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12-07-2002, 02:23 AM
Well im starting to get the hang of using JKR. but i need to ask a few question before i go on with my level.

1) Dose the size of a level eat up FPS? {ex: a map that was 50mb} or is it just when the engine is trying to draw alot of textures at one time?

2) Is there a way to cut and paste somthing from another map?

3)I understand that using detail brushes you drasticly shorten the compile time. my question is, say, after you created your skybox. everything else inside should be a detail brush. right? but how do i switch to detal brush? i know theres that option under the right click menu, but say i made a brush, would the next brush i make be a detail brush? or would it go back to being a structure brush?

4)I here there is a limit on how many functions and models can be in a map. is this true? how many?

5)When you see a buliding while driving down the street, do you find yourself picturing it made from brushes and wher you gotta clip? cause i know i do.

well thanx for all your help guys. i need to know this stuff so i dont start a big map and not be able to finish it.


Leslie Judge
12-07-2002, 06:52 AM
1) FPS goes down when the engine has to draw lots of things.

2) There is. Copy what you want, paste it into the other map, then go back and delete. :)

3) NONONO. You never create a big box around your map! Skybox doesn't mean that. It has this name because the images make a cubic environment map. So. You build your map, and use sky shaders where it really needs: in front of windows, around open areas, etc...

You can turn selected brushes into detail brushes with the right click menu or CTRL+M. The next brush you will create will be structural again.

4) There's a thread about this...

5) Do you mean how far things the engine draws?

12-07-2002, 01:15 PM
1)so the size of a map dose not effect FPS? only what it can see?

3) YES YES YES. i do make a box. its an openlevel with no bottom or top or sides. only buildings.

5)Its a joke question. lol. im talking about real life.lol

thanx man.

Leslie Judge
12-07-2002, 02:59 PM
1) Yes.

3) So those buildings are floating. OK. But! Don't make everything detail since detail is invisible when the compiler decides where are the borders in your map for VIS.

If everything is detail then the engine has to draw areas in the line of your sight even if you can't see them behind the walls of the room you stand in and your FPS will go down. Use detail brushes in rooms for the room's detail. But between the rooms it is good if the walls are structural.

5) I see. :) I don't do that.