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12-07-2002, 09:47 PM
Join the hunt now!

well I want this to be good so no piddly cheap two sentance posts k.

try to write a whole nice long paragraph.

If you want to Join post a biography of your character.
I will write all the main characters and all you have to worry about is your own. sound good?

so give me your name, age, skills, weapons, personality, and what your charater looks like.

Story Line

The province of Mecha 7 is controlled by the Holy council. The Holy council declared war a week ago on the province of Zarch, The Zarchers have begun invasion of Mecha 7 and the province was half taken over before sufficient defense was possible. Now The Holy forces are engaged in a brutal battle to defeat the Zarchers.
You are a citizen ordered to draft into the armed forces and fight for your province.
The two teams in this story are:Zarch and Mecha 7.

Zarch: is a Radical nation who's Ideals are not Bad but they believe they can only achieve peace through Violence. They have a superior army and there province has a higher population than Mecha 7.

Mecha 7: is a peacful nation, lead by the Holy Council. They have superior technology but only about half the population of Zarch.
thats the basics, so join up, choose a front , and well begin whenever.

Hears the sign up form, I like to know what charactes are like, too hard core for you, thats your problem.

Eye color:
hair color:
home province: (Zarch or Mecha 7)


choices you can make when you start.
the two nations are at war and you are drafted into the army, you can try to flee and refuse to join but will be arrested if your caught. If you join you will be sent into battle.

you can buy weapons and armour in shops. you can also inhance you brain with implants. Another option is cyborg parts, such as limbs, and added features like spikes or tentacles(basically whatever you want).

when you are drafted into the army you are placed in the infantry.
rebellions will start up and your welcome to join those.

Mega man, and Zero are on the Mecha 7 team.

okay post your Bio's in this thread and I will start the acctuall storie in another thread after we have a few people.

12-07-2002, 09:50 PM
Hears a character I will right.

Name: Ice Hawk
Age: 32
Hieght: 6"
Eye color: white
hair color: blue
Skills: -fly- -freeze(from hands)- -double jump- -rush-
home province: Zarch

Weapons: -Ice canon(fires an ice blast, or iceicle)- -ice sword(freezes water type enemies making it difficult to move, no effect on fire type. can also deflect bullets)- -ice gaunlett(fires an ice spray wich freezes enemies solid[no effect on fire type])- -ice shoulder canon(fires iceicle missle wich sends shards flying in many directions on impact)-

Armour: -Ice plated armour( weaker[but not useless]against fire, stronger[but not invincible] against water, also weak bullets bounce off)- -wings- -ice boots and gloves(same as armour)-

so hurry up and join in on the fun already.

12-07-2002, 11:19 PM
Name: Maximus Prime
Age: 17
height: 6'2"
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Black

Armor: Dark-colored Falcon-type
Weapons: Flame thrower, Laser sword, uzi

Abilities: Haidouken FireBall (Ryu's special from Street Fighter)
Dragon Punch (Ken's special from Street Fighter)

Rising Upward Slash
Giga Crush
Psycho Cannon (an insanely powerful move!)
Triple Sword Slash

Allegiance (the side he's on): Zarch


A prototype Reploid body was built for the restoration of life to the then 16 yr old boy nicknamed "Topshot." After his body was reconfigured, he renamed himself to "Maximus Prime" because his sense of judgement was excellent. For a good reason, his body and memory data were stored in a capsule for future reasons. No one knew what caused his injuries as a human.
That remained a mystery to this very day.........

Maximus Prime's capsule was found near the old Mechanaloid Factory on Laguz Island . Under the watchful eyes of the eight guardians, Maximus grew and became a good reploid to his elders. He then became a mercenary, shoot first and ask questions later.

His main weapon is the laser sword, and he carries it at all costs,
and has become a master of the Dark Haidou Fighting Style.

He is very brilliant and very brash at times. He is very overconfident when it comes to battle, but sometimes his overconfidence becomes his enemy's strongest weapon.

12-08-2002, 08:59 PM
Name: Phantom
Age: 24
Hieght: 6"1'
Eye color: Green
hair color: brown
home province: Mecha 7

Weapons: Armor-Pericing Sniper Rifle, Nalpam Mortor Lancher, Repeting Laser Rifle
Armour: Light Armor for Increased Agility

speed: 4
agility: 5
jump: 2
slide: 2
punch: 2
combat skill: 5
accuracy: 8
sword: 2
throw: 1

12-09-2002, 05:27 PM
Thats good and all, but the idea is like a role play game you play on video games in the aspect that you start at level one. you work your way up, if you know what I mean.

great Ideas and all but your just supposed to be troopers , fresh recruits, you know. not ultamate weapons and stuff.

you can work your way up to that, like topshot for example, you would have to start as a normal person , but say you get injured and re-built into an ultimate weapon. I will allow that. but start off small. please.

And Jando, you used 30 points, I hate to burst your buble but could you edit it down to 25. you can work your way up later on.
and you don't start with any weapons.

I'm going to edit somthing on my first post so check it out.

