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Darth Groovy
01-03-2003, 08:03 PM
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....


Episode III: A Quest For Freedom

It had been a day of victory for the LucasForum's Jedi Academy, allied forces had joined together to foil Divine Spirit's sinister plot of building a clone army of the sith. The Clawdite inhabitants have allied with the Jedi to defeat the sith and reclaim the home planet of Oriden in exchange for preservation of they're secret identity.

Several star sytems sympathetic to the Academy's cause have rallied volunteer soldiers to help the Jedi defeat the Sith once and for all and restore the Academy to it's original state.

Meanwhile, Darth Groovy, Admiral Darklighter and a small team of volunteers have set off to rescue obi-wan13 from the clutches of the Evil Divine Spirit.

Little do they know that the evil Sith Master has devised a trap that will destroy the Academy and allow the Sith to gain control of the Galaxy...

The light from the open skylight shined in one narrow beam down onto the large cellar floor. The castle had clearly been built for a species that averaged about ten meters height. obi remained unconscious on the stone floor that was surroned by a fence that consisted of 4 illuminated blue beams in a sqare large enough for him to move around about 5 steps in each direction. Obi used all his strength to push the upper half of his torso and look into the small beam of light that shined down upon him. He was unaware of where he was, or wether it was night or day. His hair was matted against his face in tangled mesh of blood and soil. His left eye was puffy and unable to open. His traditional brown robe had been stolen and all he had left were the tattered rags that once made up his Jedi battle tunic. The blood that once dripped from the right side of his mouth was dried and his face remained covered with bruises and soil. The smell of must and mildew was so strong in this place that it was overwhelming and often would make the most standard species vommit from the stench. A large creeking sound echoed in the distance as the light poured into the room. A Dark hooded slender figure casually strode in and powered down the fence. Once he was inside the fence came back on. Obi looked on with his arm over the tops of his eyes to block the light wich was hurting his eyes. Obi rolled over to look at the figure and gasped for air. The dark figure grabed a small wooden stole in Obi's cell, and sat right next to the lump of blood and rags that was Obi. "Well well, the great Obi-wan13!" , the figure hissed. Obi knew the voice all to well, it was that of Darth Slayne. As Obi's only open eye slowly adjusted to the light he could indeed see the familiar smirk of Slayne just below the top of his black hood. "Where are your Jedi Now?", Slayne leaned closer, "no they cannot save you obi-wan, but I can". Obi used all the air in his lungs to respond in a faint whisper, "how so?" obi said. Darth Slayne smiled, and began to pace in the small fenced area. "Not so long ago, Darth Groovy walked out of a cloning facility, undetected by any guards. A few hours before that, one of our generals reported that nearly 25 of his new Darth Maul clones dissapeared. A few hours after that ever last clone of Darth Maul was found dead, the cloning facility destroyed. And our best scanning crews can find no trace of any single intruder." Slayned leaned in close to obi's face. "Why don't you tell me what is going on?" Obi grunted and managed to push himslef upright into a sitting postition, then propped himself up against a large rock. "You want to know what is going on? I can tell you." Obi rasped, then swallowed hard. "Your master, Divine Spirit, a former pupil of mine.......*gasp*.........is being defeated by the LFJA....*gasp*..... while I sit here dying in a stinking cell with you" Darth Slayne jumped up off the stool and force pushed obi hard into the stone he was leaning on, then sent him falling to the floor. Slayne began to stroll out of the room and paused... "your are right about one thing, you will die in this room". The fence powered down as Slayne strode toward the light in the door way, and the door slammed hard behind him. Slowly the small beam of light vanished from above and obi was once again in darkness.
The rain pelted hard on the slums of Nar Shadda. Most of the tennants had retreated to their respective dwellings and this evening some shops had closed early do the violent weather reports. All that littered the streets now were thugs and vagrants.
Neon signs flashed on and off and small children weaved in and out of the dumbsters for the last morsels of table scrap from nearby restaraunts. A single dark figure wearing a large robe pulled the hood tighter over his face to shield himself from the rain, as he zig zagged in and out of passing cititzens. Two figures persued him keeping a minimal distance as not to be seen. One was a Gran, and the other a very ugly humanoid. From the looks of they're clothes, they were poor. The looks on they're face were even more menacing as they focused on they're prey. As the dark figure made a right turn into a nearby alley the two predators closed in on their target. The humanoid produced small brass blaster and pointed it into the dark figures back. "Temmet Nocce!", shouted the humanoid in a forceful sound. "Put your hands up stranger! the humanoid continued. The dark figure stopped but did not turn around. Then the gran shoved a sawed off blaster rifle in the stranger's direction and grunted something in a different language. "Put your hands up, now!" the humanoid shouted in a nervous howl. Suddenly the blaster gerked out of his hand and hung suspended in the air just before his face. The Gran's blaster rifle followed. The Gran looked in bewilderment as his human counterpart nearly stumbled at the site. The guns then quickly spun around and pointed at both the gran and the humanoid. The figure slowly turned around and removed his hood to reveal a cranium adorned with hooked horns, yellow red fire eyes, and a black and red tattooed face. Darth Groovy smiled as the rain dripped off the his chin and glared at his two guests as they shook in fear. "Run" Groovy said calmly as the two briefly looked at each other and took off without a breath of air. The guns hovered for a short while, then Groovy pulled a saber from inside his robe and ignited one end and slashed the guns into pieces with one downward thrust. The Zabrak looked around and pulled his hood back over his head and quietly strode off as the pieces of the weapons sparked for a second before being doused by the pooring rain.

01-05-2003, 05:35 AM
"I've waited so long to meet her again..I've dreamed about her ever sense I departed the planet....." The droid next to him beeped in high-pitched queaks."Heh,this sounds like some corny love story from corrielia...doesnt it,R-9?"And the droid answered with a "Beep-bop-beep-beep".

Tyrion decided to go to his Custom Jedi Starfighter. It looked alot like the original Jedi Starfighter,but looks can decieve. It houses 2 Photon Topedo launches on each side of the cockpit,and 1 Blaster Cannon on each wing,all hidden,of course.Anyway,Tyrion hopped into the main cockpit and loaded R-9 into the sub cockpit.He pushed a button,turning the engine and shields on,and he signaled the hangar control droid to open the port.

And with a swwwoooossshhh,he flew out of the space-hangar. He decended on the swamp planet Talisis. Jungles and swamps reached as far as he could see.On his rear view mirror,he thought he saw a ship chasing him,but he just thought it was nothing to be paranoid about. As he reaches the Stratosphere equivilant of the planet's atmosphere, it started to rain. He landed on the landing area in the capital city Patala. He opened the cockpit and jumped out. As he headed for the Registration office, he thought he heard hissing sounds coming from behind. As he looked behind him,he saw 2 missles go straight towards his Jedi Starfighter. In a fiery explosion,the blast destroyed his ship and sent him into the near windows.

Panicked employees rushed out of the building,and Tyrion drew his dark green lightsaber. He deflected some blaster shots from the ship,and when it hovered down to get better aim,he threw a thermal grenade at the ship. He saw the pilot jumped out before the grenade detonated and destoyed the ship's generator. He rushed at the dazed pilot, with his lightsaber gripped tightly. He jumped at the pilot,but the pilot ducked out of the way. The pilot drew his blaster pistol and shot at Tyrion. Tyrion blocked all the shots,and as he got closer,he destroyed the pilot's pistol. He took one swing at him,but the pilot ducked down and drew his monomicular knife. He seemed to have pumped some adreniline steroids into him at the time,as he dodged every one of Tyrion's swings. He threw a flash grenade at the ground,and as Tyrion was briefly blinded,he slashed Tyrion in the forehead with his knife.

Tyrion gave out a shriek of pain,and went into a dark rage. He slashed at the doomed pilot without thought,and soon enough he disinigrated the knife,and the pilot's head. Then he stabbed at the body again and again,then he fell on the ground and started crying,since the dark rage left such a strong shock on his body. Then,he saw something reflective on dead hunter's body,showing him his bleeding wound,and soon after that,he saw darkness and fainted...

01-05-2003, 06:42 PM
YEAH ive been waiting for this for a long time.

the man once know as white dragon mite have enjoyed the peace and quiet but white dragon was dead and darth rhall was living. the man know as obi-wan 13 was being interogated. obi-wan thought white dragon was dead. darth rhall would show himself to him now, he would see the face of white dragon and the eyes of darth rhall. he started down the hall way to the dentntion area.

it stank in the detention area but darth rhall ignored such things. he walked into the cell that was obi-wans and opened it. the pathetic looking man was on the floor soaked in his own blood. obi-wan smiled when he saw darth rhall. "thank the force youve come i am glad beyond all hope you are alive" darth rhall slaped the man as hard as he could. "arent you happey to see me obi-wan." white dragon lifted his hood up and showed obi-wan his red eyes that burned like fire. "i am not the pahetic man white dragon. i am darth rhall. the one who will kill all jedi. the first one that i killed was white dragon isent it funney. and now i am the new sith that has always been inside of him, just waiting to come out. it was devine spirit who released me." obi-wan began to cry bitterly. "yes stay here and rot but think of me and may i haunt you untill you die." darth rhall left obi-wan and went back to his quarters.

01-05-2003, 07:16 PM
Tidus Darklighter sat. Alone. Waiting. It was all he had been doing for the last 6 months or so. Waiting for an opportunity, a sign, a chance to do something about the situation which had arisen. But at this point, there was no sign of hope. He waited impatiently next to the window of his personal quarters, tapping his fingers nervously on the wall, as he stared into the distance, watching the Sun rise from the mountains, as they were overshadowed by the glistening light which shone beyond the horizon. It had been a long time since the battle between the Jedi Academy and the Sith. And the capture of Obi-wan once again shook the Academy. Much had remained the same though.

Darklighter’s complexion however, had not remained the same in the time between now and the battle many months previous. Gone was the look of innocence which shrouded him: the events had effected him more than anyone else in the Academy. His long, flowing black hair was now tied back into a ponytail, his hair folded over and fastened by a think brown material, now showing all his facial features clearly. He had grown a small beard, a line from his lip to above his chin, and the sides of his face showed the stubble grown. Although he was near enough the same person, and only in his twenties, Darklighter looked beyond his years, his eyes now clearly visible, which shone with the wisdom he always hid beneath his frowned expression.

His Jedi garments were gone. Instead, Darklighter had adopted a darker Jedi outfit, unlike the traditional requirement of appearance Obi-wan had set in the Academy before. He bore a thin, black top, which was long-sleeved, and on top wore a black jersey, thick, dark as the night. His black gloves were finger-less, his top held down by his black utility belt. His trousers were also black, and his reflective boots reached high up to his knees. He indeed looked like a very different person, and in truth, he was.

In the time which had passed, Tidus had become a man of solemn reflection. The consequences of the battle, and the capture of his former master, was a lot to take in and understand. When Obi-wan had been kidnapped by Divine’s forces before, Darklighter did all he could to help. Now though, he realised any attempt of rescue on his own would be futile. Although the enemy had been driven away, Darklighter, Darth Groovy and all of the Jedi knew it Divine would mass an army once again, and they would have to fight. All they could do was wait. In those first weeks, Darklighter had shunned himself away from the others; Obi-wan had been like a father to him, and now he was gone, Tidus daren’t not speak of him. Every word, every thought brought a pain to his heart. He had spent a lot of his time training in the dojo, alone, usually at night. The other times he would meditate quietly, alone once again. He had become an alien to the others, and it would take time to restore him to his former self.

Tidus had also created a new lightsaber, after his previous one was destroyed in a confrontation between himself and Dath Maximus. He found it no real chore to carry out, as he had created two lightsabers before, orange and white bladed. The hilt of his new saber was smaller, the end a diagonally shaped cylinder, and an indent around the middle separated the grip from the ignition button. With a snap hiss, Darklighter ignited the saber as he leant against the wall. The blue and green hued blade shone brightly, creating a saber of turquoise colour, illuminating the shadowy walls of his quarters.

Although, there was one person Darklighter had spent a lot of his time with in the past few months. A new recruit at the Academy, discovered as Darklighter was on a reconnaissance mission to one of Thedonias’ nearby systems. A young human by the name of Phantom Helix. Tidus had spied his talent as Phantom defended himself from a band of rodians. Darklighter saw his lightning quick reflexes as Phantom fought them all, when at last he needed help, Darklighter finished them off. As of then, Phantom became his padawan. They trained continually in the sparring rooms and dojos situated around the Academy. Phantom grew in skill quickly, and though head-strong and impulsive, learned to control his feelings. He was very much like Darklighter in almost every way, and yet opposite to him; their looks were similar, they were both orphaned at a young age, both sensitive and let their feelings show, yet one would be calm and the other severe, and vice versa. There was a sense of balance between their altering personalities. And yet, Darklighter would continually reside to a place of quiet meditation, away from the fuss and complications of Academy life.

“Will he be okay?” Phantom asked, as he stood outside the training dojo, as he peered in to see Darklighter practising various acrobatic moves, gliding through the air from one wall to the next.

“He will in time,” replied Darth Groovy, with a sorrowful look upon his face. “The current events have affected all of us,” he paused for thought, before continuing, “but not as much as it has affected him. He's lost so many people in so little time. He's trying to distance himself from everyone in the academy, because he believes he loses everyone he tries to get close to. Did you know Darklighter used to be Obi-Wan's apprentice, just as you are his now?"

“Yes,” replied Phantom, “for a long time. I understand they were very close.”

“Obi-wan was like a father to him. He saved his life, more than once I can tell you” Groovy chuckled. “Tidus was always getting into trouble. They are the best of friends, and he is lost without him, knowing he can’t help.” Groovy stepped towards Phantom, placing a hand on his shoulder and smiling. “He’ll be well in time.”

With that Groovy left, and Phantom walked inside the dojo to meet his Master.

“Master…” he said as he walked inside. “I am ready to begin my lightsaber training.” Darklighter quickly darted his head towards the door, and jumped down to meet his padawan. He clapped his hands and smiled at Phantom.

“Very well,” he said. “I will teach you the basics. Though I must warn you, you will need all your strength for this. Wielding a lightsaber is no easy task.”

“I’m ready for anything!” Phantom exclaimed. They both laughed, and positioned themselves to begin duelling.

Darth Talliusc
01-05-2003, 09:20 PM
Stars flipped past at immense speeds amidst the cold darkness of outer space. this twisting nether of darkness was one of the few places Talliusc could feel at home. gone were his titles "lord Talliusc" or "admiral Talliusc" and longer still was his title "Master Talliusc". now he was but a warrior on a quest. he knew that even if he were to survive his quest he had very little chance of achieving his goal. for at the end of this journey through space was his past, his memories and untold challenges.
Over the course of time since Talliusc had left Thedonias he had tried to meditate on the workings of the galaxy around him. he had felt a calling to return to Rekkorion that he could not explain, nor could he explain his growing fears of what was to come. he didnt know what awaited him at the harsh planet he had been trained on but he knew it was powerful.
Talliusc looked forward to seeing the aged Rem'Cid once more, a wise old chiss who governed the planet and quite possibly the only man who could keep Talliusc alive on the planet.

Talliusc checked his chrono: it would be less then 40 minutes until he reached the ancient world. He tried one last time to reach out with the force and discover the source of the nexus of power he felt. it was familiar yet changed somehow. his sense of urgency deepened as Talliusc pleaded with his vessel to travel faster while puzzles swarmed his mind.

01-06-2003, 03:28 PM
darth rhall felt something of pitty when he left the cell and it angerd him to his core. a part of white dragon was still alive but it would soon die along with the rest of him. "what is the matter darth rhall" darth rhall saw shadow angel in the corner of the room. "a part of the weakling white dragon is still in me." "well i would be happy to help you with that" shadow angel ignited his lightsaber. darth rhall laughed "you really do not want to see me living do you" "you are in the body of the man i hate the most" "well shadow angel that is a shame isent it. because i am more of a help than a burden. within me are the thoughts and memorys of white dragon. within me are the secrets, the strengths and the weaknesses of the jedi. so you must choose weather you should strike me down or wait till i am not useful anymore" with great reluctance shadow angel deactivated his light saber. "we shall see what you can aid" with a laugh darth rhall walked down the passage to his quarters.

01-07-2003, 10:57 AM
obi stared upwards, for there was nothing else to do. He layed patiently, awaiting his rescuers.

Many weeks passed, and they did not come. Obi-wan13's condition was not progressing. He could not hear well any more, nor could he see. The force, it felt, had abandoned him. If he stood, it would take most of his energy. He hadn't eaten in 4 days, and he hasn't drank anything since the previous afternoon.

He could have sworn he heard footsteps coming down the corridor, as he awaited to see who his visitor was. He felt a very evil presence, but it soon passed. Obi was running out of hope, and that is something he has never done before in his entire life.

He felt something knawing at his neck, like a sharp cramp or pain. He let out a small moan, and life left his body. His eyes closed, and he stopped breathing. He had no pulse.

Obi-wan13 was dead.

01-07-2003, 02:49 PM
:eek: man thats a sad end of our main hero. but i guess we must trudge on. well miss ya in the story obi

01-07-2003, 06:39 PM
Obi opened his eyes. He was no longer in pain, and he was no longr suffering. He stood, to find that he was in an empty space. Nothing was in this space except for him. Pure white all around, though it did not hurt his eyes. He also took notice that he was not in his aged body any longer. His wrinkles were gone, his beard was short, and he was wearing clean jedi robes that he wore in his youth. His body felt rejuvenated. He smiled for a moment, untill the reality that he was at this awkwerd place came back to him.

He turned to see a rather tall man standing. The man looked at Obi for a moment and spoke. His voice was very deep, so deep, it made the ground shake.

"You know who I am, don't you." The man said.

Obi stood silent, trying to think where he had seen this man before. Then he remembered. He looked up at the man, smiling.

"Yes! Yes! Yes I do! I remember your face when I was a child...though I do not remember your name....." Obi said.

"It will return in time, Obi-wan13. All of it will. We have much to discuss, and little time to discuss it in. Come with me, obi-wan." The man said, as he and obi walked side by side.

"...so, you are saying that if the Academy does not stop devine spirit within 2 weeks, then he will rule the ENTIRE galaxy? All citizens will be his slave?" Obi asked.

"Yes, and things are not looking good for the academy at the moment. They have lost much, and your capture did not help their spirits. " The man said.

"There must be something I can do! If only I could......wait....I know you now! I know who you are! I know the power you have! You must send me back! You must!"Obi said.

"I have rules I must follow, obi-wan13. You of all people should know that. The academy must stand on it's own, now."

"You helped me make the academy! You sent me to help the galaxy come to peace! I know you, and I know you will help me now, as you have many times before...."Obi said.

The giant man let out a sigh.

"Very well, obi-wan, very well........"

01-07-2003, 07:30 PM
ignore my previous post:p

sweat poured down darth rhalls face as he finished sparring with the droids that were said to be "unbeatable" but that was a regular humans opinion to darth rhall they were nothing more that weak and pathetic droids. he heard the door open behind him and a captian said to him. "a message from devine spirit my lord." "very well i shall take it in my quarters." darth rhall went to his quarters and turned on the holo-progector. "what is thy bidding my master" "i have called to ask how goes our prisoner" a look of sadness came over rhalls face."he-he is dead" "he is still inside you darth rhall and he is trying to get out" "i will defeat him my lord" "white dragon was strong in life so you must be stronger if you do not destroy every bit of him in a short while. i am afraid that he will take over you." rhall sat in silence "do not worry darth rhall. now that his master is dead his spirit will deminish with greef." the holoprogector turned off "no" darth rhall said to him self "his sorrow has turned into anger"

01-12-2003, 05:26 PM
The light was dimming fast, the last rays of sunlight disappearing beyond the gigantic mountains that stood tall above the horizon on Thedonias. The sunlight poured into Darklighter’s quarters, the heat pounded on his face as he stared out through the rectangular blinds, which covered the heated glass. Everywhere was filled with a warm orange luminescence; even the shadows seemed to light up. Darklighter closed his eyes and breathed in slowly through his nose, and held the air in his lungs. At last he released the tension that had been building up inside of his, but his anxiety remained. He was becoming more and more impatient everyday now; there had been no news of Obi-wan’s whereabouts.

At that moment, a knock came on the door, and Darklighter shrugged off the feeling. Phantom Helix strode into the room, and was greeted cheerfully, but even though the stress was getting to Tidus, he did not show it at first.

“Ah, Phantom” he spoke with an upbeat tone, but looking downwards the whole time, “what can I do you for? I understand that lightsaber training will not continue until tomorrow…”

“No, Master…” he quickly interrupted, “it is not about that. I came here to ask about you.” All of a sudden, Tidus felt worried. He did not know how to respond to this, and tried his best to avoid the subject.

“Why would you want to ask about me?” he jokingly chuckled, “There is no need. Please, do not worry. Have you begun researching into constructing you sabe…”

“But I am worried!” he interrupted again, “You haven’t been the same lately. Is it because of Master Obi-wan?”

“No…” he answered quickly, as if he wanted to say something more, but the words were lost in his throat. A bead of sweat trickled down from his brow, and he now looked up into Phantom’s eyes. Helix could see the be distress in Darklighter’s expression; it was as clear as day.

“Well…” Phantom continued, “is it about Taliara?”

“What?!” Tidus yelled and stared back at him. The name shocked and stunned him, and he began to breath more heavily. “Who…” he found it difficult to speak, and the sweat rolled down his face, “who told you about her?

“Darth Groovy…he said you were in love with her, that she was murdered 10 years ago, right before your very eyes, and you tracked down the killer and got your revenge, in the middle of your training! Why didn’t you tell me this? Don’t you trust me?!”

“Enough!!!!!!!” Darklighter yelled at the top of his voice, and Phantom stepped back in shock. The rage had built up inside of him again, that one memory arose, tormenting his soul with never-ending blinding pain. He calmed and collected his thoughts, and spoke as civilly as he felt possible:

“That is in the past,” he said as he looked at Phantom, his eyes open wide, pupils dilated in the sunset-lit room, “over, done. I do trust you, my young padawan – but those memories bring a pain to my heart which I cannot bear…”

All of a sudden, Darklighter stumbled forward onto the ground, and grabbed his chest in agony. A strange feeling of emptiness overcame him, as if there was a whole on the Force itself. He fell onto the ground, and Phantom rushed to his side.

“Master! Master what is wrong?!” his tone was high and loud in Tidus’ ears. At length, he spoke.

“Obi-wan…” he whispered in a low breath, “something has happened to Obi-wan.”

01-12-2003, 05:29 PM
"Ugh..where..what..." Tyrion said in a low voice. "Sssh. Sleep. You're fine." Said the nurse. And Tyrion reflected and tried to remember what happended. He healed himself(using the force,all LFJA jedi know that by when they are a padawan)in an hour,but he couldnt heal his scar. When the nurse came in,she was amazed that he was fully healed.He asked the administration of the city to get his equipment and who his would-be assasian was.

He found out that it was Abil Alti, an Leoat from the Outer Rims. They dont have alot of informaton on him,but they are tracking his DNA sample and his past to find more about him. Tyrion decided to look at the town,to find his old love. He went through the odd-smelling bazaar,looking at the various exotic foods and trinkets. There was someone selling a Pathfinder droid(rather ingenious invention,it's like a map of the city,except you ask where you want to go and it leads you to it,and it also has a holographic map of the city)and bought it for 300 credits.

He noticed the humans,mon-calamians,Wookies,Ewoks,Bothans,Twi'leks and various others races among the bazaar. Anyways,he looked at the holographic map,and tried to find her home. He found the home of her family,the Poats, so he went there. He knocked on the door,with a gulp in his throat. The door

He saw an old lady,who looked alot like her mother. So he asked her where her daughter was,but the mother sighed,grabbed her coat,and said depressingly "Let's go. I have to show you something.."

They went out of town,into the forest paradise. He looked and gasped at the beautiful scenery,the parrots chirping,the water falling. He followed his sweetheart's mother, until they went into an dark area. The droid turned on it's light,and it was a graveyard. The mother pointed to a gravestone. He felt a cold pain in his stomach. She was dead.

He had trouble speaking,but was able to ask why she died. The mother said that she was killed in the forest three years ago. They believe that thier god's rival did it,since she was a firm believer of thier god. He knew and warned her that it would be dangerous for her to openly admit it,but she was too stubborn to take his advice.He shed a tear on the gravestone,and left silently and mournfully. He decided he better go back to the academy and find his true assassain,before it was too late. But he felt that he wanted the would-be assassain to had killed him...

01-12-2003, 06:17 PM
Jedi220 casually walked down the corridor to his personal chambers.

He was an ordinary looking Jedi. Medium height, traditional robes, a tad bit on the wiry side. He kept to himself mostly; very few know who he is let alone his struggle with the dark side and life as a whole...

He joined the LFJA Temple when he was 12. At the age of 14, during his padawan training, his master was slaughtered by a Sith Lord. Left defenseless, he struck out in a flood of dark rage and battled the Sith. Despite striking the Sith down quickly, he was left seriously injured. He was rescued by a LFJA reconnaissance vehicle and taken back to the temple, where he had undergone numerous surgeries, including an entire robotic replacement of his right leg. 8 years since joining, he completed his training, being one to be guided by his emotions and the Force at the same time, making him an ingenious, but mostly illogical member of the LFJA.

He took out the keycard to his room, and was just about to enter when he heard the high pitched holler of Phantom.

He quickly sprinted to Tidus Darklighter’s room.

Darth Talliusc
01-12-2003, 06:38 PM
“Unknown starfighter, state your designation and business on Rekkorion”. The voice was cold, militarily precise. yes Talliusc thought, the Chiss were still very much in control of the planet, that thought brought a small smile to his lips. At least he had that going for him.
“Rekkorion traffic controller, please inform Rem’cid that he has a guest that very much wants to see his uncle” Talliusc replied coolly, he could imagine the shock of the traffic controller though he did cover it well.
“The message is being transferred to the high general’s office now. Please remain in your designated orbit until the high general has decided what to do with you” said the traffic controller straining the words high general. More waiting Talliusc thought with a grimace, he wasn’t normally a patient man and sitting in small cockpits with little leg room had never agreed with him. “Unknown starfighter you are clear to land on the northern continent sector 7-aleph, but you may wish to sit out there for a bit. We’re experiencing a heavy storm but it shouldn’t last more then a few hours.”
“Thank you control, ill see you momentarily” Talliusc cut off the comm. Before the traffic controller could restate himself about the storm. Talliusc knew all too well what storms this planet could offer.
Despite the large gusts of wind Talliusc made it to the assigned landing pad without incident. Stepping out of his starfighter Talliusc noticed three men just inside the hangar doors where the elements could not reach them. Reaching out with the force Talliusc recognized the familiar presence of Rem’cid; he could only assume that the other two were body guards.
“Hello uncle, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” said Talliusc, acting as if they had been parted days not years. Talliusc caught a subtle twitch of Rem’cid’s hand and the body guards turned to leave.
“It certainly has my boy, I take it you’ve come for the orb?” it was more of a statement then a question the way the aged Chiss said it. There were no hugs or backslaps but there was a sense of family there.
“I’ve come to consult the orb, not remove it” Talliusc explained. The old Chiss seemed to think this over for a moment.
“Do you have to go for it now? Or is there time for an uncle to whollop his nephew at a game of Belkath?” Rem’cid asked. Talliusc smiled, Belkath was a game played by many Chiss officers. It was a game of strategy on a three dimensional board as large as a swimming pool in which two commanders of equal armies tried to destroy each other.
“I’m sorry uncle, but this cannot wait, perhaps when I return we shall play” Replied Talliusc. They both knew that the game would never take place. This was Rem’cid’s subtle way of reminding Talliusc of happier, more carefree days.
“Very well, ill send for a transport that will take you to the base of the mountain, I wont bother warning you of the dangers inside, but do be careful.” Rem’cid said. Talliusc could’ve landed his own fighter at the mountain but it was important that he have the cooperation of the Chiss, he did not wish a conflict that could be easily avoided.
An hour later Talliusc was climbing through rock and ice amidst fierce winds and dangerous hail. After nearly falling several times Talliusc finally made it to the entrance of the caves that inhabited the mountain. The caves were dark but Talliusc had little difficulty making his way through them. He had hoped that he would make it to the oracle without having to fight any of the native predators but he thought the chances of this were small and kept one hand on his lightsaber at all times. Remarkably Talliusc managed to sense and avoid several patches of arachnid predators.
It took less then an hour of navigating through dark caves and killing spiders before he found what he had sought. It was a small dark blue ball that shone with an immense inner light. It sat on top of a pedestal that was intricately cut. Talliusc immediately set to work. Drawing upon the force and channeling it through himself and the orb. Through death and decay and worlds far past Talliusc searched and searched.
The orb of Caldor had the unique ability to allow force users to converse with the dead.
He wanted to see his parents once more but hesitated to seek them out yet, there was somebody else he needed to speak with first. Come on Reb, where are you? Talliusc thought furtively at the dark twisting vortex in which he searched. Abruptly Talliusc saw a face he recognized among the dead. It was Obi-wan13, Talliusc couldn’t believe it. Just as soon as he had seen the man Obi disappeared. While Talliusc thought on that he was brought back to reality with a shock. The force warned him an instant before it came. With a whip Talliusc had his lightsaber drawn and was fighting for his life. He had been so caught up in his search that he hadn’t even sensed the bounty hunters approaching.
9 warriors with blasters pulled started firing, these hunters were very good. Talliusc recognized one or two as hunters that he had worked along side back on Coruscant so long ago. Parrying shot after shot Talliusc took down one hunter, and then another. But Talliusc was tiring quickly from the exertion of consulting the orb and then using all his power to keep himself alive for a second longer. Finally with four bounty hunters left Talliusc saw his opportunity to cut down another. Striking with ferocity and speed Talliusc cleaved the hunters head in two, and received a shot in the back for his trouble. Talliusc went down hard; he knew he wouldn’t last long now. The wound was not fatal but these were professional hunters, they would finish the job. Thinking quickly Talliusc decided to stall for time.
“How…. How did you find me?” Talliusc gasped.
“You’d be surprised, for all their intellect and military strictness Chiss can be bought just as easily as a rag tag Bothan.” The lead hunter snickered. “We stole aboard an incoming food supply ship and followed your speeder, but enough about me. Its time to end this” with that he lifted his blaster once more, aiming for Talliusc’s head.
Talliusc knew there was little he could do, reaching out before he knew what he was doing. The force had him throw his lightsaber with all his strength… but not towards Talliusc’s enemies. The lightsaber had flown backwards, towards the oracle. What? Talliusc could not understand what was happening so he just watched, in slow motion as the lightsaber spun end over end towards…. By the FORCE!

01-12-2003, 07:01 PM
"Now, you be sure to stop that evil menace." the man said.

"I can assure you, his reign is almost to an end. It was good to see you again, Olein, my old freind." Obi-wan13 said, as he bowed.

"May the force be with you, master obi-wan" Olein said, as he closed his eyes and gave a small hum.

Everything for obi-wan13 faded. He was startled for a moment, and felt a tingling sensation. He looked at his appearance, and realized that he looked like a padawan learner, as he was once Olein's padawan. He decided to let it pass, as he found himself in the middle of a desert.

"Great place to send me back, Olein." Obi-wan said to himself sarcastically. He decided there was nothing to be done but to walk. And so he did, for many miles, untill the surroundings began to catch up with his memories. He was on Thedonias, the planet of the academy.

He came to a near sand dune, close to the academy, and was caught by a sentry guard.

"Soldeir, I am obi-wan13. Please take me to Tidus Darklighter, it is urgent." Obi-wan said.

The soldeir looked at him like he was the stupidest thing in the galaxy.

"Soldeir!" obi-wan yelled. The guard choose to give the same response.

"Excuse me, but you will have to come with me. You are on LFJA property." the guard said, pointing his blaster at obi-wan13.

obi-wan could have easily killed the guard, or at least unarmed him, but he choose not to, because this was the only way for him to get into the academy. The soldeir led obi-wan all the way to the detention center, and told the security guard to call Tidus to inform him of their newest prisoner.

"Fool thinks he is obi-wan13..." Obi-wan heard the guard tell the other guard, as he gave a laugh.

The security guard locked obi-wan up, and got onto the comm system.

"Inform master Tidus that we have a new prisoner." The security guard said.

"He is not availible at the moment, good sir. Can I give him a message for you?" Phatom asked.

"Tell him that we have someone who claims to be obi-wan13." The guard said.

Tidus was indeed listening to the conversation, and as the guard had spoken those words, anger filled him. How could someone impersinate one of the best people he knew?

Tidus would have to talk to this imposter and tell him a thing or two about respect. Tidus grabbed his coat, and walked out.

"Tell the guard I am on my way," Tidus told Phatnom, who nodded and did so.

Tidus made his way down to the detention cells, as the guard stood and directed him to the new prisoner. Obi was facing the wall, but felt Tidus getting closer. Obi stood and turned to the approaching people.

Tidus let out a small gasp at the appearance of obi-wan.

"Tidus! Tidus Darklighter! Do you know how it is to see you again, old freind?" Obi-wan13 exclaimed.

Tidus was silent. He knew in his heart this was indeed obi-wan13, but the appearance was so....different....

"obi....." Tidus managed to say.

"Yes, it is me, now get me out of here, we have much to discuss." Obi-wan13 said.

Tidus motioned to the guard, who wearilly opened to cell door, and let obi-wan go.

01-12-2003, 08:53 PM
darth rhall was in his chanmbers meditating when a general came in without knocking. rhall wanted to kill the man but the man probley had to say something importent. "master rhall obi-wan's body is missing" darth rhall got up with such a jerk that the man fell backwards in fright "IMPOSSIBLE!!!" rhall let out such a wave of dark side energy through his anger that the general fainted "he cannot have dissappeard unless he_" rhall then became silent and closed his eyes for several minuts and then opend them. "thedonias." he said with disgust.

Reb Starblazer
01-13-2003, 10:36 PM
A dark blur of motion jumped out from the shadows, and ignited the oddly shaped Lightsabre in mid-air as it caught it. Somersaulting, it sliced down through the bounty hunter; cleaving him in two pieces, rolling between them as they split apart and fell to the ground, and then behind a large rock for cover. The other two bounty hunters dove for cover as well. As the dark shadow turned and put it’s back to the rock, Talliusc discovered the identity of his savior.

“By the Force!” Talliusc yelled upon seeing the face of Reb Starblazer, or at least half of it. The right side of his face was covered in a bandage, but the left side gave away his identity.

“The Force had nothing to do with this Talliusc. Could you have managed to find a more difficult place to get to, or is this the best you could do?” Reb asked, as a bolt bounced off the rock just above his head.

“You know artifacts such as this are well hidden and well guarded Reb. Things like these must be difficult to find, or everyone would have them… I thought you were dead?” Talliusc said, as he realized that he was having a normal conversation, during a firefight, with someone he thought dead months ago.

Reb looked at Talliusc, and lowered his head slightly, then said, “I am dead Talliusc...” He leaned out around the corner of the rock and fired a few times, making the bounty hunter duck back behind the rock. “Or at least a good part of me is.” He finished saying as he fired of a few more shots. A quiet noise was heard, a metallic clank, and Reb looked down to see what it was. About one meter to his right, rolling along beside him, was a thermal detonator. “Ah Sith…” Reb whispered, grabbing the thermal and tossing it over his shoulder, not caring where it landed, as long as it wasn’t by him. It exploded in the air, thankfully doing no damage to any of them. Reb stood up from behind the rock, and ran sideways, firing with the blaster in his left hand, doing his best to block bolts with the Lightsabre in his right, making his way to another rock. Talliusc had now gotten up from the ground, and sought refuge behind a rock as well. Reb turned off the Lightsabre and tossed it back to Talliusc. “How can you use that thing?”

“You get used to it after a while.” Talliusc answered. Seeing Reb alive, he now understood now why he couldn’t contact Reb with the oracle earlier.

“Yes, you get used to these after a while too.” Reb said, as he unholstered another DL-48 from his right leg. He turned at such an angle as to allow both his arms out from behind the rock, and fired a few volleys. “You going to be alright here for a while? I’m going to try and lead these guys away from you, so you stay there and just hold together.”

“Agreed. I’ll be fine in time, but my body is still in a bit of shock from the blaster wound, so I’m not that much help to you at the moment.” Talliusc said, nodding. Reb nodded back, and then ran out from behind the rock, both weapons blazing. Reb jumped sideways through the air, firing both his blasters at the bounty hunter he now had a clear shot at. One of his bolts managed to catch the bounty hunter right in the forehead, but one of the shots from the hunter hit Reb square in his left hip, causing him to drop his left blaster and spin uncontrollably through the air. Reb landed hard on the ground on his stomach and face, and in doing so, his other blaster fell out of his hand, and bounced off into the darkness. Reb scrambled, crawling along the ground to duck behind another rock as blaster shots hit the dirt around him, sending small clouds of dust into the air. He clutched his hip, saying “Gah… that’s gonna need some Bacta…” to no one in particular. Reb sat, his back to the rock, listening. He heard footsteps; he knew the one remaining bounty hunter was coming closer and closer. He waited, patiently, motionless, until the footsteps sounded just about the right distance away and then…

Reb put all his strength into getting up and running from around the rock. The bounty hunter fired, but it shot past Reb’s left ear and harmlessly into a cave wall. Reb tackled the bounty hunter, sending its blaster flying through the air, and the bounty hunter to the ground with Reb landing on top of him. He grabbed each of the hunter’s wrists, and head butted him a few times. As he pulled his head back for one more shot, the bounty hunter sat up somewhat, and head butted Reb, knocking Reb off him and splitting his lip in the process. As Reb was getting to his feet, the hunter kicked him in the stomach, sending him to his back. The hunter walked slowly over to Reb, and raised his foot in the air to stomp on his head. Reb grabbed his leg, and pushed up on it, causing the bounty hunter to land hard on his back. Now both Reb and the bounty hunter stood up, and assumed a stance. The hunter swung, and Reb ducked, catching him with a quick right jab to the stomach, then followed up with left standing sidekick to the chest, and transferred his momentum into a right roundhouse kick to the bounty hunters face, sending him spinning through the air.

The bounty hunter shakily got to his feet, and reached behind his back to draw a vibroknife. Reb wiped the blood from his lip, and then reached down to his right thigh. From there, he pulled a small piece of metal, about an inch thick and a foot long, around the size of a Lightsabre hilt. Holding it in his right hand, he pressed a button, and the two ends extended out, creating a staff with a length of about 6 feet. The bounty hunter jabbed at him, and Reb side stepped, then struck the bounty hunter in the side of the head with the right end of his weapon. The bounty hunter staggered sideways, and then regained his composure. He swung widely at Reb, who ducked, sticking the staff behind the bounty hunters kneecaps, and tripping him. Reb swung down at the hunter, but he rolled to the side and foot swept Reb, who quickly got to his feet again. Reb held his weapon horizontally in front of him, and blocked the vibroknife attack from the bounty hunter. He pushed back, and then swung with the staff, knocking the knife from his opponent’s hand. The bounty hunter grabbed the staff, and Reb rolled to his back, dug his feet into the bounty hunters stomach and pushed with all his strength, sending him into the nearest cave wall. The bounty hunter slowly got to his feet, took a moment to steady himself against the wall, and then charged at Reb with a frenzied cry. Reb, held the staff in front of him diagonally, and as the hunter came into range he struck him with the left end, then the right, released his left hand and swung the staff so that one end struck the hunter in the face, and the other ended up beneath his own underarm, behind his back. The Hunter spun around on his heels, and faced Reb once more. Reb pushed one end of his staff into the Bounty hunters stomach, and knocked him to the ground, where he stayed. Reb pressed another button, and the metal pole returned to its original size, and then replaced it on his thigh. He walked over to Talliusc who was now on his feet.

“I see you haven’t lost your way with people. But when did you become such a good shot?” Talliusc asked.

“I didn’t. That’s why I used two blasters. It gives me a better chance of actually hitting something.” Reb replied.

“Ah, must be especially hard with that bandage covering one of your eyes.”

“Actually, it’s quite transparent. At least from this side anyway. In case you’re wondering, WhiteDragon, or Darth Rhall as he calls himself now sent these guys after you. While scanning Imperial frequencies, I intercepted a transmission regarding you. As I was trying to find you myself, I just followed them for a while now, here, to this cave, and well, you know the rest.”

“I’m glad you did, otherwise, I’d probably be in the afterlife looking for you, instead of trying to use the Oracle here. I thought it rather odd that you would be caught in that explosion, so I always hoped in the back of my mind that you were still alive, but I believed it best to find out for sure. What did happen to you, how did you escape the Flesh Render alive?" Talliusc asked.

“My plan to detonate the ship failed, and back fired pretty badly. I had hoped to take out the reactor core, causing a chain reaction that would ultimately annihilate the ship, and take out the Sith Lords with it. However, the chain reaction didn’t occur, I ended up just knocking out the drive system, which caused the Flesh Render to descend towards Thedonias. The exact opposite of what I intended was going to occur, and I couldn’t allow that, I couldn’t let the Jedi be wiped out by my mistake. So there really wasn’t much choice in the matter. I had traveled to Angmar, and claimed the Ring of the Sith, which I…”

“You mean it actually exists? I thought that it was only a legend, a story long told by Sith even more power hungry than usual.”

“It did exist, yes. As you’ve heard the legends, you know that it was locked away because they couldn’t find a way to destroy it. As the Flesh Render was heading towards Thedonias, I put on the ring and could feel the Force all around me. It was an amazing experience Talliusc, I can’t explain it. I could literally “see” the Force all around me, in everything, I could see the aura’s of soldiers three decks below, I could even sense your presence on the planet below. I was the closest a living thing could come to being one with the Force, and I was drunk with my own power… I almost didn’t go through with it; I almost completely gave myself to the Dark side. But that was when my thoughts strayed, to the Jedi, and to Kylaa, and that was what saved me. That was the reason I was doing this for. But that was when the oddest thing happened. It was almost as if the Force itself was talking to me, echoing through my mind, telling me that this was not my destiny, that I was making a mistake. I was not supposed to die there, and that my purpose was not yet fulfilled. I poured every ounce of my strength into the ring, and slipped it off my finger, and fell face first to the floor exhausted while the ring stayed suspended in the air. I raised my head and had to crawl along the floor, as Divine Spirit had severed one of my legs in a duel earlier. That was when a piece of machinery exploded right in my face, sending me across the room. As I landed against the wall, I felt something strike me in the back. I pulled myself up off the floor again, and looked up. My vision was quite blurred, blood was streaming down my face over my right eye, but I saw what it was I had hit. It was a handle, the handle to open the hatch of the escape pod. Divine Spirit’s personal escape pod, was what would inevitably save me. I crawled in, and after closing the door, blasted off. Time had slowed down for me, and all of this actually took place in about a minute. As the escape pod was moving away from the ship towards Thedonias, the ring, teeming with it’s own power, exploded, and the Flesh Render along with it. The resulting blast damaged the pods navigation and propulsion systems, and knocked me off course. I drifted aimlessly through space for days, fading in and out of consciousness. The oxygen recyclers were doing what they could, but I knew the air supply was getting scarce, so I turned down the output, just enough to keep me alive. I was so tired, so weak, I had to do everything I could just to stay awake. But after a week of being adrift in space, alone, bleeding, and barely alive, I closed my eyes one last time.” Reb said, lowering his head and his voice. “And that… was when I died…”

Talliusc just stared ahead and blinked every few seconds. He couldn’t think of anything else to do. “So… you died? How? How are you here now then?”

