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12-14-2002, 11:42 AM
:mob: Troopr-Undr-Fir

:saberb:Troopers Blood Anyone?:saberr:

Yo everyone one! Whats up? Nothin much Here, Lets get to the point, I'm really sorry to say that a Star Wars, spawn the fantastic Age of Empire 2 with its many great senerios, just doesn't have the type of inventive and fun scenerios its predicessor has. Also I would like to add that not all of AOE2's scenrios are top knotch (like the many and I would say :swear:! castle bloods out on the net :bored: ), but there is one that stood out and brought the AOE scenerios out of the dark and into the light. That scenerio was called Archers blood, If you have played AOE like I have you must have been wondering where did it go? That is when I personally quit playing AOE online, Then I picked up a copy of SWGB because I am a huge Star Wars fan to the very end. Anyways, since troopers blood brought the scenerios of AOE out of the shadows, maybe a good troopers blood could do the same, Are Ya With Me? If you are just reply on this forum or email me at crustybooger@hotmail.com. If you are good at the triggers ( I suck at them, that is why I just don't do it myself) and have been making scenerios for awhile (and you must love Star Wars :duel: ) You can do the technical stuff, while I make the gameplay and rules.

Thankz 4 Readin!!!

P.S. Only reply if you are seriously thinking of helping me and the rest of the SWGB scenrios community

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12-31-2002, 06:04 PM
clones are the bomb. I LOVE rows and rows of identical soldiers, especially repeaters.