View Full Version : Please Help: Map/Texture issues

11-30-2002, 11:40 AM
hey yeah, i just started to attempt mapping, and up, i cant find any textures in the "textures" tab, like when it drops down, theres nothing there...and i some how changed it so the 3d view's brush isnt black and blue squares, and thats kind of annoying me, so any help would be nice, thanks

11-30-2002, 12:02 PM
damn how does this work again? um i don't you have to extract the game file to get the textures? i can't remember i haven't mapped in like a year. check any online tut. though they will tell you

Leslie Judge
11-30-2002, 12:58 PM
You don't have to extract the textures to get them work. But be sure your path settings (File\Poject settings) are correct.