“It’s a complicated story, and my memory of it is somewhat hazy too. After being in space, the next thing I knew, I was laying face first on a cold floor. It was dark all around me, the floor, and the walls, everything, pure and utter black. I stood up, and was surprised that I actually could. My right leg was there again, and I was incredibly confused as to what was going on, and where I was. A voice called out to me, seemingly from nowhere. It was beautiful, almost melodic in nature, and it said “Welcome Trebor Starblazer. Welcome to purgatory.” Out of the wall, floated this pure white form, a stark contrast to the black room I was in. She almost seemed to glow, long white dress, long white hair, she had no pupils, her eyes were just pure white. She hovered there in front of me, as I stood with my mouth open. I finally managed to say “Purgatory? So I’m dead then?”

“Yes.” She responded. “You have joined with the Force, and all that entails. This is your time of judgment Trebor, for it is now that your fate will be decided. All beings who have lead such a life as yours must first be truly penitent for their crimes, then, and only then will they be allowed to move on.”

“And if I don’t?” I asked her.

“Oh, very few don’t Trebor, and I don’t believe you’ll be one of them. The few who refuse to change, refuse to ask forgiveness, they must stay here. All the creatures that only lusted for power, the ones who wanted to rule over all others, are condemned to an eternity of solitude. To be alone until they truly, meaningfully repent for their sins.” Reb swallowed the lump that had welled in his throat. He could not think of a more appropriate form of punishment, to be doomed to a hell of isolation for all time. “But I do not believe that it will come to that Trebor. You lead a life of destruction, hate, anger, and death, but near the end of your life, for a few precious minutes, you thought nothing of yourself. One final act of utter selflessness and sacrifice, for those you loved. That is what saved your very soul from such a fate Trebor, and why I am here now. But even in that act, your ways of destruction and death still continued. So much suffering and death were caused that day, that it shook the very Force itself. That is why I am not confident in my decision. Normally I am more willing to adapt to the situation than Olein, but I am beginning to see his point that rules are rules, and we cannot return just anyone.”

“Are you saying you’re going to bring me back to life? You can do that?”

“Very little is beyond my power Trebor, for I am the very embodiment of the Living Force. It has been decided between Olein the Unifying Force, and myself, that you will be re-incarnated, as your purpose has yet to be fulfilled. The battle is about to enter its final and most critical stage, and Obi-Wan13 requires as many allies as possible in order to defeat this dark power. Yet, there is someone who needs you even more than he… Be warned though Trebor, the Galaxy has changed greatly since you left it… and so have you…” She said, as she appeared to float away from me, but in truth, I was moving away from her.

“Wait, first answer me one question. Why? Why is it that I cannot connect to the Light Side of the Force, only the Dark? Please, answer me, I must know!”

“There is only the Force Trebor, no dark nor light. Your ability to use it is no different than any others, only your perception of it changes. When you finally find the answer you have been searching for all your life, then you will understand. What you must learn to do is tame the Dark Side within, and then… the only limits are the one’s that you impose upon yourself…” She finished, her voice barely above a whisper as everything once again faded to black.

My eyes shot open, and I inhaled deeply, filling my lungs to capacity as life once again returned to my body. I rolled to my side and coughed, as the air was stale and dry. Checking my wrist computer, I came to the startling realization that I had been dead, drifting through space for almost 5 months. Through the view window of the pod I saw a ship approaching me, and a mechanical arm reaching out towards the pod. Suddenly feeling extremely tired again, and closed my eyes, once again becoming unconscious. When I awoke again, I was on a ship, with doctors all around me, telling me how lucky I was to be alive. I obliged them by staying with them for a week, until they believed I was fit to leave. I spent the next few weeks hopping from system to system, trying to pick up as much as I could what had changed. The Empire had spread, it’s reign increasing, but there was hope. The Republic had finally sided with Obi-Wan, and a full out civil war had begun. But I was unsure of my place, what role could I have in the coming conflict? I had just had surgery done to install a robotic leg below my right thigh, and I was walking again, but with a limp. My strength was returning daily, but I wasn’t yet in any condition to fight a war, so I sought out one of the few people who I knew I could trust. You. I stumbled upon the plot to kill you a few weeks ago and allowed them to find you, so I could as well. And now, here we are, to make a long story shorter.” Reb finished.

Talliusc stood quietly, still absorbing all that Reb had just told him. Finally, he said “Well then, now what? You are more than welcome by my side friend. I have my own plans for this war yet, and I’m sure you will be a great asset. “

Reb shook his head. “No, I’m sorry. I only intended to seek you out to ask for your counsel, but I became involved more than I’d like to. The one remaining bounty hunter quietly left while I was relaying the story to you, as you no doubt noticed as well.” Talliusc nodded in agreement. “I’m sure he’ll report back to his master, and I will once again be a target of the Sith. I get the feeling that we’ll meet again Talliusc, but I certainly hope it is under better circumstances.” Reb put his right hand on Talliusc’s left shoulder, and Talliusc did the same. Reb then turned, retrieved his blasters, and then began to leave the cave.

“Where will you go now though Reb?” Talliusc asked.

“I first have some unfinished business on Thedonias that needs to be attended to. After that, I’m not sure. Wherever the stars lead me I guess. And you?”

Talliusc smiled, and then said, “I have a few games of Belkath to play, with an old uncle who could use a good wholloping.” Reb nodded his understanding, and then turned to leave. “May the Force be with you, and protect you on your journey Reb.” Talliusc could have sworn that Reb flinched somewhat when he said ‘Force’, but decided against further questions.

“The same to you Talliusc. I just hope it treats you better…” Reb said, as he began the long walk back to his ship. Talliusc stood alone in the Oracle chamber for another few minutes, contemplating his role in this war, and then, with his decision made; he too began his trek home.

01-14-2003, 03:30 PM
so youve come back reb in a very gandalfish kind of way COOL

01-14-2003, 04:54 PM
Yom steps up to the bar and says to the barkeep "corellian ale" the bar keep nods and hands him a glass full of the ale and asks "whos ya lookins fors?" Yom stares at the bar keep and turns around ignoring his question like it was no of his bizness. Yom slaps some credits on the bar and walks off to talk to a wokiee that has just walked in and sat at a tabel.
Yom sits and make conversation. they ack as if they were old buddys from a war. in fact that is who he was looking for. after four min of conversation they make there way out of the bar to meet the rest of the party.
2 men walk up one yom did not know and the other was camus who he had fought with in the last big battel with the sith inorder to save the jedi order. "nice to see you agian" Yom responds, "same to ya,were ya been all this time?" "killing people trying to get a new clone and avend the old one, the same ol stuff" "nice to here well lets get down to bizness" Yom says looking ove to the wookie.
the wookie turns and start walking down the streets of corellian and then from out of the blue a shot is fierd and the falls to the ground and so dose the other escourt. bothe Yom and camus take cover to see were the shots were coming from. Yom pulls out one of his 2 blasters from under his cloke. "were in the hell did that come from!" Yom yells out. camus 2 has his blaster rifle out and alert to the fullest. both break for the nearest allyway to take cover and run for shelter.

01-15-2003, 12:58 PM
Hmmmm, i waited so long for this and im iss the beginning lol. I believe i was following spirit to some planet or somewhere.
Anyone care to update me? i konw i was with the small band with darkie and that but what happened to me. Don't wanna mess up the storyline then go fixing it.....

01-15-2003, 03:16 PM
Check here. (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=71160&perpage=40&pagenumber=8)

Skim-read Reb's two huge posts on that to page to find out about the ending of Episode II. You'll see what happened and who went where. If you're not in there, at least you have the knowledge of what happened, so you can integrate your character into the story now better:)

01-16-2003, 02:53 PM
Yeh i read that, it was just incase i missed something so i'll just include myself in the story soon :)

01-16-2003, 09:48 PM
Tyrion went back to the academy HQ. He entered the ornate building subcononsisly, thinking about other stuff. He did that alot,for his mind had no bounds,and it was more of a gift than a curse,because it's saved his ass and a night's sleep plenty of times. "Where are you all!? Darky!? Groovy!? Rats,they must've found some mission or something...." Said Tyrion. He looked for a holo-note,and it said "Dinner is in the oven,it's jawa meat, we'll be back soon. Signed,Tidus Darklighter". "Aparently they couldnt have trusted me with ordering take out,huh?" Tyrion said sarcasticly. He looked around for the other jedi and crew members,but he couldnt find any. "Odd." Tyrion said to himself. He searched for something,but then he found something that terrorized him. "...dead...no...they're...dead.." Tyrion said in horror. And he saw the dead bodies of the crew members and jedi,over the main hall's bloodstained floor. "But..how..why werent there any blast marks or signs of of infiltration..who could've done this."Tyrion question. He quickly counted the death toll. "Wierd...there's only a quarter of the total academy members here that's dead..but I dont see a foriegn body anywhere..." "Better tell this to Darky or Groovy...this is scaring the hell out of me..." As Tyrion went to the com-sat, he heard a click. As he turned around,he saw the body of someone with a lightsaber and a blaster. "Finally..after years of searching...I've found the the Neveraine! The prophecy will finally come true!"

..then Tyrion woke up in a cold sweat...

Darth Slayne
01-18-2003, 09:48 AM
I have written a story for this thread, hovever, I am not certain whether the content within is a little too early for the the plot or if it may be too much for it. I have sent a copy to Darth Groovy (I hope he got it) and await his verdict on it. Also, in cosideration that Obi Wan13 started this whole thing, I am wondering if perhaps it should be left up to him to decide. If that is the case Obs, just PM me as my E-mail has been most unreliable lately.

01-18-2003, 10:22 AM
Just go ahead and post it. ;) Everyone involved in LFJA may post, and anyone involved in the sith academy may post. ;)

Darth Slayne
01-18-2003, 01:21 PM
With a quiet hiss, the metal door slid open to reveal the tall and slender figure that waited patiently beyond. There was none of the blatant fear that would have emanated from any normal man standing before this particular door; instead, there was a profound sense of respect and loyalty surrounding the black robed figure as it strode with uncanny grace into the large chamber awaiting it. Yet this was no ordinary man, but rather, a Dark Lord of the Sith who had entered the presence of his master.

“You summoned me Master?” Darth Slayne asked after kneeling before the seated figure.
“Yes.” The Dark Emperor stated as he studied the Sith lord before him. “I have a task for you my loyal servant. One that I know you will not like.”
Darth Slayne paused for a brief moment, before cautiously replying. “I will do as you command my Master.”
“I have foreseen that you would.” Divine Spirit with an air of confidence. “As you may already know, the recent loss of the Maul clones has bolstered false courage on many worlds, and the pathetic Jedi have been quick to use this to their advantage. Already they have rallied several star systems to their cause. We cannot allow this to continue any further.”
“I agree, Master,” Slayne responded, “but the loss of the Maul clones has seriously set us back. Without them we cannot hope to crush this uprising before it plummets out of control. And the longer we delay, the more systems will break free of our grasp.”
“But we do have hope Lord Slayne.” The Dark Emperor gloated knowingly. “Even now they stumble blindly into a trap from which they will never recover.”
Darth Slayne looked up at his master as if trying to guess what he had in mind. “I sense that you will not reveal your plan until the moment is upon us.”
“You are correct Lord Slayne.” Divine stated dryly. “But you need not concern yourself with such matters yet.”
“As you wish Master.” Slayne replied humbly, his yellow-red eyes however still searched his masters face for any clue as to the nature of the mysterious plans.
“Your task at the moment is to put an end to the growing insurgence.” Divine commanded. “For this reason I am placing you in command of Zeta fleet.”
“Master!” Slayne said with a slight edge to his tone. “You know that I work best in the field of espionage. Commanding entire fleets is a task better suited to the likes of Shadow Angel.”
“I have other plans for Shadow Angel.” Divine sneered. “You forget your station Lord Slayne.”
“Forgive me Master. I have grown too accustomed to working alone and in the shadows.”
“I am aware of this.” Divine soothed. “And it is for this reason alone that I am placing this task upon you.”
“Master?” Darth Slayne enquired with a great deal of uncertainty.
“As a contingency against the failure of the Maul clones, I had ordered the secret construction of four prototype starships. You are to take command of Zeta fleet and rendezvous with them. You will then proceed to test the new ships capabilities in a manner that will stop all resistance in its tracks. I have chosen you for this task because you alone are best suited to keeping the fleet hidden until the last possible moment.”
“It shall be as you command my Master.” Slayne said without much enthusiasm.
“Fear not my loyal servant.” The Emperor said with cold reassurance. “Once your task is complete, the fleet will no longer be your concern, and you will be free to resume your usual duties.”
“I will crush the uprising quickly Master.”
“I am certain you will, Lord Slayne. I have foreseen it.”


The Jedi fleet responded quickly to the growing threat of another attack on Thedonias, and many ships were recalled from deep space duties to help defend the desert planet. When the Emperors capital ships arrived they were ready for them. Wave after wave of X-wing fighters launched from the hulking Calamari cruisers to engage the swarms of fast approaching Tie fighters. Before long the black curtain of space was ablaze with orange and green blaster cannon fire, speckled here and there with bright blossoms of flame signifying the abrupt end of many a brave pilots life.
And yet throughout the ferocious battle, the Emperor’s Star destroyers stayed back to provide protection to a small fleet of interdictor cruisers. Admiral Darklighter knew the implications of such ships; they were specifically designed to prevent ships from entering hyperspace.
“Something’s not right here.” Tidus Darklighter mused as he watched the tactical display of the battle unfolding in orbit. “They have just enough ships to try another invasion, yet I haven’t seen a single assault shuttle leave their hanger bays.”
“It’s a decoy.” Obi-wan13 stated calmly. “The Emperor’s sole purpose is to keep our fleet pinned down in one location.”
Tidus turned to face his long time friend, still amazed at how much Obi-wan had changed. “It doesn’t add up. Why waste so many lives for a mere decoy? What is the Sith academy up to?”
“I feel that we will find out soon enough.” Was all Obi-wan could say.


The lush jungle world of Anaktia loomed serenely against a nebular shrouded backdrop as Darth Slayne’s fleet came out of hyperspace well within range of turbo laser bombardment. Yet the Anaktian citizens felt safe in their cities that were more than adequately shielded against such conventional attacks.
Darth Slayne stood before the view port on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Retribution, and cast his hate filled gaze upon the planet below. He had been born on this very planet, so very long ago, and it was here that he had met Niah, his one time beloved. Here also was where his former life as the Jedi Knight Seth began. But Niah had betrayed him, as did the people on the planet below. So long ago…
Now he stood there and watched as the green flash of turbo laser fire impacted with the energy shield surrounding the capital city. And with cold detachment he watched as several defending fighters attempted to attack his ship. Ever so slowly a chilling smile formed on the Sith Lord’s lips. After all these years he would finally cleanse the filthy stain this place had left upon his memory. He would strike his home world a devastating blow.
“My lord!” The ships captain called out, breaking his train of thought. “The Anaktian’s have sent out a distress call. We are also receiving distress calls from the planets Rhumis prime, Kalthor and Arktuss. What are your orders?”
“Remote detonate the deep space comm relays and signal the starship Bombardier to make ready her attack.”
“Yes my lord.” The captain said before issuing orders to the crew.
Darth Slayne smiled once more. He had divided Zeta Fleet into four smaller fleets, that they may strike at four different worlds simultaneously. He had also ordered a large fleet to create a diversion in order to prevent the Jedi academy fleet from rushing to the rescue. Having enforced a strict communication silence between the four fleets, the signal to launch the attack came in the form of four planetary distress calls. And now the Emperors prototype weapons were to be brought to bear.
Within moments Slayne’s fleet had moved into a defensive position around a massive cylindrical shaped ship. All Tie fighter squadrons immediately vacated the vicinity of the behemoths bow which resembled some kind of huge open maw. Darth Slayne deliberately paused before finally giving the order to fire.
With an unimaginable force of concussion, a massive asteroid was shot from the front of the enormous ship on an unstoppable trajectory toward the surface of Anaktia. The common citizen on the planet still felt safe beneath their shield, blissfully unaware of the calamity that was about to befall them. Ten minutes later the massive asteroid struck the planet with terrible force.
All on the Retribution’s bridge was stunned silence. All eyes beheld the searing shockwave that engulfed the entire planet. And all in the fleet knew that all life on Anaktia was no more…
As though nothing at all had happened, Darth Slayne broke the pervasive silence. “Signal for all ships to make the jump to hyperspace captain. Let us regroup with the rest of the fleet at the arranged co-ordinates. And order the fleet around Thedonias to cease its attack and leave the system.”


The Dark Emperor, Divine Spirit sat upon his throne at that very moment and cackled with hideous laughter. He knew that across the galaxy all with even the smallest ability in the force would have felt the sudden end of all life on four entire worlds…


If anything in that was a little too much, just let me know and I'll see what I can do...

Darth Groovy
01-19-2003, 05:38 AM
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!........." Groovy woke up screaming in his Nar Shadda hotel room to the sounds of angry neighbors yelling at him to shut up in various different languages. The stench from patio window and the feeling of a great disturbance in the force was a bit much for even him this morning as he rushed to the comode to hurl up last night's dinner of cheap Nar Shadda take out, knocking over empty bottles of blue milk along the way. A few minutes later Groovy pressed water to his face and gazed at his reflection on the hallow mirror, and new that it was no longer a nightmare but a reality. The mirror slowly swirled in a spiral and the vision of Tidus Darklighter appeared. Groovy hesitated and saw the look of bewilderment on Darky's face. "So you felt the disturbance then?" Groovy questioned. "Yes, as if millions of voices were in pain and ceased. "replied Darklighter in a soft voice as if it were a private conversation. Darklighter looked over his shoulder and then back at the screen; "Groovy, Obi is here..." Tidus exclaimed. Groovy paused for a bit and squinted. "The Hell?" Groovy said. Darklighter replied. "I'm sure it's him but something is wrong. Continue your present assignment, find Obi-wan13, keep it secret as planned." "But why should I continue looking for Obi if he's with you?" Groovy questioned. "The Dark side clouds everything at the moment Jedi Master Groovy, we cannot afford to let our defenses down to no one, not even ourselves." said Darklighter. "Understood", Groovy replied. "How is my decoy holding out?" Darky smiled at the question and calmly replied, he's holding out fine, but he needs singing lessons. Groovy I can't lie to you, if you get caught we are finished, and the same goes for your decoy. Your gonna have to expedite the mission and get back here ASAP. Things are under control now, but I feel I will need your assistance soon." Tidus Darklighter finished his sentence with an expression as serious as a heart attack. "Have you slept yet?" "No.." Groovy replied in discust, "Still cannot clear my mind sir, he finished as he looked down at the basin of the lavratory sink. "Perhaps when the mission is complete you will be more at ease... I must be going, I have to turn the Academy back over to Obi.....possibly, and Another battle to prepare for.... For the Academy Darth..." Tidus held up a hand and nodded. "For the Academy Tidus.." Darth placed his hand up to tidus's as the image swirled back into Darth's own reflection once again. Groovy gathered himself together. He would be checking out of the hotel today.


The birds flew and darted in and out of the sunlight as he got lost in the glitter or the reflections off the building surfcaces. For a moment Darth Groovy felt is if he was on Coruscant, remembering it's awsome wonder and creative architecture. He did anything he could to remove himself from the actual scene which happened to be the usual flock of morning birds hovering above one of Nar Shadda's mountainous garbage heaps. In parts like this, it was too expensive to have garbage shipped off the planet regualarly so heaps would pile until they got so high that a crew would have to be hired to remove it. The stench was still nausiating, but Groovy did his best and used his Jedi relaxation techniques taught to him by his old master. To Groovy he was enjoying a relaxing cafe breakfast in front of the Coruscant skyline. The actual cafe he sat at was not an unplescant site, but rather a crescent platform overlooking the mountains of garbage and beat up buildings that lay befor him. The cafe was too pricey for the poeple down below, and "real food" was only available at a higher price on this slum planet. A familiar voice echoed in the backround. "So I'm sitting at a bar and these two low life street theives come tearing into the place ranting and raving about a red and black tattooed spook who pulled the guns from their hands and threatened to kill them. All I could say to that was Jeezum Crow....." Groovy stood up and walked toward the voice smiling widely. "Theo Flott!, been a long time." The two embraced and slapped each other hard on the back at the same time, as would that of two very good friends. Theo was a dark skinned human, who wore his hair in a close fade. His tunic was made of a shiny lavander silk material and adorned with gold costume julery. His pants were shiny leather and he wore two gold handled blasters slung low on each hip. His face was smoothe and thin with a carefully trimmed mustache and goatee combo at the end. The two sat down at Groovy's table. "Haven't heard about anyone pulling that stunt since Mos Espa!" The waiter approached the table. "Groovy smiled and looked down for a moment. "That was a long time ago Theo." Theo took the liberty of ordering the drinks. "Yes I would like the Rodian ale streight up, and my friend would like the blue milk shaken, not stirred. Groovy smiled and chuckled for a bit. Theo continued his one sided conversation smirking at Groovy the entire time. "I still say you would have made a good bounty hunter with all them tricks you do, or a good smuggler. Well... Bounty Hunter anyway. I hear they made you a Jedi, member of the LucasForums Jedi Academy Council, ain't that something!" Theo chuckled as Groovy took big sips on his drink. "Speaking of which", Theo continued. "What brings a Jedi to a dump heap of a system like this one? I know you aren't trying to come down here and settle disputes," Theo Chuckled. "These folks don't like Jedi hanging around these parts." "I'm not here on Jedi business, theo. I'm looking for a man. Obi pulled out a holodisc and displayed a small 3D image of Obi-wan13 in his hand. The glanced at the image for a second and then looked up at Groovy with a bit of discust. "That's your boss".Theo replied, with a bit of rejection in his voice. "Yes, Groovy answered, what do you know about his warebouts"? "Only that he'd been captured. Look Groovy i'm sorry for your freind, but i'm a smuggler, not a bounty hunter. I can direct you to someone that knows them though. Only problem is, is that he's my boss too. And I still owe him plus 20% of the shipment you dropped above Oriden (See AW1) I'm up to 20,000 credits now, and this guy is gonna put a death mark on me if I don't come up with it. Only problem is I kinda lost my pilot license on suspision of stolen goods . That was after I dropped you and the shipment off on Oriden." "Look Theo I'm sorry that happened to you", Groovy replied. "The took a deap breath and smiled. "Man if they would have picked me up WITH the shipment, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you right now", Theo continued. "I have a temporary permit that restricts me to this hell hole which means business is a little slow these days". Groovy looked Theo deep in the eyes and leaned in close. "Theo, if I help you with this debt today, can you help me find Obi-wan13?" Theo puased and looked up at Groovy. "There is something else isn't there? I am sorry about your freind, but I have problems too." Groovy nodded. "I put him in the situation he is in, and I cannot and will not rest until I get him out," Groovy said. "Does that mean anything to you." Theo leaned back and smiled. "yeah", Theo's voice got playfully louder. "Means we are back in business again." Groovy patted him on the back, as the two finished they're breakfast.

02-01-2003, 11:44 AM
The hustle and bustle of the previous threat from the Sith Academy had long since passed. An entire fleet had been stationed around Thedonias, but no attack made on the Academy’s planet. Four entire systems had been destroyed within a day. The Jedi Academy was full of sorrow, they had all felt the destruction that had taken place, and sadness and anger was in their hearts. Even though the Sith had ceased their attack, everyone was wide awake within the Academy, pacing backwards and forth, on the lookout for anything and everything that entered the outer realms of the planet’s atmosphere, in case the Sith returned. Darklighter strolled into the navigation facility, situated in the lower levels of the Academy. He walked through the automatic doors, and as they pulled aside, every head in the room turned to face him. He stared uneasily back at them, and Obi-wan turned round to look at him, and promptly ordered all the personnel.

“Get back to work!” he yelled at them. Darklighter walked forward tying the cuffs on his uniform, and gave a small smirk at Obi. He returned the favour. The navigation and security consisted of a tall, large room, very dark, only lit by the flickering of hundreds of computer screens with workmen operating them, each observing a different part of the planet. The entrance was on a higher level, and a small elevator carried people down to a large lower section, in front of a huge radar screen, at least 10 metres in width. Obi-wan stood in front of a console at the base of the elevator.

“Anything else?” Tidus called as he descended from the small lift.

“Nothing” Obi-wan replied solemnly, but with a sigh of relief, “Absolutely nothing. We haven’t picked up a single Sith spacecraft since they ‘seemingly’ left.” He turned to Darklighter. “I don’t understand. What are they playing at? Four star systems destroyed in one blow, and yet they leave us, their only real threat.” Obi slammed his fist against the side of the console. “I felt it. All the pain, a the suffering. I felt it.”

“We all did.” Tidus replied, and looked into Obi’s eyes. “They’ll pay for what they’ve done, in time. But right now, we have to make sure they don’t come back. We weren’t prepared for them before, but this time, we’ll be ready.”

As he said this, a small red blip appeared on the side of the radar on the console. There was an uproar in the room, and the security chief called to Obi-wan, “I need your order to fire, Sir.”

“Wait!!” Obi-wan called back. Without him there, they would have surely shot at anything that showed up on the computers. Darklighter walked forward to the communications advisor.

“Open a channel” he ordered, and the officer tapped away at the computer. In a few seconds, Jedi220’s voice came up over the sound channel.

“Hello? Is there anyone there?! Help please” His voice sounded desperate and weary over the intercom.

“Yes Jedi, what happened?” Obi-wan’s voice came in reply.

“It’s bad, Sir. Very bad. I was attacked.” Jedi replied, struggling to speak.

“I’ll meet you in the hanger bay” Obi-wan said as he signalled to Darklighter to follow him. Whatever had happened was surely to do with the Sith, Darklighter thought to himself. They walked through the main doors of the hanger, as 220 climbed from the cokpit and almost fell down the ladder that reached up to it from the ground. Darklighter and Obi-wan ran to him, bow lying on his back.

“Oh my god Jed…” Tidus looked at the numerous cuts and bruises through his suit, as the blood had already seeped right through his clothing. “What happened up there.”

“It was the Sith…they…shot at me as I was returning from collecting the resources from Nar Shaddaa…ARRGGHHH!…” he screamed. He could not move without it hurting. “Why did they retreat? Why were they leaving the planet?” Obi looked back at him sorrowfully. He could give no satisfied answer.

“I don’t know. I don’t have any answers.” He called over to a guard standing by the door. “Get this man down to the infirmary, on the double!” A few minutes later, Jed was carried away by medical personnel. Obi-wan turned back to the Admiral, and took a deep breath.

“There isn’t much we can do” he said with a solemn tone. “Keep a lookout. I’m going to my quarters. If nothing comes up in the next day, we can assume they’ve left for good. Get some sleep.” He gave a faint smile, and Darklighter chuckled at his remark.

“I don’t think I can sleep at a time like this.” He replied with a smirk on his face.

“I know I will” Obi yelled back, as he strolled out of the bay entrance doors. Darklighter stood and stared out of the hanger towards the blue sky. I have a bad feeling about this, he whispered to himself, and proceeded back down to the navigation facility.

02-01-2003, 09:21 PM
The guard burst through the infirmary doors with Jedi220 on a stretcher. The medics on call winced when they looked at him and hurried over.

"What happened to him?" asked one of the medics asa few 2-1B medical droids came over and gave surgical masks to everyone.

"Not sure, I didn't hear the exact story, I just saw him come out of his ship and collapse," replied the guard.

"B33, draw up 90 cc of bacta, B42, get some surgical instruments over here," yelled one of the medics.

The chaos in the emergency room was loud and disorienting for Jedi220.

"Get his charts up!"

"Get the surgical droid from the OR down here now!"

"Hold it! This Jedi's toting a biometric leg!"

A few droids were injecting bacta in his wounds and he flinched.

"Anyone going to give this guy some anesthesia?"

"Too critical, can't sedate him, we might not get him back."

Jedi220's heart monitor flatlined.

"Spast! He's dying on us here!"

"Get the paddles!"

A 2-1B medical droid brought out a defribrilator and gave it to one of the doctors.

"Wait, he's packin' an artificial leg here! We use that and he's gonna have more electricity in him then the power plant a few parsecs away!"

And as the medics debated how to save his life, Jedi220 seemed to drift off...

Reb Starblazer
02-02-2003, 11:35 PM
The quiet calm of the Thedonian morning was shattered by the sound of a Corellian YT-2400 freighter soaring through the air towards the Jedi Academy.

“Unidentified freighter, you have 30 seconds to state your name, authorization code, and reason for being here, otherwise you will be fired upon.” A voice said over the comm.

“This is Raine Sunscorcher, authorization code whiskey tango foxtrot. I’m here to deliver some medical and military supplies, and then pick up some outgoing freight. After that, I’m gone.

“Alright, you’ve been cleared for landing on platform 49. Proceed there, and do not deviate from your course.”

After setting the “Blazing Phoenix” down on landing pad 49, Reb made his way along the walkway to an academy entrance. He stopped outside the door, and stood there motionless for a few moments, staring at his feet. He let out the breath he was holding, stepped forward and then entered as the door slid open for him.

Tidus Darklighter walked dazed through the hallways of the Academy. It was early, VERY early. He had awoken around 07:30, and had been unable to fall asleep again.
He had never been up before 08:00 hours in his life, and he was desperately searching for something to wake him up. As he stumbled drowsily past the guard station, he heard a somewhat cheery “Good morning Admiral Darklighter”.

“Morning…” he mumbled back, and continued on with his search for something loaded with stimulants.

“Admiral, something rather suspicious happened a little earlier this morning. An unknown vessel entered academy airspace without permission, came pretty much out of nowhere. After the attack yesterday I didn’t want to take any chances, so I turned the defenses online. When I contacted him he said his name was Raine Sunscorcher. Now, I’ve never heard of anyone with that name, and it’s not on the list, however, the authorization code he gave checked out so I let him in.”

Darklighter stopped, and then turned back to the young officer. “What was his reason?”

“Here to drop off and pick up supplies sir.”

“Odd, I haven’t been informed of any incoming supplies. Where did he land?” Tidus asked.

“Landing pad forty nine sir.” Darklighter nodded to the officer, and then made his way towards landing pad 49. It seemed his cup of “wake up” would have to wait…

Tidus Darklighter stepped through the door, and onto the walkway that lead to landing platform 49, noticing the Corellian freighter. He was even more confused now than before. It was one of the newer makes of the YT line, and as such was somewhat pricey. Who could the ship possibly belong to? “The pilot had said that he was here to pick up supplies, so where would he be?” Darklighter thought to himself as he turned and walked back into the academy. He made his way along the hallways, heading towards the nearest cargo bay. Tidus walked along a hallway, he heard some rustling coming from a room to his right, and his hand reflexively reached for the Lightsabre on his hip as he pressed his back against the wall. The room that the sound originated from was one used for storage and as such was full of crates of things they had been able to salvage from the original Academy. Darklighter heard more sounds of movement from inside the room, followed by a muffled but somewhat familiar sounding voice that said, “Damn, where could that be…” Darklighter moved silently towards the opening of the door, edging closer and closer. He put his hand just over the button to open the door, readied himself, and then pushed the button. As soon as the door was opened just wide enough he rushed in through it, to find himself staring at a dark, empty room. Darklighter felt something touch his shoulder, and turned his head to see a hand resting on it and instantly reacted. He grabbed the hand quickly executing a shoulder throw on whomever it belonged to. Both beings reached for their weapons, Tidus grabbing his Lightsabre from his hip, the other grabbing a blaster from his. They both aimed their weapons at the other’s hearts, Tidus’ Lightsabre hovering mere inches from his assailants chest, and the other had the barrel of his blaster pressing into Tidus’. They stayed like that for a few moments, one lying on the ground, the other standing, weapons trained, knowing that they both would die if one of them so much as twitched. The soft glow from Darklighter’s Lightsabre illuminated the dark room ever so slightly, but that was enough for him to see the face of the man lying before him, pressing a blaster into Darklighter’s chest.


“Hello Tidus,” Reb replied. Darklighter then turned off his Lightsabre and took a step back, and Reb slowly lowered his weapon and holstered it, then stood up.

“I… I don’t understand.” Darklighter said. “How?”

“I don’t understand it completely myself Darklighter, but I’ll at least try and explain.” Reb said, and then began telling the Darklighter the same story he had told to Talliusc.

“And here I am…” Reb said as he finished his story and looked at Darklighter who was now sitting on one of the crates in the storage area. Darklighter was still trying to take it all in. What happened to Reb was similar to Obi-Wan13, yet it had happened to Reb months earlier. What was the Force’s will here, what roles were the Jedi to play in its scheme for this war? He would surely have to meditate on this, and try to make sense of it all. Darklighter once again returned his focus to Reb, and his next short, simple question summed up everything, about Reb, about himself, the Jedi, and about this war.

“So what now?”

“I’m not entirely sure myself ” Reb answered. “Get some of my possessions that I came here for, perhaps talk to Obi-Wan13, and then I’ll be on my way.”

“You’re not going to stay?” Darklighter asked, surprised.

Reb shook his head and then replied, “No, I’m not. This is no longer my war. I don’t even know what I’m fighting for anymore, hell; I don’t even know who I am any more Tidus. I’m just going to do my best to find Kylaa, and then we’ll go somewhere safe. That’s the best I can come up with at the moment. I owe her that much at least.”

“So you’re just going to hide, is that it. Try and find some safe little corner of the galaxy to live out your days? Reb, that’s exactly why we’re fighting this war, because if we don’t stop Divine Spirit, there won’t BE anywhere safe to go. What happened to the Reb Starblazer I knew, the one who infiltrated the Sith ranks, the who was willing to give his life to end this war, the one who said that he wasn’t going to run away from who he was any longer?” Tidus exclaimed, his voice somewhat shaky.

Reb glared right at Darklighter and said in a cold, monotone voice that almost scared Tidus, “He’s dead.” Darklighter did his best not to seem shocked. “Reb Starblazer died in that Super Star Destroyer explosion over Thedonias. I am simply all that’s left.”

“But you were returned Reb. The Force sent you back to aid us in this war, sent you back as a reward, in order to give you a second chance to prove yourself.”

“Don’t speak to me of your precious Force Tidus!” Reb said, and then stomped his right foot on the floor, creating a loud resounding metallic thud. “Do you hear that? My right leg below the kneecap is no different from a droid’s now, a gift from your Force.” Reb slowly unwrapped the bandage covering the right side of his face. Tidus inhaled deeply as he saw what the bandage was covering. A large scar ran from Reb’s forehead down to about level with his nose, and his right eye was red-orange, a stark contrast to his left eye that was forest green, his natural colour. “My right eye is mechanical now, as I lost it when that machinery exploded in my face. I kept it the colour of my ‘Dark side’ eyes to remind me of the Force, every time I look in the mirror I’m reminded of everything it’s cost me. The Force gave me that scar, and the Force took my right eye and right leg from me. It sent me back here not as payment, but as punishment. I have to live the rest of my life like this, and live with a guilty conscience over what I’ve done. It sent me back here, powerless and alone. I’d have preferred hell Darklighter, I really would have. Your precious Force has betrayed me, and I hold no allegiance to it.” Reb finished, his hands shaking and clenched into fists at his sides. “I can’t help you Darklighter, not anymore. I’ve lost my faith and belief in myself, in this war, and the Force itself. I don’t know where I’m going to go Tidus, but I know I can’t stay here.”

“We can’t make you stay Reb, you’re free to leave at any time. But why do you want to go, why won’t you fight with us?”

“I didn’t say I won’t help you Darklighter, I said I CAN’T. I’ve lost my connection to the Force, no doubt another ‘gift’. I am of no help to you, look at me, I’m still getting used to being able to walk again, how am I supposed to fight a war?” Darklighter stopped, and suddenly realized Reb was right. That explained why he couldn’t sense Reb earlier, and didn’t immediately know who he was in the room. Normally every living thing had their own presence in the Force, whether they were Force sensitive or not. Reb didn’t. He was a void, a hole in the Force, as if someone had ripped a piece away from the very fabric of the Force itself.

“You could still help us, most of our troops aren’t Force sensitive. You could lead them, you could help somehow Reb. You don’t have to just walk away.” Darklighter said.

“And what, become a grunt? Rushing in head first to be destroyed. No thanks Tidus, I’ve seen what’s happened to the people at the front line, both ours and the Sith.”

“Is that it? Is that what the problem is, you’re scared of dying again Reb?”

“Not especially, I have no problem with dying Tidus. It’s what I’m dying FOR that bothers me, and I have no interest in dying for your cause again. We’re ALL going to die Darklighter. You know that, right? It’s just a matter of when, how, and where.”

“I know we’re all going to die eventually Reb, it’s just…”

“That’s not what I meant. Nothing good will come of this war Tidus, why can’t any of you see that!” Reb yelled as he slammed his fist down onto a durasteel crate, leaving a rather large dent in it. “This war will only bring death, destruction, and pain. It won’t end until both sides are decimated and there’s no one left to fight anymore. Neither side will give in to the other, Jedi and Sith are going to completely wipe each other out!” Reb said, and then looked Darklighter straight in the eye. “This war will kill us all Darklighter, every… single… last… one of us. I’ve played my part Tidus, and I’ve paid the price. I’ve already died once for your war, I hope you don’t expect me to do it again.”

“Reb, if that’s what it takes to stop them, then that’s how far I’m willing to go. If I have to give my life to stop the New Empire, if I have to give my life to make sure that people everywhere in the galaxy can live a life free of oppression and tyranny, if I have to give my life for what I know is RIGHT, then it’s a rather small price to pay Reb, and I’m willing to pay it.”

“And who are we to say what’s right Tidus? The Empire may be oppressive, but at least it’s simple. The Republic however, is so full of bureaucracy and red tape that nothing ever gets done, and if it actually does it’s already too late. How many poor and homeless do you see on the streets of the Republic’s richest and biggest cities, despite the fact that there’s more than enough money to go around. The Empire is evil, no doubt, but it’s not quite as bad as you Jedi make it out to be Tidus. I was there; I was a ruling part of it. I made sure to do what I could to help. People may not be treated very fairly, but at least they ARE taken care of. And even beyond that point Darklighter, it’s rather difficult to fight a war when you’re no better than the people you’re trying to stop. Despite what you think, I’m not some returning war hero, and I am not a martyr for your cause Darklighter. I’m a bloody murderer.”

“Reb, what are you talking about? We’re in the middle of a war, we’ve all been forced into doing things that we normally wouldn’t even consider, but these are strange and disturbing times. When you took out that Super Star Destroyer, it was a turning point, hell, if the Sith had not escaped we wouldn’t even still be fighting this war. Things change in times such as these, and we can’t be as completely moral as we’d like to be, this is a war we’re fighting after all. People die in a war Reb, we’re just trying to end it as soon as possible, so that MORE people don’t have to.” Darklighter said.

“Even if we’re at war Tidus why should that make a difference. How many people does it take Admiral, before it becomes wrong? A thousand? Fifty thousand? A million? There were over a million people on that ship Darklighter, and I am responsible for every single one of their deaths. I felt it through the Force, every being on that ship dying, all their souls being wrenched away from their bodies, their lives stolen from them because of me… all because of me. And no matter how much I try to justify it, no matter how much I try to believe what I did was right, no matter how much I try to move on, I still have more blood on my hands than I’ll ever be able to wash off. Could you live with that?”

Darklighter stared at the person before him, and he truly realized it wasn’t Reb, or at least not the one he knew. Before him he saw a man so full of spite, hatred, and malice, so irrevocably lost that there might be no way of finding him again. The once proud and powerful man had lost sight of everything he was fighting for, and in turn, had lost himself.

“Oh no, I know that look. Don’t you look at me like that Darklighter, don’t give me that look of pity. I may deserve your judgment, and I may deserve your hatred, but I haven’t yet earned your pity. Don’t you DARE pity me… not after what I’ve done.”

“Reb you know I don’t pity you, but I am your friend, and I’m worried for you. There’s nowhere safe out there anymore, especially if the Empire knows you’re alive. There won’t be anywhere you can hide, the Empire will hunt you down and kill you, particularly if they think you’re a threat to them. Stay here with us where it’s at least somewhat safe, don’t just run off again to wander the galaxy alone. ”

“I’ve been alone all my life Darklighter, this won’t be any different. I can take care of myself after all.”

“And what about Kylaa? What if you do find her, will you risk her life as well? Just by being with her you’ll unwittingly endanger her life too, are you sure you want to do that.” Kylaa had been a friend of Darklighter’s during her time at the academy, and he was beginning to see what she meant when she described Reb as “what happens when Human stubbornness meets Zabrak mental willpower, and then goes horribly wrong…”

“I’ll do everything in my power to protect Kylaa, you know that. And the farther I am away from this war, the better chance I have of protecting her Tidus. I know that being with me puts her life in danger, and she knows it too. That’s why I’ll let her make that choice, and I’ll stand by whatever she wants to do, leave or stay. But no matter what, I can only get her answer if I actually FIND her, and I can’t do that here.” Reb said as he began walking out of the room, and Darklighter followed after him.

“Reb, you must realize what you’re doing. You’re leaving one of the few safe havens left in the galaxy, and heading out ALONE. You, like the rest of us, are top priority on the empire’s hit list. Stay here, fight with us, and help us in this war. As a former high-ranking member of the Sith, you better than anyone know their plans and secrets, you’re a valuable asset to our cause. I can’t just let walk out that door and throw your life away Reb. We could put your knowledge to good use, use it end this war.” Darklighter said, as they were nearing the exit to landing pad forty-nine. Reb stopped, and turned around to face Darklighter.

“I have no desire to fight a war Darklighter, I just want to get on with my life. All my life I’ve been a machine, trained to be emotionless and deadly, all I’ve done is kill and destroy. Kylaa changed all that when she came along, showed me that there was more to life. I was never afraid to die before I met her, because I never had anything to live for. But she showed me that life was precious and valuable, not just my own, but all life. I don’t want to kill anyone Tidus, I will if I absolutely have to, but I don’t want to. Not anymore. If I stayed here and fought, how many more people will I have to kill Tidus? How many more lives will I have to wantonly destroy before this war comes to a close? The Force won’t answer me… can you?” Reb said and stood motionless, staring through Darklighter. Then he turned around and once again began walking towards the door, leaving Tidus standing alone to contemplate the last thing Reb had said. The sound of Tidus’ Comm unit beeping broke the silence.

“WHAT!” Tidus yelled into his Comm. “Sorry, what is it?”

“Sir, there’s a civilian craft approaching and I thought I’d check with you about it first.”

“Why is that? Does their code not check out?”

“Well, that’s partly why I’m checking with you now sir. No code was given, but they said that they know you, and they want to talk to you. Says her name is ‘Kylaa’…”

And Reb froze just meters from the door…

02-04-2003, 12:12 PM


Bravo Reb, really amazing stuff. I loved that cliffhanger man, can't wait for the next chapter:)I'm gonna wait for a bit to post again. I know either Groovy, Slayne or both had stories to post, so I'll give them a heads up on it.

Darth Slayne
02-13-2003, 07:47 PM
Eh...So much for the "I'll post it in the next couple of days." Damn server was down when I tried to post this almost A WEEK ago! Anyhow things are back on line and here it is without further delay (YEY!). WARNING! IT'S A LONG ONE!

Zeta fleet hung seemingly motionless against the void of space, the only visible movement was a multitude of TIE fighter squadrons on perimeter patrol. Yet these fighters were out in force for one reason only; to defend the four massive cylindrical shaped ships that were in turn surrounded by the main bulk of the fleet. Such was the state of alert that three innocent luxury liners had been destroyed as they passed through this remote sector of the galaxy without even being ordered to alter course.
Darth Slayne knelt before the holographic image of the Dark Emperor, not entirely pleased that he had been put in charge of the fleet.
“You have done well, Lord Slayne.” The Emperor crowed. “Even now many systems are unconditionally surrendering to us, for fear that they will be the next to be whipped out.”
“Fear can be a powerful motivation my master.” Slayne responded coldly.
“Yes.” The huge image of Divine Spirit smirked. “And it is fear that keeps the Jedi fleet around Thedonias. They are paralysed, Lord Slayne. They fear that they will fall next.”
“And yet the Foolish Jedi continue to stand against us.” Darth Slayne remarked with an odd sense of mirth. “They may try to use the attacks as a rallying point for further resistance, Master.”
“Yes, but they will only encounter hate from the very ones they seek to protect.” Divine said sagely. “Of the systems that haven’t surrendered, many now harbour feelings of discontent. They question the Jedi order’s ability to protect them. Many ask where the Jedi fleet was when the four planets were annihilated, while others disapprove of where the fleet is now.”
“They will appear to be selfishly protecting themselves.” Slayne concluded.
“An appearance that I wish to bolster, Lord Slayne.”
Slayne looked up at the transparent image of his master, sensing that a task for him had already been devised. “What would you have me do master?”
“I am releasing you from your duties with Zeta fleet, so that you may devise a way of turning the people against the Jedi. I have full faith in your creativity in such matters.”
“It shall be as you command, my master.”
The holographic image flickered out of existence and Slayne rose to his feet with a sense of purpose. Already the ideas were forming in his mind and he knew just the people to aid him in his endeavour…


The Girl ran for dear life as blaster bolts narrowly missed her by inches. Around her, people cried out and ducked for cover wherever they could find it. The girl knew that she stood out painfully obvious to her pursuers and that she had no hope of blending in with the crowd. She was a green skinned Twi’lek among a frightened mob of humans. Quickly the girl looked over her shoulder, knowing full well that such actions would only slow her down, but she had to know if her assailants were gaining on her. She was almost relieved to find that the clone troopers were still a fair way behind her. The girl knew that her luck would not hold for much longer.
As she looked back, she noticed one of the troopers collapse when a blaster bolt caught him in the chest. Another bolt of light hurtled toward them and almost hit another. She was glad to see that someone ahead of her was opening fire upon them. Perhaps her luck may just hold after all. The girl looked back in the direction she was running and almost ran straight into a swinging lightsaber. With a startled cry, she dropped to the ground and rolled clear of the humming weapon, even as it deflected several blaster bolts back toward the clone troopers. Once she was behind cover, she watched as the Jedi Knight calmly dispatched the remaining troopers.
“Thank you master Jedi!” The girl huffed with exhaustion as the tall man turned to regard her. “Thank you for saving my life!”
“You are safe now.” The man said while deactivating his green saber. “I had no knowledge that there were clone troopers on this planet. Why were they trying to kill you?”
The Twi’lek girl broke out in tears as she answered. “They came last night master Jedi, and took control of my home. They held my sister and I prisoner while they planned some sort of covert attack somewhere in the city. But I ruined it for them! I got away and now everyone will know they are here.”
The Jedi knew that the woman’s forced smile of defiance was tainted with strains of fear and desperation. “You were indeed brave my lady.” The man put a reassuring hand upon her shoulder. “But you must tell me if there are any others lurking about.”
“They are still holding my sister prisoner master Jedi!” she blurted with a renewed wave of tears. “They might kill her because I ran away!”
“Not if I have anything to do with it.” The Jedi said quietly. “Please, you must show me the way to your home before they have a chance to escape.”
It didn’t take them long to reach the Twi’lek woman’s home, and they quietly made for the front door.
“Stay close behind me at all times, my lady.” The Jedi master said as he opened the door and slipped into the house. “It’s too dangerous to just leave you outside.”
“I will.” The girl said with a hint of fear in her voice.
“Everything will be fine, you’ll see.” The Jedi whispered to reassure her.
The Jedi master reached out with the force, sensing that the only inhabitants were concentrated within the living room, and he quietly moved to stand at the door that stood between them. With a sudden blast the door was ripped from the wall and the Jedi was among the remaining clone troopers, his lightsaber deflecting blaster fire as he cut them down one by one. When all was finally quiet, he moved over to the bound and gagged Twi’lek prisoner and proceeded to free her. The very moment she was free, a door on the opposite side of the room opened and both women froze with panic.
Standing in the doorway was a black robed sith Lord, wielding a pair of angry red lightsabers. With deliberate menace, Darth Slayne took one step forward to greet the would-be heroic Jedi master. “And just what do we have here?” He snickered with cold hatred.
The Jedi spun to face this new threat and raised his waiting saber to a ready stance. Suddenly he cried out as a massive jolt of electricity tore into his back and he collapsed into a stunned heap on the floor. Behind him stood the Twi’lek girl, a look of pure malice was in her eyes, as she put away the stun rod that she held. “Did the poor Jedi fall down?” She said mockingly before planting a heavy kick into his ribs.
“Well done Ladies.” Slayne said with a chilling mirth evident in his yellow-red eyes. “The pair of you never cease to astound me!”
“The pleasure was ours.” The twins replied in unison.
“We have what we came for,” Slayne said while motioning to a pair of droids behind him, “it’s time we took our leave of this place.”
Before long, Darth Slayne and the Twi’lek twins, Miekah and Lianna boarded the Stygian Wraith followed by the two droids bearing the unconscious Jedi Master. Many hours had passed before the captive was finally released, never knowing that he had ever been captured by the Sith. By the time Slayne had blasted off into orbit, the Jedi knight was reporting to the public at how appalled he was to find top secret data that was to be withheld from the masses by the Jedi academy’s most trusted intelligence network.
Later that night the Jedi was mysteriously assassinated after making a galaxy wide broadcast…


Darth Groovy nearly chocked on his meal as he watched the holo-vid broadcast that night. He should have seen something like this coming, in light of recent events, but he had been too preoccupied lately.
“But surely the Jedi are here to protect us…” the image of the news reporter said before he was cut off by the figure he was interviewing.
“I had been led to believe that myself,” The Jedi master said with an air of sadness, “but I could not have been more wrong if I tried. But as the data-vid just showed, Admiral Darklighter and the late Obi-wan13 are ruling a group that is no better than the Sith. The New Empire may not be very just, but at least they don’t hide behind a mask of deception.”
“The data-vid does appear to hold some damning evidence.” The reporter said.
The holo-vid image flickered slightly as the scene changed to one resembling the council chamber of the Jedi Academy. The reporters voice announced over the image that this was stolen coverage of a Jedi meeting just before the attack on the four doomed planets. Darth Groovy looked more intently at the image and at the people seated in the chamber. There was no doubt about it. These were the leading Jedi council members, and he was seated among them. As he watched, the image of himself spoke in a voice that was clearly his own, but the words were not.
“And what of the four fleets heading toward the planets Anaktia, Rhumis prime, Kalthor and Arktuss? Should we make pretence of defending them?”
“Absolutely not!” The image of Darklighter replied. “The Emperor may have another of these asteroid launchers heading toward us. Recall the fleet so that it may create a perimeter around us. We will hold out against the Empire no matter how many useless worlds fall.”
“A wise decision Admiral!” One of the Jedi Masters chided in.
“Sounds like a good plan.” Groovy’s image said without much pity. “How are we going to cover up the fact that we did nothing to help them?”
“That’s easy enough to accomplish.” Darklighter boasted. “We will use the ships we captured from the Emperor during his last botched attempt at invasion. We will send them out quietly and then have them suddenly come out of hyperspace to attack us. Most weak minded civilians will buy that cover story without question.”
“Then it is settled.” Groovy replied, taking in the nods of agreement from the other Jedi Masters. “Let’s make a start before it’s too late.”
The image flicked back to the reporter once more. “For those of you who have just tuned in, that was the stolen coverage of the Jedi Council meeting before the destruction of the for planets. I would like to warn you that this next piece of footage contains actual violence and may offend some viewers.”
Once more the image flickered into a brief warning message before displaying an Imperial detention cell containing two occupants. Darth Groovy knew them to be the images of Obi-wan13 and his interrogator Darth Slayne.
“Why do you persist in pretending to be a noble cause?” The image of Slayne asked. “Surely you don’t think that the people will accept your lies for ever!”
“They will accept them as long as we keep feeding it to them!” The battered and bloody Obi-wan shouted. “The galaxy will never belong to your precious Emperor! It belongs to us!”
Darth Slayne gave the old man a backhand across his already puffed up face. “You are such a waste.” Slayne sneered. “Did you know that? Why fight us when you should ally with us. There need not be all this violence against the people. Violence that was started only because the Jedi order got greedy! We did not send out the first attacks, you did. And yet you claim it was us!”
“To hell with your alliances Sith Lord! You will not own the galaxy while we have a stake in it!”
“You sadden me Obi-wan.” Slayne said with a hint of regret. “I see now that while the Jedi still function, there will be no end to the destruction. The Emperor has decreed that if you are not with us, you are against us.”
“Such words of wisdom from the Emperor!” Obi-wan13 spat.
“And those who are against us,” Slayne scowled while igniting a red bladed lightsaber, “will die!”
With those words spoken, the holo-vid image displayed in full detail the beheading of Jedi Master Obi-wan13, before flicking back to the shocked expression of the reporter. “Once again I would like to apologize for the graphic nature of this broadcast.”
Then the image changed to that of a very popular news woman. “And that was a repeat of the interview held only an hour ago by…” She paused for a moment as if listening to someone. “This just in. The respected Jedi Master just seen in this interview has just been assassinated in public. More on this as it comes in.”
With a curse Darth Groovy switched off the holo-vid projector and headed toward the communications consol. This had Darth Slayne’s signature written all over it and it made him curse even louder. Things could well get out of hand for the Jedi academy…

02-13-2003, 09:30 PM
uh i guess i should start some more on my story.

darth rhall got out of his ship afew miles away from the jedi acadamy. he made his decision to come here quickly very quick he was going to make an assult on the acadamy by himself. he would only use stealth so as they wouldent see him then he would go in and assassinate obi-wan. he would not let this man humiliate him by escapeing from under his nose. "dammit how did he escape" rhall said to himself. rhall got out of his ship and use the force to make him run 4 times as fast as normal and he set out for the acadamy. there was a secret entrance about 100 yards away from the acadamy, it was a entrance that only the jedi knew about so they would likely not keep it guarded. he got there, opend it up, and droped 5 feet into the cargo hold. two guards were infront of him faceing away from him. thall killed them both without any thought. from the cargo hold was a series of dorms and then an elevator that led to the main entrance. the guards would most likely be no threat. he smiled as he silently made his way there

darklighter was looking after jedi220 with obi-wan when they both felt it, a desturbing yet familiar presence in the acadamy. "he has come. i was hopeing he wouldent. i curse this day when i would have to fight my own friend" obi-wan said "master you stay here i will stop him. you are too importent to louse" darklighter said. "be careful. now that white dragon has gone over to the darkside he is more powerful than ever" darklighter noded as he ran out of the room

"the guards and jedi were weaker than i thought" rhall thought as he cut another jedi in two. "STOP" a voice behind his yelled. rhall turned and blocked titus darklighters lightsaber with his own. "titus my old friend, you would attack me with my back turned? not very sporting are you." darklighter jumped back and got into a defencive pose. a fight between friends could only end in tears

03-05-2003, 08:07 PM
Darklighter’s eyes gleamed with rage, but he remained relatively calm, as much as could be expected. Whitedragon then leapt into the air and struck down on Darklighter, as he rolled forward and blocked the short with his saber. Tidus swung at White, but he parried the attack and spun around to have his shot blocked again. Darklighter pushed White’s saber out the way and force pushed him twenty feet away.

“Why do you do this?!” Darklighter yelled as he walked towards White, lying on the ground, “It is futile…I don’t want to kill you my friend, but you force me to make that decision!” He then struck with an overhead swipe, which narrowly missed White as he rolled to the side out of harms reach. Jumping to his feet, he ran at Tidus’ back and lunged into him, as Tidus spun around and knocked him forward. He than ran as fast as he could towards White, his saber blazing high above his head, but before he could attack, White spun around and struck Darklighter on the shoulder. Yelling in pain he stumbled forward and fell to the ground, grabbing his shoulder and dropping his weapon.

“Ha ha ha!” Whitedragon cackled menacingly. “Futile, is it?! How ironic for you to be so sure…” he walked towards the disabled Darklighter, struggling to get away. He then lifted his saber high above his head. “Good bye, my friend”, and with a grin and closing his eyes, brought his saber down upon Darklighter. He thought he had killed the Admiral. Well, he thought wrong. As he opened his eyes, a figure stood there, blocking White’s saber with his own, stopping the attack from hitting Tidus.

“Get…away…now…” the figure said in a low and menacing voice. As he walked forward out of the dark, White saw who it was.

“Phantom?” he said, and then chuckled slightly, “the apprentice of this poor wretch dares to challenge me?!” Phantom’s eyes were low and sinister beneath his brow, as he looked upon Whitedragon with hate. With that, Phantom positioned himself into a defensive stance.

“You’ll be surprised…” he said with a smirk, as White ignited his saber and lunge at Phantom. He blocked the shot, and flung White’s saber around, blocking it again, then leaping above his head and surprising him on the other side. They continued fighting as Darklighter crawled and leant against a wall, and called Obi-wan over his comlink.

“Obi-wan! Come quickly!” he yelled in despair. At that moment White swung and hit Phantom in the face with his saber hilt, hurling him round and onto the floor. He ran to him and dangled his saber blade before Phantom’s face.

“And now…you will die…” he said, but at that moment, and blaster shot was fired just inches from White’s face and exploded on the wall. All heads turned to the direction from which it originated.

“Don’t move a muscle…” Obi-wan stood with half a dozen guards on either side of him. “Let him go White…” he ordered the Sith Lord. After a few brief seconds he retracted his saber and Phantom ran to his master.

“As you wish…” White said, and extinguished his saber. “Good to see you again, Master Obi-wan” he said with a smirk on his face.

“The feeling’s not mutual” came Obi’s cold reply. White continued to walk back towards the way from which he had come in.

“I’ll see you again…” he said as he leapt through the ventilation shaft, as shots were fired from the guards simultaneously.

“Shall we track him Sir?” came the voice of one of the guards. Obi-wan looked onwards with an empty expression.

“No…” he said at length, “we will be seeing him again.” At that moment, Obi-wan called to the guard to bring a medic, and joined Phantom in attending to the wounded Darklighter.


It was a few days later, and although his wound was bandaged and treated to, his shoulder still did not have full manoeuvrability. He had just left the infirmary, and was walking down the hallways of the Academy, bearing his dark Jedi outfit. As he walked past one of the hollow-vids stationed at the side of one of the hallways, he heard disturbing news that drew his attention…

“But surely the Jedi are here to protect us…” came the voice of the news reporter to the interviewee. He watched in silence at the shocking and appalling accusations made against the Academy.

“And that was a repeat of the interview held only an hour ago by…” She paused for a moment as if listening to someone. “This just in. The respected Jedi Master just seen in this interview has just been assassinated in public. More on this as it comes in.”

Darklighter could not believe his ears. Something was definitely not right here, and with an air of justice in his stance, he was determined to find the cause of it. Proceeding to his quarters, he put on his thick, long and black trench coat and fingerless gloves, before walking towards the hanger bay. He hung up his Jedi robes now. He looked like a rogue bounty hunter, but he wasn’t out for currency; he wanted the truth to be known. He approached the hanger bay. It was night now, and the stars twinkled above the mountainous peaks of a dark orange hue far off in the distance. As he entered the bay, a voice came from behind him. It was his old master.

“Tidus!” Obi-wan called to him. Darklighter stopped and slowly turned round to face him.

“You heard?” Darklighter said solemnly.

“Yes I heard…” Obi-wan said in reply, walking towards his former apprentice. “What are you intending to do?”

“I want to show these people that we are the righteous ones, not the Sith!” he turned and started walking to his ship again. Obi-wan followed.

“How many times have we done this Tidus?” On that note Darklighter stopped. He did not turn around, though. “How many times have I had to stop you from throwing yourself into danger? After 9 years, some lessons still have not been learned” his tone was not angry, but more of despair. “How many people have to die before you are happy, my friend?” Darklighter’s head dropped onto his chest.

“I will return…” he replied mumbling. “I just want to do what’s right.” He then proceeded to enter the coc-kpit and started up the engines. Within seconds the ship had taken off, and the fire of the engines was dimming into the blue night sky. Obi-wan shook his head and chuckled slightly.

“Enough of this, I’m going to bed…”

03-13-2003, 08:36 PM
awsome darklighter! ill be posting another one soon

03-15-2003, 08:42 PM
Thanks ^_^ I'm a rogue Jed Knight slash Bounty Hunter person now...veeery mysterious o.O

Anywho, we gotta keep this thread alive. It's been over a month, and we haven't even reached page 2 :eek: Well, there's no pressure...just write stuff when you have time, though I have a feeling this one might be shorter than the other episodes. We'll get through it sooner or later;)

03-15-2003, 11:23 PM
I'll post something when I "recover", whenever someone could work something in with me recovering that'd me real swell lol :D

I'd like to work something with me ending up as a martyr of some sort XD

03-16-2003, 08:24 AM
You're gonna die?:(Ah man...:cry6:I could always give ya some ideas...I could even be with ya in the end when it happens, I dunno lol

03-16-2003, 06:43 PM
ill probley post my story today. at least half of it. the other half will come soon

03-16-2003, 07:41 PM
here she is. i could have done a lot better with this but i just wanted to get this part of the story over with so will you please excuse me if some parts are really boreing, and coincidental, and rushed, but anyway please enjoy it as much as possible. and ill try to do better on part two

"i was unsuccessful but soon i shall return and finish my mission" darth rhall thought. he walked into the bridge of his star ship and sat down in his chair while the autopilot took control "but why. why do you wish to kill these people. there is no gain for you if you do" said a voice. rhall got up with a shot and looked around. no one was there. he then understood "go away you damn ghost" darth rhall said. white dragon replyed "but seriously what do you have to gain" "satisfaction" "sorry but i doubt it. you have nothing to gain but a pat on the back by some old man 50,000 parsects away" "shut up you damn ghost, you are nothing, just a mear voice, you are in no position to make accusations, you are just a shadow." "oh really well i guess its not a good sign of mental health when you argue with your shadow" "shut up!" "admit it you do this because you think that killing my friends will get rid of me, but your wrong. ill be here untill your end, always taunting you, makeing you life a living hell for what you did to my friends, and the old man wont help you eather." "SHUT UP!!!" "heck mabey shadow angel will kill you and then youll be rid of me. im sure he will be more than happey to..." "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" white dragon dident answer back, he stayed silent. a sinking feeling grew in rhalls gut. white dragon was getting stronger.

when he got back to the base he was stationed on he landed on a landing platform high above the ground, being in high places always did make him feel powerful. a fat imperial officer was there to greet him. "im sorry my lord that i dident get anything prepaired for your arival but you dident send us a message of your comeing back" rhall without even looking at the man started walking toward him. he threw him over the side of the landing pad with the force. as he heard the screams fadeing he said to himself "appoligy accepted" he was still walking forward towards his (over comfortable) room when the screaming suddenly stoped. rhall smerked as he made his way to the holo progector in his room. he kneeled as divine spirit came on. "darth rhall what is the status of your mission" divine spirit said. darth rhall reluctantly answered "i have failed my master" "what do you mean" divine spirit said in a harsh tone "i have failed in my task. the jedi attacked back to violently and i could not defeat them" "thats impossable! you..."he stoped his face growing calm "it seems you have failed in more than your task darth rhall. you have failed to stop white dragon. he cannot be allowed to come back so you are heerby cast out from the order and are to be executed." darth rhalls face grew to shock "what!" "those who cannot complete their tasks are to be killed" "but i can defeat him!!" "it is too late you are already dead"

darth rhall got out his lightsaber and began to run down the hall to his ship. he stoped, his boots screeching on the marbel floor, as shadow angel came around the corner with several other dark jedi, they all ignited their lightsabers. rhall looked for options, and could find only one. he turned around and ran for the widow on the opisit end of the hall. with the thought never crossing his mind that he was some 500 storys up, he ran full out while takeing off his long cloke and puting his lightsaber on his belt, and he crashed through the glass all the while chargeing the force into his two hands. he fell hard, the wind cutting into his eyes and face, it was hard to see, and hard to focus, but he still charged the force. he waited untill he was only afew inchs from the ground then let the force flow through him and out of his hands. there was a large explosion of dust and rhall flew up into the air again and came down of his feet with a loud thud. he felt very suprised that his trick actually worked untill he heard another loud thud behind him. he turned around and saw shadow angel but he had seemed to do the trick alot easyer. "oh damn" rhall thought. he summoned as much force as he could muster to blind shadow angel for a second he turned around and ran. he brought out a remote control and called for his speeder. he managed to get away without any other confrontations. he was now going to kill every last one of the jedi if that was what it took for devine spirit to see he was still loyal. every last one.

he got through the blockade of the jedis planet again without them detecting him. he got to the desert ground and looked around for anyone but he was conpletely alone. he walked to the front entrance and was stoped by the guards "hey you cant come through here go back" one said. rhall smiled and killed them both. he then opened the gigantic doors with the force. a familar man was waiting for him. "master obi-wan youve changed". "i may look different but i am still just as skilled and i will kill you for what youve done. i will never forgive you" darth rhalls laugh echoed through the gigantic entrance hall as they engaged. rhall ducked and brought his blade up below obi-wan in a powerful cut ("the riseing dragon" is what he used to call it) obi-wan was knocked back and then ran at rhall and cut his sholder. rhall blocked the saber before it went any further and began hitting obi-wan with a fast barrage of cuts, obi-wan blocked them all. rhall used force lightening agenct obi-wan and he doged it without little effort. "what the hell." rhall thought "i know im strong but obi-wan seems to surpass me in everything unless..." rhall suddenly went to his knees and began to sob. "please dont kill me ill leave just dont kill me please!" obi-wan lowerd his lightsaber and looked at the sobing man. it was what rhall was waiting for. he pushed obi-wan on the ground and brought his lightsaber down "good bye" he laughed. the strike never hit. darth rhall had a calm look on his face and then to obi-wans supprise rhalls demonic, blood red eyes faded away as if the red was just a mist and in its place was the kind ice blue eyes of white dragon. the white duel lightsaber turned off "kill me now" rhall said as if he was pleading. "dragon?" obi-wan said. "please do it i cant hold him for much longer" obi-wan got his lightsaber but dident do anything "obi-wan please do it or he will come back! you have too! PLEASE!!!" obi-wan started to thrust his lightsaber as the pleading words of white dragon echoed through the hall "KILL ME!!!"

the pail blue lightsaber turned off and fell to the floor with a rattle. white dragon smiled and said "thank you" then fell to the floor. tears fell from obi-wans eyes. "what have i done" he stood there for a long time in utter shock but then he picked up white dragons body and ran through the doors yelling for someone to help him.

04-04-2003, 04:53 PM
Wow, that was really good White:)We gotta keep this thread alive, it's dying here!:(lol

04-04-2003, 07:13 PM
Originally posted by Darklighter
Wow, that was really good White:)We gotta keep this thread alive, it's dying here!:(lol so am i :rolleyes: well ill post part two tonite if i can. sorry ive been slacking off

04-04-2003, 09:20 PM
white dragon dreamed. he dreamed he was on a beach and behind him was just sand that streached as far as the eye could see but only afew feet awayfrom the shore was a small island with one gigatic tree. how despreately he wanted to rest in its shade. he started to wade through the water toward it but just as he got halfway he was suddenly in another place. he was in his home town, he would reconise the place anywhere, he lived only a mile away from here. white dragon suddenly ran to a house which belonged to his best friend, he walked in and yelled hi to everyone but no one said hi back, no one even looked at him. white dragon walked up to his friend baron and taped him on the sholder but his hand went straight through his friend, like someone trying to touch a hologram. he suddenly realised that this was a vision and it filled him with greef, he knew what would happen next. screams and blaster fire suddenly broke the air as shadow angel and his troops came into white dragons town and killed every last person he ever loved or ever knew. all white dragon could do was stand there and watch with tears running down his face. he closed his eyes and covered his ears in a futile attempt to stop the screaming. then all the screaming stoped and soft singing floated into his ears. he opend his eyes to see his butiful wife singing their child to sleep. white dragon stoped crying and smiled. nothing could have prepaired him or his heart for what happened next. shadow angel burst through the door and yelled about where white dragon was and then he hit her and then hit her again and again, he then stabed he with his lightsaber. white dragon fell down and started saying to himself "no. oh please no. please." he closed his eyes again and listened to the crys of his baby boy. then came a silence that was more terrible than anything white dragon could have ever imagined. "if only i had been ther" dragon said still crying "yes if only you had been there. but you werent there were you" his own voice came back to him but it was in such a different tone that it almost wasent his voice. dragon opend his eyes and saw himself but his eyes were blood red and full of vicious evil. he smiled and said "come this is our battle to see who will rule your soul. the darkside or light. rhall ran a dragon full force and punched him through the wall to the outside, he then picked dragon up and puched him again. dragon sat down and dident react to any of the punches. "whats the matter? has the legendary white dragon lost his nerve to fight? fight me you coward! dont you want to kill me!? dont you hate me!?" white dragon suddenly looked up at rhall and thought "hate?" he stood up and said "hate. i have been such a fool. you are my fault. i cant beleave that i have become the very thing i have hated because i hated it." "what are you babeling on abut white dragon. speak planer" "i now realise that you were created in the back of my mind after my wife and child were killed and you surfaced when i was most vulnerable to the darkside." white dragon paused and then turned around and walked away from rhall. "where are you going dragon? you coward! come back here" "i reject you rhall may you exist no longer."

white dragon sat up in his hospital bed in the jedi acadamy. he looked around and saw no one there. he then sat back down in his bed and wept

obi-wan walked down the halls of the jedi acadamy to white dragons room , it had been a week sence white dragon had woken up from his coma that lasted 2 days, when he got in he found white dragon sitting on the floor meditateing. dragon opend his eyes, stood up, and bowed when obi-wan entered. "you wanted to see me white dragon" obi-wan said. white dragon straighted and said "master when the war is over may i have permission to leave the acadamy, i wish to be a jedi no more. here me out before you say anything...i was weak when darth rhall took me over, it was because i was weak that he killed so many. i never want to be in that situation again." white dragon looked down at his hand. "i look down upon the very hands i used to protect those who could not protect themselves and i see them stained with innocent blood. allow me to live out my life in peace." obi-wan sighed and said "white dragon you are free to go whenever you wish, but i am glad that you wish to stay untill the war is over. it shows that you have not forsaken you companions." obi-wan turned to leave. "one more thing master. did you say that when you died that you saw your master?" "yes" "thank you thats all i wanted to know." obi-wan left and dragon said silently to himself "i wish i had someone to comfort me when i died."

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Darth Slayne
04-14-2003, 10:34 AM
I'm still here. *pinches self and nods* Yep, definately still here :)

I've mostly been waiting to see if Tal will add another installation. It would seem odd/unfair if I am the only one writing for the Sith. But if nothing new comes from him soon, I will write so that this thread stays alive. I would hate to see it fall to the backs of everyones mind.

04-15-2003, 11:25 PM
"I haven't seen you around here lately," said a voice behind the curtain in whitedragon's room.

"Who goes there?" asked whitedragon.

Jedi220 emerged from behind the curtain. He seemed fine, in traditional Jedi garb, like always, except with a cane. He was roughed up badly, as his body as marred with countless scars.

"I don't remember you..." said whitedragon.

"Don't mind me, I'm just off in the sidelines," replied Jed. "You're experiencing great pain. However, only you will find the answer."

whitedragon looked away from Jedi220.

"You know nothing of my pain," said whitedragon.

"Okay, I'll leave you be," said Jed, as he walked out of the room with a limp.

He walked over towards the list of Jedi available for missions. His name was still under "Infirmary Care." He clamped the top of his cane with both hands and closed his eyes. His card floated over to the available list, and was placed at the top of the list. Smiling, he glanced down at his functioning comlink and proceeded to his cabin for holocron studying.

Jedi220 had a feeling that the next mission was a reconnaissance to keep tabs on Admiral Darklighter.

04-16-2003, 04:51 PM
Originally posted by Darth Slayne
I'm still here. *pinches self and nods* Yep, definately still here :)

I've mostly been waiting to see if Tal will add another installation. It would seem odd/unfair if I am the only one writing for the Sith. But if nothing new comes from him soon, I will write so that this thread stays alive. I would hate to see it fall to the backs of everyones mind. yes this story is just sitting here collecting dust. i think that if worse comes to worse. then the only people who are trying to post storys should get together and try to finish it, but only as a last resort

04-20-2003, 04:38 PM
Well there's no rush. It's true and pretty obvious that the AW's popularity has declined since the last episode, but I kinda prefer it like this. There's no incentive to rush it, we got plenty of time and at least we don't have a people posting unrelated stories non-stop (i.e Episode 2). We've just got the few main posters left, and we can easily finish the story, but that doesn't have to happen anytime soon.

04-22-2003, 01:13 PM
Sorry for the double post. My next story!:)

Darkness fell on the planet Coruscant, and the skyline of the city-filled planet descended into a dark hue, with the millions of club and building lights flickering below like a sea of stars. It had been approximately a week since the false transmission had been broadcasted to the entire galaxy, displaying bogus information about the Academy’s evil intentions. There had been dozens of reporter ships requesting permission to land on Thedonias to exploit the Academy further, but all of them rightly dismissed by Jedi Master Obi-wan. The entire Academy was being closely watched by all eyes; reporters, high security personnel from neighboring planets and even civilians had been paying close attention to their every move, fearing that they would do what the Sith had said they would do. It had been tough, and it was only a matter of time before the Sith invented more convincing evidence against the Academy. Obi-wan was still indecisive about what to do, and Darth Groovy was still away. There was also no sign of Admiral Darklighter, who had seemingly disappeared.

The loud band music could be heard outside the club “Dragan’s Cantina”, a popular spot for the rich and wealthy businessmen of the underworld, many of them with ties and contacts to Sith Lords. They were greatly feared, using a garbage hauling business as a front for all sorts of nasty dealings: assassination, and mainly smuggling, often ordered by the Empire. Solask Sar was in charge of a number of these organizations, and was especially well known to Darth Slayne for his brutality and fierce nature. He was a tall human, but stout and very large and incredibly strong, adopting a very fearful disposition. The Suns had long since set behind the tall-reaching skyscrapers, as Sar boldly strode out of the Cantina, two bodyguards on each side of him. One was speaking into a comlink, whilst the others scanned the area for potential threats.

“Where is my transport?!” Sar ordered, walking up to the guard as he holstered his comlink.

“I am very sorry sir, they’re late, the driver had been drinking, we’ll have to walk down the alleys to meet them quicker” the guard responded worriedly. Sar rolled his eyes as they turned red with anger, and he gripped the guard by the neck, lifting him into the air.

“When I order a transport, I expect it to be here on time. Do you get me?!!” he yelled at the guard as he turned red in the face from loss of breath. Before he could answer, Sar through the guard to the floor. He held his neck before climbing to his feet, and kept out of sight.

“This way.” Sar controlled himself and led the party down the first darkened alleyway, water dripping from pipes situated on the sides of the walls. As they walked, something appeared in the corner of one of the bodyguard’s eyes. A black silhouette of a tall dark figure moved in and out of the structures on top of one of the buildings, and then disappeared into the shadows.

“Sir! Did you see that?” The guard yelled as he stepped back behind Sar. He looked up to where the guard was pointing, but nothing stirred, not even the wind.

“Fool! There is nothing there. Get up you idiot!” Solask grabbed the guard and threw him in front as the party proceeded onwards down the darkened walkway. A few minutes later, they were drawing closer to the rendezvous point, when the sound of running footsteps was heard upon the opposite rooftop. The guards looked up to see yet another glimpse of the figure, running across the ledge of the building and then disappearing again. Sar, without any fear, fast-walked ahead of the others. As they approached the opening of the alley, the dark shape flipped from the roof, spinning round, then landing in a crouch position facing them. Sar and the guards froze, as the figure rose to a stand, and spoke in a low voice.

“Good evening” it said. Sar could not see the man’s face, but immediately prompted for the guards to begin firing.

“Shoot him!” he yelled, as the first two guards ran forward towards the man, guns blazing. He managed to dodge every single shot, and as the two henchmen approached, he leapt into the air roundhouse kicking them both in the face in one swift move. The other two then ran towards him, and the man quickly ignited his saber, knocking the blaster shots as they flew back towards their firers. He distinguished his saber, and stopped to stare at Sar.

“A Jedi?” Sar responded in bewilderment, “Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?!” The figure slowly walked towards Solask, and his face emerged into the thin ray of light shining through the walkway. It was Tidus Darklighter.

“Wait a minute, you’re that Admiral aren’t you? The one who appeared on that news program? I must say, you did a good job letting all those people die on those four systems.” Sar chuckled loud. Darklighter held his head low, and grasping his fists together threw Sar against the wall using the force.

“I’ve heard it all before.” He replied in a low voice. Solask climbed to his feet and smirked at Tidus.

“You can’t kill me. There would be no point, you’d only be going backwards.” Darklighter smiled at his remark.

“Who ever said I was going to kill you?” He ignited his saber and placed it inches away from Sar’s throat. “I only want answers. Who set up this whole charade, and why would they frame the Academy?”

“You’re so pathetic” Solask answered laughing menacingly, “you’ll never get any information out me!” On that note, Darklighter holstered his saber and gripped Sar by the neck using the force, squeezing his throat.

“You better start talking…” Tidus replied.

“It was Slayne!” Sar gasped as he spat the words out. “That Sith Lord sure has some nerve, faking something that big. Well he managed to pull it off pretty well!” Solask laughed. Darklighter tightened his grip.

“Why would he do that? You are the real enemies of the people.” Solask smirked at him.

“Not anymore it seems.” Suddenly a distant engine sound emerged from behind the building, as Sar began to laugh. “I think it’s time for you to run.” As Tidus turned his head to the side, the transport ship was in full view facing towards him, blaster canons at the ready.

“Oh darn…” he sighed as half a dozen shots were fired in his direction. He let go of his grip on Sar and leapt sideways to avoid the fire. Solask ran towards the ship and hopped aboard, and began to chase Darklighter over the rooftops. He ran, jumping from one building to another, the fire only narrowly missing him from behind. Tidus was fast, capable of escaping from any such situation as this. Suddenly the ship shot at a gas canister in front of Tidus, and exploded in a fiery burst of burning gas particles. Darklighter jumped over the side of the building, and began to freefall downwards. He maneuvered himself above a ledge sticking out from the side of the wall, spinning round and landing on two feet. The ship appeared in front of him, lowering to his level. As he spied a ledge on the opposite side of the crevice, Tidus flipped high into the air, spinning over the ship and striking it on the wing with his saber, and only just landing on the other ledge. The ship jittered and shook, and began to back away, flying into outer space. Darklighter clambered to his feet, and before the transport could escape, threw a homing beacon onto the ship. It turned and propelled itself towards the stars, and Darklighter stood out of breath.

“I’ll be seeing you soon, Solask” he said, watching the ship fly off, and saluting it. Suddenly a loud bleep came from his comlink. He activated it and listened to the message from Darth Groovy.

“Darklighter?! Where the hell have you been, the Academy has been looking all over for you, you disappeared…” Groovy’s voice was panicked and quick.

“It was Slayne” Darklighter interrupted. “He’s the one who organized and staged this whole sham. I paid a visit to one of his friends.”

“I had my suspicions too.” Groovy said after a slight pause. “It’s old news though, and we have no evidence.”

“We don’t…not yet” Tidus responded as he watched the lights of Sar’s ship dissolve into the night sky. “I’ll meet you back at the Academy.”

“Take care my friend.” Groovy’s last words signaled for Darklighter to holster his com. He stared worriedly into the sky before turning and once again disappearing into the city shadows.

05-09-2003, 02:20 AM
i was board today at work so in my free time i wrote down a rough draft of the last part of my story (yes i want to write it down that bad) so to make it work i need a gigantic battle to happen or a big scean or something like that.

05-11-2003, 12:12 AM
*desires to be included somehow*


05-11-2003, 12:45 AM
Originally posted by Jedi220
*desires to be included somehow*

ill try and fit you in somehow

Reb Starblazer
05-11-2003, 01:58 PM
The sound of footsteps and voices echoed through the hallway as Obi-Wan13 and Kylaa made their way towards the small room where Reb was waiting for her.

“I like the new look Obes. That younger, more reckless version of yourself.” Kylaa said to Obi-Wan13 in jest. “I especially love the braid.” She said, reaching out and twirled his padawan braid around in her fingers.

Obi-Wan13 caught her hand, looked at her and smiled. “Quiet you.” He said jokingly. “You took a great chance coming here Kylaa, you know that right? We’re in the middle of a war, any and all ships in this area run a risk of coming under fire. The Sith are spreading and growing more powerful all the time, while the people of the galaxy are turning against us.” Obi-Wan13 said.

“Then where better to be than in the very heart of the Jedi fleet? This is most likely the safest place in the galaxy at this point in time Obes, so I would probably take a greater chance if I didn’t come here. You’ve seen the reports, the riots, and the attacks on Jedi. And even more so, I had to come here Obes, it’s time he knew. This isn’t just something you call and tell someone over the Holonet.” Kylaa said.

“You’re quite right about that. I’ve kept this from him for his own good for too long now. Either you tell him… or I will.” Obi-wan stated firmly. Having reached their destination Kylaa moved over slightly and gave Obi-wan a small peck on the cheek.

“I have every intention of telling him Obes. He deserves to know… he NEEDS to know.” Kylaa said and Obi-wan nodded slightly, and then turned and made his way back down the hall.

“Good Luck.” Obi-wan said quietly, but just loud enough for Kylaa to hear him. He chuckled to himself on his way down the hall, as in his experience; there was no such thing as luck. Kylaa stood motionless facing the door for a few moments, which seemed like an eternity. She breathed out, and stepped through the opening door.

Inside Kylaa could see a figure in a dark robe, turned back on to her. Though she could not see the face, she knew who it was. “Hello Reb.” She said quietly, slightly smiling.

“Hello Kylaa.” The figure said, not moving, not turning to face her. “It’s dangerous here, you know that right? Coming here without telling anyone, giving no warning, no time to arrange an escort. And worst of all, arriving unexpected and on such short notice gave me very little time…” Reb said as he turned around, the dark hood of the robe obscuring his face. “… To pick these.” He finished, and held out to the Kylaa a half dozen light blue flowers, native to Thedonias. “They’re so beautiful, yet they must be incredibly resilient in order to survive and flourish in such harsh conditions. They almost remind me of someone I know…”

A wide smile spread across Kylaa’s face as she accepted the flowers, and then inhaled their scent. “Now I remember one of the reasons I fell for you. You, Reb Starblazer, are a charmer.” With her free hand, she reached towards the hood of Reb’s robe, but he gently grabbed her by the wrist, and shook his head.

“I’m… not quite the same as the last time you saw me Kylaa. I’ve… I’ve changed.”

“Oh, is that so. Are you still Trebor Starblazer? A Sith who decided to follow his own path and fight for the Jedi? Is there still a good, decent man hidden somewhere inside that black robe?” The hood nodded slightly, seemingly answering all the questions at once. “Then you’re the man I once fell in love with, no matter what else has changed about you.” She said slowly pulling the hood down unhindered this time. Kylaa drew in a slight breath, and Reb turned away from her.

“You’re growing a beard!” she said referring to the thick stubble on his face, and then slapped him lightly on the shoulder. Reb once again turned to face her, and gave her his best attempt at a smile.

“It’s good to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour. Besides what you see, my right leg is now gone as well, replaced with a mechanical one just like my eye was. But this doesn’t bother you at all, the scar, the eye?”

“You have dozens of scars already Reb, one more won’t make a difference. And you have kind eyes, you always have and you always will. No matter what colour they are.” Kylaa said. “ A scar here or there doesn’t matter to me, and I wouldn’t care if half your body were mechanical. Although, I’d prefer certain parts to be still organic, intact, and working of course.” She said with a smirk and a wink, and Reb did his best to go unaffected by that last statment. “I need to head back to my ship Reb, will you come with me.” Reb nodded in silent agreement, and Kylaa then turned and headed towards the door, with Reb walking after her.

After peering out the windows and walking quietly through the hallways for a few minutes, Kylaa spoke up and said, “ I find it so strange being here, because to me the Academy will always be on Oriden. But I suppose that’s in the past now. Do you think they’ll ever reclaim it? Do you think this war will ever end?”

“I honestly don’t know Kylaa. It’s something I’ve thought about a lot in the past six months, but I’m unsure of my role in the coming conflict as well now.”

“Because you’ve lost your Force abilities right?” Kylaa said rather nonchalantly, and Reb nodded slightly.

“How long have you known? I knew that you would find it strange that you couldn’t sense my presence, but wasn’t sure if you would know why.”

“Obi-wan told me when I arrived, which explained it all. I can normally find you anywhere, but this time it’s as if you weren’t even there. It was just emptiness. It’s because of what happened six months ago isn’t it? When you… died.” She struggled to finish her last sentence.

“Yes. My punishment I’m sure, to be returned to life powerless and have to face my conscience everyday. But it is no less than I deserve after all I’ve done. But it’s not fair Kylaa. After all the horrible things I’ve done, after all the people I’ve killed, I get to live and they don’t…” Reb lowered his head as he spoke.

“The Force works in mysterious ways Reb.” Kylaa said, doing her best Obi-wan13 impersonation. “Perhaps it’s not a punishment, as you believe, maybe you’ve been given a second chance. Another chance to do right, to help end this war.”

“No, I’ve had enough of this war. After killing over a million people on the Flesh Render, I swore that I would never kill anyone ever again unless I truly had to. I will not fight this war Kylaa.”

“Then what now?” Kylaa asked, and then they both realized that they had reached the door to the hangar where Kylaa’s ship was.

“Well for one thing, you should leave. The Academy could come under attack at any moment and I’d prefer that you not be here if it does. I have a few things to work out with Obi-wan and the others first, so I’ll meet you in orbit around Angmar. Wait for me there, I shouldn’t be more than a few days.” Reb said as they stepped through the doors into the hangar. “I just need to know that you’re safe, otherwise I won’t be able to concentrate on anything else. From there we’ll decide on somewhere to go, somewhere safe. Credits are no object.” Reb finished as they made their way towards Kylaa’s small ship, an old 720 freighter.

“Oh really? And just how did you manage that Starblazer?” Kylaa asked with a smile.

“Before I set up the explosives to destroy the Flesh Render, I made a stop at a computer terminal. Being a high-ranking member of the Empire, I not only had a small personal fortune of my own, but I also had access to certain other funds. I transferred my personal credits and also set it up so that a few credits would be taken from each of these accounts, and transferred to another account, one in your name Kylaa.” Reb said with something resembling an evil grin crossing his face.

“Just how much did you transfer Reb…”

~ Meanwhile at the Sith Academy ~

A figure entered the private chambers of the Dark Emperor, visibly shaking. He had a report to make to the Emperor, and knew that he wouldn’t like it.

“Sir, we’ve just come across something strange in the accounts. It seems that a worm was set into motion some time ago, one that would take a few credits from certain accounts and transfer them somewhere else. The worm was set on a six month time period, and it just ended today. We never knew something was wrong up until today when all the credits were transferred out. It was very well hidden Emperor. We have however traced it back to its origin, and it appears to have been started on the Flesh Render before it’s destruction.”

The Emperor sat in quiet contemplation, reaching out for the Force. Starblazer. It could only be that wretched Starblazer. It was one more final act of defiance from him.

“How much has been taken?” The Emperor asked coldly, his eyes piercing through the officer in front of him.


“TWO MILLION CREDITS!” Kylaa exclaimed.

“Call it my Sith severance package.” Reb said with the slightest hint of a grin on his face.

“Are you smirking?” Kylaa asked, as a smile spread across her face.

Reb’s face once again took that serious look, his mouth a straight line, and he spoke in that cold emotionless tone of his. “I don’t smirk.” He stated flatly. “But if I did, now would probably be a good time to do so.” He finished in a somewhat more playful tone. Kylaa could have sworn she saw him wink. “We have more credits than we’ll ever need Kylaa. We could find some place on a planet near the outer rim, somewhere safe and quiet, away from this war and away from the Empire. We’ll go somewhere that they’ll never find us, just you and I.”

Kylaa realized now was the time she told him the secret. About why she hadn’t helped the Jedi during the war, why she hadn’t even contacted Reb in the two and a half years that had passed since he left for the Academy. It was time he learned about the new love of her life, no matter how much it might shock or affect him.

“Reb, there’s something I have to tell you.” She said as she took both his hands into her own. “There’s someone else in my life now, and he’s very important to me. I wanted you to meet him but I didn’t think he, or I for that matter, were ready up until now. ” Kylaa said as she released his hands and walked up the ramp into her ship.

Reb stood waiting at the bottom of the ramp very confused at the moment. He heard her approach, and lifted his head to meet her eyes. She seemed to be holding something in her arms, something that seemed to be moving a bit in her arms. As Kylaa walked slowly down the ramp, Reb could make out details better, a head, arms and legs, a body.

As Kylaa got closer, Reb could see two small nubs on the back of it’s head, the beginnings of the long Lekku that would once be there. Kylaa stopped at the bottom of the ramp, a metre away from Reb. She shifted the small being in her arms, so that Reb could now see him face to face. The confusion turned to shock, turned to happiness, turned to a thousand different emotions all bombarding him at once as the realization truly came to him. Reb looked into the small eyes that were staring at him, the same shade of green as his, and on the tiny forehead he saw five small, blue horns, a mirror of his own.

“This is Alex.” Kylaa said, as she moved a little closer to Reb to let him get a better view of the child in her arms. As Reb reached out and took the tiny blue hand into his own, a wide smile spread across his face. ‘His wonderful but seldom seen smile, one he probably hadn’t shown in years’, Kylaa thought to herself as she just stared at the loving look on Reb’s face.

“Alexander Trebor Starblazer” she said almost proudly, a smile spreading across her face as she looked Reb in the eyes and then quietly finished…

“… Your son…”

Darth Slayne
02-18-2004, 11:13 PM
Hmmm......*scratches head*...been a LONG time...*Grumble*

Attempting to resurect thread..................

............adding missing parts.................

Parts added: Enjoy ;)


“It is with the deepest regret that I am forced to agree with the senator from Duro.” The Corellian senator stated with a hint of sadness. “How long can we just sit here and allow the Jedi to continue manipulating us like this?”
Throughout the senate chamber on Coruscant, delegates from across the galaxy hummed with anger and more than a little confusion. Things had gotten out of hand and now four planets had been stripped of all life. He still could not bring himself to believe that the Jedi had done nothing to save them. Yet the cold hard facts stared him in the face every day since. The hawkish looking Corellian was almost willing to believe that the evidence against the Jedi was certainly manufactured by the Sith. But could he be so sure? What if it really was the truth? How could he just stand by and let countless innocent beings suffer? If the New Republic did that, then they would be no better than the Jedi. He let out a long breath to calm his nerves before committing himself.
“For thousands of years the Jedi have treated the republic as puppets, helping us only when it suited their own agendas. Keepers of the peace they call themselves. And yet they sat idly by while billions of people died!”
“That is not true!” The Naboo senator interrupted. “They were under imperial blockade at the time and could do nothing to assist.”
“That battle was staged by the Jedi to fool us into believing they were helpless!” The Ithorian delegate yelled.
The Naboo senator looked like he was ready to snap. “There is no proof of that being the case! You are all fools! Can you not see..”
“Order!” Came the yell from the centre podium.
When finally the chamber was reasonably silent, the Corellian continued. “And what of the recent reports concerning Jedi involvement in the planetary bombings? Evidence that points to the attacking fleets as belonging to the Jedi Academy. We lost a lot of good agents uncovering that shameful fact. Are we to just disregard the evidence provided by our own intelligence network?”
Not even the Naboo Senator had a response to that one, he thought with growing satisfaction. Now was as good a time as any to make his point. “I propose that the New Republic break all ties with the Jedi Academy. Furthermore, we should prepare the Republic fleet to defend against future Jedi treachery. The Corellian shipyards even now stand by to…”
But the Corellian’s words were cut off as a flash of green light flew from out of the crowd to sever him in two, before returning to the hand of a man dressed in Jedi robes. At that moment the snap-hiss of lightsabers reverberated throughout the council chamber prompting shocked silence from all in attendance. Among the senators and their aides was the signature green, blue, yellow and violet glows that could only have come from the classical weapons of the Jedi Order. Weapons that were being used to hold the chambers populace prisoner. In the midst of the enormous room stood a lone figure wielding a white glowing blade. When all eyes finally rested on him, the figure stepped forward an pulled back the brown hood of his robes before addressing the gathered politicians.
“I am Tidus Darklighter, and I am here to claim Coruscant to be under the sole rulership of the Jedi Order.”

* * * *

Even as the green lightsaber flashed out to murder the Corellian senator, Admiral Corrick gave the order to make an in-system jump to Coruscant. Furiously he turned the Holonet projector off, before issuing the most foul curses known to the Corellian language. Damn it! The senator was right. He knew the Jedi would pull some sort of stunt! Now he knew why the senator was so insistent that he have a portion of the Republic fleet hold station just outside the Coruscant system.
Within minutes the city covered planet materialised in view as the hyperspace “tunnel” vanished, and what Corrick saw made his blood freeze; there, in orbit around Coruscant was a fleet of Calamari cruisers, and in their very midst was one of the very ships suspected of destroying one of the four planets.
“By the Force!” He cursed. “The Jedi mean to destroy Coruscant!”
“Sir!” An officer yelled out to him. “We have a wave of X-Wing and B-Wing fighters converging on our position!”
“Well don’t just stand there! Launch everything we have!” The admiral then activated the fleet communications system. “All capital ships engage that asteroid launcher! We cannot afford to let it open fire!”
The battle turned savage within seconds as Calamari cruiser engaged Calamari cruiser and X-Wings fought against X-Wings. Corrick found himself in the middle of what was fast looking like a civil war, and even as his ship closed within firing range of the asteroid launcher he could clearly make out the symbol of the Jedi Academy painted onto its massive hull. At least they aren’t hiding the fact any more, he found himself thinking.

* * * *

Captain Darsha of the Asteroid Launcher Bombardier could not believe his misfortune when the Republic fleet showed up out of nowhere. But he took it all in stride. His fleet outnumbered the incoming warships, and he was confidant that he would be able to defeat them. Everything was set in motion and all he need do now was to pull up a seat and enjoy the show. One by one, the Republic ships blossomed out of existence until there were only two capital ships remaining. They stood no chance even though his own losses were heavy.
And then more ships came out of hyperspace. He didn’t need an expert in ship specifications to tell him that a fleet of Star Destroyers had joined the fray. What in space are they doing here? He wondered angrily. This was not part of the plan, and they stood a great chance of destroying everything the Emperor was working hard to accomplish. Besides, he was more than capable of protecting the Bombardier with what ships he had.
“What are they playing at?” He questioned aloud to himself.
And then he was flung out of his command chair as the Bombardier bucked under heavy turbo laser impacts.
“Sir!” A frightened crewman screamed. “The Star Destroyers are firing on us!”
“What the…?” Was all Darsha could blurt out before another series of impacts tore into the side of his ship…

* * * *

Admiral Corrick was almost relieved to see the imperial ships arrive and open up on the Jedi blockade. It took no time at all for the Bombardier to be reduced to so much molten slag. The tide of battle had turned for the worst for the Jedi, and now it was their ships that were systematically being destroyed.
“I think its time we got out of here.” Corrick stated to the helm station crew. “Set a course for Corellia and make the jump to hyperspace.”
“Gladly, Sir.”

* * * *

Far, far from Coruscant, Darth Slayne sat at the Stygian Wraith’s controls and watched the reports as they came in. An icy smile spread across his pale features. All had gone well. Though the loss of the Bombardier was a little extreme, it would serve to bolster galactic opinion against the Jedi. He as well as the Emperor had foreseen that the Republic fleet would intervene, and it was for this eventuality that Slayne had ordered the imperial fleet to stand-by until the Republic made an appearance. Now the Empire looked like the saviours of the Galaxy, while the Jedi lost even more standing. Yes, things were definitely falling into place, and Slayne would finally see the Jedi exterminated once and for all.
“My lord.” A feminine voice behind him interrupted his musing.
“What is it, Miekah?” Slayne asked the green Twi’lek woman with mild annoyance.
“One of your espionage droids is transmitting from Thedonias.” She smirked, not caring that her master was not one to anger lightly. “I think you might find this interesting.”
Slayne regarded the transmission coldly before recognising one of the tiny holographic figures standing in what appeared to be a hangar.
“Well, well!” The Sith Lord literally dripped sarcasm. “My old friend returns from the dead!”
As he watched, a tiny blue figure of a Twi’lek female walked down a ships ramp to stand in front of the object of Slayne’s hatred.
“This is Alex.” The female said softly. “Alexander Trebor Starblazer.”
There was a brief pause, and again the female spoke.
“….Your son.”
Darth Slayne, ancient lord of the Sith was most intrigued.
“Lord Malice.” He hissed quietly between gritted teeth. “You will be made to suffer terribly before the end. Your days have been catalogued and numbered. You are but a dead man walking….”

02-19-2004, 09:54 PM
Hmm..so it continues, the great accounts of our order.....I'll tell it the best I remember it....(notice the change to 1st person)


It was late in the evening when I finally was able to meditate again. I had went to my private chambers for some rest, and some contemplation on what was going on exactly in this war. The propaganda machine that was the Sith's went too far, and there had to be a way to stop it. This was what I was thinking on when I had a vision, a terrible vision......

It was an old man, in old black robes, in a chair. He was looking out of a window at the nearby stars. His wrinkly face was strived with sadness and grief, probably as a result of a lifetime of evil deeds. Thats when I recognized him, the emporer himself! He appeared to be thinking of something when the door behind him slid open to let some light into the room. The Emporer knew who it was, as well as I.

"What is it, apprentice Slayne?" The Emporer asked.

"I've received some news, my lord." Slayne said.

"What news?" The emporer asked.

"There has been an important change of leadership." Slayne replied.

"Oh, where? What region? What organization?"

"Here." Slayne said, taking out one of his lightsabers and immidiately slashed off the head of the emporer. Slayne smiled, and removed the corpse from the chair, as he sat in it with an evil grin.

I quickly came out of this vision in a cold sweat.

I must inform the others to these new events! I thought, as I rushed out of my chambers...

Darth Slayne
02-24-2004, 05:35 PM
“I want that clone destroyed Lord Slayne.”
“Yes my master.” The Sith Lord said before the tiny image of the Dark Emperor vanished with a swirl of static interference. He then proceeded to punch the systems coordinates into the nav-computer with a growing sense of unease. Coruscant rightfully belonged to the Sith, and yet his master had recalled the fleet; effectively placing the planet back into republic hands. It left the galactic seat of government open to the risk of Jedi intervention. And sooner or later they would intervene. His master was also giving up a major source of power, and that was what disturbed Slayne the most.
Then there was the matter of the two traitors; Malice and Talliusc. Why hadn’t his master taken real steps to make an example of them? Slayne himself was more than willing to look into this disturbing case, and indeed he was looking into it. He was so close on Malice’s vapour trail that he could almost smell him. Then the Dark Lord of the Sith had called him off, and for what? To dispose of the Darklighter clone they had used on Coruscant as well as the numerous Sith apprentices that were masquerading as Jedi. It was a waste of potential Dark Jedi and it was a waste of his talents.
And why was the military pressure on Thedonias slowing down. The imperial fleet was more than capable of crushing the Jedi, and they still had three more asteroid launchers. Tactically speaking, the Jedi didn’t stand a chance. His master must to know this. So why hadn’t he acted?
For the first time Slayne wondered if his masters control was as absolute as he had been led to believe. It was a thought that shook him to the core. What if the Dark Emperor’s resolve was weakening? Could he be leading the Sith into yet another catastrophic collapse?
Darth Slayne shook with violent anger at his own treasonous thoughts. Who was he to question the Masters authority? He was just a Sith assassin that was content to follow a masters orders. It was the way he had always been for the last two thousand years. He had never entertained the idea that he would assume rulership. It was not his style; until now. But no. He had to resist such temptations of power. In time the Emperor would make his plans clear to all. Slayne grasped onto that feeble justification and tried not to dwell on what he knew to be the truth; he was beginning to crave absolute power.
The force was pushing him inexorably now toward a destiny he could not be certain of. And Slayne did not like uncertainties. With annoyance he reached forward and took hold of his ships controls. “Time will tell.” He muttered before pulling back on the hyperspace lever.
The dark and angular Stygian Wraith plunged forward on a straight course for Coruscant, and perhaps on a course toward destiny…

* * * *

Tidus Darklighter kept the hood of his robes low over his head as he moved silently through the shadowy alleyways of lower Coruscant city. He could not afford to be recognised by anyone; not since the Sith had somehow discredited him so completely in public. Things were falling apart quickly and Darth Slayne was somehow behind it. He could feel it in his bones.
For weeks the Imperial fleet in orbit had prevented him from safely leaving the planets surface, and he was beginning to wonder if he was ever going to be able to leave. Not that he would have if he could. There was too much going on here and he felt it was his duty to try and get to the bottom of it. The revelation that there was a “Darklighter impostor” just made the situation a personal one. Then the fleet had mysteriously left over three standard days ago and he had no idea why. It did make him breath easier though.
Tidus came to an abrupt halt and melted into the shadows to allow a group of late night revellers to pass before moving on. He could easily sense that they had not spotted him but he double checked just to be sure. When he was satisfied that the coast was clear, the young Jedi moved silently from alley to alley. The safe house where he was to meet Obi-Wan was nearby but something was nagging at him. A growing sense of unease that started not long after the fleet abandoned Coruscant. Something was terribly wrong but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
Reaching out with the force, Tidus determined that this disturbance in the force was not emanating from the safe house. It was somewhere else. He broadened his awareness but after a long while still couldn’t locate it. Just as he was about to withdraw he felt the disturbance suddenly spike. Someone had just died terribly. His feelings told him it was a Dark Jedi that had just expired. This should have made him feel glad, but it didn’t. Something just didn’t add up. Perhaps with Obi-Wan’s help they could uncover this mystery as well…

* * * *

“Such a waste.” Darth Slayne sighed as he watched the lifeless Darklighter clone crumple at his feet. He deactivated his sabers and regarded the corpse with disappointment. There was still a lot that could have been achieved by keeping this clone in use. But the Emperor didn’t want it to fall into Jedi hands. Not that they would have gleaned much information from the impostor; its sole purpose was to make a show of itself in full public view.
So Slayne had done what was required of him. He had quietly slaughtered every last one of the Sith apprentices here on Coruscant. He had unwaveringly followed the Dark Emperor’s will. So why didn’t he feel at all satisfied? He felt no remorse for the Sithlings he had murdered; he merely felt it was a wonton waste of precious recourses. Nothing more. And yet he felt discontent. Was this perhaps how the traitorous Darth Malice felt before the destruction of the FleshRender? No. His own feelings were vastly different and he knew it. Malice was a traitor and he was…he was what? Slayne tried to shake the thoughts from his mind but could not. He had done what he was ordered to do, and that made him loyal…didn’t it?
Slayne crouched to plant a device that would reduce everything in the area to its basic atomic components, before setting the timer for ten minutes. It would give just him enough time leave the vicinity before the device permanently removed any incriminating evidence. It was what he was ordered to do. And Slayne always followed orders.
The Sith Lord slipped out of the gloomy apartment with a high degree of stealth, gaining as much distance as he could before the low budget apartment building lit up the Coruscant night with its fiery destruction. He cared nothing for the innocent civilians that were killed in the blast; he only cared that he had pleased his Emperor…

* * * *

“Your vision is disturbing my friend.” Tidus agreed with a little scepticism. “But can you even be sure that it will come to pass?”
Obi-Wan glared at his long time friend. “You know as well as I that such visions shouldn’t be ignored lightly.”
Tidus couldn’t argue that point. “Would Divine’s downfall be all THAT bad? It is what we have been trying to achieve since this war started. And Slayne isn’t exactly one of the highest ranking members of the Sith Academy.”
Obi-Wan mulled this over in his mind as the pair walked along one of lower Coruscant’s deserted streets. Both he and Darklighter had determined that they would again pump Sar for information. Assuming he even had any.
“True enough.” Obi-Wan answered. “But something tells me that there is more to Slayne than meets the eye. I had a brief insight into his mind when he was our prisoner on Thedonias, and the amount of hatred he has is staggering.”
“Don’t all Sith have that trait?” Tidus broke in.
“No, this is different.” The Jedi Master turned to face his younger friend. “Tidus. You could live harbouring hate your entire life twice over and still fall far short of the amount of hatred in that one.”
Surely his friend was mistaken. But then when had Obi-Wan ever been wrong with such matters?
“Then there was something Reb told me before I came looking for you.” Obi added almost as an afterthought. There was a long silence before he continued. “While Reb was serving with the Sith he noticed that Slayne seemed to display a mastery with the lightsaber that no mere apprentice could possibly have learned in so short a time. Reb seems to think that he’s hiding a deeper understanding of the force than he lets on. And from my own encounter with Slayne I would agree. Its almost as if…”
Darklighter suddenly froze where he was and gripped Obi-Wan’s arm in warning. “Did you feel that?
“Yeah.” Obi said as he reached out with the force. “We’re not alone.”
From out of the shadows ahead of them emerged a pair of angry red lightsaber blades. Seconds later a tall black robed figure stepped forward. It was a sight that would have paralysed most men with fear. But Obi-Wan and Darklighter were not ordinary men. They were Jedi.
“Why Slayne,” Obi-Wan quipped, “we were just talking about you.”
Slayne’s response was to twirl both blades with a menacing hum before assuming a ready posture. One energy blade was held back and over his head, pointing directly at the two Jedi, while its twin was held perpendicular to its mate on the horizontal plane.
The two Jedi ignited their own sabers in return, one blue, the other white. Darklighter slowly moved to the Sith Lords right while Obi moved to the left.
“Life is just full of surprises!” Slayne sneered. “First Malice returns from the dead and now you.” He said, giving Obi-Wan a cold look. “Though I must admit that I didn’t recognize you at first. You’re not as old as I remember you to be. Perhaps you’ll prove more of a challenge this way.”
“I am more than you can handle Slayne. Even before I died.”
“We shall see.” The Sith Lord hissed even as he moved to attack.
Darklighter was impressed with how fast Slayne could rain down a barrage of attacks while simultaneously countering their own combined assault. He wondered if perhaps there really was more to this Sith than met the eye. Tidus saw an opening and lunged with his blade. Slayne’s deceptive vulnerability was so subtle that Darklighter didn’t even see the trap until he nearly lost his arm. The ploy forced him to be more wary.
Obi-Wan pushed forward with a flurry of blows, causing tiny sparks to fly out into the dark shadows that surrounded them. He was watching the Sith’s technique carefully but couldn’t recognize it. It made it so much harder to anticipate the direction his routine would be moving in next. And it only confirmed that Slayne was far more experienced in the art of saber-play than was previously assumed. He was indeed a dangerous opponent, he only hoped that Tidus came to the same conclusion.
Slayne was no fool. Already they were pushing him toward a landing that plunged into the darkness below the level they were on. He knew that if he didn’t even the odds quickly the two Jedi might very well overwhelm him. And they were good with their blades. Damn good. But he was better. The Sith Lord’s red blade locked with Obi’s blue and even as he struggled to overpower the Jedi, he lashed out at Darklighter with an immense pulse of force energy.
The resulting shockwave literally slammed into Tidus and sent him flying toward the perilous drop into the streets below. He hit the durasteel platform hard enough to knock the wind out of him, but that was the least of his concerns. The shear momentum of the blast caused him to roll upon impact and straight over the edge…
Seeing his friend tumble off the platform only made Obi-Wan’s resolve even stronger. He had no time to ponder whether Tidus was alive or dead. He only had time to defend against the murderous series of blows that were intent on cutting him down. Now it was he who was being forced backward. The rapid saber impacts in the dark was almost blinding, but he didn’t need his eyes; he had the force. Obi-Wan parried an overhead attack and kicked out at his opponent, catching Slayne hard enough into the upper chest to send him stumbling back several steps.
The Sith Lord recovered quick enough to resume a ready stance. “You’re better than I though.” Slayne stated with a twinge of contempt. “But you’ll soon learn that I am the more powerful.” A mere gesture of his hand brought an above catwalk crashing down to toward Jedi before him.
“You won’t get me with that old trick Sithling!” Obi said, even as he used the force to hold the wreckage just inches above his head. He held his saber at the ready with his free hand.
“That may be, my foolish friend.” Slayne gloated with a sinister smile. “But are you strong enough to prevent this?”
A sudden burst of red energy shot from the Sith Lords hand and too late Obi-Wan realised his dilemma. Before he could act, the red energy tendrils enveloped him and sucked the very force right out of him. The ruined catwalk came down with a mighty crash and Obi-Wan knew no more.
After sensing no life within the wreckage Slayne moved toward the ledge and saw that Darklighter had landed heavily upon a bridge not far below…

* * * *

Tidus ached all over as he regained his footing and looked up toward the landing from which he had fallen. It was too high even for a Jedi leap to reach. Hell, he was amazed he had even survived the fall. He could sense Darth Slayne’s presence somewhere above but not his friend. And that troubled him greatly. He didn’t know if he could take Obi-Wan’s loss a second time. Yet with each passing moment the terrible truth became more and more apparent.
Anger raged in him. He knew he should hold it in check but he could not. No, would not. Far too many friends had died in this conflict and yet more were yet to die. It was almost more than he could bear. Even in his anger he was able to feel Slayne getting closer.
A slight hiss alerted him the opening of a door that granted access to the bridge he was standing on. Tidus didn’t need the force to tell him who it was. It was Slayne. And it was past time this Sith was dead. He turned toward the door and blasted at his opponent with lightning.
But the deadly bolts of energy merely shorted out on the Sith Lord’s lightsabers. Darklighter ignited his own saber and regarded Slayne with contempt. “You will pay dearly Sithspawn!”
“No, weakling.” Slayne literally oozed malice. “It is you who will die this day. It is the destiny I have foreseen.”
Tidus didn’t want to listen to this twisted man. He wanted to set things back to rights, and he would start with Slayne. He charged forward to do murderous battle with the man who had just killed his friend. So furious was his battery of attacks the Slayne was forced on the defensive. Anger drove the young Jedi into a vicious frenzy that would stop only when his enemy was dead. There was a brief but small explosion and he saw the remnants of one of Slayne’s sabers fly over the edge of the bridge. Then suddenly a booted foot caught him jaw and knocked hi backwards.
“My, but the dark side is bursting out of you!” Slayne taunted even as he tried to catch his breath. “But not even that can save you now. You’ve seen this day coming, I know you have! Think back and you will know that it is the truth.”
A sudden peace fell over Darklighter then. How could he have allowed the dark side of the force dominate him like this? He raised his brilliant white saber and embraced the light side once more. “No Slayne. I won’t turn into the wretched creature that you are. I am a Jedi Knight. Your lies mean nothing to me.”
He advanced once again on the Sith Lord. Only this time the odds were even; Slayne only had the one saber now. An instant later sparks flew as red and white death danced and darted in an effort to gain the upper hand. For the two combatants the world around them did not exist, there was only each other. And there was only the Force.
And then there was the unthinkable. Tidus had moved to parry a blow that was meant to remove his head. He could not have foreseen nor defended himself at that moment against the possibility that his rival had a backup saber. A saber that even now came in low and dealt a mortal wound.
Darklighter stared into the red-yellow eyes of the man who had just killed him. He never could have imagined the shear pain he felt now, as the crimson red saber burned deep within his chest. And that was exactly as the vision had showed him back on Thedonias. It was exactly the thing Slayne had tried to tell him.
Then there was the pain caused by the energy blades withdrawal. Tidus groaned just once before he sank to the metal floor. He looked up and watched the Sith Lord raise both blades to finish him off. But it was too late…
Darklighter sank into darkness even as Slayne readied himself to remove his opponents head. This one would not be returning from the dead.
Once more the bridge door opened to reveal none other than a battered and bruised Obi-Wan. The Jedi Master was so quick that Slayne was caught off momentarily guard. But it was more than enough time for Obi to drive him back with a savage attack.
Out of nowhere a single blaster bolt tore into Slayne’s back giving Obi-Wan just enough time to remove the Sith’s right arm. He then followed through with a cut that sent his opponents head tumbling along the metal bridges deck plating.
The headless Darth Slayne stiffened for a brief moment, then hit the decking with a dull thud.
Obi-Wan looked up to see the tiny form among the rooftops and knew it was Yom. Who else would so brazenly wear Mandalorian battle armour in full public view? Then the tired and worn Jedi master dropped to his knees and carefully lifted Tidus’ limp form onto his lap. He checked the dead man’s pulse only out of habit…
…And found that there was a pulse! Weak, yes. But there none the less. He grabbed at his comlink and switched to a certain frequency. “Yom! Get a transport fast! We have to Tidus to a bacta tank NOW!”
“I’m on it, Obes.” Yom’s voice crackled through the tiny speaker.
For a while Obi-Wan regarded the ruined body that was once Darth Slayne. He should have been glad of his demise, but he wasn’t. Somehow he knew he had not seen the last of this mysterious Lord of the Sith. He didn’t know how or why, he just knew…

* * * *

Far below them in the darkest extremes of Coruscant, the Stygian Wraith’s engines powered up and the ship left the ground. Her long angular lines smoothly pointed skywards as her scrambling device automatically kicked in. Then with a loud boom, the black star ship blasted its way into the cold of space. Her automated systems plotted a lonely course for home before she slipped unnoticed into hyperspace…

02-26-2004, 05:39 PM
There was nothing. He could feel nothing. Nothing except a universe around him, blank, empty with black space. A place devoid of all feeling, all memory, there was nothing, a hole in space and time. He had no recollection of where he was, what he had been through, how he got here, or even what was to come; only a strange feeling of peace and tranquillity formed from this emptiness. It hadn’t seemed long until something started to change about him. A brightening hue of white light began to emerge far off into the distance, glowing dimly at first, but soon becoming brilliant, illuminating the pitch-black space around him.

At that moment, Darklighter became aware of himself. Standing in a wide-open space, facing forward directly into the origin of the bright light. Nothing else was visible. Not until a faint outline of a figure began to approach him from where the light was emanating. Slowly, the creature glided away from the light, and as it did, its features became more visible. At first, Tidus was scared, but he did not know why. Staring into the figures direction, he squinted to try and make out who it was. Though as it came closer and closer, he started to realise, without even looking. He could feel the presence inside of him, enveloping his heart, his mind and his soul with a warm, uplifting rush. He sighed heavily before opening his eyes, and the figure had slowed down, as he saw her face appear from out of the light. At length, he spoke, his voice slow and calm.

“I thought I’d never see you again…” said Tidus, giving a faint smile, still staring wonderingly at the woman before him. Taliara was dressed in all white, her face pale, her long blonde hair over her shoulders. She was so beautiful. He spoke again, reluctantly, fearing but at the same time longing for the answer “Am I dead?”

“Far from it, Tidus.” Her voice was a song, a whisper of light and warmth, soothing. He had not heard it in so long, as Tidus began to move closer towards her. “You are not meant to stay here for long. You are not meant to die, not yet. Your part in this war is not over. You know what you must do; help those in need, fight together with the Jedi, your friends. You must go on.” She still spoke softly to him, and smiled gently. Though Tidus could not hold back his emotions, his feelings, as he walked up to her and held his hand out, as if reaching for hers.

“Not without you…” his lip quivered, as he felt his heart sink to the bottom of his soul. He knew he would have to leave her, again, to go back to his world and to fight once again. For that moment, he was willing to give up everything for her, but knew he could not. He looked longingly into her eyes, as a single tear began to drift down onto his cheek. She smiled back at him, and spoke again.

“Do not grieve, my love. In time, we will be reunited. But until then, my spirit will always be with you. You have a gift, Tidus, and you must use it. Use it to save those who need you, who need you more than I. I love you, I always will.”

Suddenly, a surge of energy began to move through him, weakly at first, but gradually getting stronger. He reached out to Taliara, but she moved away, still smiling sweetly at him. His eyes began to well up, tears streaming.

“No!” he cried in a moment of heartfelt agony, as her final words, I love you, echoed through the illuminated space. “Come back…please…I love you…please…no!” He cried out again, his voice harsh and wavering, as his love passed back into the light. He broke down crying, as the space began to brighten. Slowly, he seemed to slip out of the unreality of this dream world, as he started to feel the sensations of life again. His heart beating, the blood through his veins, the cold touch of physical objects. The feeling of agony remained in his heart, pounding, making him feel disorientated, miserable and wretched, like he had lost everything. Again. Familiar voices rang through his ears…
“Get me another bacta tank!”… “Quickly, we’re losing him!”… “Check his vital stats!”… “We’re losing him!”…

It was instant. Tidus’ eyes opened wide, as the intense lights all around him blinded his vision. He couldn’t help himself. He immediately jumped from where he was laying, crying out, tears still streaming from his red eyes, as he leapt clear of the bed dizzily and turned half-dazed to face those behind him. Medical droids and personnel stepped back as Tidus staggered forward, stunned and bewildered by the lights surrounding him. This was the first time he felt the wound in his chest, and memories of his previous encounter with Darth Slayne came flooding back to him. He fell onto one knee and clutched the wound, groaning in pain, and tried to calm his breathing, though he was still delirious from shock. A recognizable cloaked figure rushed into the room, taken aback by the state Darklighter was in. Slowly he approached Tidus, leaning down by him and speaking reassuringly.

“It’s okay…” Obi-wan spoke calmly. “Everything will be okay, my friend.” Tidus’ eyes opened and shut, and he would have fallen flat on his face if his former master had not been there to catch him. “Try and rest. You’re in shock. You’ll only heal with time and rest.” Obi-wan lifted the injured Darklighter to his feet, setting him down once more on the medical bed. As soon as his head fell back, and with a long exhale, he was motionless. Obi-wan read his vital stats…he was fine. Soundly asleep.


Obi-wan walked along the narrow corridor of the small Academy transport ship, as the murmur of the shuttle’s engine hummed loudly, and the ship mildly shook to and fro. He arrived at the entrance to the medical quarters…Darklighter, his good friend, lying in ruins on the bed, with droids consistently working to heal his wounded chest, as he lay still, eyes shut. Obi-wan gave a distressed look at his former padawan, followed by a low sigh. It had been hours since Tidus’ dramatically leapt from his quiet rest, before he had passed out. Later, Obi-wan proceeded down the corridor to the cockpit. As he arrived, the automatic door flicked to one side, and he stepped in, greeted by one kind-faced Zabrak.
“How’s our boy holding up?” Darth Groovy said, sitting at the controls and steering the small vessel through empty space, without a planet in sight. Obi-wan took a while to respond, but when he did, he nodded reassuringly.

“He’ll be ok…” was his reply. “He’s lucky to be alive. Very lucky, I’ve never seen a Jedi survive an attack like that before.” Obi-wan was shocked, amazed, but so glad Tidus had not suffered a worse fate. “It was lucky you all arrived, or Slayne would have finished him off…if that really was Slayne…”

After Obi-wan had defeated the Sith on Coruscant, Yom had called Groovy on the comlink to rendezvous with them. Trying to escape from the system was a dangerous mission, but they could not risk hanging round on the planet’s surface, waiting for more of Divine’s Sith to bump into them. However, after picking up Obi-wan, the injured Tidus and Yom, the Academy vessel had been identified by the Sith’s detection systems (all over the planet, they were still secretly maintaining control, looking out for any disturbances), and half a dozen fighter vessels had chased them down beyond the planet’s atmosphere. They managed to escape, but barely; the hull had been damaged, and the right engine was failing. They needed to get back to Thedonias, but the galaxy was crawling with imperial ships.

“We’ll have to be careful” Groovy commented, glancing up at the navigator above his head. “With this detour, it’s gonna take a lot longer to get back to the Academy.” Groovy’s brow lowered. “What is Divine playing at? Why the hell would he go through so much trouble again to frame the Jedi? And then retreating from Corruscant…” He slammed his fist into the metal beside him. “Who the hell does he think he is?” Obi-wan shook his head.

“He’s making all the moves right now. Him and Slayne. I don’t know what the mystery behind Slayne is…even after I destroyed him, I can still feel his presence in the force. We need to find out what they plan to do. It’s about time the Jedi made a move, don’tcha think?”

“Hell yeah…I don’t carry this double-bladed saber for nothing!” Both men chuckled slightly, as a voice came over the intercom.

“Master Obi-wan…I need to speak with you Sir.” Jed’s voice echoed through the speaker. Without pause, he rose from his seat and Obi-wan marched down the walkway to meet Jed at the door to the infirmary.

“He’s fine, Master…” Jed said, with a tone of nervousness and uncertainty before continuing, “…well, he’s more than fine. His wound has nearly fully healed, and it’s been less than a day! I can’t explain it. It’s a miracle he survived, let alone recovering in just a few hours. He hasn’t spoken a word since he woke up. Please go in and see him.”

“Thank you.” Obi-wan replied, manoeuvring around Jed and walking into the medical room. Darklighter was standing alone, looking out through the glass as the ship slowly glided along. At length, Obi-wan approached him and spoke.

“Tidus…how do you feel?” He gave no answer. Obi-wan searched for something to say to fill the silence. “Has something happened?” An obvious question, with a not so obvious answer.

“They say…” he began, pausing for a long time, “…it is better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” Right then, Obi-wan knew of what and who he spoke. He let him continue after another silence. “How is that true, Master? How can you lose everything, and be expected to go on? How can you go on, being constantly reminded, tormented, tortured, by the thoughts of the things you want, you need…but cannot have?” He slowly turned his head from the glass. His tears still ran from his bloodshot eyes, his long black hair nearly dangling down to his shoulders. He looked a mess. Obi-wan searched for a consoling thought to say to him.

“It is what life is.” He began. “But life is not the end. Those we love are never lost, they always remain with us.” He did not expect Tidus to be comforted by his words.
“Heh…I’ve heard this from you before.” Darklighter looked at him sorely. “In the end, we’re all alone…once we’ve lost everything, what is life worth living for?…”

“To try and find some good out there, Tidus Darklighter…” he replied abruptly, severe and serious, “…some good that’s worth fighting for. I’m sorry my friend…but as much as you hate to deny your destiny, you are here for a reason…can you not see that?” His question demanded an answer, though none was given. Tidus only turned his eyes away to face the wall at his side. “We are here for you, Tidus, even if you cannot realise that there are still people out there who care for you, who want you to fight alongside them. I understand what you’ve gone through…I understand the pain you’ve felt in your life, and I’ve been there every step of the way. We need you, old friend…will you not fight with us?” He didn’t answer. He didn’t need to either. Obi-wan knew Tidus would not leave them. Despite all the tragedies the young Jedi Master had faced in his life, his loyalty remained with the Jedi, the Academy; his friends. Obi-wan turned to leave the infirmary. As he was stepping out, Tidus spoke.

“Thank you.” Darklighter smiled faintly, as Obi-wan turned his head to face him.
“Get some rest. You look like death.” With that, they both quietly chuckled, and Obi-wan left the room. Tidus thought about everything that was happening…indeed, what Taliara had said was true. His part in the war was not over. He knew he had to stick by those who cared for him, those who had been there for him all his life at the Academy. Darklighter smiled again, and turned to face out of the side window, watching the stars swiftly flow by. In the corridor, Obi-wan leant on the sidewall and laugh quietly to himself.

“That boy is too emotional for his own good…” he whispered, and continued into his quarters.


Sorry if this entry doesn't advance the story much...I got a bit lost in the character development ^^; lol. I'll make a better one soon if no one else is willing to. Keep up the good work guys ;)

02-26-2004, 07:51 PM
I walked to the kitchen after I spoke to Tidus. It was a rather small kitchen, but that's too be expected on one of these transports. I was hungry, very hungry. I hadn't had food for almost a day and a half. I went to the chef's counter, but I remember leaving him behind, telling him it was too dangerous.

Instead of a fresh, hot, delicious steak, I would have to settle for something more...artificial. I walked to the food synthesizer to place my order.

I pressed the communications button and spoke the words "Correlian ale andan order of Sealian ribs." Darn it, it had been a long time since I had some of those ribs....

Instead of what I orderd, however, I got a plate of potato peels and a glass of water. "What the...?" I thought to myself, as I took the plate and glass and removed them so I could try again.

I pressed the com button and spoke again; Correlian ale and an order of Sealian ribs. This time, a plate of vegetables cameout, with a cup of tea. This sparked my attention.

I got down on my back, and removed the panel that protected the computer circuitry. I looked at the wires, and a few of them had been chewed. "Great, now we have rodents aboard."

I put the panel back on the wall and stood. I turned, to find a very large Female Ric-nack. For those who do not know what these are, they are like Rats, with sharp teeth, a single pointed horn, and stand about four feet tall. When there was a female, there was usually a male. And children. Hopefully, they left the extended family back elsewhere....

In the middle of a very bloody and nasty war with evil and powerful sith, I had to fight these beasts as well? The thought sickened me.

The Ric-nack began to growl at me and stare at me with those evil red eyes. It charged for me, and I ignited my light blue lightsaber, decapitating it. Soon, I heard footsteps and more growling. I was faced with an entire heard of these creatures.


I used the force to push a few of them back, while I force-choked another. Another tried to attack with it's horn from my left, and I quickly lobbed at it with my blade. Another charged, and another whip of my blade took him down. Then there were 3 of them left. They all charged at me at the same time, and I thought on my feet and held out my arm, as bursts of lightning shot from my fingertips and put them out of their misery. I felt a small amount of pain, and looked at my leg. One of those little rats had managed to stab my leg with one of their horns. In the excitement of battle, I must have failed to realise this.

I walked to the com panel, and pressed the button.

"Obi to Darth Groovy." I said. Groovy answered back.

"What is it, Obes?"

"We have some clean up to do...get the janitorial droids and bring them down here. We had an infestation of critters....and it looks like I'll be spending more time with Tidus in Sick Bay. If you need me, I'll be there." I said, as I limped to the infirmary to heal my wound.


Heh, this isn't very important, but I thought it would be rather ironic to have a war hero almost get killed by rats. :p

03-01-2004, 04:13 PM
wow people have actually been posting sence ive been gone its a mirical ive got alot of reading to do when i get home. dose anyone have the origional storys. ide like to print them out and well...itll give me something to read in the bathroom

Darth Talliusc
03-22-2004, 11:25 PM
wow has it ever been a long time since ive dropped in here.

i miss the days when this thing was the talk of the swamp. but alas it seems very few of the old crowd i came to know is still here.

i feel confident however, that with the approach of ep3 this thing will be picked up again by the originals (too bad thats a year or so off). i plan on dropping by more often to see you crazy people, maybe ill even get in touch with some of the authors and figure out how/where i can add in a new piece.

to all you crazy forum goers: good luck at all your endeavours and may you always find happiness (unless its at my expense). you deserve it.

04-02-2004, 11:28 PM
forget it guys the story has been dead for sooooooo long that its beyond rejuvination