View Full Version : Any /vstr experts out there? <-- Slapgun related question...

01-19-2003, 01:37 PM
What's shakin, fellas (and ladies, perhaps)?

I'm a /vstr junkie, and lately I've been up nights searching out a particularly elusive score: CG_CrosshairPlayer. No matter what I do, the console just won't be convinced that this variable exists, but it simply has to--otherwise messagemode3 wouldn't work. OmniMOD (and JediPLUS before it) calls this variable to execute their adminguns: slapgun, sleepgun, et cetera. So where is this thing? I'm not running OmniMOD, and I really have no interest in doing so... I just want to know how to get at CG_CrosshairPlayer from basejk2. Or AdminMOD--I am running that one. Where is this damned thing?