View Full Version : Help destroying the TFS

03-25-2001, 03:08 AM
I'm have trouble with one of the later levels in the PC version. I'm on the level trying to destroy the Trade Federation Ship and I've killed the shield generators, all the gun turrets, and about a million Droid Fighters but the level won't end.
Also, the auto leveler won't shut off. This makes flying in space pretty awful.

03-26-2001, 12:35 PM
There is only one shield generator, and it is not a sattelite dish. Look at the pre-mission screen. It shows targets on what you need to knock out.

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03-26-2001, 02:14 PM
After shooting the four sheild generators you have to shoot the box shaped encasement below the large towers. Look for some power surges and start shooting.