View Full Version : help, please: unable to alter game settings

01-15-2003, 04:42 PM

i was forwarded to this board after contacting lucasarts tech support.

i recently bought the Star Wars:Galactic Battlegrounds SAGA box set -- the game itself plays FLAWLESSLY. the only PROBLEM is ... when i'm setting up a 'standard' game? .. it won't let me alter any of the game settings (for ex.: difficulty, map size, # of opponents, etc).

i've got version 1.1, so i'm really unsure of where the problem lies. i'm locked in at the "default" computer settings ... and, after a while ... it begins to get tedious. :)

if anyone could offer me some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for your time-

01-31-2003, 01:38 AM

Im not to sure what to do, but.. if i was having the same problem, id delete the whole game off the computer and reinstall it. if it works, ya for you and me. if it dosent, contact lucasarts by email or phone and tell them the problem and request a trade in for a new SAGA box set. ok. :c3po: