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Ben Whatsisname
12-10-2002, 11:04 PM
The submissions to the forum last year of LEC-themed Christmas song parodies was great, and no...I excluded my own from the judging when I say that. Another year has passed...another E3 in the recordbooks, more titles announced, new faces in the crowd, the death/dying/near-death experience of dalnet/etc - a lot has happened. Let's sing about it.

This year, though, let's sing (nicely, please...no flaming) about the community as well - why limit ourselves?

For those new to the whole Christmas parody "tradition" (hint, hint) you can find last year's submissions posted, complete with midi accompaniment, on The Kickstand under "Christmas Karaoke" - http://kickstand.mixnmojo.com/kick3.php?id=c-kara - and I would like, if I may, to start archiving any entries from this year on a similar page. If you'd like yours included, please e-mail me at kcreations@cox-internet.com and let me know to add yours to the collection. :)

Merry Christmas, all...

Ben Whatsisname
12-10-2002, 11:55 PM
Avast All Me Mates
(Sung to the tune of "O Holy Night")

Avast all me mates! Our sails be laced with holly,
We're snuggled tight in our warm, cozy berth*.
Softly the seas in gentle waves be rocking.
After the crew ate and felt peaceful in their girth**.
The thrill of loot that Santa world bring us,
For yonder ice is seen and our compass points due north.
Raise up your hooks! Oh, the North Pole nears!
Prepare to raid, the Christmas tree in the morn;
Avast all me mates, Avast all me mates, Prepare to raid!
Avast all me mates, Avast all me mates, Prepare to raid!

Led by the light of a magic figurehead,
With glowing wings on her back we sail.
O'er the seas Santa's workshop lay ahead,
Now we will be the first he visits we can tell.
The stocking all dangle from the yardarms***;
And all shoes adorn the fo'c's'le**** and the poop deck*****.
We watched our deeds, our plunders went to orphans,
Behold St. Nick! He means to board our vessel!
Behold St. Nick! He means to board our vessel!

Truly we're not getting coal in our stockings,
Because we left him grog and cookies.
Silence me mates aye, even parrot hold ye squakings!
He shan't land if someone's looking.
He's off the sleigh now, pay heed,
Wait fer the right moment ready the chains.
We can wait no more! Go forth, me mates and plunder,
His booty and loot be ours, arrrg!
His booty and loot be ours, arrrg!


* Berth - The sleeping quarters on a ship.
** Girth - Roundness, fatness.
*** Yardarms - beams that run parallel to the deck, enabling the sails to stay taunt, yet open.
**** Fo'c's'le - The frontmost deck on a ship.
***** Poop Deck - The rearmost deck on the ship.

Sadly, and in fine Kickstand tradition, I offer apologies to no-one. :)

12-11-2002, 12:10 AM
I... HATE... CHRISTMAS!!! But anyway, I have a song.

Sung to the tune of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Murray the undead skeleton
Had a really bitchin' voice
And if you ever heard it
You would even say it rocked
All of the other skeletons
Used to laugh and call him names
But he shot laser beams from his eyes and breathed fire and then HE laughed.
Yeah... yeah... oh yeah,