View Full Version : The war between Luminaro Unduli and Longo 2 Guns

01-21-2003, 09:30 AM
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, in the Clantaani system, onboard battle station Helm's Deep, in the war room, Longo was addressing his gang of jedi:

longo: allright boys there's trouble on malastare, a sith warrior and a mandalorian warrior is causing trouble, i will need to go and take care of this.

Jedi Joey: What Jedi will go with u?

Longo: it will be me and Jedi adam. now i will take my ship "gettysburgh" and will fly to malastare. Jedi adam, are u ready?

Jedi Adam: almost, i need a muzzle loading rifle.

Longo: allright, i need to go to my room and get me my blaster pistols and my lightsaber. we will be leaving in an hour.

one 1hr later, on board the gettysburgh:

longo: pay attention jedi adam. we will be landing at sebolto's compound, there i will be asking him what trouble has been going on even though we already know.

Jedi adam: yes sir

later at sebolto's palace, Longo and Jedi adam sit down and talks with sebolto around the room there are dug and gran guards

sebolto: hello longo welcome to my throne room. as u have noticed there is trouble here. Luminaro Undli is the main source and he has been raiding the settlements outside my palace and destoyed my ceremonial hall.

Longo: i understand do u know where is luminaro's base is?

sebolto: no longo

all of a sudden smoke fills the room, it's an attack of LUMINARO UNDLI!!!!! the guards rush in but the mandalorian warrior cuts them down.

sebolto: longo please help!!

Longo: Jedi adam go out the back door and get the muskets. mean while ill hold off luminaro. looks like i get to bag my first mandalorian!!!!:)

longo pulls out his 2 pistols and starts firing at the mandalorian. one shot hits the mandalorian in the shoulder and longo force freezes him. longo then pulls out his light saber and lops the head off.

luminaro: No!!!!!! now u will pay Jedi

luminaro takes out his lightsaber. longo turns around and reactivates his. then they start fighting. both lightsabers blazing. the smell of ozone fills the room. luminaro takes a swing at longo's legs but longo jumps in time. longo takes a stab at luminaro's arm hits it but not severing it. luminaro escapes and yells at longo that they'll meet again. jedi adam comes back with the rifles but he is to late.

longo:ur 2 late, it's time to pack up. i think that luminaro has left malastare. lets get back to the base.

jedi adam: meanwhile do u think we can stop at the inn and get our selves moxie?

longo: sure

the end (of the first chapter)