View Full Version : Suggestions??

01-18-2003, 03:16 PM
the funniest thing i encountered on MY own server was that I was doing a taunt, you know, spinning the saber, and opened it up, and turned on the blade.. now at that point i turned on empowerment and was about to turn it off, and this guy challenged me. Private messaged me to keep empower on. So i did. we dueled, and of course he was defeated terribly in about 2 seconds.. only take one blue lunge.. but he then starts swearing, and say.. you cheat you cheat.. I am like. you asked for me to keep empowerment, so now you call me cheat?

I turned off empowerment and got a flawless victory on him.. and here we go again.. You cheat You cheat #@%# YOU!!.. these poor little kids.

I said.. what.. are you in middle school or something.. he goes ya, so??.. I say figures.. and "You are the weakest Link.. Good Bye" *kick* ..

he then comes back, and starts to swear profusley. I silence him, and starts to change his name to offensives this... I kick. *repeat that scenario 3 times*

Finally comes back says.. "I will behave." I am like.. alright.... he duels me i kill him, he starts up again.. i kick. he joins, swears, *kick* *repeat twice*

He joins under a different name. (ip address same) and decides to play nice.. for a moment.. then he duels. i beat him.. and he goes on a laming rampage.. I BAN him.

what is with these kiddies today?
They take a perfectly good game, and ruin it.. hmm.. do you guys think i handles that well or should I have taken different approach?