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Lost Welshman
12-22-2002, 04:33 PM
I have had some PM's telling me to add the next two chapters of my story so here they are.

Chapter 6
The Rescue
Early the next morning, when the sky was still black, Rhyth and Ubi searched for a place to find equipment for their long, dangerous mission. Hours passed and the sun began to rise, the two were new to Cardiff so they didn’t have any luck finding places, they went back to Althron's house, the door was open. “Hey, whose in here!” Rhyth tried to scare away any intruders, they went into the living room and Nina was sitting on the arm of a chair. “Ninala, Im sorry about your mother” Rhyth said as he noticed Nina’s miserable face.
“where is Althron, my mother had been captured by dark elves, but I will need help finding saving her.”
“Althron has also been taken by them, and Thameras too” Ubi told her.
“We must leave now, you too will have to help, first we need equipment” Nina left the house and the other two followed. She walked down the road and made a sharp left, almost losing Ubi and Rhyth. “Here we are” she said facing a dead end.
“There’s nothing there” Ubi said
“You’d think by now you would have realized that things don't have to be seen to actually be there” Rhyth corrected after a sigh. So Nina walked forward again and disappeared through a wall. Ubi jumped through with excitement and then Rhyth followed as he laughed quietly. “NINA!” there was an old man in the corner of a large, empty room. Nina began talking to him. Ubi noticed runes on the walls, he read one of them. The walls turned over and revealed a vast amount of bows and arrows. Ubi quickly ran to the first bow that caught his eye, it was a short bow, not exactly silver and not white, sort of in-between the two. He tested it, “One of my ancestors was a marksman, Uchi, his name was Uchi I think.” Then Ubi found a quiver, made of a cream material with golden markings, inside the quiver were the finest silver arrows that he had seen, and a great deal of them as well. Rhyth began reading more runes in his head until he found one that said ‘armyr’, he uttered the words and the wall flipped round again. In the room there was a vast selection of armour. Rhyth went towards a red robe, he picked it up. “what do you know, its my size” inside the robe there was some lightweight, but very strong chain mail armour. Ubi rushed into the room and went straight to a silver helmet, with silver scale main armour. “Rhyth, look at me, I’m a battle mage!”
“take that stupid helmet of Ubi, keep the armour though, you’ll need it a lot more.”
“but what about my head?”
“just be careful, we don't want to have a lot to carry” Rhyth and Ubi joined Nina who was all equipped with very strong, heavy grey armour and a large long sword. Nina threw a bag of gold at the old man whose eyes lit up when he opened the bag. “Thanks Dave”, Nina said as she left the shop. “Now, into dark elf territory”
“But Nina, I’m starving”
“Ok Ubi we will stop on the way”
Meanwhile deep in the dark elf territory stood a tall, black tower standing high above the land. In the tower, at the very top was the dungeons. The elves had decided that if a tower was to have dungeons they should be at the top, this way if anyone escaped through a window they would fall to their death. In the dungeons Althron and Thameras were kept. A large Orcish guard walked to the door and unlocked it. “My master says, he will speak with you. Take first door to your right” the Orc said as he stood pointing. Althron and Thameras walked out of the room and looked down the corridor, there were no doors on the right? Althron turned through the first door to the left as Thameras just checked for a right door. “So you are Althron and Thameras, I must say you’ve changed a lot, now before I send you back to the dungeons I must ask you something, Will you join me, or will you prefer to die” Eyakeron was feeling very powerful as he walked around the room. “We will join you, master” Thameras said as he knelt. “Good plan Tham,” Althron whispered, “yes we will join you...err...master”
“Very good, I expected more of a struggle” With that said, Eyakeron told the two their plans, and how he captured Dr. Nimala and then as he was about the tell them their main plan there was an enormous roar. “Sir, dragons, they escape” a goblin said as he rushed into the room and fell over. Eyakeron walked to the window and send out a huge bolt of energy that tore through the heart of the dragon. He then fell to the floor as the dragon exploded.
