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Lost Welshman
12-21-2002, 04:43 PM
Here is an RPG, based before the story i am writing, the introduction is chapter one of the story please state things like your characters name, age, race (can be from hobbits - orcs no big creatures like trolls or dragons) include hometown and backround this RPG will hopefully become one of the biggest in the forum, Now i hand it over to you.

What do you think of when you see a magician? Are you amazed or just thinking about what a big fake he is. No matter how great his tricks are I can assure you, it is not magic. To explain how I am certain of this you will have to believe that what I say is true. A very long time ago magic was real, this forgotten time was both terrible and one of the greatest times to be around. Wizards, Elves, Dragons, etc all existed. The oldest, Wisest clans of Elves kept order in the land of Humans, Dwarves, Halflings and other creatures of partially good nature. There were Evil Elves as well, few of them mind you but very powerful ones. The biggest civilization was that of the Orcs. Billions of Orcs, Goblins and Gremlins found in the most terrifying places on the earth, from waste lands to dark forests. Aside from all the big civilizations there were groups of creatures, evil and good. Dragons, trolls, winged horses and billions of other creatures that would be impossible to list. Dragons were creatures of Pure Magical energy, but they were shunned by humans for this and eventually over time all dragons became evil. Villages were obliterated, vast amounts of people were slaughtered and the Orcs kept some of them as pets. The Orcish Dragons agreed to help the Orcs take over from the Elves, enslaving the world.
A great army of all races was to take place. The Orcs had a vast army of Orcs, Goblins and Gremlins. Gremlins were excellent marksmen and were found high on towers and mountains will great bows that could fire an arrow three quarters of a mile before falling to the ground. They were very small creatures with very slimy dark green skin, excellent for hiding in forests, and their faces were wart covered with huge crooked noses and large pointy ears, often with little bite marks in. Their armour consisted of a lightweight black leather made from troll skins and a helmet made of wolves skulls. Goblins were the same size as humans and elves if upright but their backs were crooked making them seem smaller. Their skin was very pale and their faces also had warts on, but not as much as the gremlins, their faces always looked as if they had just returned from a battle after receiving many an injury to their face, this was a terrifying sight to behold if you were to see it in battle. They were often armed with two lightweight long swords, or chopping axes to hack at the arms or legs of the enemy, they had small wooden shields covered in the dark blue blood of Gremlins, and the dark (almost black) green blood of Goblins, the armour they wore was leather from a wild boar, about as strong as troll skin but more lightweight. Helmets weren't given to the Goblins as their numbers were to vast and this is what the Orcs relied on in battle. The Orcs were 8ft tall (and that was the small ones), they were very strong and also had pale skin, no warts but Black Mouths with indescribably bad breath. They were very strong beasts but like their fellow goblins they were not very good in close-quarters combat. They were equipped with huge Battleaxes and WarHammers, slow but powerful weapons and they were protected by black Iron chain mail, not very maneuverable but they can easily withstand a few blows from an Elvish long sword. The main weapon of the Orcs was the Dragon-Riders, Skilled Orcs at the reins and gremlins behind them firing arrows below. The Dragon Rides were kept a secret from the world until the battle of the last dragons. Orcs had slain the dragons not willing to help them, leaving only the few dragons that were trained for the riders.
The Army of the Elves was drawing nearer to the last Orcish Stronghold. Dwarves with their well known Golden Armour were leading the army with their large Golden Battle Axes, Following the, was a mix of Elves in their Curving Silver Armour with their Sliver Long swords with and the Humans with their iron suits of armour and their plain but Very Efficient Swords axes and Halberds. Behind the main section of the army were the Archers, elvish archers were the most skilled with finely crafted Bows, with arrows that slice through Orcish flesh with ease. Behind them were the Battle mages with their short swords and belts with magic orbs around the circumference. At the very back of the army stood the Wizards and High Elves. The walls of the Orcish Stronghold were clear in the armies sight, they were covered in blood, Dragon Skulls and human, elvish, dwarven and even Halfling skeletons. The army stood still , they had ventured many, many miles to reach the gates after word that the Orcs had planned to kill the elves and enslave all other creatures. They were now at the last stronghold not knowing what awaited them inside. They all waited for the order to attack but one foolish dwarf decided to attack at his own will. Running down the hill into the valley where the stronghold was lying still, seeming abandoned. The dwarf managed to run about 10 meters when there was an immense flash of lightning, as the men recovered their eye sight they saw the dwarf skewered by arrows on the floor, as the thunder rolled over them the gates to the stronghold opened and out poured Goblins and Orcs, the battle had begun. Thousands of Dwarves ran down the hill hundreds being impaled by spears held tightly by the Goblins. A vicious storm made the whole atmosphere a lot worse. The dwarves tired easily because of the heavy armour and weapons, as the last hundred were escaping back up the hill the second wave attacked. Elvish Archers could pick out individual body parts of the Gremlins high on the top of the towers around the strong hold and all those around the valley were found in the trees by Halfling scouts who then killed them. Although one man could easily kill ten goblins on his own before being stuck down the Orcs seemed to be winning. The Elves strode through the vast army of Goblins striking down many at a time with their weapons. The humans cut through both the flesh and the bone of the goblins with ease and eventually drove back the last remaining goblins into the stronghold. Everyone cheered but the battle was far from over. The wizards stood by the castle walls. Two wizards, one either side of the gate, raised their arms and focused on the walls two sections began to shake, the huge bricks became loose and started wobbling. Then along came some battle mages they reached for an orb, they pulled out one that was made of a reflective substance like a mirror. As the orbs were pointed at the shaking sections of wall a huge blurry blast shot out of the orbs smashing the wall down.
