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01-15-2003, 05:16 AM
This is taken from the official SWG forum, posted by Q-3PO, Community Relations Manager

How much with the subscription cost?
This information is still being reviewed by the developer and publisher. Donít expect an answer until we are closer to release. Please note, this is extremely commonplace to not make pricing announcements until the product is available to purchase.

When will the product release internationally?
The publisher, LucasArts, is still in negotiations with their international distributing partners. As soon as they have cemented their plans, they will make the appropriate press release.

Final word on MCS/SCS?
Like all decisions, things could change before release or even after release. Currently we are still planning on SCS. This isnít new news by the way. We are still discussing options internally.

What are the Minimum System Requirements?
We are still testing that in Beta. Weíll let you know as soon as we are confident in the answer. We have a number of testers dedicated to compatibility testing with different hardware configurations.

Since I can window SWG, can I open up a second iteration on the same computer with a different account?
The last word I got from the lead client programmer was no, the client will bring up a dialog box stating, "Only one instance may be running at a time."

What is the final feature list for initial release?
Weíre getting that together. Expect an announcement early February. We will completely update the FAQ then. Weíll also discuss a little bit of our plans for the post-release update schedule. Iím working on getting another Dev Chat together to coincide with it.

When does Beta 3 start? How many people will it include?
When Beta 2 ends and as many people as we need to sufficiently test what remains Ė meaning, we donít have a date to announce yet.

When will we get more screenshots or a video?
Sometime this month I hope to put up some more. Iíll also likely post some images that were only seen in magazines last month. I donít have a date for another video yet.

What about specific information on systems like P.A. member limits, etc.?
We still have several weeks of Friday FAQs to fill. Please donít make us reveal all of our info right now and have nothing later. Truthfully though, you have most of the overview of the game now. Donít expect any new systems in the Friday FAQs, they will likely be additional info that we have tested such as how many people can be in a Player Association.

Blah blah blah blah Jedi?
Iím certain we will release some more information on Jedi before the game comes out, but donít expect much. We want to try to maintain the mystery of Jedi for now. Like all systems, we are making tweaks during implementation and internal beta testing. Since you donít know much about the system, there is no point in mentioning the tweaks. (Ok, I know, Iím just being cruel now, Iíll stop).

Have any NDA breakers gone to jail yet?
In the few times that the NDA has been broken, weíve tracked down all the information we could get and handed it over to our legal department. It is not appropriate for us to talk about it beyond that.

Oooops, should have said, "The Devs answer one or two of your questions while being extremly vague on the really tough ones" :D

Deft Aklin
01-15-2003, 08:21 AM
"Their taunting me! Teasing me with their lack of compassion and excess of knowledge. The pain..oh the pain!"

That's just cruel BD, give me info not circular Q&As. ;)

Jared Sinn
01-15-2003, 12:15 PM
They really are quite good at being singularily ambiguous.

(hey Sidious, is that a Dr. Smith quote? ;))