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01-19-2003, 08:11 AM
No Jedi. No bounty hunters.
This is meant to be for the scoundrels amongst us (there are enough of us!)
Hope the idea is awelcome one!


Its EU time, approx. during time of Thrawn's reign.
The Smugglers Alliance is strong, with the great figureheads of Lando Calrissian, Mara Jade and Talon Karrde paving the way for a brighter, more legal, future.

But events on the rim in Imperial held spce are turning many redeemed smugglers back to their old way, with more fury and violence than ever before.

A fracture is appearing in the Alliance, and its threatening to widen and split the coalition.

Our journey starts on the Rim in a nebula housing a well known fuel stop for cargo runners and scoundrels alike....

Knew I should have said no at the time.
Terot was just too quiet. Even when his captain said he wanted to stop off in the Capital's Graveyard, he just sat there and shrugged his shoulders.
He figured it was his bit in life. Stereotypes denoted his fate. The large guy of the five man crew of the cargo transport Star Scream. He had the muscles, his captain the brains, and everyone else the nerves.
That much he had figured out on the short while he had known the crew. All you could fairly figure out after just six weeks on the unsurprisingly clapped out Corellian stock frieghter - a YT1300 no less. Modified, of course.
Sterotypes - he was forever surrounded by them. His life was one.
Running cargo across the galaxy for just enough to live on and continue his corellian captian's probably genetic need to boost his ship's speed. Corellians - go figure!
They way his 6ft4 bulk had come to join this pitiful band of space rats - what else.
I wanted to travel the stars and see the galaxy. Become a man.
Again with the stereotypes.
'Heh.' A tall dark and scarred male called to him from the bar, where he had been all night with some dubious female from Alderaan, or so she said. 'You may as well head back to the ship with the others.'
So in grossed in disecting the Universe in terms of lablling, he had missed his crew mates dissapear out to the bar's doors. They stood, waiting for him, as they usually did.
Well, the lithe ones must always wait for the big ones - thats the universe.
His mind continued along this track of thought until her returned to the ship, his crew mates again leaving who they percieved as the hulking dumb dumb to his thoughts.

The night was quiet, even the captain and his Alderaanian pick-up failing to disturb him. But then morning came, and with it, one of the universe's great stereotypical events - the Law versus Smugglers.
He kept his usual cool exterior, mistaken by others as the lack of capaicty to realise what was occuring around him.
He knew, he just wasn't fussed. It happened rarely enough, but round here, there was a twist. The Smugglers were the Law.
Some group had started to work for the Empire as marshalls. No one would explain anymore - they said he needed fill what little space I had in my head with intracacies I could never fathom.

01-22-2003, 08:56 PM
What's the worst that could happen?
Those were the words i had in mind when i snuck aboard that ship, and now my question has been answered. I'd been discovered by the smugglers this morning, and now I'm tied to a chair. Captain's Graveyard, how ironic considering my situation. I shouldn't have accepted that job, but if i hadn't who knows where I'd be now.
Great, now a 6 foot 4 is entering his cell, probably to watch the interrogation...

01-25-2003, 06:15 AM
'He knows nothing. Why did you bring him here?'

The voice was as deniable as the prescene it eminated from. Far over 6 ft, and a build that made him look like a statue gone sentient. The behind lightning did little to soften his visage.

'Sleepers have been found to be more successful at this level that higher up - less suspicion,' explined the rotund interrogator. He was not imperial the Empire would never have allowed such an out of shape creature t serve abord even a garage scow.
He was freelance - his area of expertise was the mind - human or others. Twisting it, opening it, and reprogramming it.

'If you believe it will work...', any faith the golem had was prevented from permiating that dismissive argeement. 'Send him back with the next Marshall convoy. They will ensure that he is picked up by Kardde.'

Three systems away, at the now twitcy Captain's Graveyard, the Smugglers Alliance was being bitterly disowned...

'Look - you weren't here. Never has such a sight befallen my eye,' called out yet another voice from the assembly.

In front of the rabble stand three lone figures, feeling more alone with each comment shouted at them.

Calrissian, Kardde and Jade had worked hard to se up the Alliance, so when the Marshall's had started to strike in the area, they sped to sort it out, Lando abandoning one of his usual little projects.

01-25-2003, 10:45 AM
"He knows nothing"
well, there's great news. Maybe they'll leave me without supervision then i can get my job done