By this time the sun had long set and deep inside the main dungeons the Dragon-riders were preparing for launch. Meanwhile above the surface Orcs were hacking their way through the Elves whose weapons couldn't pierce their armour easily. The humans had picked up some dwarvish warhammers and began to crush the skulls of the Orcs, this allowed the elves to recover and they used the discarded Human weapons that could easily penetrate the Orcs armour. The Battlemages sent Orcs hurtling into walls and flying into the air by their enchanted weapons and the wizards chocked them of their air and made them burst into flames with a single movement of their hand without even trying. The Orcs were nearly finished when suddenly their was a terrible wave of roars from deep inside two enormous holes in the ground. Both armies stood still, the Elves and Humans were stunned, the Orcs were excited. After a time the Orcs began to attack again. The Halflings in the trees along the sides of the valley were all alerted by the roar and they woke from their rest. The sun was beginning to rise when suddenly more roars came from the holes, but a thousand times louder, the Halflings were worried, the Elves and Humans were nearly deafened and then there was silence followed by a large beating, like the beating of a birds wings but loud enough to hear all across the battlefield. Flames shot out of the holes. The older of the Wizards closed their eyes knowing what was about to launch out from the holes, the younger less experienced men looked at the Wizards worriedly and suddenly out shot a red figure followed by a black then two more red figures, soon the men learnt what the figures were. “DRAGONS” they shouted in Elven and English. The Halflings quickly grabbed the gremlin bows and snatched arrow, and fired them wildly into the air. All of the arrows were shot and the Dragons and their riders laughed out. The men on the battle field were fleeing in terror but turned back at the order of the wizards. “ARCHERS, AIM FOR THE DRAGON HEARTS, EVERYONE ELSE KILL THESE RECHID ORCS”, with that order the archers stood aiming for the dragon hearts. The men attacked the Orcs and the Wizards held their staffs in two hands and then with one swipe Orcs flew back into the spears that were put up to intimidate enemies. The Battlemages threw their orbs, explosions blasted Orcs into the air, if the blast didn't kill them the impact of the ground would. The dragons flew out over the valleys to swoop back and destroy the army. A Halfling called Uchi picked up an elvish arrow he found stuck in a tree, it has a silver tip. He saw the dragons begin to turn around and he took aim as a dark green dragon flew over Uchi closed his eyes and let go of the string of the bow. The Halflings cheered he opened his eyes and he saw the dragon plummet to the ground with the rider screaming. A bolt of green lightning struck the dragon and it exploded in a green blast. The Wizards and mages dropped onto their knees, something happened and they felt the magic from the dragon be destroyed. The other dragons dropped but recovered just in time, but as the recovered the elvish archers released the arrows which flew and hit their target. Then was one blast after another it was like a firework display that everyone enjoyed, that is everyone but the Mages and Wizards, o and of course the Orcs. Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Brown. There was one dragon left and all the archers took aim. An elvish archer, called Rithen picked up his elven bow, and picked up a frost arrow. As all the other archers fired Rithen stood with his aim fixed on the dragons heart. The dragon span cleverly and the arrows bounced off his scales like a wooden arrow would bounce off a concrete wall. The Dragon laughed, the Rider was terrified and let go. As the dragon turned to face the army he took a breath, everyone could see the weak magical energy flowing into his mouth and nostrils. Rithen fired, and the arrow was on target, flames blasted out of the dragons mouth and she shot up into the air. The arrow took affect turning the dragon to ice. The biggest explosion yet blasted out for miles turning the sky as black as the night for a few seconds. The wizards stood up with a feeling of emptiness remembering the words of the dragon before it turned to ice, “you fools!”. A wizard reached out to call his staff back to him, nothing happened. The mages looked at their orbs, they were clear, just glass. “what have we done” said the High lord Morrowon of the Elves, his voice was heard across the battlefield although it was only a whisper. The Orcs let loose their trolls, huge creatures with a small brain, they often had huge warhammers or clubs. The Wizards were crushed and the Mages only had a useless short sword to defend themselves. The archers had no arrows and the humans were too tired to use the dwarven weapons, the elves were their only hope of defense, all those who could not fight ran, the battle was lost.
You see, when the last dragon was killed it took all magic with it, as I explained earlier dragons were purely magical and with only with their existence could magic be used. So why aren't there any records of this ever happening? This is because men had to forget about the wonders that were lost. Without the dwarves, men took control in the race for technology, they invented vehicle capable of traveling in short time, and huge weapons called catapults, with these advantages they took over, killing all Elves and Orcs and every other creature that they deemed unnatural. This is how those times became forgotten. But what if at least two Dragons escaped the clutches of the Orcs, what if they had hidden and their offspring hid in other places all over the world. My story takes place in a world where those two dragons did hide, the year is 2002.

