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12-02-2002, 12:11 AM
Wow.........the details of character development is something that I have wanted to know about for quite a while. Thanks for getting that for us!! ;) :D

This is my favorite quote from the article.......

"For those players who yearn to play a Wookiee or some other species, be aware that while your main character has to be human you do have the option of switching control to any of the party members that join you during the course of the game. Want to switch to the Wookiee, tell the rest of the party to hang back while you tromp up ahead and deal out some savagery, Wookiee-style? Not a problem. Want to switch to your droid and use his superior computer skills to tap into a nearby console? Away you go!"


Will this be cool or what? :D

btw-If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you do! www.starwarsknights.com. :D

12-02-2002, 01:20 AM
awesome!!! I can't wait to play that card game!!! :D