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I think we'll start with the rules and guidelines then hop to the plot summary and get everything going. Hopefully we an achieve a nice story of old-fashioned StarWars! lol


First off you shouldn't even participate in this if you are just going to have it your way. This isn't burger king and we're not going to have people saying "I threw my saber and he died". You do realise when you do that you're taking away the fun of the fighting aspects of the plot. I will decide who "loses" or not. When you dual somebody you dont HAVE to kill the person. Thats the joy of it. You can make him give up or have him get away from he dual and have more plot to it. Anyways you should have read about that in the rules for general RPG responses. And I will be fair. Bad guys will win sometimes, thats how life goes. People get away with murders. My god its not Teletubbies VS Law & Order on earth now is it?


First off on your first post, be sure to include a summary of your character. Name, Age, Where From, Role (Jedi, Gov Council, Bounty Hunter, maybe even a civilian star pilot). That way everyone knows who you are and has a good idea of what to expect from you. And if you are a Jedi don't forget to include which side you are on. But there is one exeption. If you are a lone Jedi make sure to include that. Other then that everybody is to follow one nice rule. Have some fun!! :p Hope everybody enjoys adding to this nice saga.

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.. ;)

The republic is getting anxious to stop this non-sense war and decides it time to reach a plan or otherwise a peace treaty. They send response and get reply. The council decides both sides should meet on Republic territory meaning there will be no retalliation. But how wrong the council was..

Two men in dark cloaks walk into the widely spacious council corridor. One of the men stands beside the room opening and the other walks up to the four council represenatives.

Council Member #1: Please have a seat.
Dark Cloaked Man #1: I'd rather stand represenative.
Council Member #1: Very wel... *explosion*

Atleast thirty dark sith Jedi rush into the view of the chaotic happenings.

Council Member #2: How can this be! [Just as he is stabbed by a Dark Sith.]

The ceiling to the corridor is smashed by the large carrior shuttle landing. The slaughter ends with all the representives laying dead and the crowd of sith Jedi rushing into the carrier.

12-07-2002, 10:28 PM
Character Name: Euro Rah
Age: 18
Race: Human
Side: Dark
Background: Mother killed by Sith Lord and the Father is unknown. Was captured by unknown dark Sith Jedi and returned to the Sith Lord. Euro is trained under the dark influence and is an apprentice of [need somebody for this role].

Euro: You think they are ready for us master?
Sith Lord: Doesn't matter young apprentice they shall bow to us whether they are willing or not..

12-15-2002, 04:54 PM
Character Name: Lady Galadriel
Age: 22
Race: Human
Side: None, not Force sensitive
Background: Born on the small outer-rim planet Lorien and abandoned by mother at age 5, she was brought up by her alcoholic father before being offered a scholarship at en elite private school and entering a leadership development program. She organised a resistance against the current planetary government which resulted in the assassination of the governor and Galadriel taking the title of Lady Governess.

In another council chamber, Lady Galadriel sits at a long conference table with several dozen other planetary representatives. A frown creases her forehead as she taps her nails impatiently against the arm of her chair. She should be back on Lorien, not here in this stuffy chamber waiting for tardy governors. Her nail tapping become more rapid. The Duros seated opposite her shoots her an irritated glance. She returns it.

Suddenly there is the unmistakable sound of breaking glass and a piercing scream. The Duro stands up and looks around, panicked. Lady Galadriel is nowhere to be seen.

12-18-2002, 09:30 PM
This sounds good, and I like your style.


Name:Alex Snowden
age: 19

Background: A jedi trained in the academy at Corosant. Just before taking the trials he left the academy when his father(A Jedi master) was murderd by a bounty hunter. Alex recieved this information from a friend who died shortly after. Now Alex is seeking revenge.

...and on with the story:

Alex flew through hyperspace in his fathers ship, it was designed for speed and since his fathers death Alex upgraded the weapons quite a bit. The lead he had recieved from his late friend in the new bounty hunters guild, What a coincidence that had been, had lead him to Tatoinee, where one of his father's associates was waiting.

Alex almost broke out in tears from the memory of his fathers death. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He thought back to the recent past, too bad about not compleating the whole Jedi thing. If only he had more time to say goodbye to his friends, and most importantly to Betsy, or Psylock as she was known to evryone else. But Alex promised himself that he would return. But now he needed to focus, he put the ship on autopilot and headed down the steps from the cocpit to the isle below. It had a door on either side and the rear hatch was the only exit. Alex opend the left hatch and entered the small room. He lay on his bead and concentrated, he let the force flow through him like he had been taught. And let his thoughts drift away.

12-19-2002, 06:41 PM
Character Name: Real Name Unknown, called Darth Mantis
Race: Unknown race from outside the Outer Sectors.
Side: Dark
Background: A strange creature, he comes from a planet far beyond the Outer Sector (and even the Ssi-Ruuk's Planet). He is a Master of the Sith Skills, from learning from a rare Scarlet Sith Holocron. He recieved this Holocron from a man known as 'Thrawn', many years ago. After years of studying the Holocron, he came to the Core of the Universe and began the raising of a Sith Army. His students are 200 in number. Euro Rah is his Apprentice.

BTW, I'm a co-runner of this baby!

12-20-2002, 11:37 AM
The Galaxy was rich with chaos. Distant planets just getting word of the incidents of the attack on the Republic are curious to what the Imperials are planning on accomplishing.

Senator: Jedi Katarn please inform all inner and outer planets if they will participate in our rebel against the Imperials. If agreed send supplies and troops. We will act quickly and just. There will be no room to make peace now. Let it be known we are not cowards and are ready for battle.

Jedi Katarn: Right on it sir.


Euro Rah: You do know the Republic is on to us master? Must you understand we should attack while they are down! We can't let them find out our weapon. Besides its only at stage 7 of the process, it could be months before the weapon is fully operatable.

Darth Mantis: And until then you will remain calm my Apprentice, that weapon is only half our plan. Inform the two squadrons we will be commencing our second wave in three days.

Euro Rah: Yes, my lord.

12-21-2002, 03:13 PM
"Master Gash," Alex, suprised to see the man waiting for him at the bottom of the small ramp extending from the rear of his ship, spurted with shock. "But how..."
"Did I know you would come?" Gash cut him off. "I am a Jedi master after all."
"It's good to see you," Alex replied with enthusiasm.
"You wont be so glad when you hear what I have to tell you," Gash said with dissapointment in his voice.
"What's wrong," Alex creased his brow.
"Come we'll talk at my home."

Alex slumped down in the most comfortable chair he could find in the living room. "So tell me this terible news," Alex requested.
"I have been meditating greatly since I had felt the disturbance if the force, which I'm sure you have heard of from the jedi council members," Gash sat down in his favorite sofa chair, and rested his arms on the armrests at either side. "The sith have increased greatly in number," Gash explained. "The jedi council is aware of this and I expect precautions are being taken," He continued, as Alex listened intently. "I suspect your father was killed by the sith when he found out certain information, somthing terrible is about to happen." Gash closed his eyes for a moment and sighed heavily. "You must go to Lorien and seek Lady Galadriel, that is all I know, but you must."
"I understand master Gash, I pray the force will give you further insight. But you don't hapen to know what she looks like do you?" Alex questioned.
"I hear the name when I meditat, that is all, you must go."
"I understand, it's nice to see you again old friend."
"Would you like some tea before you leave again?"

Lost Welshman
12-21-2002, 04:05 PM
Character Name: Lost Welshman (Alex)
Age: 23
Race: Human ( from unknown orogin)
Side: Neutral (hates Dark side, knows little of the light side)
Background: read the jedi academy thread and the character database for more info. Current Apprentice: [need somebody for this role].

The Lost Welshman flew through hyperspace with recent news of a sith gathering, his ship was smooth, black and very shiney, it was not detected by some scout ships who's pilots were relaxing.
He sneaked into a large room, fully focusing on tricking the minds of the nearby sith, using self taught techniques. His two sabers ignite, one red, one black. "Darth Mantis, Tell me, do you know who killed my father, do you know why he killed my father"
"You fool, a jedi knight cannot possible take on a Sith Lord and apprentice,"
"I am not a jedi, and i dont like being called Sith either, If you kill me then my apprentice will kill you, as your apprentice will not be here to defend you, now tell me, WHO KILLED MY FATHER?" The Lost Welshman choked Euro Rah and then released him just as Darth Mantis ignited a saber.

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That Mr. Welshman, is known as Godmodding, ya know. Being an Uber God Person who all of a sudden appears somewhere. Also, you can just say "Bob starts choking Bill". You would say "Bob uses a Force Grip on Bill", then Bill would post "Bill strugles against the Grip" or "Bill breaks free from the attack before it takes affect. Also, people dont do the speech/ actions of other PCs. Like you dont here me saying "Welshman goes to a Child Porn Site". Its unfair, and you can misuse one's character.

We dont swing that way, dig? So delete your post or edit it, eh?

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Lost Welshman
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Sorry about that guys, ive just read over the rules, Ill keep it down a bit, but my character isnt meant to be a wuss, if you've read the bio then ull see, although I think i went a bit to far. sorry again.

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Also, the nobody knows where the planet ths sith are on is (since we haven't even decided on one yet).


Darth Mantis walks into a room. On the wall lays a strange Droid. Its very bulky, and 7.5 Feet tall.

Darth Mantis: Soon... soon this project will be completed too. There's some parts we still need... My apprentice, I want you to take 2 other Jedi and go to Coruscant. You must break into a company known as Loronar Corporation, without them knowing. I need you to retreive me synth-adroid skin, so me can finish of this project here. It will give you something to do while the other task at hand is being completed. Go.

12-22-2002, 02:40 PM
Lady Galadriel ran down the senate corridor. Let the others deal with this, she wasn't going to stay here to be slaughtered. Hopefully her private shuttle would still be in the hangar. Suddenly she stopped short. "Oh shavit" she muttered, her diplomatic training forgotten. Lying in the corridor were the missing representatives, along with several beings dressed entirely in black. The strangers were holding lightsabers, all of which were pointed at her.

12-22-2002, 04:14 PM
The stealth like Sith shuttle carried on through space with Euro Rah and his two comrades. Soon to land on Coruscant they waited anxiously. To pass the time, all three assembled into the large training room near the back of the ship.

Euro Rah: Markus your too slow! [just as he dodges another attempted stab at him]

Markus Dormon: I'm right behind you! Just because Mantis is your Master doesn't mean I wouldn't challenge you in the future. My Master, Komodan, is a great teacher. [dodges a heavy swing at the chest from Euro]

Zenje Costem: Aw, you're both weaklings. [takes a swing and locks with Euro]

Euro fights off the clash and sends Zenge's saber to the other end of the room. Zenje force pulls the saber back to him but is force gripped by Euro. Euro runs up to him and makes an overhead motion with his saber at him and stops the move quickly right before he almost lands the blow.

Euro Rah: You would've been dead..

They all stop, eyeing each other. [sabers are drawn back]

Euro: You felt that too?

Markus: A disturbance in the force, it must mean we've landed in a hotspot.

Euro: Alright, there can't be more than 7 of them. We must be quick and take them before we are detected. This part is vital to our weapon.

Markus and Zenje: Understood.

Euro: Alright.. move out!

Markus and Euro rush off the ship and force push 3 of the 7 soldiers. Zenje stabs 2 of the fallen soldiers but the third is up and gets a shot at him but is deflected back at him and he goes down as well.

Euro: Split up!

Euro force grips one of the soldiers and throws him off the landing pad.

Soldier: Retrea!.. [is cut off as he is stabbed by Markus]

Euro finishes off the remaining soldiers and all three rush into the building.

Euro: You two wait here!

Euro runs into the building. Moments later he emerges from it with the part and they hurry back into the shuttle.

12-22-2002, 10:57 PM
Darth Mantis sits in an Easy Chair in the middle of a large hall.

Darth Mantis: Alright, who stole my Soda? Whoever stole my soda is sooo going to get Lightsaber B****-slapped! Force Soda Locate!

Random Sith- Guy's Head Xplodes

Darth Mantis: Let this be a lesson throughout the land! Nobody touches The Lord's Pepsi with out Dire Consequences! And a Sever A$$ Whoopin!

