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The Chosen one
12-03-2002, 07:36 AM
I'm trying to make A level involing The Drill Collector and make it be that the Drill Collectors take Ore from the planet. My problem is that I want to make it be that if any player has at least 2 workers near the drill the collectors( more than one Drill collector ) you get a smallflow of ore like 20 fevery 25 seconds but how do i do this.

01-31-2003, 01:55 AM
Chosen One,

Thats quite easy. Create a trigger. name it as you wish and besure that it is set to "looping". Now, select new condition, select "objects in area". for the object select worker. the player, player 1. it in the lil box put in 2, for 2 workers. now, do not set any workers. just select the area and make the area a sqaure and have the drill collector(Gaia) in the center of the sqaured area. be sure there is a space around the drill collector where the workers can stand.

Select "new condition" again. select timer for this. set the timer as you wish.(in seconds).

Fianlly, Select "new effect" set it for tribute. now set the tribue to ore stockpile set the source player to gaia and the target player to player 1. select how much ore you want sent to that player (20).

Now your done, BUT* you will have to make more of this triggers for the other players just like this accept the set the "Target Player" to the other players. so there for if the map is a 8 player one, you will have to make 8 triggers for every drill collector. ok. :jawa