Wars universe, and really explore the evolution of intergalactic politics and the beginnings of the Jedi Order. I'd really value input on this!

Eons ago, the Coruscani developed technology that allowed intergalactic travel, and soon they discovered the worlds of Chandrilla and Duro. A fierce holy war erupted between the three worlds, because even as diplomatic ties were being established, hatred festered between their religions.

In the midst of this war, holy men from Coruscant, Duro and Chandrilla came together to formulate a Unified Religion Theory, and after a century of contemplation, meditation, prayer and theorizing, they developed the theory of a Unifying Force. This was the beginning of the Jedi Order, a handful of cloistered monks.

But as enlightenment of the Force came to the Jedi, a primative on one of the moons of Yavin was given knowledge of the Dark Side. Voices spoke to him in his mind and taught him the ways of arcane magic and alchemy. He used this knowledge to empower himself, and soon the entire Yavin System was under his control.

Rising up his temple and tearing apart time and space, he launched an attack against the Triad of Coruscant, Duro and Chandrilla, who sent all of their armies against his dark forces. All three armies were crushed under the Dark Lord's onslaught and the Jedi Order realized that only by the power of the Force could he be defeated.

At this time, the Jedi Order had few Force sensitives included in its numbers, but the threat of the Dark Side overwhelming the universe spurred them to go out in search of people who could use the Force. They gathered these people to their temple on Coruscant where they taught them the ways of the Force, and how the Force could be used for the defense of life. They created an army of warriors devoted to the suppression of the Dark Side: the Jedi Knights.

The Jedi Knights overcame the Dark Lord's armies and forced him to flee back to Yavin IV. The Jedi followed, and on his own homeworld the Dark Lord's power was broken. He sealed his soul to a holocron, his Amulet was left and was buried over the eons, and his scroll of Sith alchemy was captured by the Jedi.

But in the wake of this victory, the Dark Side seduced one of the Jedi, convincing him to steal the scroll for himself and become a new Dark Lord. The Jedi escaped with the scroll, but it was as if the universe itself had turned against him. By the Will of the Force, he found himself in the Tatooine System. In these days, ion engines had not yet been invented, and the favored manor of propulsion was sola sail. These sails were buffeted by contradictory energy from the double suns and, losing control of his ship, the fallen Jedi crashed on Tatooine and was killed.

The Dark Lord's scrolls remained entombed within the Jedi's starship for eons, hidden beneath the ever-shifting sands of Tatooine...

How's that sound? :D


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Nice work, sounds pretty cool keep going, its really good

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sounds really cool and interesting dude! keep up the good work! :thumbsup: :D:D

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Erm, no?
Whats that supposed to mean?! :confused:

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Hmm. Its really good so far. I was wondering, when the Jedi Knights are created in your fic, how will they come across lightsabers?