12-11-2002, 10:40 AM
yeaa I will give this a try

Name: Terlan
Age: 14
Height: 5 '8
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Mid-Night Black
Skills: none
Home Team: Mecha 7

combat skill:3

A prototype Reploid built long ago Train to be a Ace Fighter in Sword Fighting after he finished his basic training they locked away in a capsle for use in the Future. Many years have Passed and he was found located in a Under Ground Ruin They by non-other then Mecha 7 taking him Back to there Home Base They freed him from his Capsle once freed he thanked the ones that saved him and took arms with the Mecha 7 to repay them for freeing him this his story begins.

yea I am new to this so it my be kinda krap so uh....... yea

12-11-2002, 10:25 PM
das cool man I got friends like that.

okay really that was good. The acctual story hasnt started though cause I need a few more people. I posted this in another site as well and when someone posts a character there I copy and paste it hear and vice versa.

Welcom to lucasforums, if it's your first visit.

keep up the good work. and tell your friends if they ever go on lucasforums to join.

If your new hear I recomend yoda's swamp, it has the most people and stuff. But I must warn you I flame alot, I havent been warned of being banned Im not that bad but I go as close to the line as you can.:cool: (kinda off topic but oh well...)

12-12-2002, 01:48 AM
Name: Vicious
Age: 27
Height: 5'11"
Eye color: black
Hair color: white
Home province: Zarch

Vicious is a violent, cold-hearted man who prefers to work in solitude. He is a shadow assassin. Wielding a long sword, he mercilessly carries out the will of the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate although his loyalty is questionable. He possesses a dark past which he chooses not to talk about. No one lived to tell of his real identity and he was only known only as "the strongest". After spending a few years being an assassin, he had grown to be one of the most feared assassins and his name was spoken with great fear. He is ordered to join the Zarch and also finds himself in a personal quest to strive for the title of the strongest man.

MOTTO: "Trust and you will be betrayed. If you are careless, you will die. Kill or be killed. The strong live, the weak must die."

12-12-2002, 05:57 PM
Ah, a "Cowboy Bebop" fan. I like your style, -s/<itzo. Very:cool:

12-13-2002, 01:35 AM

well the Zarchs are getting out numbered so i had to think of a villain whos ruthless and Viscous from Cowboy Bebop came to mind. theres also a mix of characters, like Shishio from "Rurouni Kenshin". let me change a few things i don't want it to sound too much like him.

12-13-2002, 05:12 PM
You know what... screw it!

just make your dude however you want and you might as well forget the whole points and abuilities.

we'll just get on with the story and scew all the crappy rules.

I'll start the accual story in another thread continue to post ur character stuff hear.

12-17-2002, 09:57 PM
Ok, I'll edit my character.

12-18-2002, 04:45 PM
yah well I'll edit my requirements at the top and make it alot less formal so we can just get on with the story.

12-29-2002, 04:33 PM
Name: Domingo "Ding" Chavez (TM, tom clancy all rights reserved ;) )
Age: 20
Height: 5.8
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Skills: Piloting, Shooting, Hiding
Allegiance: Zarch
Allegiance State (AKA: the chances of betrayal): slightly unstable
Weapons: a sniper rifle and a submachine gun with silencer
Armor: medium, can withstand most blaster bolts and extreme heat
Implant: in one eye which let's him see at night and see heat when he wants, lost it in a training accident
Biography: Joined the army after his parents died. Reckless but efficient, Wonders if he's doing the right thing often.
Friends: an ace fighter pilot, and a weapons maker
(BTW: can you defect? just wondering in case i need to use the Allegiance State info)

12-29-2002, 05:18 PM
(BTW: It's possible for you to defect. If you take a look at the Mega Man X beginning story line *The Mega Man X games, old & new*, Zero was evil, but was infected by the Sigma Virus while in the heat of battle, and turned good. Just in case, Sigma infected him *when Sigma was a Maverick Hunter*. So yeah, it's possible!)

12-29-2002, 05:22 PM
(topshot, how come we all end up on the same RPGs ;) )

12-29-2002, 05:50 PM
(No idea. :)Maybe it's just because we're both interested in the ones that we're playing out.)

01-05-2003, 08:18 AM
other than myself and Mandolorian54, there are no Zarchs.

we are getting out numbered. comman people lets even it out.

01-05-2003, 11:54 AM
there's 3 Zarch (You, Mandolorian54, and topshot) and 3 Mecha 7 (me, TarinKinta and JandoFett1842

01-06-2003, 12:44 AM
oh i guess he change sides.

so how do we get this thing started or do we need more people to join?

01-06-2003, 09:17 PM
(Hmmm......I guess if we just wait, we might get more people, or maybe the story will begin real soon. Besides, I always wanted to be one of the bad guys in an RPG!):rock: :rock: :rock:

01-07-2003, 07:45 PM
ive changed teams because of 2 things the first one: ive also always wanted to be a bad guy, and also because i quote: They have a superior army and there province has a higher population than Mecha 7.
They have superior technology but only about half the population of Zarch.
besides, defecting is possible so ill switch if things get unfair

01-13-2003, 04:37 PM
Okay sorry bout the wait, I no longer have the internet at my house. I'll start another thread for the story and this one will be for the characters, I'll start it tomorow.