View Full Version : Idea's and more.

12-04-2002, 01:45 AM
1) The Imperial Blaster it needs to be fater and shorter to look more DF like

2) How can i get the changed skins in muilti player? (is it like the good old /model reborn/boss) if so can i get a list off of you?

3) I could only find 1 secret area(man ive lost my DF touch AHHHH!)

4) If you DO want to wip out the trusty old light saber. All you have to do is put in give all (or give lightsaber) pick it and if it looks odd (in left hand is what happend to me) go though every one of your guns and go back to saber and that did the trick for me.

5) thre would have been 10 but I lost alot in transfer from memory to keyboard

6) The imperial blaster (pistol one) you should be able to pick it up (i rember being able to(or was that JK?) but see what you can do with that)

:mob: i tryed it on hard and thats exactly what happend i felt like han solo on the first death star :mob: