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12-17-2002, 01:58 AM
December 17 2002

A simulated terrorist strike in Sydney this week would test the state's readiness for a real-life attack, NSW Premier Bob Carr said today.

The government, police and emergency services will be involved in the simulation, codenamed Operation Apollo.

Details of Apollo were being kept secret to ensure the authorities respond as they would to a surprise terrorist strike, Mr Carr told reporters today.

Neither he nor NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney had been told where the simulation would be carried out or what form it would take.

The premier had earlier briefed a meeting of the state's transport, energy, banking and communications companies on the government's new counter-terrorism measures and the current security risk in NSW.

He said developing a partnership with business was part of the government's ongoing counter-terrorism plan.

"Through this exchange we hope to develop effective strategy to deal with security risks and find ways to make our employees, clients, customers, colleagues and the community feel safer," NSW Chamber of Commerce chief executive Margy Osmond said today.

Mr Carr said October's Bali bombings reinforced the need for authorities to be prepared for terrorist incidents and to have effective counter-terrorism measures in place.

"The threat is real," he said.

"We have to test our readiness in case the unthinkable happens.

"We don't believe we have the luxury of preparing for 'if' - we believe we've got to act as if it's a matter of when."

Mr Moroney said people should not be alarmed by news that the state was making extensive preparations for the possibility of terrorist attacks.

"To do otherwise is to do nothing. To do nothing is to be negligent," he said.

"We've been focused on these things.

"The events of Sept 11 have required that. The events of October 12 in Bali have required that."

Mr Moroney said the role and performance of the police would be analysed at the end of Operation Apollo, with the results forming the basis for police involvement in future operations, he said.

I'm worried that something is gonna happen either at Christmas- this weekend Sydney have the carols in the domain, and Sydney is a huge place on new years eve.

Also Melbourne have the carols by candle light on Christmas Eve. I can't believe an attack on Australia has gone from a slight change to a definate probability the only trouble is when and where :(

12-17-2002, 11:24 AM
It sure sucks living in such a big and important city. We know that the terrorists see Australia as their enemy (after Bali), so there is a posseblity that they might be planning something.

I guess I should be assuring you that no-one will attack your city, but I won't, cause nothing is certain. Just try not to let fear rule your life.

12-17-2002, 12:24 PM
It's not a "definite probability", which is almost a oxymoron anyway. The town I live in, Warrington, is more likely to be attacked in nuclear war than anywhere in Britain other than London, Birmingham or Edinburgh, since dropping a nuke on Warrington would also wipe out major parts of 4 major motorways, the main western railway line, Liverpool and Manchester. We actually had a bomb planted in the town centre about 10 years ago.
Sorry, went off an a tangent there. I wouldn't worry. Just because they're doing tests to see how quickly the emergency services respond doesn't mean there's going to be an attack. Better sorry than sorry and unsafe.

12-17-2002, 06:20 PM
You know how I worry :( Anyways apperantly there's reports of a terrorist threat happening in Aus over the Christmas/new year period.

You know what irritates me? Sure Australia is on America's side with this whole *war against terrorism* (which I think of it more as *hey lookit us- we're big powerful countries who are gonna bully people around so they do what we want war*) but how come England doesn't seem to get any of these terror threat warnings? Not that I want anything to happen to England, Australia or any other country, but England are much more vocal about this stupid damn war on terrorism than Australia is. We're more "oh well if Iraq does have weapons of mass destruction then yes something should be done" but England seem more "oh well stuff Iraq we don't like them who cares if they might be innocent lets go and raid them lalalalala"

Well one thing is for sure I've made up my mind not to go into the city for new years...I'm sure I can find *somebody* who is having a party that I can go and annoy (all my coolest and better friends are busy already :()

12-17-2002, 07:09 PM
Bless you people.
I hope nothing happens EVER.
But why do people think that blowing up a few buildings is going to make the country surrender.
Look what the US did after Sept 11.
We took over Afganistan and arrested their government for them to make a new one.
So they just move to the next country?

12-18-2002, 04:14 PM
this must be really scary for you, i nkow i'd be scared (me, the one who said 'i'm not scared of anything') and i don't blame you for being worried. i'm very sorry.
but it's true, england haven't been threatned as much as other countries have, and this is simply because tony blairs head is so far up bush's arse, if they were to do anything to us, nukes would be raining down from every direction on them. now bush states that he is looking out for other countries as well, but blair and bush are closer and are syure to have some sort of agreement saying that if other countries are threatened, leave them alone and send them food and money after the attack, but if iraq even looks at us funny, nuke em.

i don't like it the way this is, but that's how it is, it is'nt the way it should be, and it definately isn't that way i would have it, but bush is only looking out for people who he knows could help him in the future should he need it.

12-18-2002, 08:50 PM
I had a really bizarre dream the other night involving terrorist attacks. :( I know I'm over reacting but here's the basic outline of the dream- oh and BTW this dream took place this Saturday coming up

Anyways it's my bf's birthday and I had decided to go an pay him a surprise visit at his work to say hello and happy birthday and of course give him his birthday pressie.

Someone's mobile phone rings saying that there's just been a terrorist attack at Chaddy (short for Chadstone- one of Melbourne's biggest shopping centers) a heap of bombs went off in different areas of the shopping centre

Of course I'm freaked coz the rest of my family went there to do last min Christmas shopping and they were all caught up in the bombs and died :(

I know I'm over reacting and the chances of that are basically 1 in 1,000,000,000

12-18-2002, 10:35 PM
You do worry too much. I don't think the terrorist see you as viable targets really. They're just sorta hitting random placesto try and show us that 'noboby's safe' kinda thing. I really couldn't care less if someone blew up my town and killed us, if it happened we'd die before we knew and it's better to live without the fear. Like the Cat in Red Dwarf once said "it's better to live a day as a tiger than a whole lifetime as a worm"

12-19-2002, 03:52 PM
AHEM! england DO get terrorist threats.... there was scare of the undeground being attacked with CYANIDE gas.... u know, the gas they use to kill criminals on death row in america? yeah think about it, also, ICI and philips petroleum have been thought of as terrorist atrtack places, cuz not only wud it blow up the norh east of england flying a plane in2 them ( this is true), it wud blow up the oil pipes leading 2 oil rigs, maybe blowing the oil rigs up, and distributing ALOT of oil deep in the sea.

and remember, these are THREATS! not "gonna happen for definite"!

tony blair (prime minister, ur equivalent of president) was on about teaching awareness and preparation and wot to do in a terrorist attack in schools and colleges! newhere can be attacked at any time!

im not sayin that ur wrong natty, u just pissed me off sayin dat about england, as we have it in the news every day!

12-19-2002, 09:53 PM
I don't mean to worry- I just do