On the road towards the wastelands Rhyth felt a pain, it wasn't really in a certain place like his hand or head. It was just a pain. He fell of his bike and crashed into a tree. “Rhyth!” Ubi shouted. Luckily Rhyth was fine, a slight bump to the head and a branch to the chest, the branch snapped on the armour. Nina, helped Rhyth up and they quickly headed off. “What happened Rhyth?” Ubi asked.
“I don't know, but it was painful.”
About an hour later the three adventurers had reached the wastelands, they drove for many more hours and they came to a dead forest. “Not even I am going in there!” Nina said worriedly. “Why not” Ubi asked. There was a creature through the trees, it was tall and long-limbed, and very thin. It had long scraggly brown hair and yellow, wart covered skin “a…a...t...tr...troll!” Ubi was terrified.
“that’s not a troll,” Rhyth said, “trolls are large, fat creatures, they certainly don't have hair and their skin is either green or grey. THAT thing is not a troll”
“err...guys,” Nina said as they were crouched behind a small hill. Ubi looked through the trees again. “Its gone”,
“No it hasn’t”
“how do you know that Nina?” Ubi asked
“because my little hobbit friend, ITS RIGHT BEHIND US!!!” Nina said before being pulled backwards by the creature. “oh” said Ubi calmly, he then let out a sigh and turned around screaming. Nina pulled out her sword and cut off one of the creatures four long, sharp fingers. The creature let out a shriek that made Ubi cringe. Rhyth fired a fireball at the creature but it seemed to be absorbed. Then Ubi fired an arrow into the creatures head, knocking the creature down. Nina stood over the creature and thrust her sword through its chest, another shriek was let out. The creature got back up and ran towards Ubi, but was stopped when Rhyth used his staff to magically hit the creature in the chest, throwing the creature into a tree. Ubi pulled out his last freezing orb and he threw it at the creature, but it was deflected and froze the tree above the creature. Then Nina cut off the creatures hand, it let out a roar, followed by flaming breath that melted the ice on the tree. As the water touched the creature on the forehead it began to burn. Yet another shriek was let out and the creature darted into the wood. Ubi fired another arrow and there was a yelp, followed by a thud. Nina ran towards the creature as it lay on the floor again. She began slashing at it but every time that she cut into it, the wound healed. She then decided to decapitate it, so she did. “AT LAST!” Ubi celebrated. But the creature was not done, a bone spike shot out of the neck of the blood covered body, then it stood up, grabbed the head and forced it onto the spike. “Now that’s just sick” Rhyth was horrified. The creature grew more powerful with every injury it received. “RUN!” Nina ordered, so the three of them dashed out of the forest and climbed onto their bikes. They sped off with the creature chasing behind them, it was fast, very fast. Rhyth threw his staff very far ahead, soon a fountain of water shot out of the ground where the staff had landed. The bikes burst through the fountain and turned around, the creature followed and it took a few seconds to realize that it was burning because of the water. The creature was in agony, it almost burnt away completely, its bones were left. They had finally finished the beast. “YES!” Ubi got off his bike and retrieved Rhyth’s staff as Rhyth was busy examining the bones of the creature. Rhyth walked raised a piece of earth with his staff and crushed the bones. He quickly removed the earth and saw the crushed skull fix itself. In the tower Althron and Thameras had been told all about their plan to destroy the elves cities and force them to work as slaves. They have captured many dragons and trained Orcs and Dark elves alike to ride them. They had the idea from over two thousand years ago, but when it was first tried they were unsuccessful. This time around they plan on using Rornosk creatures to help them out in the battle but to do that they need a sacred relic. The sword of The Rornosk King. With this sword they can command the Rornosk and destroy the defending armies. Nina, Ubi and Rhyth were nearing the tower, they could see it on the horizon. In the tower Eyakeron was still explaining. “We have gathered every last dragon in the world and will soon crush the elven empire. Those dragons that rebelled were killed, so obviously only the most vicious, bloodthirsty dragons are left. Althron then told Eyakeron, “you fool, we aren't really going to join you, in fact I might kill you now” Althron raised his new dark elf sword to Eyakeron's neck. “NO” Thameras hit Althron’s sword away and pushed Althron out of the window. “Ha ha, thank you my loyal servant. Now you and two very special warriors will go and collect the sword of Rornosk and bring it back to me.”