12-23-2002, 12:30 PM
"What do you mean she's not here!!!" Alex yelled, "I've just flown half way around the galaxy to find out she's not even hear!"
The short stubby man Alex was yelling figited uneasily, Alex hadn't taken the news of her diplomatic trip very well.
"Sorry sir," he spoke in a pathetic wimper. "She left sevral days ago, and I cannot tell you were, it is forbiden," The man replied.
"Bah!" Alex threw up his hands as he turned to stomp out of the room.
"S-sory," The little man called after before sulking off, timid as he was.
'Just great, how am I going to find her now,' Alex thought to himself, 'If they wont tell me, I'll just have to hack into there record files.'
so is welshman's first post being disregarded?

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WHAT!!! I've been gone for three weeks and no ones posted!

Luminaro Unduli
01-19-2003, 10:13 PM
Name: Luminaro Unduli
Age: 24
Homeworld: Mirial
race: Mirialan
Side: Dark
Luminaro Unduli is the younger brother of the Jedi Luminara Unduli, both extremely force sensitive Luminaro's sister Luminara was always better at everything they did. Whether it be with the saber, force powers or any other exercise, Luminara would always be better! Frustrated with always being overshadowed by his sister Luminaro left the Jedi order to prove to himself that he was the best warrior in the family. Luminaros path led him down the darkside of the force where over time his powers grew immensly. Now if he were to run across his older sister he would surely destroy her. He is now a master of the deadly lightsaber (red of course) and his force powers are second to none! This being is truly a sight to behold, dressed in the traditonal black sith attire (robe, tunic and boots) and with his olive skin, dark blue eyes and dark blue diamond tatoos on his bald head and from his bottom lip down to his chin, He is truly a frightening sight! He is now set to seek out his sister and destroy her!

(Luminaro is waiting in a sleezy bar on courisant for his contact to arrive. Dressed in his black sith attire Luminaro patiently sits at the bar pretending to have a drink so that he blends in with the other scum. A man in mandalorian armor enters the bar and immediatly spots Luminaro! He takes a deep breath and walks over to greet his client.)

Luminaro: You are late!!
Mandalorian: I apologize for your wait but i had a little trouble...
Luminaro: SILENCE! I will not tolerate excuses! You will do the job that i pay you for or i will find someone else who can, is that clear?
Mandalorian: Yes sir, my apologies!
Luminaro: Good, now what news do you have for me?
Mandalorian: I have nothing yet, sir.
Luminaro: rrgh(very irritated) I suggest that you find out what i want to know mercenary, if u fail me again you will suffer the consequence! The next time you report back to me i expect to know when and where i can find my sister, do you understand me?
Mandalorian: Yes sir.
Luminaro: Good, get out of my sight!

Darth NeoVenom
02-04-2003, 11:28 PM
This is a cool story, but it seems like this story is hardly continued.:saberr: :dmaul3: :sprobe: :sithm: :holosid:

02-05-2003, 04:39 PM
I can see Luminaro that you are a bit obsessed with mandalorians, and they kinda were extict before star wars ep1.

but I can give you the benifite of the doubt and assume he is just a dude in mandalorian armour.

on another note I think this story is kinda dead.

02-05-2003, 04:40 PM
I can see Luminaro that you are a bit obsessed with mandalorians, and they kinda were extict before star wars ep1.

but I can give you the benifite of the doubt and assume he is just a dude in mandalorian armour.

on another note I think this story is kinda dead.

Luminaro Unduli
02-06-2003, 03:50 PM
What there cant be someone else in mandalorian armor? What do you mean obsessed. I mentioned a man in mandolorian armor in the first part of my story and that is it. I do not see where you get obsessed from. Besides no one even post's in here any more!

Darth NeoVenom
02-06-2003, 04:00 PM
If more people did replied faster, I would have been in this story :D . :saberr: :dmaul3: :sprobe: :sithm: :holosid:

02-06-2003, 04:33 PM
I mean obsessed in that you have mentioned mandalorians in evry story I have seen you in, well sadly that is only two.

but please don't take my random flaming personally.

and yes absolutly there can be another guy in mandalorian armour.

On another note, I find it quite sad when some people post only once in a story, it really deadens it, cause there like in the middle of somthing and they need to finish for evryone to carry on. Am I making sense?

oh well...

I noticed luminary that you don't have an avatar. I have a bunch if your at all interested in marvell characters. or if your a lonly nerdy perv. I can give you a hot Anna Kornikoava one. well?

Darth NeoVenom
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Very true Mandolorian54, very true. :saberr: :dmaul3: :sprobe: :sithm: :holosid: