View Full Version : Looking For Parmach In All The Wrong Places

Darth Eggplant
11-25-2002, 12:23 AM
*just to prove I can be as Mauve
as the next Eggplant can.*


Black Blob stain
on the page of White
Black Bone words
all made to Sing,
all their lives
waiting for the moment
when the Black Ink
sets me free.

Black Lace clinging
to a woman's thighs
Black silken skin
made to touch my desires
waiting for the moment
when the Black Lace
is meant for me.

Black Death streaming
in the midst of Black Night
Isolation and Darkness
meant for me all my life
waiting for the moment
when the Black Angst
releases me.

Black Sabbath,
all those Black Sundays;
Saturdays, Evenings,
Weekends and every Holiday.
Days and Nights waiting
for Jet Black Telephones
Black Words,
and Black Thoughts without you.
So distraught I am;
for in their contours
all I ever sought was You.

Darth Eggplant
11-25-2002, 01:52 PM

Twisted Sisters clip my wings
wrap me round your finger
Life's cruel Mistress
Earthbound Angels
surrounding a mournful shadow
make me Laugh
tug my Heart Strings
make me Lament,
and Cry
Queens in waiting
Pawns in action
Loveless Lovers
Born to Die
catch me glimpsing
Fickle Fatal
Wink of Eyelash
Blood Red Lips
fall on Endless
fall on Hopeless
fall in Love so Mournfully
Clock has Stopped
as Night came Falling
lose Heart
in Love's Dull Ache.

Darth Eggplant
11-26-2002, 06:26 PM

I have seen Wonders
and have Dreamt
I have looked at Life
and felt it all so Temporary
many times I have asked,
what does Love mean to Me?
I have felt the warm glow
of the Sun at Noon
I have felt the softness
of Dew Glistening Meadows
I have often wondered
what Love really means to Me.

Is Love the Purr of a Kitten
a pair of satin laced gloves,
maybe Love is the spell cast
by the Sorceress
maybe Love is your Kiss;
Love is all mixed up.

I have seen the Wonders
of your Elegance
and have Dreamt at night;
of holding you closely.
I have looked at you my Love,
all my Life
for no Earthbound Beauty
by comparison
could ever match your
physical attraction,
no greater magic
could there be
than you.

Is Love
the Hope and Friendship
of Parents and Friends
with their Good Intentions;
Love is Caress
Love is Your Heart Beat
next to Mine.
Love is Two Souls,
You and I.

I have seen Wonders
and have Dreamt a lot
but when I look at Life,
I only see You.

Darth Eggplant
11-27-2002, 06:51 PM

Why have I been the fool
can not forget her
why should I continue on
with the pain?
Why should I just live on
and let her go
why must I be the Pawn
in Loves foolish game

I have no choice
in the moves,
or directions
can not look back,
or retreat
can not Lie
I just move
square to square
and get captured
and as a Pawn every time
I am sure to die

Life is the Game
we all play being pieces
you like me,
just a Pawn
all the same
and as Pawns
we move about
getting captured
but none of us know
what the Game is all about

And in past
how many Pawns
held the answers?
And in past
how many end up
with the key?
In the Game does the Pawn
get the Monarch?
That is why;
My Pawn is Pinned
I can't reach my Queen

Little Pawn,
Little Man
Little Chess piece
Little Woman,
Little Queen
A lot of Pain
Colours Black,
Colours White
does it matter?
We are all Pawns
never destined to be free.

Darth Eggplant
11-28-2002, 11:40 PM

I look out
over plains barren and flat
seeing Renaissance
on the Horizons,
I look back by looking forward
in the night mirrored in the gleam
of exultations
and though at night
the Neon glows quite thrilling
and though the Daybreak brings
Brilliant Sunrise
the morning brings me back
and fills my memory,
with the wonder of your smile
and the Love light burning
in your Eyes
I will remember waiting,

I can not surmise
what is happening to me
it has only been a few days
and I am so Lonely
I feel like it's been Forever
I feel like I am Dead
and blown away
I try to remember
that there comes the day
I count the Hours,
the Days
and won't forget you
for my Love I cannot hide
soon enough to you I will fly
but for now my Heart is aching,

I hurt inside
as much now as I did
when I returned back to our home
and found it vacant
Why then was I such a Fool?
I should have known my absence
would result in your flying from me
for all those months
I wrote, and ached
was faithful
a year past by
since you and I were alone
I came back just to find
your letter waiting
sitting dusty by the telephone
and now I am living all alone
and will Forever;