“Very well, Master” Althron was hanging onto a loose brick that was just sticking out of the wall, luckily he still had his sleeve hook, a weapon that he could fire and pull himself with, in other words a grappling hook, but smaller than the one he usually uses. He shot the hook to the top of the tower and he was pulled up slowly. When he reached the top the first thing he did was look below. Very far down there was an army, a dark army with black armour. Orcs, goblins and Dark elves, just standing there waiting. Althron picked up a rune from his pocket and used it, he could hear long distances. He could hear the voice of Eyakeron. “My brothers!” the crowd cheered, “We finally have a champion brave enough to fight the Rornosk, accompanying him will be the Rune Ghosts. At that moment large doors opened and three figures walked out onto the balcony and waved, there was a huge cheer. “Thameras and the two Rune Ghosts will leave this time next week, to celebrate, we shall kill the high elf, Dr. Nimala!” The crowd cheered once more and they looked up to the top of the tower. Althron heard a females voice behind him, “Althron, you cannot save me now...urgh...r...ru…n” It was the voice of Dr. Nimala, she was in serious pain, Althron was angry he heard her faint voice telling him not to look, so he looked down. There was a sound of chains pulling up a large lift. Then there were thuds, slow thuds and then a huge swoop and crash. The Crowd cheered. Dr. Nimala was dead. Althron turned around and readied his weapon, there standing tall with a huge war hammer and the largest plate mail armour was a vicious grey troll. The troll let off a terrible roar, the smell gagged Althron and his face was covered in spit. “Yuk, now you’re going to pay stupid troll” Althron slashed at the trolls leg and jumped to the right to avoid the hammer, he nearly fell of the edge but shot his sleeve hook at the trolls face, it took out the trolls eye and Althron was now attached to the troll. The troll began to panic, it managed to knock Althron’s sword out of his hand. Althron looked around desperately for a weapon, all he could see was spikes, towering above him, on each spike there were chains, one of the spikes had been crushed, recently. Althron ran and slid under the trolls legs, and pulled and the metal wire that was coming from the creatures eye. The troll squealed and turned round with his eyes watering. Althron ran back and jumped, he kicked of a spike and dropkicked the troll in the face, luckily the hook managed to come off the wire so Althron wasn't connected to the troll. The troll fell backwards and stood up again, as it caught its breath Althron pushed the giant hammer, as its handle was pointing at the trolls groin. The troll howled and then fell off the tower. Althron looked down and saw the troll crushing a group of Orcs and dark elves. Then he saw three bikes on the road to the tower. A blue ball of light was leading them, the light then shot up to Althron who then threw it back. Nina told the other two to stay and defend themselves. She pulled a crossbow from her back and shot it to the top of he tower. Althron grabbed a large flying hook and attacked it around a spike, then in about ten seconds Nina was on the top of the tower. “Where is my Mother”
“I’m sorry Nina,” she stared at the broken spike and then saw the troll hammer. A tear ran down one side of her face and then she jumped off the tower, Althron followed. “Stop them Rhyth, quick!” Ubi commanded, Rhyth held out his staff,
“I hope this works long distance”. Nina and Althron stopped just above the spikes that were being held out by Orcs. Then Rhyth pulled them towards the bikes. They got on the bikes and rode off, with five Orcs behind them running, with no hope of actually catching them. Althron was saved.

