View Full Version : help with my server.

Bilbo Skywalker
01-20-2003, 12:24 PM
i posted this here, cos the technical help bit is dead, so here goes:

k, im a server noob, i have a couple problems. Me and my friend usually play on the server i run from my pc, for aim practise etc, but recently what has happened is the force usage of speed is only 30, when it should be 50, and i dont know how to set back.

also, i stupidly loaded a mod on it, which i want off, (dont know which 1, but in serverstat it says jk2++), and all my binds dont work, and when i try to exec stuff it says 'cheats are not enabled on this server', even when i push space to jump it still says 'cheats blah blah'

i just want to run a base server. bah. any help would be appreciated. :D


Unnamed Jed1
01-20-2003, 02:33 PM
Well if you just want a base server and no mods your first step has to be in deleting the mod(s) you have.
I don't run JK2 ++ so I have no idea what it installs but usually mods make a folder in your GameData directory or a pk3 file in your base folder.

Next will be deleting your current server.cfg
Even if you delete the mods, if your cfg is messed up you will still have trouble.

After you get rid of the mod and old cfg and generate a new one, if you still have trouble try posting a screen shot (PrtScn then paste in an application like MS Paint, then upload to a host) of your GameData and base folders in here and post your server.cfg (open w/ Notepad and paste it).