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01-02-2003, 10:47 AM
hy. You all gonne laugh me out but Ive got a question. How can you make a skin or a model? Or maybe a map. Are their special programs for it?
please help me:atat: [FONT=arial][FONT=arial][FONT=arial]

01-02-2003, 12:38 PM
okay i see your new in the forums and welcome, but this isent the right place to post a thread for this kind of thing. :) this is a 'showcase forum' made for showing of skins (in the skinning section) , models (in this section) and then maps (mapping section) , but to awnser a little of your qeustions yes you do need special programs for making models (3d modelling programs) , that goes for skins too (painting programs like Photoshop) to make a map you need to download a tool pack raven has release (you can get it on www.jk2files.com )
in there there is a program called JK2 RADIENT, thats the program used to make maps for jk2 and please next time post this kind of thread in the right places , just so you know.....;)

01-02-2003, 02:51 PM
I just have a few things to add to SupremePain's comments.

Welcome to the forums... you'll soon learn your way around, but the best way to learn where to post stuff is to look at the description for each forum and see which one best fits your comment.

There are a variety of 3d modeling programs, but I believe only 3D Studio Max can actually get models into JKII. There is a free version of 3DS Max called GMax... you can get it on the web.

For skins you should get a good image editing program. I use Adobe Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro, but Photosuite is pretty good too. Many of these programs have demos you can download from the web as well.

For mapping, I find that GtK Radiant is easier to use (and more accessible for beginners) than JK2 Radiant. Both work, so it's up to you, but you can download GtK Radiant from the website http://www.qeradiant.com. Hope this helps.