Lost Welshman
12-22-2002, 04:58 PM
Sorry about not putting this in the story forum but it will not be read there. Incase you were wondering in chapter 5 Althron and Thameras (main characters) are captured by Dark Elves.

Chapter 7 is not finished yet sorry.

Chapter 7
The group were silent on the way back to Cardiff. When they got there the first thing they did was go to Althron’s house. There Althron explained Eyakeron’s plan. “So he’s found a way to control unstoppable killing machines, okay what did you say the name was again” Rhyth was ready to research on the creatures, “The name of the creatures is Rornosk, or something like that”
“ok, I’ll do some research, you might want to go with Nina to get some equipment”
“Turn left out of the door, then turn left down the dark alley and there it is” Nina told Althron, Rhyth could see that she was upset. Althron came back about a minute mater, “there’s nothing there?”
“yes there is, you idiot, just walk through the wall!” Nina snapped back, Ubi was worried. Nina never got angry before. Rhyth and Ubi comforted Nina, she started crying. Althron returned fully equipped, he had a wooden crossbow, a light silver chain mail armour, and two silver, elven long swords. “Lets go” Nina left the group and Rhyth went to the library. Ubi and Althron went to the nearest tavern.
“I Cant believe he just pushed you out of the window”
“Yeah, something is wrong with him, he hasn’t been the same lately, when he said he was going to join Eyakeron I thought he was joking” Hours passed and Ubi was drunk. Rhyth burst in, “Ubi, the Rornosk, that’s what the creature we ran into was”
“What creature?” Althron asked,
“It was big, it had very slimy wart covered skin, greasy long brown hair, a crooked face and it was almost unstoppable.”
“yeah, we found a way to kill it, water. Ubi, get some wa… Ubi?”
“Oh my god” Rhyth put his head in his hand, “I guess I’ll have to get them for you”
Two days later, after Ubi’s terrible hangover, Rhyth, Althron and Ubi headed to the wastelands.
“Why are we going today?” Ubi had been asking a lot of questions that day.
“The real reason is because I don't want to find out what a Rune Ghost is” Althron Replied “A Rune Ghost, isn't that one of those creatures that are created when a Rune is used. Yeah it is, they take over a body when enough runes are used. They come from a forgotten place, I suppose some Orcs or something found the place by accident. They are purely magical creatures, they were created when runes were in high use, in the Mage wars one thousand years ago. Luckily they aren't all bad.” Althron gulped. They finally reached the dark forest where the first Rornosk was found. “So how big are these things” asked Althron,
“About, that big” Rhyth said pointing into the forest. Althron turned around slowly and Rhyth burst out into laughter. “that’s not even slightly funny” Althron said while sighing with relief. They were about to enter the forest when there was a large roar. A dragon flew over and dropped three boxes, the boxes slowed down and hovered above the ground, then they burst open. “Thameras?” Ubi hid behind Rhyth
“What are you doing here,” The three men were pushed back by two Rune Ghosts, “now if you’ll excuse me I have a sword to find” At that moment two Rornosk burst out of the forest. Rhyth and Ubi stood back, they stopped Althron from attacking and they watched. Thameras quickly crushed the head of one of the creatures and then hammered the side of the other beast, he then holstered his axe and began to walk on, the skull of the one creature fixed itself, it turned and grabbed Thameras who was wondering what was going on. The Rune Ghosts began to shoot flames from their dark hoods that hid their hideous faces from the damaging
sunlight. The Rornosk creatures became stronger, then Ubi thought that if he saved Thameras he would return to them so he began to throw Orbs, the orbs drenched the Rornosk creatures and they burned away. “Thank you, stupid Halfling, now lets go boys” Thameras pushed Ubi to the floor and entered the forest. “They wont last long” Rhyth said as he helped Ubi, Althron was stunned looking at the bones of the creatures. They soon began to wander around the forest. They came to what looked like an abandoned castle. They entered the castle, it was empty, they searched for a while and they came to a cold, dark, very large room with a huge long sword in the middle, lying on a throne. “We’ve found it” Althron whispered
“It seems to easy, but lets just take it and get out of here.” Ubi was worried as he spoke. Althron stepped towards the sword and then the torches in the room went out. Thameras and the two Rune Ghosts entered the room followed by hundreds of Rornosk beasts. Althron snatched the sword and the three men left the room, they heard the shrieking of the beasts behind them followed by the screams of Thameras and the howls of the Rune Ghosts. Ubi’s face went white when he though about what could be happening to Thameras. A few seconds after they left the castle a Rune Ghost jumped out of a window, but a large yellow arm reached out and pulled at the hood. A terrible, disfigured, grey face was revealed, but not for long. The face of the Rune Ghost soon cracked and then blew away in the wind. “I thought they were ghosts?” Ubi said as they ran away through the trees.
“They’re called Rune Ghosts because when a Rune is used it creates a magical ‘Ghost-like’ substance, that must take physical form before it fades away. They come from one place known as the graveyard, fortunately nobody knows where it is” Rhyth went on for a while and Ubi just began to ignore him.

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I like your Spell Orb concept. I think that I am going to nick it for a D&D campaign.

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NOOOOOOOO, please do not steal my Ideas, Eventually this whole story will be up and running for all to read, but Ive run myself into a dead end and I cant think what happens next.

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NOOOOOOOO, please do not steal my Ideas,

Don't worry. It's for a roleplaying game system (to give a little meaning to the archaic spell-memorisation system), not something to be published/posted or anything. But if it's not OK, I won't, of course.

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Ok then, Ill allow it, this once.

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