Lost Welshman
12-22-2002, 07:15 AM
Ok I will start

My character is elven
His name is Althron Morris
He's male (duh)
He longs to be a ranger(read My story so far for details, and please tell me what you think (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=87267) )
He has a finely crafted elven longsword called
He is 15
He has short, scruffy, brown hair. And being a self learning ranger is good with a bow and becoming very good in sword combat.

Please Read this (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=87350) and please help me out.

One warm summers evening, Althron was gasing out of the window at the sunset, when a black blur caught his eye. Being the brave adventurous type he went into his bedroom and fetched an elven shortsword, that he cornily named 'Gash'

12-25-2002, 01:19 AM
my character's name is, Vargas
his race is, human
he is a he
he is a hunter
his main weapon is a broad sword with a gold handle, and three jems, one in the base and one on either side of the handle.
he wears a black cloak and black clothes
he has long black hair, cool sideburns, and blue eyes.
he is very strong and very fast.

Vargas has two henchmen, Thias and Thais, they are twins. Thais is a female, and thias is a male.
the two twins wear red clothes, and have blond hair and blue eyes. Thais uses two short swords, and Thias uses one broad sword. Thias has a large build and is very muscular. Thias wears no shirt and has scars and tatoos on his chest. Thais and Thias both have identical tatoo's on there right arm.

Vargas and his heanch men wear no armour, they prefer the manoverabuility to the protection.

"Yes," Vargas said smoothly as a smile brodend across his face, he bent down to examine the tracks he found on the ground. "THese are nice and fresh."
Vargas looked up at his two henchmen, who had there arms crossed. "The dragon has been here not long ago, it can't be far."
"We'll get the gear," Thias said. "You'll meet us at the foot of the cliff?"
"Just like we planed, ready for some fun?" Varges said as he stood to his feet.
"Mmm, Oh yah!" Thais said, jestering with her eyebrows.
Vargas nodded and started walking towards the cliff. Thais and Thias headed back to there small camp were they would gather the gear needed for hunting the dragon.

Lost Welshman
12-28-2002, 10:31 AM
Althron crept outside, across the front garden along some bushes, he looked over the wall that was outside of the house, and there he saw a gremlin, looking back and for across the road, it looked up at althron, it looked as though it was about to cry. Althron put his sword away and dropped down from the wall. The gremlins eyes then turned from blue, to red. It jumped at althron but was skewered on 'Gash', the sword had been broken as it hit the floor, Althron was in shock, and a little upset that his sword was broken. The next day was a bright and sunny one, Althron spent time in school creating very light, elven duel longswords. He named them, Slash and Gash. When Althron got home he collected a few things told his father he was going out and set off to find out what the Gremlin wanted, he headed to The Beach, where he heard there was something happening in school.

01-17-2003, 10:07 PM
My character's name is Clark
He is a he (duh)
He is elven
His main weapon is a sword with a ranger symbol
His long range weapon is a bow
He also carries a dagger
He was a thief before becoming a ranger, he quit when a mission went horribly wrong
He is 34 years old
He has black hair, fit body, and green eyes
He has light armor
Clark arrives at beach and bumps into Althron
"sorry" he says, when he turns around his sword's symbol is visible to Althron

Lost Welshman
01-18-2003, 06:18 AM
"Youre a ranger!!, listen theres something happening here at the beach. Do you want to help me?"

01-18-2003, 10:46 AM
"Used to be, used to be. Tell me What's going on and ill see if i can help."

Lost Welshman
01-19-2003, 07:06 AM
Althron looked into the trees surrounding the cliffs, there was a glow.
"Im not sure exacly whats going on but my friends said there was going to be a gathering. I founf a gremlin outside my house last night it had a symbol, in blood, on its forehead. I looked up the symbol and it was an ancient Orcish symbol meaning Dragon Riders. And legend says that there is a dragon deep below, in the caverns under the cliffs. So do you want to help"

01-19-2003, 04:49 PM
"I'll help, where's the meeting?"

Lost Welshman
01-19-2003, 05:20 PM
Im guessing where those sparks are, you lead the way

01-19-2003, 07:33 PM
*Clark leads the way into the meeting, just before becoming visible Clark gives a signal to Althron to stay out of view, the two spy on the meeting*

02-09-2003, 12:22 PM
I want to play to. I am Ceth the Halfling. I am a fighter. My adress is...

Ceth, 492 Bagshot Row,
Middle Earth :)

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